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  1. I'm impressed he squeezed that frame into a Porsche 911. Props
  2. I sure hope we play well thursday night because these uniforms are gonna be so fucking fire.
  3. If the NFL gave a flying shit about player safety we wouldn't be playing this stupid ass Thursday game at all.
  4. I'm thinking about killing & skinning a real white tiger and making my own for Thursday nights game. Just drape the hide over my shoulders.
  5. They better not score a cheap one here and make it look close
  6. Lets go pour it on. The defense can really pin its ears back now. Look for another strip sack upcoming.
  7. We got week 3 off to a good start last night. Those inbreeding pricks are a miracle away from 0-3. Suck it.
  8. Just noticed this. Joey B is free of that clunky knee brace. So there's that.....
  9. Does anyone remember, go back 2019, which was ZT's first year and Andy Dalton's last. Was Andy back there running for his life this much? Were the O-line schemes just as bad?
  10. I miss the good ol days when Joe at least had enough time to sit back and throw an interception. He doesn't even have time to do that.
  11. I sure as fuck hope these were the 2 toughest defenses in the NFL, or we be fucked.
  12. it's almost to the point you have to sit Burrow for the year to keep him safe. Not for football, but so he can have a somewhat pain free non debilitating life after football.
  13. TV executives are hastily calling their legal departments to try to get the Bengals out of any primetime slots.
  14. Need to score here on 1 play and convert a 2 point conversion just to keep me from walking into oncoming traffic
  15. THIS fucking QB looking like a pro bowler gee I can't fucking believe it
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