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  1. I will accept this evil aggressive Dalton if he grows a goatee. PS would our second round legendary tight end caught either of these dropped touchdowns?
  2. Makes sense with Dave Shula 2.0 running the show.
  3. I have a computer again! Hell yeah, Minshew is a legend. Also, my life hope has been re-filled now that Dalton is gone. Once Taylor is fired and Salah is hired, My life will be 100% again.
  4. sois


  5.   Sure, top marginal rate should beat ~63% to maximize tax revenue.   That's neither here nor there.  My real problem is always with the velocity of the money supply.  It seems to bottleneck at the top.  Poor people spend money.  That's good.  Wealthy people hoard.  That's bad.  Rich people like Shaq buy Hummers and mansions.  That's good.  I like money spenders.  I don't like money hoarders.
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