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  1. Am I listening to one of those stealer based announcing teams like they do for NBA playoffs sometimes?
  2. Challenging calls is the cats pajamas. Love the flow of the game, fucking love it.
  3. When you watch it at full speed it's not nearly as egregious as it seems. Now, the only thing you'll see on social media is the slow-mo replay that the virtue signaling puss cakes are stroking their meat over.
  4. This is the Super Bowl. Win this and those inbred pig fuckers are all but out of the playoffs. Anything else is gravy for this lost season.
  5. Will those dumb inbred fucks still say "Heeeeeeeeeth" every time he catches a pass?
  6. I have a feeling and the feeling is this. It will be just like when Jim Tressel took over the Buckeyes in 2001 and they finally beat the hated Wolves 26-21 in his first year. Since then they are 16-2. It all changes in 5 days.
  7. Fuck you Stealers! You can suck my dick! You can't hurt us Stealers cuz you're just Gods Farts! Thhhhhhhpppppppppppppp!
  8. I don’t know what giving yourself up means but that dumb fuck just ran into his own end zone
  9. Yep, nothing but domestic violence responses in the comments. He doesn't exactly have a surplus of goodwill to fall back on and should just STFU.
  10. this will be an easy victory by a score of 27-27.
  11. I mean I can't decide if I want to jerk off like 6 times today or just release a tantric orgasm upon the world in like 2 weeks....
  12. I have a full on rager. I am so hard right now a cat couldn't use my dick as a scratching post.
  13. I am taking a yoga class to assist efforts in self-fellatiating myself in the event of an 0-16 stooler season.
  14. I wonder if Jimmy Garoppolo is still banging that porno chick.
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