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  1. Sad to say T-Dub, it’s pretty obvious that too damn many think that a flag is more important than people being treated fairly and equally.
  2. Sorry... genealogical proof, DNA samples, and CIA verified background checks would have to be produced to even consider this a true statement.
  3. LMAO!!! DNA samples are preferred as well...
  4. Par for the course.... those who have probably never even played football know more than the actual players now? LOL! Now he'll tell you that your "personal experience means nothing" and that you are making it all up....
  5. A.J. on Vontaze Burfict

    Pearls before swine SF2... Common sense doesn't apply to those who use rhetoric and feelings over actual actions and repercussions.
  6. Two of my best friends, one a veteran and one who is not, have expressed their deep disagreement with the kneeling since Kaepernick started it. Both are not white... while I see your point T-Dub, it’s not a “white wash”. Pun most definitely intended...
  7. Draft/FA? Well... if I'm dreaming the Bengals open up the checkbook and sign the best FA OL out there, and then draft secondary, DL, OL, OL, OL, and then OL. This is if we want to be in the running for the playoffs next year. Reality? We "build through the draft, so we'll take 2 TE's in rounds 1 & 2... a punter in 3, reserve waterboy in rounds 4 - 7. My HC candidates (in no particular order); Edgar Bennett http://www.packers.com/team/coaches/edgar-bennett/a5ae9936-e190-4d94-9082-9c2012fe505f Kris Richard http://www.seahawks.com/team/coaches/roster/kris-richard Teryl Austin http://www.detroitlions.com/team/coaches/teryl-austin/c1f399df-75c7-411c-b288-baa5f5f2a43c Mike Smith http://www.buccaneers.com/team/coaches/Mike-Smith/168c194c-01a7-4379-8ca1-c9bc816bcb95 Mike Vrabel http://www.houstontexans.com/team/coaches/mike-vrabel/5171eecc-e5e4-40dd-9925-7eaef4f75a85
  8. I see a shitload of hypocrisy in this thread...
  9. I know brother, forgot the ninja....
  10. Why you gotta fuck with the sailors?
  11. Good call, I was thinking the same damn thing.
  12. Trump/Russia Investigation

    I guess you don’t have the balls to submit your “expertise”. Guess that’s because you have none... I am officially done with your completely asinine opinions, viewpoints, and especially the mindless drivel you continue to spew. Thank God I can put you on ignore now. I will leave you this one small piece of advice before I cease to acknowledge your sad existence... You should never go into a battle of wits unarmed... you will always lose, like you have this time, and all of your life. Good day sir..... I SAID GOOD DAY!!!
  13. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Way more unreported “close calls” during the Cold War.... playing bumper cars with Krivak class destroyers and such...
  14. Trump/Russia Investigation

    They do not have their own minesweepers yet, some US company won a contract to have some built for them back in 2015. Our ships cleared their waters and w still have minesweepers operating there along with the brits. Not totally sure, but the Japanese had some minesweepers there for a while, might still be there. The Iranian Navy has fired on just about every flagged ship you can imagine. Usually they try to “intimidate” the other local navies by charging in on them. When the two US Navy craft were captured about 2 years ago, they went into Iranian waters. I was surprised they weren’t blown up honestly. One thing that most people don’t realize is that their are numerous altercations that never make the news. The Iranians claim territorial waters much further out than international maritime laws dictate, and they always have. They fired small arms at the Iraqi vessels I was on, I’ve seen them fire on Kuwaiti boats, our navy, brits... etc.The only time the world generally hears about it is when it happens in or around the Straits of Hormuz.
  15. Trump/Russia Investigation

    No I didn't... you didn't make a point. You made vague accusations based on zero knowledge while summarily dismissing another persons 35 years of experience and expertise. Unless your point was that you are a full of shit, know nothing, impotent snowflake, with no real life experience. If that was your "point" we all already know this about you. None of which you have named, which is how someone like you likes to argue... no proof, no references, and no backbone. I know many who disagree with me, and I have no problem with that. I love to learn new things every day, and when proven wrong, I change my outlook. Now this is where we get to the crux of Toasts modus operandi... he can 100% guarantee something that my father in law said to me... and he doesn't even know the man! Notice how he NEVER has any actual facts, figures, or personal knowledge? Does the DNC, CNN, and Hillary pay you well to impart your vast storehouse of knowledge to them? Are you the reincarnation of Nostradamus? Maybe even the second coming of Christ??? Does it REALLY get your panties in a bunch when someone suggests that the GOP and DNC are really all just gnarly infected fucksticks of a dead rhino... and deep down you KNOW I'm right? Funny Toast, I must be suffering from Alzheimers... I don't ever remember you being at my house, the funeral, the celebration of life after he passed away. Your omnipotence is growing stronger by the millisecond!!! LMMFAO... I only wish you knew just how totally fucking ignorant you make yourself look. Well, if you must know... I spent 3 total years active duty stationed in the Middle East, and since I retired 14 years ago, I have spent a total of 4 calendar years living in a number of Middle Eastern countries. I can say I have actually met the entire Iraqi navy, Kuwaiti navy, and a large portion of the Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, and Jordanian navy. Never met the Iranian navy, but have been shot at by them too many times to keep track of. When Obama decided to push up the date to get all of our troops out of Iraq, I spent 4 years in Morgan City, Louisiana teaching the Iraqi navy how to use the systems on the boats that were being built for them, so that our troops could be pulled out. So since I don't believe you have the mental capacity to do the math, that makes 7 years living in the Middle East. Never said that, I said that politics, and believing politicians are for sheeple. I said that if you believe there is really any difference between the political parties, and that they gave a damn about the average citizen, that you are a naive sheeple. I also said that if you believe ANY one source as a "fact finder" that you are being naive. You are not only a sheeple... I think you may very well be the first sheeple that ever gave up your ass to the lonely shepherds in the Middle East. Why don't YOU explain why you are trying to put those words in my mouth? They came from your brain, so in what totally disconnected way did your liberal gasket blow and make you think that I ever said anything even remotely resembling the mindless drivel that you spouted? Tell you what Mr. Omnipotent, here's a challenge for you...if you've got a set of cajones that are actually yours, let's just put out our life experiences, education, and expertise out in public. I'll start... I'm 53 years old and am a current Senior Systems Engineer who specializes on working on our aircraft carriers. Spent 20 years in the US Navy as a Fire Controlman... basically blowing shit up all over the world! Certified Master Training Specialist Certified Afloat Training specialist Have an A.S. in Electronic Technology Have a B. S. in Occupational and Technical Studies (and a concentration as a Training Specialist, minored in Political Science) Have a B. S. in Instructional Systems Design and Technology Have a B. S. in Electrical Engineering Have an M. S. in Instructional Design (minored in Middle Eastern Studies) I've been to 47 countries in this world, experienced their cultures first hand. Great experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. I read voraciously, and watch/read news reports from numerous sources... especially those sources that aren't owned by political parties such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX. So I do this little thing called "use my life experiences, trusted sources, along with what I hear/read, and make informed decisions"... perhaps you've heard of that? Nah... didn't think so. Now your turn Toast... please tell us how that seemingly endless intellect was formed in the safe bosom of the country that I, and my fellow service men and women, provided for you. Well... we're waiting...

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