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  1. I won't. Because it is speculation. Although I do like the little derogation of Goff, so as to elevate the quality of the NFL's oldest and shortest-tenured offensive line.
  2. Lord bless the fools and little children. Your original post was elementary reading. Your follow ups redundant. Your basic points were clear, your conclusions same. There: your points are validated--not for content, but understanding. OK now? But please don't feign indignation when challenged on the equally-obvious point that you are more in admiration for some avaricious, carpet bagging refugee NFL franchise than your own, simply because they sign a 36-year old tackle and an OK WR. Plenty of good seats in that going on century old place in South Central.
  3. I read quite well, thank you. For or all of their "investments" in their line, the net asset is that it is now the NFL's oldest, and only intact through 2018-maybe. Maybe they needed WR help--did our team? Their defense is still trash, so even if they turn into Air Coryell/Ground-Pound for a season, they still do not make playoffs. They also did not draft any offensive linemen. Sure you still want to make the Los Angeles Rams your Shining City on the Hill?
  4. I would like for AJ McCarron and Jeff Driskel to volunteer to be the first two to invade North Korea, so people would quit demanding they attempt to play an NFL starting QB.
  5. Oh for the love of God...you point to the fucking RAMS?? Their"monetary commitment'"?? They play in a building that was new when Herbert fucking Hoover was president. They are gambling on a nebulous NFL commitment that they will make money in a market that doesn't give a flying fuck if they are there or not. Maybe they can join their refugee brothers down at the StubHub Center and play in a fucking soccer stadium? Sir: give examples of fine organizations...but do not insult intelligence by including the Rams in the conversation.
  6. Thursday Boo Boo List

    If there is ever a hope to keep Rodgers in check, it's having even his more-than-mediocre OL injured in multiple positions. We are relatively healthy--and the hell with Eifert anyway. Run, run, run on their shit DL/LB's. Win.
  7. I get the feeling Fred is not on your Christmas card list, Chief?
  8. Found this Sam quote from a telephone presser back in 1991 in advance of a game and coming off of a tough loss: "You feel bad enough when you didn't win a game," Wyche said, "but I'm not going to be dazed the way a lot of writers and fans want you to be (after a loss). They want to see you die, the oozing of blood." Such perspective.
  9. According to sources on Internet message boards...LeBron James just isn't there mentally anymore, and will ne relegated to the bench to watch. An interested, but unnamed, executive--during an interview with the sounds of "may I take your order?" in the background--was quoted as saying "yeah, he's regressed. After his encounters with Steph Curry, it's obvious he is tentative, and just doesn't have the willpower any longer" We can only conclude that, barring an immediate coaching and front office overhaul, that LeBron will soon be benched, traded, or cut. ----John Doe, reporting for USA Today...or was it Pro Football Focus...no Associated Press...that's right--Yahoo Sports.
  10. I would venture to say: Brett would have "launched" at some point. And remember: the 1992 defense was a fraction of the quality of this present team. They consisted of the aging remnants of the '80's teams (and even those were no where close to now), draft picks, and street people. That it even took two games to expose them for how worn down they were, was a testament to a defensive coordinator no one remembers, but was one of the better ones we had: Ron Lynn.
  11. Go: let me check with a few people as to Maryland-OSU.

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