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  1. Take it from someone who has lots of Iggle-loving relations over in the Delaware Valley: Elliot is no Morten Andersen to them.
  2. Le Tigre

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    Long before Internet forums, there was the year 1987. There was a coach named Sam Wyche, who because he had the supposed shit for brains to call a sweep on 4th down, was first dubbed "stupid" by all of the then "experts without keyboards". A week later, he incurred the ire of real writing scribes--gulped down by the populace--when he wouldn't crap all over striking players. He muddled around after that, pieced together what remained of the season, and then awaited the final game. There, amid the panorama of hate-filled banners (which for some reason we're allowed to remain up), he took the full brunt of the wrath of the alleged fans. It was both eerie and disgusting at the same time. I had briefly spoken to Sam several years earlier when he was coach at IU. Found him to be a very nice person. That day in the stadium, I remember thinking: all of this bullshit to a nice human being over a game. A year later, he was the GOAT to the same people who were shitting on him 12 months earler. Three years later, he was back to being a know-nothing prick, who wouldn't answer questions the way he was supposed to, or grovel at the media's feet. But the experts always get the last word. Maybe in 10 years or so...after the franchise has gone through 2 or 3 more HC's...the new internet experts will look back and think that old Marvin Lewis fellow wasn't half bad after all...just maybe. Even that shit for brains know-nothing prick Sam Wyche is looked on more positively now. Well, other than by Paul Daugherty.
  3. Le Tigre

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    That is a lot of supposition, for a confirmed statement that he is/was a douche bag for not planning to watch NFL games going forward. And what "fact" do you base another supposition that he wasn't giving 100% the last few years?
  4. Saw this type thread on another site last year, and was fun to see the predictions and ultimate endings. So, in lieu of a poll, who is the first NFL HC in 2019/2020 to get booted? It doesn't have to be necessarily at the end of a season--could be midseason or whenever. Then, who gets it next, and next, and so on...as many as you like. Will be curious to see the results. For me, the first will be: Mike Tomlin. If they sputter and flame, he will go (maybe by "resign" but he will go). A slight chance Pat Shurmur midseason if NYG tank.
  5. Le Tigre

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    Please explain how that non sequitur makes him a douche bag for not watching NFL games in the future? You can't, but thought I would ask.
  6. Le Tigre

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    And that makes him a douche bag--because he isn't going to watch/miss the NFL any longer? And how is that being a douche bag to the franchise? A quick quote? Well, I gave you two others. Stop moving the goal posts.
  7. Nice load of red meat. Hopefully this migrates to J&D in expeditious fashion.
  8. Le Tigre

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time." ---Vince Lombardi "The best way to gain more yards is advance the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage" "If this team doesn't put points on the board, I don't see how they can win". ---John Madden Douche bags
  9. As opposed to the other two, who appear embalmed.
  10. I was at that Iggle-Washington game as a wee lad. I remember that pass. Norman Bailey Snead. Franklin Field--loved that place.
  11. Tiger saying: "Get your bearded hobo ass off of my Rolls!"

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