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  1. lol could you imagine the 'DUI & possession of illegal substances' wing? You would have to schedule a whole day for the family just to get through that one.
  2. He needs to retire in Wis-cahhnnsin and eat a bunch of cheese. I'm tired of seeing his puss all over the place. Little Johnny gym-rat always seems to find the camera.
  3. You don't need a patch on your arm or your name on a ring to have honor.
  4. It sounds like retired PR director Jack Brennan enjoys himself a jersey change every now and then.
  5. Haha fuck the cheefs. The Bengals will be playing in this game next year with their fresh new unis.
  6. If we are going to ditch the stiped 'B' can we maybe bring back a sleeker/ simplified version of this sweet bastard?
  7. Yes the NBA is batshit crazy with a different jersey every other game. What I really hate are the games when the home team wears the road unis and the away team is in white. Drives me nuckin' futs'! And don't get me started on the alternate floors....
  8. Hope both teams lose. I might watch, but will probably watch Pawn Star re-runs instead. No Bengals, no care.
  9. OMG it's happening. Just don't touch the helmets and I'm fine.
  10. All of the AFC North out, awesome. Browns fans can crawl back into their holes. ( I saw a Tim Couch jersey today for fucks sake) Sick of the chiefs and MaGomer and his weird cartoon voice, they will be out next week, awesome. As mentioned, hopefully Brady gets rolled tonight.
  11. https://www.bengals.com/news/carson-palmer-knows-the-grind-and-joe-burrow-is-the-right-guy-to-be-going-throug CP made it thru an interview without taking any shots at the Bengals. Props to him.
  12. I believe the boy is rolling in a Porsche Taycan. Nice.
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