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  1. Looks to be a ‘73 or ‘74 Super Beetle. I had a ‘73. The “Supers” had lots of VW-level bells/whistles...like an actual fan for the heat and erstwhile defrost. Loved that car.
  2. Alive and in Section 326. It was a lot of fun...what I can remember anyway
  3. They were eliminated last weekend. Losing wasn't going to help them much--they still would have been 5 or worse. Pederson and Wentz are finished as a couple, and the latter will be heading somewhere else next season. Didn't see "tank", more a disinterested/not too good team, trying to get their "suitcase game" finished. The Nameless Washington team didn't look overwhelming either. I fully expect Tommy to torch the living shit out of them next weekend.
  4. I was there for the record in 2000. Going off of my 20-year memory: it was generally just “Dillon here, Dillon there” sort of monotonously all game long—especially in the 2nd half. As the 2nd half went along, I recall the stadium getting louder and louder—much like a crowd gets at a baseball game during a no-hitter. By the 4th—with full knowledge Denver could not stop the rush and the nearing Dillon record mark—it got almost deafening. Of all games I have attended, this one was Top 5 in terms of full-blown fun. I want to say Warrick’s run was in the 3rd period, but simply do not re
  5. Looks like the thread can be closed now. Unless there will be a need for a few more pages of self back-slapping because a team no one supports isn’t going to win a division at 7-9.
  6. Good defensive play. Don’t forget that detail.
  7. No...he wasn’t worth a shit on Sunday. Heinicke finally got them moving.
  8. They expect Smith for Sunday, and Heinicke played well in his brief appearance. Rivera never wanted Haskins anywhere near the field.
  9. Sets up next week: WFT @ PHL DAL @ NYG If both win WFT in If DAL wins/WFT loses (or ties I suppose) Andy gets to host Tommy (probably)
  10. WFT pretty well gone against CAR. DAL 30-17 going into 4th. AD 21-28 371 yds 3 TD’s
  11. Hope you had a great time, Harry. I was trying to remember the last time I walked out of the building after a win over them. It’ll come to me.
  12. He’ll have his permanent seat there (with a drum) for as long as he’s breathing. Had a chance to say hello to him a few summers back. Super friendly fellow. Asked him if he ever wanted to move up from the last row of the left field stands. “No way!” was the reply. Didn’t expect any other response.
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