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  1. I approve this message.
  2. I didn't answer you question: haven't seen any pre-season lines out there yet. Some books are starting to take bets on weekly games, but individual lines (like odds of going undefeated) I have not seen.
  3. Doesn't have anything to do with "standing" with Adam or anyone else, T. Like you said, you get it: I continue to mock the Pharisees in this group with their continuous moral judgments.
  4. It looks to take studying for certain, Fred. But, sometimes it truly is just luck. On SB Sunday this year, a fellow sitting next to me at a Casino bar won $12K by betting the game would go into OT. His skill? "I had a feeling".
  5. But Go...he needs to go!! There has to be a Piety Comparison Chart somewhere amirite?
  6. Go to any free agent, who has signed with another team, and you will always hear how much greener the grass is where they are now. Hasn't Domata had other opportunities to leave this "hell hole" before, but has chosen to stay?
  7. Here in Sin City, one can bet on which style or color shoes a player will wear. Sports Books make the art of gambling unique.
  8. OK...last word (yeah, like that will happen): For the record--in this thread anyway--your beginning content, and follow up, were pollster-ish, and perfectly appropriate. My Asimov quote was more aimed at your "completed survey" demagogue, whose well-bloviated insert into the "discussion" still was full of his usual "I know better than anyone" schlock. If there was a way to have him be in a closed room filmed with experienced NFL coaches, and match his peerless knowledge against their's, the resulting aftermath of his being chased out, would be priceless. Like I said, last word for me...
  9. It is a target-rich environment, you have to admit. 75% of the threads are laced from the get-go with conclusion, judgment and execution. With that, just what is there to "discuss", which doesn't lead to making every subject like defending Khe Sahn? But, so that there is no more interference with the erstwhile "opinions" which populate these subjects, I plan to simply watch and read for the most part going forward.
  10. "People who think they know everything, are a great annoyance to those who do" ---Asimov
  11. Sorry...it wasn't just the Russians...it was Comey too.
  12. Nothing really. Just another conclusionary, judgmental, nuanced piece...brought to you by the undisputed Prince of Conclusionary, Judgmental, Nuanced Pieces.
  13. I have already answered. Your response is moot.
  14. Yeah, it's the Russians.
  15. Why do you ask rhetorical questions, following a conclusionary statement? And yes, that is what you pretend to be on the Internet.