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  1. SouthPaw

    2019 Draft Talk

    Cincinnati Bengals: Uncertainty for Linebacker Unit 7 OF 32 Also known as........... Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze BurfictFrank Victores/Associated Press The Bengals allowed the most yards in 2018. Amid the defensive breakdowns, former head coach Marvin Lewis fired play-caller Teryl Austin in November. The unit didn't show much improvement, though. The team has two established commodities on the defensive line in Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins; both signed new multiyear deals last year. The secondary will have two starting-caliber cornerbacks, Dre Kirkpatrick and William Jackson. Safeties Shawn Williams and Jessie Bates combined for eight interceptions this season. The linebacker unit is the eyesore of the defense. The Bengals signed linebacker Preston Brown to a one-year deal last March, and it's unclear if he'll re-sign, coming off a seven-game season marred by a knee injury. Unfortunately, repeated concussions have put linebacker Vontaze Burfict's career in jeopardy, per ESPN's Katherine Terrell (h/t colleague Adam Schefter). Fortunately for the Bengals, the front office won't have to scramble for new faces. Jordan Evans, who started nine games in two seasons, and rookie third-rounder Malik Jefferson will likely have the first shots at filling potential voids. If they don't pan out, veteran talents may have to solidify those spots.
  2. SouthPaw

    2019 Draft Talk

    Face it. The Bengals ranged between suck and mediocre for the last decade and a half. Before that, they had maybe two seasons since i have been alive that they were relevant. Thats why they are not taken seriously. If you suck in a world where the whole idea is to not suck, you are going to get shit on. Deal with it. Maybe Zac T turns that perception around. Its going to take more than some mediocre one and done season thats for damn sure. Nobody is out to get the fucking Bengals. They have gotten themselves.
  3. SouthPaw

    2019 Draft Talk

    Its laughable. Burfict earned his reputation. He is responsible for the target he has. No one, absolutely no one, is out to get the fucking Bengals. Its amazing how many people talk themselves into horseshit to alleviate responsibility from themselves and others they align with. Take Devin White all day at 11.
  4. Doesnt look like Joe is too happy about it.
  5. SouthPaw

    OC options and then some

    People still worried about what the media says and thinks blows me mind. First off, the Bengals have done zero to change the narrative. Secondly, it doesnt really matter.....at all. Let this young buck come in and win the division and a playoff game or two and see what happens. Praise needs to be earned. So, other than some new found ways to create more impressive mediocrity (with Marvin), they've done nothing.
  6. I know ross hasnt set the world on fire. However, the dude basically played out is rookie season this year. Boyd had a decent first year, but completely sputtered out in his second, before improving tremendously in his third year. Not to mention, before injuries of course, there were plenty of other mouths to feed other than ross, and conversely, when everyone got hurt, it was on him as i said, basically a rookie receiver, to make plays. I think he needs atleast another year, under a new regime, before an opinion can be be remotely formed on him, especially given the fact that by all accounts, a very offensive minded coach with plenty of new concepts (should be anyway) is coming in. Lets just wait and see.
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2813786-hiring-hue-jackson-a-catastrophe-waiting-to-happen-for-nfl-teams God damn did this cat go in Hue.
  8. This team is straight up buffoonery.
  9. SouthPaw

    Coaching Staff Changes

    To kind of elaborate on this further....I was listening to The Orange and Black Podcast prior to this week's game and they brought up injuries.... The Bengals had 12 on IR coming into this week, with AJ now added making it 13. There are 4 teams with more than 12 on IR: Oakland, Indy, Jacksonville, and Washington. The average amount of IR players per team is 8.9 Teams w/ 9 or more on IR have a winning percentage of 49.8% Teams w/ 8 or less on IR have a winning percentage of 50.3% The following teams have at least 9 players on IR: Washington, Indy, Kansas City, New Orleans, New England, Pittsburgh, and Carolina (they all have atleast 10). Seattle and Los Angeles Rams have 8 and 9 respectively. Cincinnati is pretty unhealthy, but teams like Kansas City, New Orleans, New England, and Pittsburgh are right behind them in terms of players on IR, but they continue to win (i know Pitts has just lost two in a row). This team seems to deal with injuries every year. They dont have the depth at critical positions to overcome certain injuries (not counting Andy even though they were shitting the bed with him in the lineup). *Every team deals with injuries. Other teams seem to win when they lose major talent and continue to be in the playoff hunt with those injuries.
  10. SouthPaw

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    All except Marvin Lewis have won Super Bowls. Jon Machota ✔@jonmachota With the Packers firing Mike McCarthy today, there are only 6 NFL head coaches with longer tenure than Jason Garrett: Bill Belichick Sean Payton Marvin Lewis Mike Tomlin John Harbaugh Pete Carroll All you need to know.
  11. SouthPaw


    I definitely agree with you. Unfortunate, because I think Driskel is going to turn some heads and make some people think. Also unfortunate, Mike Brown will not be among the heads turned.
  12. SouthPaw


    Hahaha. The tip may be enough.
  13. Most estimated cap space in 2019 1. Colts- $118.5M 2. Jets- $95.6M 3. Browns- $84.9M 4. Bills- $84.2M 5. Raiders- $73.1M 6. Texans- $68.4M 7. 49ers- $67.0M 8. Cardinals- $63.3M 9. Seahawks- $54.7M 10. Bengals- $54.1M
  14. SouthPaw


    I think Driskel has some Andrew Luck Lite in him.

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