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  1. Your cross-country word romp made literally no sense. You rant away on the officiating (not out of order, I agree), but then interject Boy Wonder's exoneration with your usual scapegoat, the QB. We'll open a time capsule in around three years, and probably will see Joe Burrow's name being flogged about.
  2. Lol...Watford! At least in the previous 10 years, I was going to compare to Arsenal...with a Leicester lean. Now, though, definite relegation zone.
  3. As a fellow local, I share the admiration of the Clipper organization. For a AAA franchise, they have made the experience quite enjoyable. Stadium is top-notch, amenities abundant, well-presented. In many ways, better than a lot of major league teams. The county had a lot of pull in this, of course; however the parent club has at least as much. When the Nationals were the the parent club, it was nowhere close to today's product. i have gone ahead and purchased season passes for the Crew. Not so much for the present, but I really want to be the first in for the new stadium. Between the all-in by the City/County, and the Haslam dollars, this is going to be a very exciting adventure.
  4. What would that mean for them: double secret probation?
  5. No, he actually said his body would not take a full 16-game pounding, and had the MNF gig in hand. He would have been welcomed back otherwise. Whitworth's present Man City plastic gangster franchise--in young and fun South Central--is spiraling back to mid-level. They should make the playoffs, but teams have figured them out. They don't have a boatload of cap space, and will certainly cut bait on salaries. And, if they don't, who the fuck cares. It has nothing to do with this franchise.
  6. Like I said: practice 101... If you can't catch it (which he had both his mitts on the ball), don't tip the damn thing. Not a good throw, agreed...but we have seen AJ catch many worse. And you by-passed the crap Red Zone play calling. Better there, and who wins?
  7. What is the price for this word salad? Add shrimp for $5 more?
  8. No, it was Tate's...went right through his hands. Catch it, or knock it down--practice field 101 And why do you give Boy Wonder passes for absolute numbskull play calling in the Red Zone--like a QB draw with 4th and goal?
  9. Sorry to disappoint you. Thankfully, professional athletes--indeed any athlete--try to do their best at what they do. They do not give a flying fuck about draft picks.
  10. Fucked Up: Once again, trying to make this an AD at fault loss.
  11. Except that MLB teams can literally "shut down" a player, and be quite open about it. The league says nothing. The NFL--with all of its "integrity"--mandates that if a player of magnitude can play--he must. None of this stashing for the next year...the NY public relations people will not stand for it!
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