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  1. Quite true. "Tanking" requires deliberate intent. If coaches mandate it, that would be the fastest way to the unemployment line and a certain shunning of any future employment. Same for players.
  2. They will win a game--maybe even max out at my predicted 5 but that could be a bridge too far. I actually thought they would yesterday. There are enough rules in place to coax them to a few wins...the NFL hates 0-fer ignominy as much as it loves #teamslikethepatriots.
  3. The Q word is starting to pop up--albeit a bit earlier than I expected. The writers will need something to hammer on coming up (they can only go the "suck" and "hate MB" route so many times)...so now it will be "giving up"/"mailing it in" and the Q word. That would normally be followed with the "he's lost the locker room" drone, but they'll play with Q for at least 4-6 games first.
  4. As an aside...before it was finally put out of its misery, the Pontiac Siverdome (Detroit) used to have skateboard competitions in the decaying interior of the building. Now there was a place that was almost Soviet-era blah...but I saw more events in that building than I can count. NFL, NBA, NCAA basketball, concerts. The memories.
  5. I suppose there was a point in that statement which wasn't pretzel logic.
  6. PBS isn't all that bad. From a pure viewing standpoint, there really is not a bad seat in the house. I've been to the Mega Pleasure Palaces--like JerryWorld. All kinds of glittery things and stimulation--but the seats/views are about the same all things being equal.
  7. You think Joe Lewis would bother with purchasing an NFL franchise? The boat he lives on is worth more.
  8. Sorry, should have noted present company excepted. I have read here (and other places) where everyone (including me) were expressing concern and best wishes for his recovery--whether he played again or not. Now, I am seeing many (not you) calling him out as a fake/money-grabber/quitter/bad man. This was obviously not handled well inside the locker room--and seeing how Bully Boy is the probable main culprit--I would have told him to piss off also. Taylor, if he hasn't lost the battle of herding angry cats in that building by now, will soon be drowning in griping/quitting/general shenanigans. Rock bottom--just like 2002 and 1993 before that.
  9. "The hell I did! I'm not that kind of coach...and he'll vouch for me"
  10. Ah, you take your shots. The Bengals really didn't give them a lot. He was a proven commodity--"injuries" aside--and they needed to do something since both drafted tackles bombed. And boy howdy, how the compassion and sensitivity for a "concussed athlete" turns to utter venom once the media starts putting out "trouble in paradise" trial balloons.
  11. I don't really see Zimmer being in that much trouble. His up-and-down GM would be the first to go should they implode or simply stagnate. But, arguendo, if he does come loose, I wouldn't see him coming back here either. He and ML were chums. But MB treated him quite well, so never rule it out.
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