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  1. Fuck the draft I want to win on sunday and I want Carlos to put Brady out to pasture. I'm so sick of these smug arrogant fuck sticks.
  2. AJ hasn't felt a part of this team for years now since he is rarely on the field. Then if he actually plays a few snaps it's just a bonus for us. It sucks because he seems like a genuinely good person.
  3. I had a trailer park girl ask me if I wanted a 'Rolling Brown Out' one time. I declined.
  4. I could see him winning the Daytona 500 (which is the SB of stock car racing) before winning the Super Bowl (which is the Daytona 500 of football).
  5. I'll take him. Anyone who looks like he could be Anthony Munoz' brother is ok with me.
  6. There appears to be only a few hundred people in attendance.
  7. It would be funny though if the #1 pick just retired from football instead of playing for the Bengals. Maybe Burrow will just get his real estate license or something.
  8. He walked back into that home 7 lonely times after a playoff loss and stared at the ceiling.
  9. Too fucking late Zack Morris or whatever your name is. The only game I cared about winning was yesterday and you fucked that up. At this point who fucking cares.
  10. Somewhere right now somewhere in an upscale Mediterranean style home in Phoenix sits Marvin Lewis. He is in flip-flops cackling his ass off just laughing hysterically. Deep belly laughs, perhaps hunched over with laughter. As close to instant karma as you can get.
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