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  1. Bring back Trumpy & Don Criqui doing AFC games on NBC dammit!!!!!!!!!!!! And Alcoa Fantastic Finishes. Alcoa, Alcoa, Alcoa can't wait!
  2. Hell yes! And the little tiger Ben-zoo while they're at it.
  3. I remember when that fat lazy sack of shit couldn't practice early on and his famous quote was "I'll be there when the bullets are flying". Meaning, he'll be ready when the real games start. Yeah right. NFL injury report 2006: Sam Adams ....doubtful (fat) ........
  4. I wonder if he got back from the Stealers playoff game and just flopped out on that big black sectional staring up at the ceiling and said ......"oh my God what have I done?"
  5. That's right he was all pissed that the Browns took Tim Couch before him. lol
  6. I remember Collinsworth slobbering all over Akili on 700 WLW saying "it was the right pick".
  7. That fuck stick organization should get a 3 year death penalty.
  8. You just know that if this match-up ever morphs into just a good old fashioned clean game of FB with guys helping each other up after every play it will be at 1:00 every time. The NFL* might not even want it televised anymore.
  9. Is it a law that we have to play those flaming bag of dick tips in prime time at least once?
  10. Joe Burrow makes any uniform look good. #NoHomo
  11. He's a wonderful human being, made a comfortable living, and has a smoking hot wife. I weep no tears.
  12. This is basically gonna be me at about 8:15 tonight. But only ONE bath tub.
  13. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... With Burrow walking through the door.... But the prettiest sight to see, no more pussy/quitter mem-or-ies.... Cause' Joe is not,...a,...whooooore!
  14. Fuckin' A right bitches!!! Everybody else can suck it!!!
  15. Odell Thurman showed a flash of hope. But we all know how that went.
  16. I heard that when they told him the news he was very animated, argued, and threw a tantrum, hair flying everywhere....
  17. I just went back and watched the highlights of that San Diego game. That stupid fumble followed by 2 horrible picks. Wow. The Gio fumble right before HT didn't help any either.
  18. I don't have a full on rager but I'm 3/4 chubbed right now.
  19. When Joe Burrow walks into The Precinct it's gonna be like Roy Munson walking into his local Bowling Alley in 1979.
  20. This town will be on fire this fall when the Reds are in the thick of the playoff hunt whilst simultaneously having Burrow fever.
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