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  1. Yeah, theres logic to that. Depends on who/how many are interested in him. A trade is the only to guarantee getting him. Who knows, that trade prediction was a wishful thinking, but if that were to be the case, the Bengals couldnt script a better scenario.
  2. I don't believe they would take it either. That's a steal for Cincinnati if they would.
  3. Just read a prediction on Twitter for a Dalton trade with Indy. Cincy gets Indy's 1st round pic, 13th overall. Indy gets Dalton and a 2nd round pick. Just a prediction. But I think that would be absolute best case scenario for the Bengals. Hands down.
  4. Its as if they think we can not see or hear the actual interview in which he was answering a question about Green. Thats what kills me. Just pure arrogance.
  5. They are actually trying to spin the story that Burrow is forcing them to keep Green. I have seen it all. Wow. I cant wait for the free agency, the draft to be over and the season to begin. The media never bothers me, but the shit i have witnessed the past month is just fucking made up, period. They can have their opinion about the Bengals all they want, to some extent, they are right. Cincinnati Bengals have done nothing to challenge their thinking when it comes to winning franchise defining moment games. However, this other shit (Burrow not wanted to be drafted to them/Forcing their hand to keep Green) is fucking made up garbage. Cant stomach it.
  6. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/27/nfl-draft-joe-burrow-seeking-advice-from-archie-and-peyton-manning/ Who wants to bet this makes a story for something other than its intended for?
  7. "Jonah becomes a difference," said Callahan of the left tackle that missed his rookie year last season with a shoulder injury. "Bobby and John Miller played well for us. They weren't terrible. Would we like to get competitive at all spots? Of course. I think Fred will be a part of that … We have developmental guys we feel good about and guys that have played we feel good about." Interesting choice of words from Callahan. What do you think?
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/columnist/bell/2020/02/25/joe-burrow-nfl-draft-cincinnati-bengals-lsu-quarterback/4873004002/ Just look this article fellas. Just look at all the times this writer just can not get himself to let it go. Especially the last line. Incredible.
  9. You know, its actually amazing to me. I just listened to Rich Eisen. He actually played some of the clips and read off some of the others from Joe's press conference this morning. With that, he is still trying to spin it as if Burrow is smart and savvy and just knows what to say, but doesnt necessarily mean it. Holy Shit. When is enough enough?
  10. No doubt. They must win to change the narrative.
  11. Doug Gottlieb, who i really can give or take, essentially said the same thing. Free Agency "fails" roughly 66% percent of the time. Its not about that though, its about showing the effort. He was specifically referencing the Bengals and Burrow during that segment. I totally agree and think you are spot on.
  12. Noooobody is against the Bengals intentionally when football games are played. The media, however, is definitely on a crusade and it has become en vogue to crack on the Bengals. This is despite plenty of evidence, that on the field over the past 10-15 years, they have been far far from the worst team. There have been plenty of talking heads (Chris Broussard, Kiper, Prisco, Peter King) that have explained this. There are far more though, that cant wait to get on that hate train. Draft Burrow, win big time games, and give them a big fat middle finger fuck you salute. Thats the only way it changes.
  13. Yeah, i remember a long long while back on this forum, i mentioned that the Bengals have zero history to speak of and someone responded to me like i slapped their mother. There is simply is simply nothing good to to note about this franchise. There is an obvious problem with ownership. Now, not only do the fans know it, but everyone else does as well. Would be great to see the league force a sale of this team.
  14. Exactly. Cats acting like players all play at the same level. Like nobody can be transcendent. Its crazy. Whats the fucking purpose of new players coming out every year if thats the case? Get a grip. Nobody is saying he is the God. They're simply saying that he can potentially make up for some shortcomings that Andy couldnt because he seems to be a much more gifted fucking player. My eyes tell me that he is. So in essence, i am compelled to believe, based on what my eyes have told me, watching sports the last 30 years, that skill level varies on all players. And based on that, it can be determined, that if Player A has more skills + intangibles than Player B, he might, JUST MIGHT, not only play better but make his team better in the process. Why is this a hard concept to grasp? Christ.
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