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  1. sois


  2. I am still playing Rock Band 3 and FIFA 16. I get mileage out of my games. I will probly do CIV 6 though.
  3.   No, what division?  I am in Div 5, was in Div 3 at one time.
  4.   maybe, what level are you in FUT
  5.   Sure, top marginal rate should beat ~63% to maximize tax revenue.   That's neither here nor there.  My real problem is always with the velocity of the money supply.  It seems to bottleneck at the top.  Poor people spend money.  That's good.  Wealthy people hoard.  That's bad.  Rich people like Shaq buy Hummers and mansions.  That's good.  I like money spenders.  I don't like money hoarders.
  6. It feels the same to me, but I guess that is because I do'nt know anything about soccer.  My ultimate team is crappy cause I decided to only use dudes I got in packs.  No buying awesome players like Rakitic.  
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