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  1. Anderson at QB (no brainer IMHO), Dan Ross has to be the TE, and I would also go with Bob Johnson at C. Richie Braham at G would be good, with Reimers also in the conversation. Mike Wilson WAS that good... also should be under consideration.
  2. There is no reason for OUR NFL team to not have their own covered practice facility except for the cheapness of the owner. For anyone to claim otherwise is just an attempt at trolling, lack of intelligence, or they are related to the Brown family.
  3. Reggie Williams and Bill Bergey over Spikes and Francis, they were MUCH better and Parrish was far better than any other CB listed. I also agree that Mike Reid should be in the mix at DT, he was a monster. Bergey and Justin Smith are tough calls, really good with us but excelled after they left.
  4. LOL! Too many to mention and if I go "Chief" on anyone, they'd lock me up.
  5. SOOOOooooooo sorry... didn't mean to offend/trigger anyone. I'll see if I can form a "safe forum" with ESA's so you have something to pet.
  6. The Broke, the Choke, and the Rookie Joke.
  7. I don't care for Jones, but as for everyone asking why he would video this and post it for everyone to see his actions, consider this; It's a given that he is immature as hell, and especially emotionally. It's also a given that if ANYTHING negative in even the tiniest measure happens to him, it's going to make the news somehow. So what I believe is that he feels he IS making strides (however tiny they may be) in his anger management, and wanted to get HIS own video out there before there was the usual media blast/twist/spin doctoring over an issue that was literally nothing. When he stated that he would've "smacked a n*****" (paraphrased), maybe before anger management that would've been his first reaction. I think he wanted to get this video out there to show that he DIDN'T go ape shit before someone claimed that he did. Either way, even though many feel he was stupid for posting the video, in the end it's up to Adam Jones in how he handles his shit and what HE wants to post online. That being said... he needs to be off my Bengals team IMHO.
  8. Can we get back to discussing the athlete and away from the sociological discussion please? Take it to another forum, while I would love to have this discussion myself... it doesn't belong on this forum. Thanks all... I'm done for the day.
  9. My bad... working on reversing it BJ.
  10. Hope so.... he can take Ray Rices place as their designated woman beater.
  11. Fuck no I don't want him... if he wasn't a high profile athlete, he'd be in prison. Should be doing time for that assault anyway... this isn't just an NFL problem, it's a society problem. You just proved it by your remarks above, if Bengals football is more important to you than decent human beings, you might want to get a check up from the neck up.
  12. Well... he was also in an altercation with a parking lot attendant in 2016. Got a ticket, ripped it up and threw it in the attendants face, then got in his car and kept inching it toward the attendant to intimidate them. Sounds like his temper isn't just toward women in bars, it's toward anything he doesn't like. He was 20 in 2016, so do we wait another two years before he realizes that he is a dick? Fuck this guy... like we need another temperamental roid rage asshole to cause shit.
  13. I appreciate it... of course I'm old too.
  14. Knock off the personal attacks... only warning
  15. Whoever is on IR will sit... no ninja