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  1. Hah...been there a few times! The first in-dash 8-track units were a theft magnet—and that came with window and dash repairs as an added bonus. Then, they came up with the “slide-out” units. You mounted it under the dash, and when you left the car, you could slide it out and take it with you. Then the thieves would just steal your car battery! Lol.
  2. My God...may I never experience that again. He was something out of an old popeil commercial.
  3. NFL intends to not discipline players for offseason 'high-risk COVID conduct' https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-intends-to-not-discipline-players-for-offseason-high-risk-covid-conduct
  4. Study suggests NFL crowds may have led to coronavirus spikes https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfchronicle.com/sports/giants/amp/Fans-in-the-stands-Study-suggests-NFL-crowds-may-16098496.php
  5. Since Liverpool has now been dropped from the CL, and fighting for at best top-4 in PL, I am now focusing my attentions to the pride of Wales, the Swans of Swansea FC (in the horrid sort of tealish shirts)
  6. It really should not be. As you say accurately, certain employers—such as in the medical industry—have mandated employees to get annual flu shots. One example of course, and plenty of exceptions to the mandate. Where this one could have issues, is that it may become mandated across the entire employment board. Whether a hospital worker, a construction worker, or an NFL player—no difference. Then it possibly could be a constitutional rights question. But, as I said, the EEOC—a federal watchdog on employment rights—don’t seem to think mandating is a problem. I suppose only legal test c
  7. That is true. It is a complicated issue as to mandated vaccinations. There will be any number of challenges on the employment and union contract fronts in all business. The EEOC’s opinions on the subject were to the effect that there would be no direct violation of civil rights if an employer were to mandate it for the whole of operations. And, of course, theirs is opinion, and not law.
  8. Swansea wins again...jumps to 3rd in the Championship table!
  9. Few consider Paul Robinson. There were no RB fantasy points back in his day, but he was an integral part of those first number of years for the franchise.
  10. The EEOC has opined that vaccination requirement can be a condition of employment. Would guess pro athletes are considered “employees”?
  11. Swansea sitting in the 4th slot in Championship...with a very real shot at getting promotion to the Premier League. OK...informational purposes only.
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