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  1. My Krampus list maybe... Christmas list? Nah...
  2. 1. I don’t give a flying fuck what ANY poster does on another board. This is GO-BENGALS and we deal with what only happens here. 2. You like to attack others when your opinion is disagreed with. Opinions are like assholes... you know the rest. 3. I shut you down by telling you I wouldn’t argue with you in another thread, and obviously that got your undies in a bundle because you started a whole new thread to try and get someone to argue with. That, good sir, is trolling... so yet again, knock off the bullshit or take a forced break.
  3. Here we go again... you come in here with an OPINION, not concrete proof, yet you want to argue with anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion or present any proof to your liking. Then you resort to calling them trolls and the good old last resort of the truly insufferable and question their “fan hood” ... Knock off the bullshit or take a little holiday... capiche?
  4. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    Congratulations for positively identifying yourself as a mindless fool. Not that we needed it (we already knew), but self awareness is the key to treatment and then hopefully a cure.
  5. Guys, it’s ok to agree to disagree. I’m not going to waste time arguing with you or anyone about my opinion. You have a right to yours and I have a right to mine. This issue has been beaten to death numerous times on this board, not going to do it again. Fair enough?
  6. One season out of seven... lost proven WR's, RB's had off year, and what happened in 2016? You make my point for me.
  7. Nope to all of the above... Dalton is what he is, a QB that has to be supported by good to great players around him in order to have success. He will never be an elite QB, nor good enough to carry the team himself. I also agree with Bleeds Orange... these two losses were EXTREMELY PAINFUL and reminded me a helluva lot of the 90's... at least the offense did. Bleeds Orange is right... drawing parallels in my daydream.
  8. Our Bengals gave birth to the legend of Brett Favre. 25 years... and since we are all used to being the ones getting out teeth kicked in, I am just going to go on a little daydreaming trip here. So... the Pack are having their way with us as most of us realistically think is going to happen... and Dalton gets pulled for AJ after halftime. AJ leads us back to a win in a 4th quarter offensive explosion, and the birth of a new legend begins. AJ leads us to at least one playoff victory, Mike Brown retires, and ML does as well (because his personal savior is gone and he knows he's next). The Blackburn's decide to hire real football people and we become a dynasty... This is MY day dream dammit and I'm going to fucking enjoy it!!!
  9. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    First thing to admit is that there is no real difference in democraps or republicants except their lip service to the "promises" they make that the ignorant voters always fall for. Our political system is irreparably broken as far as I'm concerned, and the masses remain ignorant to that by choice. As long as the asshat politicians keep telling the lemmings that they "will fix the system" or "make America great again", it calms the masses because they don't want to think about the alternative... it makes the "uncomfortable ". Fools... mindless fools
  10. Toast makes up his posts so that he feels important, he has nothing to back up his mindless drivel. Don't feed the troll...
  11. Burfict Suspended five games

    OH THE HUMANITY.... well of course it it must be true because ESPN... errr... Make America Gre.... errr... 'MURICA!
  12. Burfict Suspended five games

    Not the chihuahuas!!! OH GOD... PLEASE NOT THE CHIHUAHUAS!!!
  13. Good to see you back Khat

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