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  1. So nobody gets it right even though we guessed about 15-20 players and it turns out to be Josh Jones.
  2. Worst kept secret in the NFL....Browns will take an OT with their first pick.
  3. Well, questions can always be asked. But, there's no data to support any answers for them right now.
  4. Reinforces my belief they are sticking with the power-drive style of blocking system and will draft players that fit that mold like last year's TE, for example. One more reason they will draft the highly talented Fresno State Guard. From Rotoworld with Rotoworld comments: Bengals signed RB Jacques Patrick to a three-year contract. A towering 6-foot-3, 236 pounds, Patrick went undrafted out of Florida State last year. He failed to latch on in the NFL before a stint in the XFL. Patrick's stats were not overly impressive in the now-defunct league, but his size jumps off the page. Perhaps the Bengals saw something on film. Patrick is 23. SOURCE: Ben Baby on Twitter
  5. Way, way too early to even question why we drafted him.
  6. For what he does, power drives, and he's the best at this of any player in the draft, his arms are long enough, especially for a Guard. And, since power-driving is the type of blocking the Bengals have forever done, he fits perfectly for them. He's 1st Rd talent in a power-blocking Offense. As a gap-blocker, no. His arms would be an issue. Looking forward to him in a Bengals' uniform.
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