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  1. Zim is 64, the comely young lady is 38. Adam is 36.
  2. If Gregg Williams would come in here and set up some bounties on the fuckwads just up the river I'd be down with that. Maybe bully the bullies for once. around here.
  3. Coach Zim.....are you ready to come home? And bring your instagram model girlfriend with you please. TIA
  4. I should've stayed at the Great Wolfe Lodge water park ogling middle aged MILF poontang instead of rushing home to that horse shit.
  5. putting all these games in Burrows hands is good experience I guess. Just treat this season as one big test session.
  6. Ok when I left the Great Wolf Lodge wave pool in Mason at 1:30 we were up like 14-0. Just walked in the door......what'd I miss?
  7. What AJ said was...."The fans on Go-Bengals.com betrayed me"
  8. Looks like a forfeit to me motherfuckers. 2-3-1
  9. He likes to just blast it in there with no coverage. He doesn't mind minimal protection. He hates pulling out from center. He prefers his receivers routes to be finished off inside. He likes a nice naked bootleg. He never wears a glove. He doesn't like his play sheet laminated.
  10. Yes but Philip might be too preoccupied with trying to impregnate his wife for the 18th time to concentrate on the game.
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