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  1. For the record, his deal with Tampa was 1yr/4 million. Maybe he took what he could get after the bad publicity he got after his MRI with Bengals, but Cincinnati's offer was significantly better.
  2. I can see your point in this. Bringing in a number 1 overall pick, such as Burrow, may attract outside free agents. Thing is, i dont believe its necessarily the players at fault. Its much more on the management of this team. For example, i actually think they had a real shot at Shaq Barrett last year during free agency. It is my understanding, they found something in his medical and didnt offer him what was originally 2yrs/$14 million dollars. He ended up in Tampa and had an excellent year and made the pro bowl. Just making that signing right there would have not obviously only made the defense better, but it would have opened plenty more options this year in the draft not having to look for one.
  3. Shefty, there was never any doubt. I agree, STOP IT.
  4. I posted this tweet from Joe in another thread a few weeks ago. It definitely begs the question, is there an element of addition (Burrow in this case) by subtraction (Dalton) when it comes to this line as well. Its going to be really interesting. I havent been this excited for this franchise in a long time. No only because of Burrow, but even with the losses down the stretch, this team was scrapping and improving in some areas that were completely dire the first 8 games of the year.
  5. Yeah, it hasnt been great. My point was, it showed some improvement the second half of the season, not to mention, Mixon was the AFC's leading rusher the year before. In my opinion, with Williams back and a healthy Glenn, with the potential of Johnson, it may be better than people think. Hell, even Hart played better. I do agree with the overall consensus that they need to scoop one up somewhere between rounds 2-4. This will be an interesting draft, to say the least, as they most likely will have to find some receiver help at some point as well. Boyd is steady eddy. Green will get franchised, but beyond that is anyone's guess. Ross is Ross. I love Tate, but if this team is going to be without Green and/or Ross in the future, they are going to need someone to take the top off. This season will greatly hinge upon what happens in that 2-4 range. They are no question getting Burrow at 1. OL, WR, and LB will be pivotal in those rounds.
  6. This is very reasonable. They definitely handle injuries in an odd way. Seems to me, their issue will be solved with Williams at LT. I believe Glenn will be the wild card. That line played significantly better (at the very least the run game) in the second half of the year. They may have something in this Fred Johnson as well. The way the franchise does things is extremely frustrating, but i dont believe the sky is falling as hard as some.
  7. Man, hes the co chairman of the Sour Puss Posse. Save your breath.
  8. I agree. The SPP comes out in full force during times like these. Its hard not to respond sometimes.
  9. I said it before, arguing with the Sour Puss Posse is insufferable.
  10. Man, some of you are suffering from fan shell shock big fucking time. Wow.
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