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  1. Because the Bengals cant win when they want them to.....no fair, no fair, no fair.
  2. Of course they will hype Pittsburgh, they have been the more dominant team since.......Al of our lives. Not sure what the issue is. Again, I've said it so many times, if the Cincinnati Bengals....and their fans it's seems, want it to stop, them they have to put a stop to it on the field. Losing 7 out of last 8, including an absolute shit show in wild card game, is not going to get anyone to talk about you, but your die hard fans. The Bengals are the reason the Bengals aren't talked about more. Oh yeah, it couldn't have anything to do with the Bengals surging and the Stealers struggling along with their recent history against each other in while being in the same division. No.
  3. mmmmhmmmm. right on. But, that's the whiny society we live in today......me, me, me why me.
  4. Hey Freddy, shhh...the league is rigged and the Bengals are hated.....just not the past two weeks. Whenever the next loss comes, it will be rigged again. Shhhhhh..dont tell anyone.
  5. SouthPaw

    mmmmmmmmmm Buffaloooo

    Dude, i was just about to post this same thing, i swear. took the words out of my mouth. bravo. Did you see how the NFL let them win last week 31-7? It had nothing to do with them executing on offense and defense. All league driven. They have a plan!!!
  6. Yep, but conveniently, no one will remember that play or any others, because Cincinnati won. Stay tuned for the weeks to come...the refs will be sure to "hate us" again. On a side note...nice win today. That's what you should do to a team like the Browns.
  7. SouthPaw

    John Ross

    Offensive line played plenty good enough to win that game last Sunday. The plays that are out there have to be made at this point by some of this teams veteran members. John Ross will only help this teams ability to tha when he gets back in action.
  8. Understand. That have a recent history of making it to the playoffs and not winning.....AT ALL. ZERO.ZILTCH.NADA.
  9. In essence, there are some seats that are piping hot....piping.
  10. In playoff games, most certainly they do. Further, they have won 6 out of their last 19 games.
  11. Ahh, the good ol' days.....we, while they lasted. Still awesome to look back at some of those games from that year. My wife and I were at the Green Bay game. Fuck, was that a good one.
  12. Sure they could. Difference is, the rodgers and brady's of the world overshadow those bad ones with heaps of great plays.... and playoff victories.....and super bowl championships. Again, it is anyone's right to stick up for Dalton, but we just cant act like he is on the same stratosphere as those other quarterbacks. They have played their way into the spotlight and deserve to have their balls gargled by the media. Not understanding that, in my opinion, is just jealousy....and jealousy will poison ya.
  13. Like McCarron, he is still knew to this. I agree with post above as well, if Dalton was a better quarterback, he would if had to say as much. It's just the truth at this point. McCarron may come in, get some experience, and still suck. That doesn't mean Dalton us the answer. I realize Dalton had s sick 2015 until he got hurt, but something beyond the coordinator is missing with him. I guess the coming weeks will tell if that remains the same.
  14. No shit. It's not even comparable at this point. McCarron hasn't played enough to have a chance to get better so it's ludicrous to criticize his sample size or compare the two at this point. Dalton is who he is. He looked sharp as fuck in the early going of that game especially the way he threaded that pass to AJ for the first touchdown of the season. He certainly wasn't the only problem in that game, but after first half, he reverted back to his ways. Let's just say this, he doesn't give any reason for pause right now if Mac was inserted into lineup. I know it won't happen, but just my opinion is it does at some point. By the way, I wasn't singling you out, I was just replying kind of in general. I like what you post even if I disagree.
  15. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/tony-romo-could-not-stop-pointing-out-andy-dalton’s-mistakes/ar-AAssvyq?li=BBnbfcL yep. pretty much on point.

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