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  1. Exactly. All that money gone. Dude at the casino drunk blowing 20k trying cheat his way back. And I just watched only the first minute and half of the video. All I could bare. So glad he's no longer a Bengal.
  2. If he's broke like I suspect then he is probably stuck. Hard to move when ya broke and can't stop giving casinos what money you do get.
  3. People like Pacman see gambling in the casino as a 2nd job. Like a lifestyle they live by. They think they can somehow beat the odds. No matter how much they lose they just keep at it until homeless. I had a girlfriend for a few years who was just like this. Finally wised up and got rid of her. They always think they have a chance until they're walking out the door with nothing.
  4. They said security was called to the table because of suspected cheating by Jones. Once security arrived at the table he immediately started acting irate. A clear sign he was probably trying to cheat. So dude is clearly broke. Clearly a fucking idiot. You have to be one desperate fool to try and cheat a casino.
  5. As bad as oboogie was, if we can get him back super cheap we should. Just to see if the new staff can work some magic with the kid and salvage that former 1st round pick.
  6. Yeah man Marvin said it. Then the QB got um lined up real quick, snapped the ball got the touchdown and left time on the clock. Kinda felt bad for the dude. His first try at being a tony Romoisk predicter was a total failure and pretty much summed up why he is now in the booth and not on the sidelines.
  7. The prediction of who the other big name is deserves its own thread. Tiger woods was great guess. I'm say,,, Roger the commissioner himself.
  8. On the mock I would just swap the first two picks. Draft O-Line in the first In the 2nd take a cheaper QB project or the best dam offensive player available. Rather that be a back, wide out, or whatever. This is why. I kinda see our 2nd round pick as our first. Our first must go to the weakest link. Which was the O-line which was gosh awful. So that pretty much locks up that. Not a nice shiny pick but we got to get someone who can block and not jump off sides. For the love of everything that is good. We don't ask much!! Our 2nd round pick is more open for the best available and still early enough to be a game changing player.
  9. It's not that difficult when in action. These guys could be out there playing in street clothes and still wouldn't be a huge issue for players.
  10. https://youtu.be/Bx3_NCq9NII This should be live stream for 8pm game. Won't embed into the post because says YouTube doesn't allow embedding that video but link will take ya to it.
  11. Dam that's unfortunate. They said all games would be streamed. Been at the farm show all day, I'll see if I can find in a minute.
  12. This is what I would assume if not for a team in Utah. Wish we could see what sites were considered. Who's on the list for possible expansion teams or teams moving. Atlanta and Memphis look like they could possibly go winless which will assumably result in horrific attendance numbers. Perhaps they will be looking to move a team or two for next season. I see that we had a big XFL2louisville Twitter thing. Looks like we completely missed the boat on AAF. XFL is screwed. "Ya gotta be quicker than that." With March madness I see room for only one spring league. Back to the drawing board for them. Please note the much higher attendance in areas w/o a NFL team as you have almost all your teams going to NFL saturated markets. The time of year between bball and football would be much better for xfl. Compete against MLB for viewers. Let AAF players play in xfl summer league too. Don't hate against. Work in compliment.
  13. Tomorrow's early game between Birmingham and salt lake will be on TNT network. Also Spurrier takes the Apollo's to San Antonio. I predict Apollo's win big and game will be a near sell out. We should create a alt pro basketball league. NBA has been putting me to sleep for years now. Take away the no defense rules. Play 2 halves instead of 4 qtrs. Add a midcourt shot as 4 pointer. Got like $6k to invest. Who's with me? Let's make it happen.
  14. Just now figuring this out? Ghheeee whizzz I really hope Marv gets another shot to HC another team. Just to see if his misfortunes while coaching this team was from the curse of the bengal tiger or his own doing.
  15. Links to what? AAF app probably just type AAF into Google play store. If u use iPhone I highly recommend throwing it away and getting a galaxy. For live YouTube streams just type in AAF in search box, it'll come up.
  16. They are all streamed live on YouTube and the AAF app. Yeah idk what's up with the stats, I guess box scorers not in the budget yet? All the players shoulder pads are chipped so that on the fantasy app the little icons on ur phone screen move in real time with the players on the field. I haven't downloaded their app yet. Perhaps that is where all the stats are for now? Maybe their not releasing stats at this moment for some reason???
  17. Might as well make a AAF sub category or something. I think this league will be very successful. This upcoming weekends games should draw higher ratings. Last week most people didn't even know about it. Some intriguing matchups coming up too. I think San Antonio is my favorite team but man I really like seeing Spurrier do what he's always done.
  18. Some insight on how the player allocation works. https://247sports.com/nfl/green-bay-packers/Article/Packers-Salt-Lake-Stallions-AAF-affiliate--128978123/
  19. I see. Some of these guys will be AAF lifer's. Like Woodside for instance. Not quite good enough to make the NFL but could have a solid if not great AAF career. I will be a fan of watching such stories play out. I can't believe they didn't put a team in Louisville. Our little minor league soccer team or whatever they are sells out every game at slugger field. They're building a millions of dollars stadium just for this soccer team. Meanwhile we have one of the most beautiful football stadiums in the country sitting empty from around October to August every year. Attendance here would be very high. Hell just name the team the Cardinals, people would love it.
  20. I agree with Mr.Watson above. Just a little less three and outs from the offense this season and the entire defense will instantly look much improved. Dre included.
  21. Decent pick up. Enjoyed watching him at the U. We need a whole slew of guys competing for that #2 spot. Must find a solid backup to Dalton. That hopeless feeling when the #1 goes out. I hate that feeling. Let's avoid it and get someone who will at least give us a chance. I thought Driskel would be that guy. Clearly im not NFL scout material.
  22. All the games will be broadcast live on YouTube. Some of the games this weekend hit 50k+ live viewers just on YouTube. The fantasy app is pretty cool. Wish Louisville had a team. Wish we could send Driskel down. Really liked it, watched a little of every game. Orlando is probably the best team. Forgive me if im wrong but I think I have seen Woodside play one game live. A Friday night game against BYU that was a all out shootout. That kid was a beast. Don't count him out yet. I agree should at least wait a couple more weeks after the Superbowl. Also March Madness is Gon hurt them too. They might as well do Monday night games during the sweet 16 to final 4. I'm sure way smarter people than me are working that out.
  23. Anyone watch the game Marv announced? Towards end of first half. Marv was like "they are going to have to use their last timeout." Afterwards QB gets ball snapped super fast and they score a TD and leave like 9 seconds on the clock.
  24. I don't hate anyone. Anyway just pointing out the super obvious with Burfict. Only bengal homers defend him. Everyone else will tell ya what I'm saying.
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