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  1. Can you imagine getting out of the gate quickly this year? What will that be like?
  2. When we kick the Reds out of town the new stadium can go where Great American BP once stood.
  3. Remember the days when other fans made fun of us for having terrible football players? lol
  4. Also, if he were to impregnate his GF and sire a boy, I want the kid signed too. That needs to be in the contract.
  5. I think the biggest thing that stands out to me about Lamar's career in that shit-hole city is when the Bengals beat him so badly in 21' that he quit & took himself out of the game. What a wonderful water color memory.
  6. Maybe Zeke Elliott wants to come back home to Ohio and win a Championship.
  7. Let's all take a small break from Free Agency 2023' and enjoy our boys gettin' busy on a yacht in Florida. https://www.tmz.com/2023/03/14/jamarr-chase-tee-higgins-cincinnati-bengals-yacht-women/?adid=social-twa That don't look like Tee though....
  8. God I hope we sign Rock Ya-Sin just for the fun I could have with his name in the game day threads every time he makes a mistake. Please make this happen.
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