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  1. Even if we would've somehow not gotten punked by Cocksburgh with a healthy Palmer in that wildcard game, I believe we would have had to go to Denver the next week. And we don't win in Denver. Ever.
  2. saphead

    Billy Price signs

    He never has to pay for dinner because he can't reach his wallet.
  3. saphead

    Billy Price signs

    Nothing not to like about this guy.
  4. The GF's dad looks pissed because he's laying the wood to his baby girl.
  5. Andy might have a bright orange full bush of pubic hair, but that's OUR bright orange full bush of pubic hair.
  6. My God she's so cute, I just wanna wear matching pajamas and spoon with her on the couch while binge watching Greys Anatomy.
  7. I see a nice 7-9, 8-8 season for us. Reeeeeeal mediocre...
  8. It's amazing how much better a QB is when they have time to throw.
  9. The main problem with McCarron is he is always out with abdominal fatigue & dehydration from being over sexed.
  10. I think Marvin can '3-clap' him into being a very good running back.
  11. Aaaaaalmost as good as Chris Sabo in 1990! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqriNdXkXMo
  12. Could you imagine Marvin having the huge balls to do that?
  13. I'm suprised that antiquated crotchety old goat took time away from his music research to write something.

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