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  1. The only vigil I want to see is a prayer vigil for Nick Vigil because he was kidnapped by a pack of wild dogs and drug into a woods.
  2. I wonder if all these new Browns 'fans' I saw strutting around in August have put away all their jerseys in the back of the closet or actually packed them away in a tote or footlocker.
  3. Here's how our next head coaching search will go. "Let me get back to you Katie? I've got a guy on the other line asking about some white walls."
  4. Not to be confused with the Gary Burbank radio bit called 'All My Bengals'.
  5. You guys have to be patient. This is an 8-10 year rebuild.
  6. This post isn't aging well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH MOTHERFUCKER
  7. I'm starting to get the feeling we won't play in the Super Bowl this year.
  8. Lapham has all but called him out on this bullshit. He hasn't even been traveling to away games.
  9. I saw an interesting theory on Reddit today that the Bengals are stealth 'tanking' this season and ZT will blow up the roster to stockpile draft picks. And it came from Tony Pike.
  10. The most embarrassing part is with these bright white uniforms Andy's bright orange pubic hair shows through!
  11. I'd totally do the older woman in the copper fit glove commercial. She can wear the gloves as she gives me a tug job.
  12. Zach not taking shit from these dumb fucking zebras
  13. didn't even hit him in the helmet, went to the side on top of the shoulder pads
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