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  1. Oh but they'll still have Jar-Jar Binks-Fuckhead, so they will be just fine. They will probably scrounge around some other MAC campus and find another LegoHead anyway.
  2. Le Tigre

    2019 Draft Talk

    People on this board have been covering the NFL Draft since 2004 also.
  3. I always wonder how a person can be "incentivized" to not break an ankle?
  4. Le Tigre

    2019 Draft Talk

    Who in the hell are these writers? Who the fuck is Ryan McCrystal?
  5. Le Tigre

    Bengals DC

    The only foreboding I am seeing, is that the people/media who are jumping for joy because of Fresh and New, within a year will be screaming for scalps. I'm not bitching...I don't care.
  6. Le Tigre

    Raiders Game

    Well, it's Oakland actually and not Los Angeles. BFD for them either way--they get to remain in their familiar surroundings...with the upper deck partially covered with tarps in order to make it appear there are actual spectators present. And, even though the new place on the former Dean Martin Drive is supposedly going to be ready by summer 2020, it has had delays so no real certainty there either.
  7. Le Tigre

    Bengals DC

    Lost in what might eventually "work" or not...is the simple truth that neither the alleged fan base, the media (mostly national--as that is what is followed), nor the fantasy football oligarchs...are going to be attentive or supportive enough to allow the certain opening clusterfuck to run its course. People can mouth that they will now, but when rubber meets road, it will not.
  8. One of my favorite areas there...along with Devils Punchbowl/Otter Rock.
  9. I am no capologist by any measure--but that is an obscene amount of money. So, of course, now begins the "cut this and that guy to get even more money" phase.
  10. Le Tigre

    Bengals DC

    If he's good enough for you, Blazer, he's good enough for me.
  11. Le Tigre

    Bengals DC

    A place-setter doesn't count
  12. Sir Furman is, and has been, the personification of fake news.
  13. Le Tigre

    Bengals DC

    Gee, even with this guy, they can't seem to get past a career DB coach. The closest thing this guy has been to a coordinator was: From 1992-94, Anarumo was defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. He also served as the admissions liaison to the athletics department.

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