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  1. Really disappointed that we couldn't at least get MaPherson a long attempt to tie it.
  2. I'm hoping the LBs look better if the D Line can keep blockers off of them. There are a lot of ifs there though.
  3. Pretty sure that Kiper loved the Ossai pick though. If you reversed the 2 picks he probably would have been fine with it.
  4. While we're at it I'd like to see more XPs and less FGs from the other guy too.
  5. That was my initial thought as well and I selected Jenkins in a bunch of mock drafts. However after thinking about it I don't know that Jenkins is a better option than Carman, and Smith and definitely prefer the trade down once you add Shelvin in. The so called "experts" ripping our draft for not selecting the best LT prospects when what we need is interior depth and a future RT are absolutely clueless. For all we know Williams breaks down again and we end up with Smith and Carman as starting tackles in a year or 2. We don't have that possible flexibility if we just draft Sewell or Jenkins.
  6. K is a definite need but I was hoping they would go for Simi Fehoko at 149.
  7. Don't worry the Bengals have lots of picks. Plenty of opportunities for them to add more.
  8. I've never felt closer to Browns fans than I have listening to them boo the Stealers pick.
  9. Not sure about the best class but I'm pretty sure that it's the shortest class.
  10. We all know what we need and should take, I'm just hoping he doesn't get distracted by one of the midget receivers dropping or a RB or something.
  11. I'm okay with this pick as long as they get some o-line help tomorrow. Hopefully Mikey doesn't get distracted tomorrow.
  12. I'm fine with any of the three with our first pick. The reason I prefer Sewell (or Slater in a trade down) is that I don't trust the clown brigade to properly fix the o-line with later picks. I can just imagine them drafting Chase then Dickerson. That would give us an injury prone LT and an even more injury prone G/C. They'll look great on paper and make a solid pairing on the IR.
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