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  1. Mem, can you post that tweet over on that, you know, other site? I don't know how to repost tweets.
  2. I just love this from Hobson... "As an homage to his hometown, we call Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo's scheme "The Staten Island Stew," because he's been a master chef at mixing up different packages with varying ingredients to fire up a spice that brings a wallop. In Sunday's 35-17 win over the Falcons, the Bengals became the third team in the 52 years since the NFL merger to string together at least seven straight games without allowing a second-half touchdown. And they did it with five backups working at least 45 percent of the snaps and three of them just joined the team this season via the draft or the waiver wire. With nose tackles D.J. Reader and Josh Tupou out, third- rounder Zach Carter started and played 34 snaps while waiver pickup Jay Tufele played 21 more snaps after last week's Bengals debut of 23. With middle linebacker Logan Wilson out, 2020 draft picks Akeem Davis Gaither and Markus Bailey started and played 32 and 21 snaps, respectively, while second-round cornerback Cam Taylor-Brit made his NFL debut with 28 snaps compared to starter Eli Apple's 16." I mentioned it before, but my moniker, "Kingspoint" is to honor the Merchant Marine Academy on Long Island where Anarumo was a Head Coach of football and my brother was a '75 Honor Graduate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Merchant_Marine_Academy
  3. In response to the Chicken Little's reacting after the first three weeks to Mixon and the Offensive Line, I posted this (another website, but I imagine I posted something like it here) the night before the Dolphins' game of October 2nd: He's averaging 1.5 yards after contact, and I don't have the stat handy, but I believe it was about 2.5 Thursday, and that includes all of those goal-line stuffs with 9 in the box. So, he's improving. He also has 5 broken tackles, not 2. https://www.rotowire.com/football/pl...oe-mixon-11707 Mixon has only fumbled 3 times in his 1000 rushing attempts. Zac doesn't want to have turnovers. Mixon will get it going when the line gets better. Mixon barely missed a 20+ yard run that would have taken the ball inside the 10, just not quite squeezing out of tackle for a 4-yard gain. One foot got through, but the other just barely missed. It wasn't for a lack of burst. The play-calling has been atrocious, though. Mixon is not being set up well at all. The opposite in fact. It's really hard to break a tackle when you're being hit by 2+ guys at the same time at the line of scrimmage. The play-calling and blocking have been horrible to set up positive running plays no matter who was running the ball. Chris Evans and Perine are not close to as good of a Runningback as Mixon. The line will block better. Play-calling I can't say will improve, but it has to. As the blocking improves, Mixon's broken tackle percentage will climb because he won't be getting hit by 2 guys or more at the same time as often. He'll also be able to build up a little steam instead of having the average point of contact be 1.0 yards past the LOS. The passing is worst. Mixon has only dropped 3 passes in the last 4+ years out of about 150 targets (look it up at the link I gave). This year, though, he's being thrown the ball an average of minus-1.1 yards behind the LOS. That's not a route. That's a dumpoff, and Burrow is still missing him horribly. Mixon has only 1 dropped pass, but his catch rate is only 70% because Burrow can't get the ball to him on a simple dumpoff where the Linebacker is waiting to make the tackle. None of these problems running have been the fault of Mixon. The last two games, against stellar Run Defenses of the Ravens and Saints, Mixon has averaged 5.6 ypc in both games.
  4. On a Honeymoon and just got out of Grand Central in NYC and asked where can we get a good steak. We were pointed to a place. We went in and were sat down. It was the afternoon on a weekday, so it was kind of empty. We opened the menus and there were no prices on the menu. I looked up and around at the place and immediately noticed a "Mafia" feel to it. At the risk of not getting out before offending the wrong person, I quietly stated, "Honey, don't ask anything, just get up. We have to go now." I recognized that is was Sparks' Steakhouse, where John Gotti had gunned down Mob Boss Nick Castellano in 1985. This was August of 1992. We actually didn't "just get out" of Grand Central Station because right before this as we actually did "just get out" there was about to be a procession. Thought it was a funeral. It wasn't. President George Bush was about to pass by. I didn't have a camera with me, but saw a drug store across the street, so we went across and got one of those instamatics and waited. The President's limo went by and I was ready to take a picture. Unfortunately, he was waving out of the other window to the other side of the street we had been on. Can't say NYC isn't exciting.
  5. The schedule is extremely favourable for the Bengals to be 6-3 when Week 10 is over, and more importantly, holding the #1 or #2 seed in the AFC going into their last 8 games coming off their Bye.
  6. That's cool, but PFF didn't start grading since 2006, so some of those grades are at the very end of those HOF careers. Pace would have been a 90+ if PFF would have been grading during his entire career.
  7. Can't believe how much crap Eli Apple got on Bengals' websites the last 12 months. It was Week 15 or 16 last year when Tony Romo stated about three times in the same game how much improvement Apple had made during the season and that right now he was providing excellent Defense for the Bengals. People shit on Tony Romo, but he is ALWAYS RIGHT with his analysis.
  8. Led with helmet to head, too. Tried to knock his ass out. Love it!!!
  9. He's back, but not to the Joe Burrow level. Several underthrows. 10 days off will help.
  10. They responded like civilians to the recruiting depots on December 8th, 1941.
  11. Wow! The White Tiger is awesome! White helmets. Stadium white. Fans all looking like a snow storm hit. Intermixed with sharp Black Power stripes. Cannot get soon enough the Spouse and I new full zip-up hoodies. Will probably make it a Christmas present, though, just in time for the playoff run. Would love to see a Black Tiger version (like on the album of Y&T, a group I saw several times in the Bay Area that played a Led Zeppelin style of music) another season. I was shocked to see the devotion of fans putting up the dough to get the new look so quickly.
  12. When you lose $97M with revenue of only $357M that is one nasty ratio. You need an image enhancement and who better locally to attach your image to than the Bengals right now. Sounds like a pretty smart move to enhance employee retention.
  13. Of course, he's also at the top of the list of every other QB in the NFL last season in completion percentage, which is a more impressive list than the one above, while he walked on water and stood on the clouds when you rank him against every other QB in the Bengals' past and last year in the NFL when it came to throwing the deep pass (20 yards past the LOS in the air),
  14. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" "The kids are picking on me!" "They're calling me baby names! Tell them to stop!" "Waaaaaaaaahhh!" From NBC Sports: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Cardinals have removed the "independent study" clause from Kyler Murray's contract extension.
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