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  1. We need Bezos to offer MB 800k shares of Amazon and some cushy job with a catchy title at Amazon. This way Mikey can still feel like he somewhat owns something and Bezos gets the Bengals.
  2. How DEY get this banner into the games every week? lol whoever makes them is hilarious. Loved the "If you build it DEY will come." The one for today was awesome too. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2019/12/01/bengals-jets-smallest-attendance-number-paul-brown-stadium-history/
  3. Option D. Blown out by the Jets at home. Team will look so unprepared it will be the final straw. Rather he beats the fish or not.
  4. Today it becomes official that Taylor will not be welcome back next year.
  5. Still saying fuck it. It'll be one less spec in the crowd. If go please boo the hell out of them. Only way I've ever seen change around here is massive booing. Boo them out of there. Every play we need y'all to boo. Make MB look and feel like the failure he is. Boo them to hell. Don't feel bad for Dalton either. Boo his red ridin bb gun ass until he leaves crying.
  6. I'm pretty sure he was the last player out of that draft's top 10 that was still playing besides Stafford.
  7. Yeah I get Google Amazon apple etc but $500 for a nfl team back then, I know apple started in dudes home but I bet he had more than $500 in it. Adjusted for inflation to the 1980s that $500 would be what about $1100? Around the time apple was founded. Chic fil A was started with $10k in the early 70s. Not adjusting for inflation that's 20x more than the colts sold for. Lol. They're all probably pretty close as far as performance. Evidently we had a couple teams here in Kentucky back in the 20s that ended up selling in the $100 range.
  8. I was going to go because I figured I could get a ticket for about 5 bucks or less and boo the hell out of them. But its so cold and wet down here I imagine its not much different there. So im out.
  9. Off topic side note. NFL franchises were going for $200 - $300 in the 20's and 30's. I saw somewhere that around WWII time that the then Colts sold for $500. Not 100% sure but I think Jerrry Jones bought the Cowboys for $140m. My point. At certain times in history some of these franchises became the greatest investments of all time. Hundreds to billions. Can anyone think of a investment that has done better?
  10. Right, not forced to sell just yet. I think we need another half decade of zero to one or two wins per season. Once our average attendance starts comparing more with the Indiana Pacers or the Bear Cats and stays that way. Then the NFL could possibly see this franchise as a threat.
  11. Also it could get worse this off-season. In another post somewhere on this site someone brought up a crazy but plausible scenario of the top two or three prospects declaring that they will hold out if drafted by Cincinnati. Can we say that Eli holding out on San Diego was a very significant key to the majority of his success?
  12. Man great points. Those things don't plague quality managed teams. We need a new owner so bad. But one that wouldn't move the team. Is that asking for too much? Is that getting our cake and eating it too? Bezos would probably buy the Bengals at the drop of a hat and hire the best of the best to run it with a massive scouting team. Amazon has billions in assets in the Ohio valley why not add little more.
  13. After consulting with me crack pipe tonight I think I'm going to jump on the C.Young bandwagon. If we take a burrow or Herbert it will just be a lost cause with this coaching staff. They have yet to show the ability to progress a QB. Dalton's gotten worse every game it seems and Finley looked a mess. Put that on the coaching. Before the season started I expected a career year from ol Red. I know I'm a huge critic of ol Red but he is definitely capable of playing much better. Again I put that on the coaching. At least with a guy like young he can come in here and play and make a difference asap. Even if we suck balls again next year it shouldn't effect him too negatively. Where as if draft a burrow or Herbert and suck balls again it could destroy their confidence and ruin them. If ZT can't win this year or next with ol Red let the next coach pick our QB. Not the guy that looks like he won't make it through next season. And at about this time the kid from ASU should be coming out.
  14. Yeah the dumbass Bengals would've had him trying to become a receiver like they were with driskell. The days of the slow drop back QB are over. Dude is going to completely change offensive theory.
  15. No. We need someone more like Lamar Jackson who can put up 45+ points a game otherwise we are wasting our time and have no chance of winning the the division.
  16. If AJ comes back I want see Dolegala in there throwing bombs to him all day. On serious note it sounds like Taylor is fighting for his job. With Dalton and aj they can win 3 of the 4.
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