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  1. Tom Brady's career ends this season. Tampa Bay will not make the playoffs. Tom Brady will be sacked 30+ times in just 10 total games. Tom Brady will miss at least 6 games due to injuries from being hit so many times. Tampa Bay's best O-Lineman, G Ali Marpet, 2021 Pro Bowler, retired. Tampa Bay's other Starting Guard, Alex Cappa, signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Tampa Bay's starting Center, Ryan Jensen, suffered a season-ending knee injury this week. With scrubs equal to what the Bengals had last season for Burrow, Brady will be running for his life and dumping the ball off on short passes the entire season to open or not open Receivers. They won't have a running game. They won't have time to throw long passes, one thing that's already an issue for Brady. Tom Brady will not survive this season.
  2. We just paid to protect Joe Burrow. That's going to have to continue during Burrow's career. He's 100 times more important than Bates, so his O-Linemen need to be paid. Just can't pay a Safety with one exceptional season out of four (and one exceptional post-season) Top-10 money, yet we offered Bates' Top-5 and he's turning it down. We have to move on.
  3. Let's not fool anyone here. Joe Burrow is the leader of this team, not Bates. There are plenty who will step up as leaders on the Defense if Bates is not here. Leaders don't put themselves as more important than the team.
  4. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" "The kids are picking on me!" "They're calling me baby names! Tell them to stop!" "Waaaaaaaaahhh!" From NBC Sports: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Cardinals have removed the "independent study" clause from Kyler Murray's contract extension.
  5. ...to reminisce what it would have been like to win an AFC Championship game there on a visiting team.
  6. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-safety-rankings-tiers-2022 Kevin Byard has been a prototypical free safety since he was a draft prospect. He is coming off a season with a career-high 90.4 overall PFF grade and a 90.9 coverage grade. That marked his third career 80.0-plus coverage grade, and it was also the third time he was aligned at free safety for more than 600 snaps over a season. Antoine Winfield Jr. may be entering only his third year in the league, but he hit the ground running for a Super Bowl team and then backed that up with an 86.1 PFF grade that ranked second in the league last year. Winfield is a playmaker and exceptionally good in coverage, where his ability to read the play quickly really comes to the fore. Marcus Williams signed a big free agent deal this offseason and has been incredibly consistent in the NFL at a position where consistently high-end play is hard to come by. Jessie Bates III is only a year removed from a 90.1 PFF grade and a truly elite season for the Bengals. That season brought forth his best career PFF grade by more than 10 grading points, although the campaigns on either side of it might be why the Bengals have seemed reluctant to hand him a monster new contract. Similarly, Justin Simmons’ 90.7 PFF grade from 2019 represents his career-high by more than 10 grading points. Both players have shown elite upside and play, but they haven’t been able to maintain that peak for as long as some others.
  7. No, we wouldn't be ghosts to each other because Defense is reactionary, while Offense is all about timing. They can do it with their eyes closed as every body is supposed to be where they are supposed to be based on repetitive reps and timing.
  8. Seriously, the camoflage of the white uniforms in the snow will be so incredible that the league will ban them. Bengals will look like ghosts to the opponents in the snow.
  9. Took these two in July of 2015. Which one looks more likely to do well playing football?
  10. In response to your "Toughest One",... So last season, currently unsigned, future HOF Jason Peters ranked 22nd by PFF among all Tackles in the NFL, while missing only 2 games. Peters has recently stated that he's staying in shape, would be willing to Start or mentor to younger players, and is ready to give it a go for another season. https://twitter.com/SiriusXMNFL/stat...98271337603072 So, here's a guy willing to do anything that just screams LG for the Bengals. Whoever is supposed to play LG can certainly prove they belong over him, but that's highly unlikely to happen. We already have one of our three Free Agent signings coming off of an injury. Rather than waiting for another injury to occur, why not sign Peters now and have him here for the entire training camp? Are the Bengals right now not ready to go all-in to win a Super Bowl? How would signing Peters be any different than the RAMS signing Von Miller? Seems like a no-brainer. Instead of having someone like Bates whining because he's not getting offered an amount of cash that would imbalance to future contracts of Burrow, Higgins, Chase, etc., why not use a small portion of that contract ($12M) and give it to Peters. Pretty certain Peters would come here for the Vet minimum in order to play on this O-Line for our O-Line Coach and this tremendous Offense and Defense. I didn't look it up, but I'm not sure that our current LT was even the 22nd best Tackle overall in the NFL last season. If he was, then he was pretty much right around that mark, so we'd be adding a LG to play alongside our current LT who will probably be just as good as our LT next season.
  11. Kyle, whoever he is, is an idiot. He thinks the Squealers will finish higher than nine AFC teams. He needs to go back to his work Fantasy Football Team where the secretary who guesses wins it all.
  12. The Squealers aren't an enemy anymore. They are insignificant. Seriously, I don't see any game on their schedule where they will be the favorite. If they are this season, take the other team and the odds. There's enough stupid Squealer fans who will tip the odds in your favor. Squealers will have the #1 pick next season and will draft a QB, wasting their 1st Rd pick this season, not understanding how far away they are from everyone else in the AFC. 14 games in the AFC and they shouldn't win any of them. They should lose all three games against the NFC, too. Jets will beat them.
  13. Same here. O-Lines must flow as one. Our O-Line Coordinator did a remarkable job last season given the talent level he was working with. He kept them from committing penalties (again, for that level of talent), while he did what he could plugging-and-playing a new guy or two every week. Realistically, of the four O-linemen we signed, three if you are not counting the TE, one should do as well as expected, one should do worse than expected and the other should struggle with injuries (or a combination of the three should miss 17 games due to injuries). Our TE will be lined up on the O-Line for much of the season, but won't have the same blocking assignments he was forced to have last season because of the help needed on the O-Line. Collins doesn't need help. If we can do better than losing a total of 17 games total due to injuries from Collins, Karras and Cappa, then we have exceeded expectations. If we get 34 games of "expected performance", as well as they did the last two years while working together for the first time and two of the three in a new system (can't tell you how much it means for Collins to be an expert in this system already), the we will have exceeded expectations. It's still possible that the team signs one more Veteran O-Lineman, though we already have that in our Starting LG (I assume that's who wins the job), in case of an injury setback in training camp. We won't have an idea just how good this O-Line's potential is until after Thanksgiving, when the games start to matter, we've had our mid-year bye, and the Line has three months of live action playing together. They not only have to get used to each other, but everyone else has to get used to them, too. Burrow is going to be giddy about the intelligence level of his unit, who will see things that he doesn't even see pre-snap.
  14. Another perspective about Burrow's "Deep Ball" throwing dominance. Tua, who was 2nd in completion percentage (48.3%), attempted only 29 of them all season. In other words, the attempt would only be made in the highest leverage situations,...2nd and short between the 40's. That opportunity only came up about once per half for the Dolphins last season, which is about the same number of attempts that Tua made. Burrow threw, and completed these, from inside his own 30 repeatedly, tossing the ball 40+ yards downfield from where he threw the ball. Chase would run another 20-50 yards. Mahomes threw 28 to Tyreke Hill all by himself. Hill only caught 11 of them for two reasons....Hill is a terrible Receiver despite always being wide open (he always tries to catch everything with his chest, not his hands), and Mahomes is not an accurate thrower compared to some of the better ones. He's good, and has always been helped out a lot because of schemes, play-calling, Kelce, and Reed's desire to throw the short-pass so often.
  15. Doesn't that spot flood a couple times a decade?
  16. With my ADHD/OCD/anal-retentive issues, I've analyzed the air yards of every QB week-to-week for the last 30 years. Been doing it long before PFF ever started doing it. How many yards behind the LOS does the throw begin at, how quickly is the ball gone from their hands, how many are primary reads, over the middle (the only throw I ever recommended Dalton throwing, which he was actually very good at, but it's the easiest one to throw), how many go to the left, to the right, under pressure, clean pocket, etc., etc., etc. You really have to take into account that Burrow wasn't making most of these down the middle (as that's usually a 15-yd throw past the LOS anyway, but they were throws to the outside, which actually made it always more than a 35-yard throw in the air,....7-10 yds behind the LOS, and another 7-10 yards in distance because the ball is going to the sidelines. Add to it, that in order to buy this kind of time, Burrow was under duress 90% of the time. He also audibled quite a few of these. He also threw many of these in the situations that aren't normally conducive to making these throws....1st down, 3rd down, inside your own 30. Deep throws are usually 2nd down between the 40's. With a much cleaner pocket this season, a healthier Burrow, a more experienced Burrow and Chase and Higgins, and a greater threat to run successfully pulling the Safeties in just a bit closer, these numbers may exceed themselves, and the only reason they won't is because we should be playing with more leads, though this team is not tight-assholed Marvin Lewis when it has a lead.
  17. It comes back to the QB, because the Coordinator and HC have to have the confidence (and cahones, something Marv had neither of) in the QB to make the number of attempts necessary to have that kind of success. There weren't any others who were even willing to try it.
  18. I wanted Collins (and made it known loud and clear on the sites I was on) the day we found out he was available for the draft. I can't believe he's a Bengal. But, then I'm just as excited about Cappa and Karras. Also excited about seeing what a full season from Jonah looks like playing on an O-Line with this much talent. His job will be much, much easier, while he should be nothing, but greatly improved. He might get his first 80+ PFF rating at LT for a full season.
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