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  1. Bergey/Beauchamp wasn’t too shabby: 6 combined INTs in one season…in the days when LB’s were all run defense?
  2. "Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
  3. No more Wembley for this one. All now at (Tottenham) Spurs Stadium. Little more modern North End location.
  4. Atomic Liquors on Fremont Street is a must-see. And certainly don’t miss Hogs and Heifers on 3rd Street…a trendy-tacky biker themed place. My weekly Friday after work hangs were Tenaya Creek Brewery on west Bonanza (edge of downtown) for some fine pints, followed by 8 Noodle Bar in the Red Rock Hotel (far west LV on West Charleston), or Naka Sushi off way west Lake Mead Blvd. Great spots not necessarily on Strip. And there are many more.
  5. Haven’t seen any state or local mandates to the contrary, but appears unless you plan to go to certain facilities or hospitals, there are no mandates https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ktnv.com/vaxrequired%3f_amp=true
  6. Ah well, take an Uber out and play 18 solo. It is an amazing course. Otherwise, find one of the many wonderful clubs and eateries not on Las Vegas Blvd. Can help you out there, for sure.
  7. Burrow’s jersey was somewhat stained on the upper front right shoulder. Burrow’s jersey wins this week.
  8. Not going, but can give you many tips as to things to see/eat/do. Especially our favorite thing to do: GOLF! (hat tip: if you do not take the time to play Wolf at Paiute Golf Resort, you are missing out).
  9. In the event one (like me) has no idea what Fan Controlled Football is, let it’s website enlighten: https://www.fcf.io/ Whatever gets you through the night, as Lennon said.
  10. 22 years can change a lot of things. Much like here, almost a generation has risen up. What used to be a muscle memory reflex for older folks, is not apparent in the younger. In a lot of ways, Cleveland itself is no longer Cleveland. I spend a good amount of time up there, between business and local relatives…it is no where near what it was 20-30 years ago. Quite a pleasant place—in a number of locations. There will always be Desolation Rows, of course. The present day Brownie fan is even different. There are, to be sure, some older folks who are still obnoxious, etc. However, the white-hot earthy lunatics who used to populate the old Rat Trap, have basically disappeared. The Move broke them permanently. And, with the next generation being brought up in their version of the Bengal ‘90’s, little of their old snarl is left.
  11. “Allen and Jackson are still battling the issues that have dogged them since they entered the league in the games that matter the most. Mayfield, meanwhile, is flashing elite level quarterback play, turning in some of his best games in the most difficult of circumstances.” Sports Illustrated January 2021 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/browns/.amp/browns-maven-features/how-good-was-mayfield-in-2020 The sports media sets the narrative.
  12. It’s understandable. I used to like to go to 1 roadie a year, back in the day. Stayed completely away from Western PA though. Besides the cost, it began to get dangerous in spots. That Seattle MNF was part of a two-city swing I did in ‘90. The Bengals had back-to-back road games in Seattle and LA (Anaheim), and since I had friends/relatives in each area, I decided to “follow” them to both. Could not have been two more diametrically different atmospheres. Seattle was the aforementioned insanely loud/passionate12th Man environment. LA was the sterile, uninspired, playing on a converted baseball field, Big A…with equally laid-back and basically indifferent sort-of fans. I remember there was a group of kinda Ram fans behind me. They had been just sort of chilling most of the game—my first real experience with the surfer dude sorts. Esiason throws a TD pass, and suddenly, one guy behind me goes nuts “YEAH!! YEAH!!”Trying to figure out why a Ram fan would be this way. Find out—and this was at the dawn of fantasy league football—Norman was on his FFL team, and he just won his game. Crazy time.
  13. An away fan at a Bengals game? Hmmm… Being the sole opposing fan, in a white #50 James Francis jersey, in the lower upper deck in the packed to the gills Seattle Kingdome on MNF 10-1-90, with the entire 12th Man literally screaming in your ears for hours. Yeah, that gets a bit tough.
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