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  1. I would venture to say: Brett would have "launched" at some point. And remember: the 1992 defense was a fraction of the quality of this present team. They consisted of the aging remnants of the '80's teams (and even those were no where close to now), draft picks, and street people. That it even took two games to expose them for how worn down they were, was a testament to a defensive coordinator no one remembers, but was one of the better ones we had: Ron Lynn.
  2. Go: let me check with a few people as to Maryland-OSU.
  3. THE place for vinyl in CBUS? Magnolia Thunderpussy on the OSU campus, of course. No no one can forget that name.
  4. Thanks T. Appreciate the thoughts and insights. And Earl: I believe you misunderstood my post, but no matter. No sense in belaboring the matter. We're good.
  5. Hold on there, Cap: where are you coming up with this shit? Tell me anything in my statement which isn't true. Tell me where--anywhere, not just public forums--where virtually everyone doesn't bellyache about everything? Not sure where you are coming from with this "attack/hate" bullshit although, granted, I have little regard for know-it-alls who think they know-it-all and have absolutely no sports qualifications to express the know-it-alls.
  6. On the surface, that is a true statement. And to take it a step further, many actually experience great glee when things go wrong--so as to declare themselves the Great Sage of Why Things Go Wrong. But, in perusing multiple teams' fan sites, nothing is really new under the sun: they are all filled with the same criticisms of QB/OL/HC/defense/FO. And they all have their resident All-Knowing bloviators, who, well, just know everything. Have to figure that floods the man-in-the-street thinking too.
  7. You haven't "proven" a thing. Don't push it, seriously.
  8. Edit: you are not worth the time. Stuff it in your ass anyway.
  9. Then name your fucking sources here and now--otherwise you are still the same arrogant, bloviating, bag of air you always have been. Don't talk to me about "facts", Sherlock; if you don't state them with corroboration, they are little more than conjecture. I deal in the "fact" world every day--you don't belong in it.
  10. Even if, in your world view, media reporters are always without fail dead on target, please count the number of "reported", "says", and "thinks". And it keeps referring back to "the report", which is never defined, nor names a soul as either the source or the "players" supposedly making the statements. There isn't even a "statement" quoted as an "unnamed" source. All of this is the embodiment of fake news. And lol @ the QB "losing the locker room". The soon-to-be 3rd all-time leading passer in franchise history hasn't "lost" anything--and makes the fake news "report" that guys he made NFL relevant would want to ditch him in favor of a has been flash-in-the-pan media attention grabbing clown.
  11. So he was/is. But it is handed out on a Friday? Your basic Friday news dump, so no one reads it.
  12. Fake news. Click bait writer, fishing for a "you heard it here first" hope. I am happy I took several days off without reading any of this sensational bullshit. I am now going to take a few more.
  13. When all else departs, there will still be gambling. Be it stock market, oil futures, bitcoins, or the fucking avaricious NFL, wagering is the surest sport anywhere. But if there are ever odds on penalties fines or suspensions for these black/gold bastards, I would not expect anyone to get rich.
  14. 15-31 182 0 TD 3 INT's 1 fumble. #healed migrane.

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