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  1. If anyone is planning on getting halo, wait til they get the servers fixed. Multiplayer is a joke right now
  2. Yeah I'm buying it this weekend to have it pre loaded and ready to go
  3. I will do that next time for sure. Sunset Overdrive is a fucking blast! If you have a xbone buy it!
  4. Traded in Destiny and Wolfenstein yesterday. I'm picking up Sunset Overdrive after work. 
  5. Destiny was great for the first week or so. I'm only at level 14 but it feels like I am passing time for the master chief collection now... I can't wait for that
  6. Yeah we will see if anyone replies more to this thread. I sent you a friend request, all of my friends still have 360's. I don't use my mic very much because the only time I really get to play is when my wife and son are sleeping.
  7. It's a blast man, you should pick it up sometime
  8. Wolfenstein and Madden 15 tonight.. Didn't buy 25.
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