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  1. And, you know this non-report to camp how exactly? (Troll-free question)
  2. Was called much worse in my day...but the case was interesting, in that it illustrates the genesis in the realm of verbal/physical abuse, from anything goes to watch your step.
  3. There is an interesting legal case here in Ohio, which was recently decided. Coming out of St Mary's HS, it involved questions as to whether badgering insults by coaches on the practice field--specifically the word "pussy"--constituted Title IX violations, and thus discriminatory actions. The plaintiffs lost the decision, however I could not help but think of Bully Boy while reading it.
  4. Lol @ this "quit on the team" rubbish. Did Boy Wonder tell him to suit up, and he said no? He was legit hurt...then not so much hurt...then parked for the season. This was the decision of the alleged HC and the folks above him. As to the question: do all they can do to sign long-term.
  5. I am one of the few outsiders who actually LIKES Detroit...for many of the reasons you cited. In addition to the downtown upswing, some of the more ghastly sections of town (such as around Detroit Mercy) are being partly taken over by wealthier hipsters. Some fine breweries and eateries have sprung up. Still a far cry from a vacation spot, but for the occasional drive thru or business trip, really not that bad.
  6. I have no indigenous people blood in my veins. However, I did spend the first decade of my existence on or directly adjacent to a reservation. 95% of my early grade school classmates were Yakimas. They used to ask me if I had a horse like the Lone Ranger's. I said "no, my Dad has a Ford".
  7. Appears the Mid-19th century mineral prospectors are on their way. Although the name reflects colonial exploitation and significant contributions to early climate change.
  8. Fast fact: no team left has an animal for a nickname. Native American leaders Children of primordial deities Canned meat processors Mid-19th century American mineral prospectors
  9. Bump (and a troll-free message): Flaming Thumbtacks v KC GB v Some Bay Area Team Discuss
  10. Anything you say, Groupthink Gruppenfuhrer. But before leaving the "discussion", you asked: "If not Burrow, who?". Asked and answered: if some Miami team was idiotic enough to give up three first rounders, a second, and multiple picks in the next two seasons, well there you go. But, it's OK to go with Smokin' Joe too (so not to be a troll). In all honesty
  11. As little as I have been interested in knowing the deep thoughts of Smokin' Joe, he is either the best actor of playing the "me..famous?" aw shucks role...or he truly is as bland as vanilla wafers. Either way, it's not a bad trait. At least he will not be seen in some Columbus bar buying Fireball rounds for the house, ala Johnny Football. Do detect a bit of mercenary in that response, which is OK too. After all, he will be a paid entertainer.
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