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  1. He won’t have to sit them out alone. The NFL is curtailing all teams’ OTA’s for the foreseeable future.
  2. mike freeman @mikefreemanNFL · Mar 25 One thing to pass along: I’m increasingly hearing from coaches and front office executives that they believe it will be nearly impossible for the season to start on time. Some believe training camp will start in the fall.
  3. Herbie says: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2883351-espns-kirk-herbstreit-will-be-shocked-if-nfl-college-football-play-season ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said Thursday he'd be "shocked" if the 2020 NFL or college football seasons take place because of the coronavirus pandemic. Herbstreit discussed the potential of all football being canceled this year during an appearance on ESPN Radio (via TMZ Sports). "I'll be shocked if we have NFL football this fall, if we have college football. I'll be so surprised if that happens," he said. "Just because, from what I understand, people that I listen to, you're 12 to 18 months from a [COVID-19] vaccine. I don't know how you let these guys go into locker rooms and let stadiums be filled up and how you can play ball. I just don't know how you can do it with the optics of it." Herbstreit said if he was in charge of either the NFL or the NCAA, he'd already be set to announce the football season was being canceled, per TMZ. "Next thing you know you got a locker room full of guys that are sick. And that's on your watch? I wouldn't want to have that," he said. "As much as I hate to say it, I think we're scratching the surface of where this thing's gonna go." He added the limited preparation time would also be a factor, even if the coronavirus outlook started to improve by late summer: "You don't all of the sudden come up with something in July or August and say, 'OK we're good to go' and turn 'em loose!"
  4. Seeing where the order includes any player(s) from entering team facilities, unless already receiving medical treatment. They said the prohibition will go through March 31st--with the usual caveat of "review again at that time". Older SI article--before the NFL cancelled pro days. Interesting read. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/03/13/nfl-draft-coronavirus-travel-plans-cancel-pro-day
  5. Teams cannot host anyone for visits, and pro days for 2020 draft prospects have been cancelled. This will impact a lot of things as well.
  6. Figured once the hotels and strip closed down, the Live audience Draft would go by the wayside.
  7. Report: 2020 NFL Draft Could Move from Las Vegas to TV Studio Amid COVID-19 PAUL KASABIANMARCH 22, 2020357 Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images The NFL is reportedly looking to hold its 2020 draft in a studio setting in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, per Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. "The NFL is not commenting publicly about what’s in the works, but according to two individuals with knowledge of the discussions, the current plans call for some type of studio setting with cut-ins from the headquarters of the teams making the selection at a given time," Farmer wrote. The draft was originally scheduled to take place from Thursday, April 23 through Saturday, April 25 in Las Vegas. Those dates will remain the same. However, it appears the actual event will be held elsewhere. Farmer noted there were questions as to whether the draft would still be held in Las Vegas as a "scaled-down version." That reportedly will not be happening. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the league's intention to cancel all draft-related fan events in a March 16 statement (h/t Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post). The statement read in part: "This decision reflects our foremost priority — the health and safety of all fans and citizens. While this outcome is disappointing both to the NFL and to the Las Vegas community, we look forward to partnering with the Raiders, the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for a future NFL Draft as well as evaluating opportunities for other major NFL events in Las Vegas in the future, including the Super Bowl." Goodell also wrote that the league would be looking into "innovative options" for the draft. For now, the NFL continues with its offseason schedule, albeit in a restricted capacity. Teams cannot host anyone for visits, and pro days for 2020 draft prospects have been cancelled. The 32 teams' offseason programs will also be delayed indefinitely, per a March 16 announcement from Goodell. NFL announces changes to offseason program due to COVID-19 Print NFL.com Published: March 16, 2020 at 08:33 p.m. Updated: March 16, 2020 at 09:15 p.m. 0 Likes | 0 Comments NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Monday night that the league and NFLPA have agreed to indefinitely delay the start of teams' offseason programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to delay offseason programs came following discussions with NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and consultations between the medical teams for the league and union in addition to guidance from public health officials on the new coronavirus crisis. Teams with new head coaches were scheduled to begin their offseason program April 6, while April 20 was the date for the rest of the league's teams. Teams also have been instructed to close their facilities to players -- other than those undergoing medically supervised rehab -- for the next two weeks. "Based on the most recent guidance provided by leading health officials, and in consultation with the NFLPA and both our and the union's medical advisors, we believe this is the appropriate way to protect the health of our players, staff, and our communities," Goodell said in a statement. "We will continue to make decisions based on the best advice from medical and public health experts and will be prepared to make further modifications as needed." The NFL also announced a set of guidelines for free agency when it officially begins at the start of the new league year, March 18 at 4 p.m. ET. Teams are not allowed to bring in prospective free-agent players "to a club facility or other location to meet with club personnel." Team personnel -- including medical staff -- also may not travel to any location to meet with or examine a free-agent player. The league and union are "developing protocols that will provide clubs with opportunities to review a free agent player's medical records from his prior club(s) and to arrange for a free agent player to have a medical exam in the player's home city or at another nearby location," per the league's statement. "These steps are consistent with those announced last Friday for club contact with draft-eligible college players." "It is our responsibility to work together and protect the health, safety and well being of everyone in our business," Smith said in a statement. "Nonetheless, public safety is paramount during this national emergency and we will continue to work with the NFL, medical experts and seek guidance from federal agencies to adjust our business practices accordingly." OTAs are the latest event on the NFL calendar to be affected by the worldwide spread of COVID-19. The NFL announced earlier Monday that the 2020 draft will proceed as scheduled April 23-25 and will be televised, but the annual selection process will no longer include public events in Las Vegas. Last week, the league prohibited teams from conducting pre-draft visits to team facilities.
  8. AFAIK, there will be no "enforcement" (e.g. fines, etc.). Ohio doesn't have the same draconian in-place directives as other states. Of course, that changes daily.
  9. Perusing around the forum, and this thread reappears. “Life Without Sports” as a question or state of mind, seems quaint (or whimsical) in the context of what is happening. Perhaps—albeit more somber—what about “Life Without Life?” Getting ready time go into state-ordered isolation...goes into official effect at midnight. Won’t really change anything many have already been doing...however the mere insistence that “thou must” has an unsettling feeling about it. Haven’t been watching many sports channels—I mean, when they are showing the I-Hate-Christian Laettner game for the 70th time? Some semi-interesting “greatest of” things—mostly Premier League pieces on events in the ‘70’s-‘90’s which I did not know. All in all, no sports...and quite honestly, given the current state of affairs, haven’t really thought about it. I did notice that the 2nd Jewel in the NFL Crown—the Draft—is being moved to a TV event only (would assume no crowds). Green Room—if indeed there will be such a thing—will be social distances properly. Elbow bumps or hearty “hellos” will certainly replace the bear hugs after selections. Other than drunken Jets fans making spectacles...not much will be different I suppose, so the Show will go on. Saw something over the weekend that brought something to notice: the Aussie Rules League had a match on—but there were no fans. Found it fascinating, but at the same time troubling. Haven’t seen the NFL address a possibility (whether by just ignoring it, or not to publicly speak on it): what if their season cannot begin—whether delayed, or simply cannot? What if this Leviathan cannot get off the ground? Believe me, scenarios like this are being openly discussed in many of the world’s other sport establishments. Does cause thought. Oh well, back to isolation. Stay safe, everyone.
  10. We have done the same thing at our local Liverpool FC pub: big monetary contribution from all of us. Plus, free insurance and legal advice from those who know it. We go by the Liverpool motto: "You'll Never Walk Alone".
  11. Couldn't forget him if I had to, Mary Grace. Phil was part of the fabric of the Bengals..always appreciated, and always remembered.
  12. So far, hasn’t been too bad. Was knee-deep in the “other football”—and that has been suspended too—so disappointed there. Was looking forward to the beginning of the baseball season, but a delay will not be that arduous. Watching golf is missed, but playing it oneself helps—and actually more enjoyable. Stay safe, folks. This too shall pass.
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