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  1. My motto, fuck lotto.... I'll get the seven digits from your mother for a dollar tomorrow.
  2. Lulz....... That's just one of many examples of you.
  3. LOL. Nice 'fake Mustang GT' you poser. He's got the 10 hole wheels and the GT front bumper but I see that little bitch ass 4 cylinder exhaust poking out. hahahahahahahahahahaaaa
  4. Agree. Give me an A or an F. Either way, I want to be entertained.
  5. The more I hear the local media cry like colossal fucking pussies the more I want this young man to succeed. Just to piss everybody off.
  6. You can add Ken Broo to the local media douche list. Fucking guy needs would rather be a fucking FM disc jockey anyways.
  7. I wonder if Jeremy Hill still thinks we drafted his back-up?
  8. Welp, guess I'll avoid social media and any sports talk radio for a few months....
  9. I think we will get 4 home games and 12 roadies with no bye-week. Also, 3 of our home games will be in London.
  10. I'd like to see Eifert rest this season and heal up, sit out 2018 to strengthen the muscles, use 2019 to get back into 'football shape', and then comeback to football part time in 2020 with an eye towards 2021 to play a full season.
  11. The next stop for Adam is getting busted for soliciting a prostitute on his way home from sex addiction classes.
  12. I just want him to go away.
  13. Down the bench Jeremy. Down the bench.
  14. As others have said,...Adam Jones (from jail)