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  1. Ya i think they let it slip in draft commercial that thurs night game was bengals v bucs
  2. Did the nfl let this slip or did I ingest 1 too many gummies
  3. So it's bucs v bengals das Spiel genie├čen
  4. If you think Joe is gonna get better, how many times are we punting in a game? 2 max? We'll expect to go for it anytime is less then 4th and 6 from our own 40 and out. And saying he's guaranteed a won't bust..is foolish
  5. I'm embarrassed for all these punter calls. Always thought this site had the smartest, well thought out thoughts.
  6. I was there. Every afternoon in the library. I might have been CanadaBengal
  7. Congrats everyone. I still can't believe it. Haven't settled down, can't settle down. It's been forever. Longer then I've been on all these boards thru the years. So happy
  8. Might as will blitz heavy, they gonna complete them anyhow, might as well get some pressure, switch it up. Try something for fucks sake
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