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  1. JG ✔@JoeGoodberry If you're watching tonight's game, Seattle has PFF's 27th ranked OL in pass protection grade. The Rams are ranked 31st. Bengals are 29th, so we get to see how other offenses work around it (if they can)
  2. The article talks about his positioning, both good and bad. Seems to think they are doing themselves a huge disservice by not letting him play more. The defense has looked really good in two out of three games i guess, but he could elevate things even more i believe. They need at that position.
  3. Yeah, most definitely the record at this point is effecting that. It just seems different with him. He seems to like it here and wants to be here. They know what they have in him. He still has elite skills when healthy. I just figured a deal would have already been in place. Who knows.
  4. Just read he is out atleast 3 more games as well. I have always said it, and mostly blamed it on the old regime, but something is just so odd about this team with injuries. Nobody ever seems to come back when they are scheduled to. Strange.
  5. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/5/3/18524130/bengals-nc-state-wolfpack-football-film-room-germaine-pratt-nfl-draft I hope to see some of this tonight. I wonder why, with the coach's willingness to at other positions to insert inexperienced players, he is not giving Pratt more of an opportunity. I think we do see some more of him tonight though.
  6. You know what they say, Acting as the Prey, is even more damaging when there are no predators. This offense culture is out of control these days.
  7. Sure have. They gain zero relevance until they consistently win playoff games. The Patriots werent always the Patriots. Until this run, they were known for getting steamrolled by the Bears in the superbowl in 1985.
  8. Didnt say the play wasnt designed to go towards Tate. Clearly it was and clearly a bad ball was thrown. Was just pointing out that they were very much wide open on the other side of the field. As you said, thats on the play design coming from the coach. However, although he is young and inexperienced, my money is on Tate in that situation most definitely in a jump ball situation. Problem was, the ball was not only thrown high, which could have been adjusted to with someone of Tate's size and ability, but it was thrown behind him as well. Terrible throw. As SF eluded to, this has been going on for years with the Tale of Two QBs, Andy Dalton. He played mind numbingly terrible in this one (mostly in the first half).
  9. After a promising start in Week 1, Dalton has struggled over the last two weeks, and he has the 11th-highest rate of uncatchable passes on throws beyond the line of scrimmage. He’s not complementing the misses either, with the 21st-highest rate of positively graded throws and 24th-highest percentage of big-time throws. The pass blocking hasn’t helped — Dalton has faced pressure on 34.0% of his dropbacks so far — but Dalton has managed the 10th-best passer rating when pressured, at 96.1.
  10. Exactly. Those two were clearly wide open. There would have still been plenty of time on the clock left. Eifert may have been able to get out of bounds without using a timeout there. Also, i think they should have used a timeout instead of clocking the ball. It would have been 2 and 5 with just over 20 seconds left in the game with plenty of time to gain some yards and clock it after a first down or get out of bounds. Then they are left with 3 plays to the endzone. Probably six in one hand, half dozen in the other, but just a thought.
  11. Sports Info Solutions @SportsInfo_SIS Lowest % of Pass Attempts Under Pressure Derek Carr - 14.3% Tom Brady - 15.1% Ben Roethlisberger - 16.1% Jimmy Garoppolo - 17.9% Andy Dalton - 18.0% There's this too.
  12. Heres a stat for ya. Those teams, not counting the Bengals, are a combined 19-4.
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