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  1. Le Tigre

    Fight after the game...

    With all of the counter-apologia--well taken for the most part--that was the call right there which cost the game. Which is why I have advocated for many years that, if there is a replay system on the field, penalites and non-call penalties need to be made reviewable. This happens in other sport worldwide, why not in this league? Well, I already know why, so perhaps it is rhetorical.
  2. Neither of us really tailgate any longer....at least I don't. However, the last fixed place we did was where the Numbers group gathers in Lot 1. FWIW...I have really enjoyed hanging out at The Holy Grail pre and post game in recent years. Sure, you pay for food and drink...but the atmosphere is really cool. The entire Banks set-up for Game Day is neat also.
  3. With a normal week...where I might actually attend as I did virtually every game for decades...it would be Section 104. I believe Amish will be there tomorrow. I will not, however...as I swore on that rainy January night in 2016 to never attend another game against those cheating dirty bastards in my stadium again.
  4. OT....but since we are musing as to the "objectivity" of the referees/NFL...here is what REAL fixing looks like: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6270073/Prosecutors-investigate-allegations-match-fixing-involving-PSG-win-Red-Star-Belgrade.html Take notes, Roger.
  5. Le Tigre

    Broadcast map

    Wyoming looks like a hodge-podge of viewing delights.
  6. Le Tigre

    Bengals waived Thomas Rawls.

    The reason Flowers was tossed: "The 6-6, 334-pounder never developed the proper technique to consistently protect Eli Manning, hampering the Giant offense. And Flowers’ attitude was as problematic as his play. Flowers, who reportedly threw in the towel on the Giants’ Week 17 finale last season, chafed this offseason at the signing of Nate Solder to replace him at left tackle. Flowers did not report for the early weeks of Giants offseason workouts under new coach Pat Shurmur and yet still was handed the starting right tackle job. Within two weeks Gettleman knew he had made a huge mistake. The Giants benched Flowers for Chad Wheeler in Week 3 in Houston. They played Spencer Pulley over Flowers as an extra tackle in Week 4 against the New Orleans Saints. Pulley was about to enter as Wheeler’s replacement Sunday in Charlotte if Wheeler’s hand injury had caused him to miss time. And now Flowers is out, leaving Landon Collins (second round, 33rd overall) as the only Giants draft pick remaining of six from 2015. Flowers’ exit also means all five starters from the 2017 Giants offensive line are no longer on the roster.”
  7. Or almost being really hit by Vontaze Burfict, and Larry Bird-flopping thereafter.
  8. Le Tigre

    @ KC Flexed.

    Masterpiece Theater is opposite. Can't miss Durrells in Corfu or Poldark.
  9. Within the rules, of course. ---Roger Goodell
  10. Thou sayest well, Harry. All negatives are against this corrupt league. Will keep my my personal preference quiet from here on out, though.
  11. Interesting. Just what is this "act" you reference? Full disclosure, regardless, I am not "bummed" about anything.

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