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  1. Very interesting sketches. Here are the NFL teams in 1925: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1925_NFL_season There are several on the sketches that match--including some who folded during the season. I am curious as to some of the others who aren't on the NFL listing--will keep looking. The Tigers player would have been a Columbus Panhandle player--the Panhandles changed their name to Tigers in 1925.
  2. The 1932 NFL Championship game was played between the Chicago Bears and another of Ohio's early NFL teams, the Portsmouth Spartans. Due to extreme weather, the NFL did not want to risk losing the revenues they desperately needed in those days from either a cancellation or seriously-reduced attendance. It was scheduled to have been played at Wrigley Field, but they switched it to be played in Chicago Stadium (where the Bulls and Blackhawks used to play). The circus was in town, so there was already dirt on the floor--all was needed was sod to be placed over top. As it was inside, the field had to be reduced to 60 yards. This could also be called the first Arena League game! The Bears won 9-0. Not exactly the Philadelphia Soul/Arizona Rattlers.
  3. Le Tigre

    2019 Draft Talk

    Well doggone...I thought I was the only other one.
  4. Go back to the original Bengal uniform..from 1937
  5. More lawyers, nothing wrong with that. The Panhandles played for their first years at Indianola Park--doesn't appear there was an actual stadium, more like a field with seats around it. They finished at Neil Park--which a decade after they disbanded, became Red Bird Stadium...later Jet Stadium...later Clipper Stadium...later Cooper Stadium. Not sure where this one sat--probably in the pre outfield of Red Bird, but away from the boneyard. Their first game ever, was against the Triangles in Dayton--the first ever NFL game. Not just the first in Ohio...the first--period.
  6. Had forgotten about the old Columbus Panhandles. They were in the league same time as the Canton Bulldogs and Amish's Dayton Triangles. Good stuff. Thanks for posting this!
  7. Definitely eat somewhere along the Waterfront. The last time I was there, stopped at this place (Crab Pot IIRC) where they just threw the whole lot on the table--literally. Great eats all over. Lots of cool pubs in the general area from Lower Queen Anne district on down, as well as around the UW area. Traffic and parking are for shit downtown--and stay off I-5 unless you like sitting for extended periods. I haven't been to the Seahawks stadium, but was at a Mariners game a few years ago--again, not that easy to drive or park. Take public transportation or just walk. The last Seahawk game I went to out there was when they still played at the Kingdome. That was by far the loudest sporting event I have ever attended--person right next to me couldn't hear a word I was saying...and I was basically screaming at the top of my lungs. I understand their home now is just as loud. Have a great time!
  8. Le Tigre

    2019 Draft Talk

    Take a look at his hands...they make Kitna's look like first basemen's mitts.
  9. Having not met any of them personally, hate is a rather strong word.
  10. You bypass the point: the NFL will never allow anything other than human control to influence their plans. Drew Brees, as great as he is, has been forgotten by the majority of the purchasing public. The Saints--other than the post-Katrina feel good year--are as relevant to NY media-driven products/entertainment, as the Detroit Pistons are to the NBA money-machines. The opponent for Brady was not important--but LA probably stirred the moguls maybe a hair more. Again: the NFL would no more touch an artificial/non-biased arbiter for the determination of game-altering (and controllable) calls, such as VAR, than they would go back to having games on Sunday afternoons only. It would expose them completely for the corrupt frauds that they are. And you know it.
  11. Sort of like Rams/Saints this past playoff year Hey, speaking of championship victory snatched by officiating (the AI version), yesterday's CL 2nd leg between City and Spurs was a doozy. There, different from the Ram/Saints infamy, the non-call on the pitch allowing Sterling to score what appeared to be the eliminating goal, was reversed by VAR and ruled offside. Spurs advance, and City out. The machine made the right call (albeit it was more akin to your average NFL holding non-call), but the 30-second difference between absolute joy and absolute devastation, was stark. Think the Saints would have been more than pleased to have VAR? The NFL wouldn't touch it with a 1,000 mile pole.
  12. Because it will really be 6pm and in NW London
  13. But think about it: the league loves their Week 17-do-or-die-edge-of-seat-drama games. Conveniently, the Cleveland Bakers are the last opponent on the schedule. One can all but see this one being flexed in order to accommodate all of the excitement. The young, up-and-coming-OBJ's travel into Cincinnati for their pre-arranged glory night. The 5-10 Bengals will be plucky, but a last-minute Baker drive will vault them into the Playoffs as the curtain falls. Brought to you by Hyundai..or is it Subaru?
  14. It will be 6pm in England. It may be an international break for proper football, but won't know that for a while. Latest Sunday Premier League matches on Sundays are 4:30 local usually--but the Sunday fixtures are relatively light when they do play. Roger will be the only game in town, but most will already be home watching the telly.

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