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  1. Marvin saved his job with the dreaded DCB. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to say those 3 words here.
  2. I want a Jags - Minnesota Super Bowl complete with terrible ratings.
  3. That's the new age tackling technique, just lower a shoulder and cost yourself the fucking game! Wrap the fuck up. lol
  4. #KARMA

    It's called kar-ma!!! hahahahahahahahahahahhaa fucksticks
  5. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the post season and watch good clean non dirty FB. I'm going to jerk off now.
  7. Nfl* trying so hard to fuck the jags out of this TD.
  8. It would be so nice to see a Fla team come in and bully these stupid fucking cunts.
  9. That looked really easy. Jags better be aware, the cheap shots will be coming.
  10. Was going to comment on that. Guy was down but what the hell how about I ram him with my head to make sure.

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