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  1. SouthPaw

    Injury updates

    oe Mixon (knee) was limited at Thursday's practice. He was not listed on Wednesday's injury report. Mixon may have aggravated a knee injury he suffered earlier this year. It's too early to speculate on his status for Sunday's game in Baltimore, though late-week additions to the injury report are never a good sign. Its getting comical.
  2. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    When or if they lose it, will have little to do with refereeing and alot to do with their lack of discipline and execution just as it has is in every SINGLE loss this year. They do have Baltimores number over the last 4-5 years for whatever reason, so its definitely not an "automatic loss." Just taking in the totality of the current situation, which isnt very good at the moment.
  3. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    I believe this will be the case. Ravens- Loss Browns- Win Broncos- Win Chargers- Loss Raiders- Win 8-6 heading into those games.
  4. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    Seems very reasonable.
  5. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    Yeah, i agree. There is no legacy with the Bengals. Even with some winning seasons staggered along the way, its been pretty much a shit show for years on end. Sometimes wish i could go back as a clueless eight year old and redirect my fandom.
  6. At this point, its not the losses, its the extreme nature in which they are losing that leaves me with no hope. This has been as odd of a season as i can recall.
  7. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    Hue Jackson will likely replace Marvin Lewis when he comes off the #Browns payroll after 2019 season. Day Hue was hired by the Haslams I was told there was a chance he’d still replace Marvin and I dismissed it. Good lord. That means no matter the turn out of this current debacle, Marv will be in Cincinnati for atleast another season. Wow.
  8. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    Like i said earlier, the hire is comical, but i very much agree with this.
  9. SouthPaw

    Hue is Back

    While its extremely comical, at this point, i dont necessarily think its a terrible move at all. Hue knows this team and organization well. He can certainly help out. Marvin, i believe, is in his rightful place in running the defense. With all of that said, they are both proven (marvin moreso in bigger games) losers, so nothing will surprise me as the season plays out.
  10. Exactly. Can't believe cats still have their tear ducts adrip over referees. The team fucking is simply outclassed against any game opponent. Lineup on 4&1 in saints territory and get a false start like a buffoon. Yeah, that's on the refs. Sure guy. Ridiculous. Team is going nowhere. Baltimore will have two weeks to prepare for a divisional opponent absolutely getting shellacked in all phases of the game. Face it. Pittsburgh stole their heart again.
  11. They just aren't good. Team is grossly incompetent in every way.
  12. SouthPaw

    Injury updates

    If Gio is good to go, they need to involve some packages with both he and mixon on the field. Time to get your best players on the field, doesnt matter how they are listed on the depth chart.
  13. SouthPaw

    Injury updates

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports A.J. Green (toe) is expected to miss at least "some games." And that's in a best-case scenario. Green is consulting with foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson to determine whether he needs surgery, which of course would knock out Green for more than "some games," and potentially threaten the rest of his season. The Bengals already lost Tyler Eifert (ankle) for the year, while John Ross (groin) has been unable to keep himself off the shelf. Exhibit A. Happens all the time with this team.
  14. SouthPaw

    Bye Week Thread

    The 5-3 Bengals are in the first-half playoffs as the AFC’s second Wild Card. Here are the Bengals.com mid-season award winners and what they have to do to get them into the real deal: MVP: QB Andy Dalton Never mind that he’s learned a new offense so seamlessly over the off-season that the Bengals are sixth in scoring after they were 24th in 2016 and 26th in 2017. Never mind that he didn’t have tight end Tyler Eifert, running back Giovani Bernard and wide receiver John Ross together for less than half of the first half and his 17 touchdown passes are behind only Patrick Mahomes and Andrew Luck. Never mind that for the sixth time in his eight seasons he’s got them in the thick of the play-off picture when you sit down for Thanksgiving and at .590 he’s got the sixth-best winning percentage among quarterbacks since 2011. (Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger.) Forget all that. He gets our MVP vote for his four game-winning drives that have kept this season going behind a new offensive line that had to play with a new center five quarters into the season, as well as compensating for his missing weapons. As every Cincy school kids knows, it could very easily be five game-winning drives but it was snuffed out in 63 seconds by Big Ben’s game-winner. WHAT HE HAS TO DO: He’ll probably need one or two more of those game-winning drives on the road for the Bengals to win the AFC North. He’s got two this year and 14 of his 24 during his career have come on the road, the most on the road of any of the six QBs that have the most game-winning drives since 2011. Note the away games in the second half. Nov. 18 in Baltimore, Dec. 9 in Los Angeles and circle the finale in Pittsburgh on Dec. 30. But a good start is making sure the Saints’ Drew Brees doesn’t tie him and get his 14th road game-winner to start it off on Nov. 11 at Paul Brown Stadium. Pretty eye opening about Andy.

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