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  1. You have said the same thing about each of AD's backups.
  2. Although your irony is detected, I will dutifully object to dismissing the Bully's role in all of this.
  3. Guy was top shelf everywhere he was: consensus HS all-American...cream of the PAC 12 crop at guard. Never a head case/problem anywhere. His one mistake was coming here...where recently all linemen come to die. I have a feeling that the NFL has not heard the last of Christian Westerman.
  4. Kid can certainly boom it. Whether they will make it through the rails consistently is another story. Since missing long kicks is costly in terms of field position, most likely better to go with Svelte Randall who is usually OK inside 40 when it really counts.
  5. You did, and most appreciated.
  6. Betting any wager on the Reds, is a true roll of the dice. i actually have no animosity towards the Tribe, or their fans. It's a quirky relation--well nigh homespun. Not as rooted as the Cubs, but nowhere near as plastic as Atlanta. Same feelings towards the Browns. None.
  7. Karnak says the Bengals must have won the scrimmage...as the comments are tinged positive?
  8. My relations on the North Coast have not gone into Brown mode yet...they are still in full Tribeification. Have sort of noticed that amongst the ex-pats down here too--way more Tribe gear on than Brown. They haven't gone Baker-ish yet...but it will come.
  9. You are killing my post-Istanbul/Super Cup/Yo Adrian buzz, SF. Nah, not at all really.
  10. Hey SF: Another day...another piece of silverware: UEFA European Super Cup. Backup GK stoned the final penalty try to seal it. And, there is no HC in the world like Jurgen: Oh yeah, random Bengal thought for today: Will get back to you on that.
  11. WSYX in Columbus, if anyone is interested.
  12. I always liked how they differentiated his and his brother Jim's jersey names. Couldn't use "J. Youngblood" so...

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