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  1. This is a stretch. Wow. Like i said ill agree to disagree. 1). So Miami and Detroit are better choices to accomplish a playoff win? 2.) Thats the beauty of college, if you dont like the situation you have the option of going somewhere else. College football and how it operates is a completely different animal. In college, he (i would assume) had aspirations of something higher (NFL), so the logical thing to do would be to transfer somewhere he thought he could put his talents on display. LSU is not a known offensive juggernaut, until Joe got there, which tells he has extreme confidence in himself and shown has the ability to be a difference maker. And yes, i know i said college is different, but so far, thats all we got on Joe and all we can evaluate him on....his college play. You are very correct. it isnt his choice. He will get drafted and he will play football, in all likelihood, for the Cincinnati Bengals. I totally agree that this franchise has had its fucking woes throughout our lives as fans, but comparing Palmer's era to this one is hard to to. Different players and a different NFL. Different coaching staff now. Burrow seems to be much more mentally tough (that could break down in Cincy, i know) than Palmer at this point. The kid has already gone through a shit ton of adversity and come through it better than anyone with the statistics that up. Without that, he just flat out passes the eye ball test by any standard you could have. Call me crazy, im not even sure i want a guy who isnt up to the challenge of turning a 30+ year, all things considered, failure as a franchise. Like i said, no hard feelings, you are usually my go to on here, we are just polar opposites on this one.
  2. Valid points. I agree with you alot. Have to agree to disagree on this one sir.
  3. I think Joe Burrow is a young stud who believes, just that, hes a young stud. He also believes, with that being said, he wants the opportunity to turn a franchise around. By being selected number one overall, it is guaranteed that the team you are about to play for wasnt a good team the year prior. Not to mention, its in his home state and a team he grew up knowing very well, which is rather unique in and of itself. But yes, given a choice, nobody wants to play for a bad team per se. Its the nature of the sports draft though and players coming out have known that since they learned to throw the football.
  4. Yeah, its unreal at this point. Im in a group thread with my buddies, none of which are Bengals fans, so they enjoy busting my balls every chance they get. Yesterday, they sent me that link. I told them Joe Burrow has never said anything in regards to not wanting to get drafted by Cincinnati. Its as made up as it gets. Even Dan Patrick, who i consider to be much more reputable than most, tried baiting him. It must feel good to hold a job and just say things whatever it is you want at your will.
  5. What a bunch of made up ass hattery....Jesus, they just dont stop do they? I usually could give two shits about what the media says and thinks, but this is nauseating. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/1851821/cincinnati-is-listening-to-offers-for-the-1-pick-as-rumors-swirl-that-joe-burrow-doesnt-want-to-be-a-bengal https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-hyde-burrow-20200210-47ptzraeyndn3kz46whrsfwf6u-story.html
  6. Dalton most likely will end up on this team to play out the remainder of his contract. And, quite fucking frankly, if they decide to keep him for his final year, its really not up to him to say whether or not he wants to start 3-4 games to keep the seat warm for Burrow or just plain be a backup from day 1. Not his decision. So, "i dont see him accepting a backup job" is not his decision to accept. In reality, he should be traded for something of value if its there. That may or may not be the case. If its not, i assure you, he will do whatever he is assigned to do. That simple.
  7. Definitely was a solid improvement over the second half of the year.
  8. Not the point. He is basically saying what everyone knows to be true and essentially extinguishing this bullshit narrative being spun in the national media for a lack of anything better to do or talk about.
  10. Injuries can not be not be foreseen, unfortunately. This team has had some real bad luck the entire past decade, even when they were going to the playoffs. If i recall, when they played Indy, they didnt have a single healthy receiver (top 3) and i believe eifert was hurt as well. Andy, in his best season to date, got hurt and missed that pivotal wild card game against the Stealers ( somehow still the closest they have come to winning in the offs). They swung and missed hugely on Ced and Fisher. They also drafted Price in the first round as well as Williams this past year. Not sure what else they are suppose to do. The obvious answer is that they have been off in their assessment of the offensive lineman coming out. That much i can agree with. Other than that, this team has skilled players. I believe they made a very good pick in Pratt in the third round. With Burrow, getting williams back, cordy getting his shit together and the addition of another solid lineman and linebacker, this could be a drastically different team. That, of course, also takes into account that something gets done with AJ (either signed or traded for some much needed picks).
  11. Ill say it again, this team's decline is not all on Andy Dalton. However, he is certainly apart of it. They are in a position to move on, so thats what they will do. It happens with all teams. Some of those teams, however, would have pulled the plug much sooner. Whether that is right or wrong, i certainly do not know.
  12. Cleveland has gotten shit on, for a lack of a better term, a shit ton. The media sucked them off this year, because it looked like they finally made the right choice at quarterback, made other good draft choices, and made the effort to bring in free agents that would seem to make them better. That certainly did not happen as we all saw. However, it wasnt for a lack of trying, which is certainly the narrative when it comes to Mike Brown and the Bengals.
  13. This is the exact game i remember. Funny isnt it? There are some real Cincinnati Bengals spin doctors up in this forum. Its comical. I had the same feeling that game as well. Definitely is a team game, with more than one person having to shoulder blame. However, it became very apparent from that day forward, Dalton was not much more than middle of the road, with circumstances having to be just right for success.
  14. Thats all that gets remembered now. However, during that 5 year stretch, many of them boasted this roster as one of the tops in the NFL. After about 2013, it became this roster is full of talent, but can they win meaningful playoff games. I dont even need to speak on 2015 do I (hint, its now not the refs or joey porters fault) Truth is, while i agree that they definitely can be banging on other teams for their ineptitude, Cincinnati has done zero favors for themselves. Will continue to be this way until proven otherwise. Thats life. Definitely agree with everything as it relates to Joe Burrow. What they are trying to spin is a bunch of tired bullshit. Seems very little reporting anymore shoots for anything other than shock value. It doesnt stop with football. They have now resorted to having Stephen A on post fight shows for the UFC. Wow, is that simply terrible. Today's world i guess.
  15. Say that to all the players who have been drafted, good players too, and signed extensions. This is sort of like politics, you think you ( in a general sense, not you specifically) know something , but you actually only know what you hear, which is essentially fuck all. If we are talking about free agents, I can agree much more on that front, because there is much more evidence to support that claim. Seems to me, a side from Palmer, most who play for the Bengals in the past decade atleast, are very happy to be there. *Joe Burrow will be drafted. Joe Burrow will play for the Bengald. That's pretty much that. I suppose, for now though, its a cool story.
  16. I was speaking specifically to the fact that people are being so shell shockingly irrational to the point they are providing some sort of credence to this national media bull shit. Its just simply not going to happen. They can say it all they want. I said earlier unless they get a kings fucking ransom for the 1st pick, Burrow will be on this team. They may like Young, Tua, and Herbert, but nowhere near the amount they like Burrow.
  17. Jeaux Goods @JoeGoodberry Tim talks to players about signing with Buffalo. Applies to Bengals as many players prefer to play in south or for winning teams But, offensive & defensive players agree -- who the QB is, is important. ā€œIā€™d definitely be evaluating QBs to see if I want to play with them or not.ā€ This is what i was saying in an earlier post. Having a quarterback like Burrow has to count for something when players are making their assessment. This is given the fact that he comes and assimilates himself to the pro game as many expect he will.
  18. Exactly. See the post i made about an hour ago. That should be the worry, his second contract.
  19. Ive said it before, ill say it again, there are too many fans of this team that have been fucking shell shocked man. It doesnt allow for any rationale. No chance Burrow doesnt get drafted by the Bengals. The only scenario even remotely possible is if someone like the Dolphins comes calling with the mother load, and i do mean the fucking mother load for him. Even then, the possibility is very scarce.
  20. Reports can spin it all they want. Joe Burrow will be in the Orange and Black rocking No. 9 next year with 100 percent certainty. No shit a potential no. 1 overall pick playing quarterback or any other position wants to play for an organization committed to winning Super Bowls. How profound. Burrow is a competitor for what we have all seen and heard to this point. On top of all of that, he is going to get paid a shit ton of money to play the game of football at the highest level in the world. Take away all of that, he is still what you would refer to as "wet behind the ears," so given that fact, he is not going to think anything other than he is the guy, NO MATTER WHAT, that can turn any franchise around. I can tell you this, if he doesnt think that way, we as fans and the Bengals entire organization, do not want him. Period. *What we should all be worried about is how he feels after his rookie contract is up.
  21. This doesnt get mentioned often enough either. They had some great assistant coaches during Marvin's time. When they started to leave, as a whole, thats when it seems the decline started.
  22. Eh, they have had some very good drafts in the past and drafted some great players in rounds you wouldnt have expected (i.e. Geno Atkins, Hubbard, Pratt, Tate, Bates, Billings, Dunlap). They have definitely not gotten it done over the past 4+, so that has to change. I am willing to wait and see what the difference will be with this staff having a full off season to bring some of their players (i.e. Joe Burrow) before i denounce them. I believe they started demonstrating some accountability, at least from the coaching staff, this year with how they managed the roster and got rid of some players (i.e. Preston Brown) in favor of getting young ones involved (Germaine Pratt). It can certainly be argued that the handling of Andy during mid season was a misstep with hindsight always being 20/20. However, i along with most others, understand why they took that approach. It ended up backfiring, but Dalton is a solid pro and a way above average human being, so he took it stride and handled it like a professional should. Other than that, i saw some things that i liked. The line improved over the second half, particularly in the run game. The defense, particularly linebacker and defensive line play, got much better throughout the course of the second half. This team has some pieces. This draft, along with the health/contractual issues (Green, Jonah, and a slew of others) with the possibility of bringing in at minimum a second tier lineman or linebacker could go a long way. I am pretty excited for this upcoming season.
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