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  1. You are a good man, Harry. No facetiousness at all.
  2. I knew that...was being facetious with the question. Yes Training Camp...the most overall useless expenditure of blood and treasure in the NFL Calendar year. I always anticipate the annual total loss of qualified players to this unneeded nonsense.
  3. I don't know, Ron: Norm was pretty wore out by the end of that stretch--even he said he doubted he could do a full 16 games ever again. I don't really think he ever had intentions of returning in '98--and the MNF gig just sealed it.
  4. Still not seeing the correlation.
  5. Not really seeing the correlation.
  6. MB has a funny component to him..."Ma Barker" LOL!
  7. The Norman Julius Fun Ride the last 5 games of '97 was one of my Top-5 favorite seasons. I always will wonder why Coslet didn't pitch the completely ineffective Jeffy to the bench sooner. There was actually a playoff glimmer during that stretch. Norman's final TD pass--a beauty to Darnay--sent folks home grinning ear to ear.
  8. Sasa Sushi on West Cheyenne. Best I have had anywhere. But if it's liquid, Tenaya Creek Brewing Co, or GTFO.
  9. Where were you parked? I was on almost every side of that stadium lot area and never saw anything that wasn't Cowboy.
  10. OJ Simpson granted parole

    Next time you are in Vegas, go to the Palace Station and ask for room 1203. I just read where it was recently demolished as a part of a renovation project towards phasing out the original hotel rooms in the old section. I guess it has been the most asked-for room over the past decade there.
  11. Fred is OK, Chief. It's the know it alls who think they know it all, miss the entire point of a subject...and believe they have the bully pulpit. But it means literally nothing to me in the overall picture--as this farce of a sport has been dead to me for a decade or more. #thenwhyareyouhere? Whatever...pearls before swine...great advice.
  12. Fred: You and omg are attempting to prove points on issues that are not being questioned, but then are attempting to cornerstone these in the other areas--rendering all of it rhetorical at best. Concession of the obvious--that NFL players are of different sizes and speeds now compared to 50-60 years ago--is not the alpha/omega point. Your buddy keeps wanting to play this make-believe subjective game of placing JJ Watt against Chuck Bednarik, and demanding that everyone believe JJ would simply dominate. I would still laugh in his face. What is a point of more believability--albeit rhetorical in its own right (I at least see rhetorical and subjective content as opposed to absolutes based on rhetoric and subjectivity)--is exactly what USN and I have been saying: the game was more real back then, because there were no oppressive regulatory burdens to interfere with the game. And His Highness can bloviate all he wishes about how this isn't so at all--but all one has to do is watch film of games back then, and compare to the present circus side-shows, in order to see reality.
  13. Well, now that you mention it... i knew there was a reason you always win in Vegas.