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  1. Just announced, PBS to have full capacity this season. Let's fucking go bitches!
  2. Yes, until somebody tugs on Zac's visor brim like what happened to Dave Shula he seems to have the respect of the players.
  3. Have we done enough? I feel like parents getting ready to send their first born off to college where alcohol, drugs & slutty girls await. Yes I'm worried. Yes I'm scared. But we must enter this new chapter in our lives confident we've done all we could do and Joe comes back to us in one piece and with no venereal diseases.
  4. These uniforms are simply fucking gorgeous and it feels a lot like 1981 if you know what I mean. And I think you know what I mean.
  5. If they do decide to ever put up a practice bubble the tradition of fans walking the bridge could be lost forever. Is that what you want? Huh? Do you?
  6. The only thing Joe overthrew is my ability to stay heterosexual.
  7. These JB porn vids really need to be flagged NSFW. Thanks in advance.
  8. That dramatic slow-mo workout video is they type of thing that could turn a straight man gay. Like flamboyantly gay.
  9. Great schedule other than the fuck-tard Thursday money grab. All the players should band together and agree to play Thurs games like a Pro Bowl game. Just go out there and play patty cake.
  10. So even with the stupid ass 17 game schedule the season still starts the same week of Sept. as usual?
  11. I don't think you can ever beat the 1981 unis since they were so ground breaking but these would have to rank #2 on the list for me. If we ever get back to winning big I think Bengal merch would spread like wildfire nationwide.
  12. Great interview with CC. If I wasn't already gay for JB physically now I'm gay for JB emotionally.
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