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  1. So even with the stupid ass 17 game schedule the season still starts the same week of Sept. as usual?
  2. I don't think you can ever beat the 1981 unis since they were so ground breaking but these would have to rank #2 on the list for me. If we ever get back to winning big I think Bengal merch would spread like wildfire nationwide.
  3. Great interview with CC. If I wasn't already gay for JB physically now I'm gay for JB emotionally.
  4. lol, Kyle Brandt. He used to be the producer of Jim Romes' radio show, and was also a soap opera guy on days of Our Lives.
  5. I went back and looked at some closer pics, I actually really like them.
  6. I'm sure they are fine but they kinda look like a knock off version of the current unis, like an off brand halloween costume jersey that my tight ass parents would have got me as a kid. I like em' though.
  7. Yo man I'm horny! I don't care about nuthin' except this dick. I don't. If I didn't fuck them they'd fuck me. They were comin' for my dick. Ima' cum right back at em'. I'm a fuckin' rapist!!!
  8. OMG one less thing to complain about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoohooooo
  9. I'm sure it'll be sad packing up that mini-van.
  10. I'm sure Bill Johnson the 3rd will be wonderful player for the Redskins.
  11. Well I'm sure young William will have an immediate impact on the Football Team and they will compete for a SB right away in 2021 and probably win several Lombardi trophies during his long illustrious, bountiful, prolific career there. God Bless
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