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  1. Peko blows, the end. He always has. Bengals need a fat backflipping 400 lb'er
  2. Paedo Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using mobile app
  3. We will get over it when the victims do. Drunk Becky (my new potential screen name) is alive an well being an idiot still somewhere else I bet.
  4. Yup. The only difference is the amount of cameras.
  5. What kind of asshole can't pronounce Muñoz? Goodell sucks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using mobile app
  6. One time I was at a Chuck Berry show and he stopped playing cause someone had a camera. He made them turn it over before he continued. That was cool.
  7. That's super gay, RIP in peace
  8. Can we all just be racist together?
  9. for the infinitie'th time... start a patreon (not my referral credit, this is for The Dick Show, the greatest podcast ever) we would love to be patreonis
  10. That sucks, he was cool.
  11. King Dunlap is now available! Get him!
  12. How many did he play on the right?
  13. Dre all day, Ced can replace that QP Whitworth. He's not a bruiser, he was meant to play on the left. Only an incompetent coach would use him at RT.