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  1. The cowboys havent been relevant in the NFL in terms of winning in the playoffs for 20 years, up until this year. If there was some conspiracy, that certainly wouldnt be the case. The problem is, The Bengals draft college fuckups (with on or off the field transgressions) and bring in free agents with baggage constantly. MOST transgressions can be me with redemption. However, when its happening a second, third, and fourth time... you deserve the stigma attached to you by the masses. Thats just the fucking way it is. From my perspective, the Bengals are fucking relevant, or nobody would even be talking about them. There is no Conspiracy. You earn everything that comes your way. Unfortunately, the Patriots have earned lofty praise for their play on the field and Bengals have earned being the butt of the joke by getting swallowed up in big time games along with having players who do stupid shit and ultimately become easy targets for the media and 31 other teams' fans. They have the power to change it. Expect it to FAIRLY continue until then.
  2. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Boopity Boop Boop.
  3. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    But but but.....little johnny is better, why isn't he batting first. No fair, he doesn't like to play in the outfield. Wah Wah Wah.
  4. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    I would give it up. You are speaking to the why isn't little johnny batting leadoff and playing shortstop crowd.
  5. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Of course you could. Anything can be done to confirm bias. Either way, poor wittle bengals, everyone hates them.
  6. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Hahaha. That is perfect.
  7. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Save ya breath. You could hurt yourself with all that logic.
  8. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    Most certainly choked. This teams wilts under the big lights. Nothing worse than listening to responsibility being alleviated. Burfict is a tremendous player. Had that fumble not occurred, he would have been talked about as the player of the game. As it turns out, it did happen, and he committed a penalty. Do I believe it was as malicious of a hit as it could have been, hell no, but it was reasonable to call. Also as it turns out, because of that penalty, the national media piled on as much as possible. Not because they hate the fucking Bengals. It's because he earned the reputation and allowed for that piling on due to his other inexcusable transgressions....on the field. It dues upset me when they lump him in with off the field trouble, I think thry include him mainly because they are looking at a locker room that may or may not be conducive to Joe Mixon's success. Anyway, thats another discussion.
  9. DING DING DING! It's just me against the world~ Tupac Shakur
  10. "Make no mistake—he's not a one-dimensional straight-line guy," Farrar wrote. "Ross can run complex route concepts, his foot fakes at the line are ridiculous, and he's not afraid to go over the middle. He caught 13 balls last season thrown over 20 yards in the air—just two fewer than the entire Ravens receiver corps." So what's the problem? Why did four of the writers here at B/R single out Ross as the biggest Round 1 reach of 2017? In a word, durability. NFL Network's Mike Mayock relayed in a conference call with reporters that Ross' lengthy injury history has caused some teams to pull him from their draft boards altogether: For Bleacher Report NFL Analyst Brad Gagnon, the concerns regarding Ross go beyond his injury history: Ross will be in Philadelphia for the draft Thursday, and it's more likely than not that before the night's festivities conclude he'll have a new home. But whoever drafts Ross will be gambling a bit. All that speed isn't much good if he can't stay on the field.
  11. Miles Garrett. I have a feeling Cleveland shocks the world and takes Trubisky no. 1. But, only if they dont think they can move that 12 pick to the top 5 for him.
  12. Rex Burkhead....oops. Hope its Ceddy, most likely will be Billings or WJIII
  13. Burkead a Patriot

    Its his thing. He cant help himself. Its best to just ignore any and all comments he makes on this board. Its like a crying baby in the crib, eventually they figure out its not working and stop.
  14. Burkead a Patriot

    One of the more amazing things about the Patriots is how they operate despite all of their success. Even with their five Super Bowl titles, the Pats behave as if they have yet to win one. There's an air of desperation in their moves, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. The Patriots are never satisfied. No team should be, but think about how many franchises get complacent. They don't spend their salary-cap allotments. They don't pursue free agents. They do little to improve. Not the Patriots. They just engineered the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time, have won more Super Bowls than most teams ever will, and yet they are still dealing. They replaced Martellus Bennett with Dwayne Allen, a good move that builds depth. They signed Stephon Gilmore, a top cornerback. They kept some of their key players. And they traded for a top receiving target in Brandin Cooks. Many teams would have made one of those moves. The Patriots made all of them. More are likely to come. This is what a dynasty looks like. This is how a great organization remains great. This is why the Patriots may be the best franchise we've seen in any sport at any time. ~Mike Freeman