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  1. LargeJungleCat

    Beer Thread

    On my way home from Chicago yesterday I stopped by 3 floyds brewery and picked up a case of zombie dust. Bottled two days ago
  2. I just want to be able to say. "Get it to the 30! and lets win this or tie it up." Nuge, is not that guy
  3. Mr. Automatic at Ohio State and one of the biggest "LOL" moments when the Jets took him in the 2nd round. I, just like many here have been nervous with him since he missed the game winning field goal vs Carolina. Just a reminder.... he banked the one in against Seattle last year. If we are in our 2 minute offense and the announcers start talking about getting the ball in field goal range, I feel that it's a 50/50 shot from anywhere on the field. I am not comfortable with him, they need to bring someone in to challenge him. I know all kickers are not perfect, but this does not feel righ
  4. Freeney! Is what first came to mind when I first heard the news today. I hope this is the case!
  5. LargeJungleCat

    Laquon Treadwell

    If he is there. This pick will come in faster than the Eifert pick
  6. LargeJungleCat

    Draft Party at PBS

    Thanks, man. I'm excited
  7. A friend of mine invited me to go with him. So of course, I said yes. I'm sure some of you have been there, what's it like? I'm pretty excited, just want to know what to expect. Are the beers cheaper than game day? I was told some players and coaches would be there. If anyone could share their experiences, I'd appreciate it.
  8. LargeJungleCat

    Vontaze Burfict: I hate Pittsburgh

    I got your back! Just find me out of the 65k in the stands
  9. This game will be all business with HARD hitting. Both teams know what's at stake this time. They aren't the "bully" anymore and we shown that to them in the first meeting
  10. Stay out of Cleveland. I don't want to "dislike" Hue
  11. LargeJungleCat

    9-0 Bengals

    We will win by 11 or more and be 9-0 against the spread. 34-17
  12. The only legitimate playoff game that I expected us to win was vs San Diego. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I've been a Dalton supporter, yes he has pissed me off and tested my patience. But, this season was make or break for him and he answered. Health is the key to this team, stay healthy and we will be in the AFC championship game. get the #1 seed and get New England here in Cincinnati, we will be in the Super Bowl. Face the facts, The reason the fans are the way they are is because we have been kicked in the balls when are hopes are high because of significant injuries at the worst times. i'm 32 and I don't remember any of the 88 season and super bowl 23. The last championship that i barely remember was the 1990 World Series. The city is starving for a championship. I was skeptical at the beginning of the season, but the way we beat Seattle and Shittsburgh... It just feels different. (Better than 05) it's our year! WHO DEY?!!!!!!
  13. LargeJungleCat

    Trade Hunt to Miami?

    Best we'd get is a 6th rounder with a chance of a 4th if he would actually pan out.. In other words, he isn't going anywhere

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