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  1. We competed against the jets way better than any playoff under Andy. Don't even know what you're arguing about.
  2. 15-6=9 Are arguing Dalton has thrown 9 ints besides the playoffs in prime time?
  3. That looks like an above average Dalton playoff game. Put up McCarrons 1 playoff game against Daltons 4 and get back at me.
  4. You dont watch Bengal games do you? Announcer put up the big screen on Thursday night showing stats. Did you watch the game? Dalton has almost 15 ints in the playoffs let alone Monday, Sunday and Thursday night football.
  5. Green and Dunlap are arguably the 2 best players on the team. Leg humper logic.
  6. Correcrtion: its a team game when we lose. When we win its mainly because of Dalton by leg humper logic. 7 years no postseason win time to move on.
  7. Actually all our previous playoff experiences were competitive games. Can't say the same about 4 of our last 5. I think McCarron was QB when we last had a playoff lead. If I'm not mistaken Dalton never has held the lead in the playoffs.
  8. Andy = 7 years Geno =4 or 5 years Kick Dalton off the team and give Geno 2 more years to figure it out. Deal?
  9. Andy sucks with or without weapons. The farthest he could get us is a wildcard birth.
  10. I meant to add in prime time but forgot. Anyhow he's been the worst since he's been in the league.
  11. Dalton has threw more interceptions than any QB since 2011, 32 to be exact. But thats not important to Dalton humpers.
  12. Actually its an accurate description of the subject at hand, no analysis needed, very apparent. But carry on.
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