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  1. So great at lecturing. You want to buy the product too...it's all there. Buy away. Bugger off.
  2. Cease with the baiting, Fred. I said I was done with the subject. The conclusion was my final say in the matter, and everything was laid out. If you don't like the conclusion, then too fucking bad. Continue to buy the product. It's your fucking choice.
  3. You know, Lost: if you are going to mock, then do so without the elitist I-am-so-much-superior bullshit. And learn to actually appreciate an argument for what it is, without the condescension. Go back and look at every post I have made on the subject: I have never once said ANY GAME was fixed/rigged. On top of it being completely impossible to do, Fred is absolutely correct: it would be exposed faster than ice melting in July, as well as being impossible to regulate across the board. But...and this has to be the 9000th time I have stated this (and it will be the last): there is a DYNAMIC in the way certain games are officiated. I say "Favored Franchises"--and to be very clear, that doesn't necessarily mean NE, etc. Like the NBA, the league has re-formed itself into a "star-power" league. Even you, cannot deny that when a LeBron James-led Cavs plays the New Orleans Pelicans, that preferential treatment is given towards the Cavs--because LBJ is who people are paying to watch. I have seen it time and time again--put Star X against so-so team, and the shift goes towards Star X. Sure the Pelicans can win a game--but they have to play nearly flawlessly to do it. The NFL is in the same way: Star Player (or Team) X (whoever they may be at the moment) will always have the shift in their direction. And, even more importantly, the game is diminished by an inordinate amount of rules--so many that it would be impossible to enforce every one, every play, every game, consistently. Erratic officiating and inconsistency is a natural by-product. And that is not tinfoil hat, that is simple mathematical fact. I am sure Fred can even locate a stat for this. As I said, this is a pointless argument: people will believe what they want to believe. And I really do not care if you do believe in the purity and absolute integrity of this league--they certainly would not be a multi-billion dollar entertainment giant without it. I choose to see it as a very flawed and disingenuous parody of what it used to be, and that choice does not make me crazy or deluded. In the final analysis, it truly is "to each their own". And the only real demonstration of a belief in this regard--is whether one buys the product or one doesn't. You buy what you wish to buy, and I will buy what I wish to buy. That's easy, and doesn't require--or beg for--a response. And it certainly does not merit condescension. Done talking about it. Won't bring it up again in this forum.
  4. Fred: all thing considered, this is a pointless standoff. You already know that there is no link to connect your tangential conclusion that there is no favoritism or slanting by the NFL. But you also cannot point to anything that establishes your premise that everything is operating with purity and impartiality. Call it a draw, and may we both just believe what we believe.
  5. Burfict will NOT be suspended

    Agenda? How dare you question the pristine purity of this fine game.
  6. Edit: never mind, Fred. Everything has been asked and answered more times than sands in the sea. You just go ahead and believe unconditionally in your pure and pristine NFL.
  7. "potholes in their (Western PA FF) Greatness", for clarity's sake. But that was another clever response, honestly.
  8. It is a non sequitur--when you are quoting something which said nothing of what you are inferring--fear of firing ML. And you continuously go back to that meme about returning to the '90's--which also was never stated. Do you work for the New York times? And you can cease responding to me in this--my case is closed. You have nothing.
  9. Bengals win next 5 games?

    Hey, easy there Boss--of course they have a great defense...they got to Phillip 3 times Sunday. But he also had 2 TD passes--one 42 yards--with his also underachieving offensive line, so speaking in absolute terms like Andy is just going to die because they are facing the Great and Powerful Mules, is not such an absolute.
  10. As has been said ad infinitum, it is not the number of holds it is when they are called. And don't say they are "mistakes" like the media magpies--there are holds on every play, often several. Just use your good eyesight and watch just when they are called--or not called--and when the FF's benefit the most. Unless you go along with Fred, and believe the league is as pure and pristine and December snow.
  11. Sure Fred, the league is just a pristine as December snow. Find a stat to show everyone how there is not a hold on every play--even when plain old eyesight belies it every single time.

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