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  1. There's lots of talk on social media that VB has been cut, not been cut, will be cut. ?????? Andy Furman started this mess with a tweet that he was cut then retracted it minutes later.
  2. Grabbing that phone took guts. We need guts. Promote him.
  3. Keep him only if he cuts his hair. That way I don't have to see it flopping around as he is arguing not getting a call after getting beat for a 35 yd. pass completion.
  4. I agree with this right here. Nice man, and I hope all is well with Marvin.
  5. Loving the energy & enthusiasm. No tired voice, no bags under his eyes, no 100 yard stare and so forth that way.
  6. Just the fact that he went in for the bro-shake with Andy, wears a back-pack and an untuck-it shirt tells me that ZT will know how to communicate with this new breed of young athlete.
  7. He looks so young, hip & energetic. Like a guy so in tune with the game that he would never blow 2 TO's in the first quarter.
  8. I hope ZT snuck out at halftime and hopped a plane for Cincinnati because he was so excited to get here.
  9. Yes get this shit game over with so we can get on with our future. I hope he was so distracted with being hired as a HC he didn't even bother preparing his QB for the SB.
  10. That was an interesting flag on the Rams for making a tackle.
  11. I hope NE wins by 50, the game sucks, the refs suck, the halftime show sucks, and the ratings are worse than Pawn Star re-runs.
  12. Burkhead baby. Suck it Chiefs. Suck the big dong. Sorry bit that November beatdown is a little too fresh in my mind. Suck it Pat Muh-groin, suck my sweaty wang.
  13. The Mahomes boy ain't got the balls to pull this off.

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