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  1. You'll get that #63 jersey yet, eh mate? 👍
  2. Not tonight, comrade. Getting ready to head out of town on vacation. Haven't been to a pre-season game in at least a decade. This is shaping up to be a rather light attendance year for me, unfortunately--seems as though every home game most of the way through October and November have some out of town business or another conflict attached to it. Planning to be there for Tampa, however. And I continue with my boycott of never again attending a game against those black/gold bastards in my stadium. At my age, I need to refrain from possible prosecution for attempted murder with a deadly object:
  3. Didn't need to be denied--didn't ask. Will save those passes for when it counts during the season. Please donate to Tim tonight, and I will donate on your behalf later.
  4. It was actually very docile--considering it was the Premier League version of Bengals vs Stealers. A fairly even split in loyalties. But tailgates mixed together, pubs were the same, everyone drinking and singing. And, after all, it was an American-frequented event in mid-summer, so it didn't lend itself to much antipathy. The worst I heard from anyone was this Man U fellow tell me to "quit drinking that Carlsberg piss (Liverpool sponsor)!" . He then handed me a bottle of some heavy British motor oil concoction, and that was that. Very enjoyable experience. And ended 1-4 Liverpool, so there was plenty of action.
  5. 7pm Thursday in Columbus too. Speaking of preseason, went and saw some football in the Big House last Saturday: Manchester United against Liverpool. Only a little over 101K in attendance. Quite the preseason difference.
  6. Ditto to the grunts. And I had you back seat car rockers beat by 15 years--mine was a '70 Grand LeMans. So I guess only Numbers, Amish and I were there? Anyhow, they played the Phoenix (not Arizona) Cardinals. They won 21-14 on a goal line sack of the Cardinals QB as time ran out. They never looked back. You're welcome.
  7. Show of hands who was in Riverfront Stadium on Opening Day 1988--and remember the opponent/outcome. (Waves)
  8. Respectfully, T...I was there. The Bengals had two 10-point leads--both while Jon was under center. The defense lost both of them. But to the other point, and I was saying it all through the game, why stop running?
  9. Le Tigre

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against the NFL

    I have been done with the NFL for years...and for reasons other than this nonsense. It is a crap product, not worth buying. Interesting you note the Premier League. I must be on the plus side of viewership. An amazing game...never miss it on Saturday/Sunday mornings. And tomorrow is the UEFA Cup finals match (one of the many "Super Bowls" in soccer): Real Madrid against my adopted favs Liverpool FC. Go Reds!
  10. Rick: I played in the earlier '70's also--at center. I don't know the conference you played in...but I don't ever recall being able to extend your arms/hands into a defender. That was a quick trip to Holdsville. You could push with your forearms, but everything else needed to be tight to the body. Like this:

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