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  1. I’m old, and chose longer Bengal career achievements as criteria, as opposed to blip-in-time contribution. Was going to say: No Howard Fest, no vote…but few here were alive when he played, so demurred doing so.
  2. And, Stevie G can assist us to another PL Trophy, if his Aston Villa can beat or draw the Cheating Bastards of Manchester. May it be so. Paris in 10 days anyway for the Champions League Cup, SF. 4 possible championships (two already secured) in one season! Great time to be a Red! YNWA!
  3. All of the media bullshit is speculation. Soon enough, because he hasn’t been a good lad and happily showed up for voluntary workouts with no contract, he’ll become the Devil incarnate to everyone. Business, it’s business. And it’s a dance. Each side knows it, and it will resolve.
  4. Looks like I may have to break my annual tradition of always attending the home opener. I made a solemn vow after that January night in 2016 to never be in the same stadium with those Black/Gold bastards and their fans ever again.
  5. The Bengals ran a 3-4 heavy defense back then. Krumrie was solely over center, and Buck/Jim Skow were sort of DE, sort of outside the guard/tackle gaps. They both even dropped into coverage at times. I don’t know…like I said, reading about Carter just caused Buck and Skow to pop in the mind Skow wasn’t all that big either
  6. Jason Buck. Don’t know why his name pops into my head when I read about this guy?
  7. Marky is as pure as the driven snow, compared to Steve Wynn--at least on the official tsk-tsk/you're a bad boy circuit. The NFL will gloss over this as far as they can. I read where Wynn has petitioned the NV Supreme Court for reinstatement to do business. He didn't exactly lose his shirt giving up all of his LV properties, and would still be a major player if he can get the go-ahead to get back in the game. Haven't kept up on it, so no idea as to where it has gone.
  8. Bloomberg also has podcasts along the same lines. I generally have distaste for podcasts (would much rather read than listen), and Bloomberg in particular, but it has some decent subjects.
  9. Out of town game attendees, with long drives home, approve this message.
  10. Off German topic, but European nonetheless (SF2 will appreciate this): How about one team looking to win a FCS national championship and a Super Bowl within 2 weeks of each other (with a possible Division I National Championship just before the SB)? And, not to mention already winning the Division II National Championship?: Division II (aka EFL Cup) FCS National Championship (FA Cup): Possible FCS National Championship (Premier League): And Super Bowl (Champions League): All this in the month of May.
  11. Only 66% of #1 overall MLB picks even make it to the major leagues. Here’s the elite of those who were hits: https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/best-mlb-player-drafted-at-each-1st-round-slot-c235403704.html
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