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  1. A pleasant reminder...for all of those who remember similar feelings of joy going through Eagle fans' minds tonight: Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of SB 23.
  2. It was just going to be a Brady/Bill/Drunken Kraft lalapalooza anyway regardless of who the opponent was. #NFLPayday
  3. Any particular reasons (pre-Zimmer that is)?
  4. FWIW... i will be full-throated Bird-backng tomorrow. This flies in the face of all of the Zimmer-worship, but I have my historical reasons. Long before I even knew where Ohio was, and long before there was even a franchise known as the Bengals, I was an Eagles fan (like SF, you might call me "EaglesFan2" as I still closely follow them). My first NFL game was in this building (the past and present home of the U of Pennsylvania Quakers): Which was only 5 years after this #60 guy helped beat Hornung and Taylor for their last NFL Championship: Take that in for a moment: 58 seasons since they last won a League Championship. So, for me anyway, Fly Eagles Fly!
  5. Coaching Staff Changes

    Close. Gold Canyon Resort--about 40 miles east of Phoenix. It was August, tee off at 12:40. 109 degrees. Great deal on fees--$29.00. Only one out. Great day.
  6. #KARMA

    "Where's Mitchell?...I want to see Mitchell...get 23 down here now!" https://www.bigcatcountry.com/2018/1/14/16891222/the-jacksonville-jaguars-are-mad-as-hell
  7. Oh, we'll see them. Today will be just another day in the NFL-headhunting-permitted office.
  8. Die, Stealers, die! (Had to get that in)
  9. A little more at ya, my friend. God's blessings on you and your family.
  10. I will await the rollout with joy. Those were the days where we actually had something to complain about. You, USN, Harley, PBB, Alice, Hint, Hair, Scharm...so many others scattered all over now. Won't ever forget those times.
  11. Coaching Staff Changes

    Chucky hasn't even been named HC there...only that he is a "candidate" (his words). I see absolutely nothing of substance anywhere stating his erstwhile staff selections. So these "reports" are simply unsubstantiated nothing burgers. Paul Guenther is no longer under contract...he can speak for himself. I question why these "journalists" don't ask him these questions directly? It is because it is easier to cite "reports" and "sources" than it is to actually investigate. I am so nauseous with fake news I could hurl. I will go back to lurking now.
  12. Coaching Staff Changes

    How the hell does LaConfora know what Pauly is going to do?
  13. Bodine gone?

    It is possible to be "gone" and be "here" also, Harry. One mouse click.
  14. Happy New Year

    The best in 2018 to you all!

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