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  1. Guns in America

    Jamie is a socialist?
  2. Guns in America

    I hear you... frustrating t say the least. Definitely a helluva lot less violence overall in Europe.
  3. Guns in America

    I disagree, in large part because even though I would personally have no problem going through these steps (easy for me, had to basically do all this before), why go after the OVERWHELMING majority of law abiding Americans... and not the criminals? I am in complete agreement that no one needs machine guns, and that the local lawman would have a better idea on the actions of individuals. Of course, machine guns have been outlawed to own since 1934 and even that law was upgraded in 1986. Curious about the rich/politicians/1%ers... if guns are banned would they make their security abide by that? Seriously doubt it, as the "commoner laws" don't apply to the privileged even now. As far as gun ownership in Europe, you do realize that is was aristocracy/royals that had the "good" weapons so that the peasants wouldn't overthrow them. That has followed them through the years almost as if it's a legacy. Many of my European friends own weapons, or want to own them but can't because of what they call "priveleged laws". There have been reported shootings at school since the 1800s, but it has especially gotten worse since the late mid/late 90s. What has changed? Internet, video games, glorification of the gang culture, violence on TV/movies/games became accepted as commonplace and "normal". Mental health care availability has shrunk every year and drug crisis has grown. Why go after say... me for example. I've had extensive weapons training, had to prove my proficiency year after year, and have had no transgressions which would lawfully disqualify me from owning a weapon. I've EARNED the right to own my weapons, yet there are many who want to ban them completely or repeal/change the 2nd Amendment. I've had a gun shoved to my head twice (mugged in Chicago and LA) and the home invasion with fatalities just a street over make me say that is the perfect reason for me to own weapons to defend myself and my family. I am also a business owner who makes bank deposits, and I sure as hell am armed when I do. Now why go after me? Why not go after gangs, known felons, drug dealers, and confiscate THEIR weapons? Why not finally enforce the rules on the books? Why go after those who have never broken a law, abused the 2nd Amendment, or are the ones who are the danger to our kids, society, and peace of mind? Quit fucking with those who don't deserve to be fucked with, attack the REAL problem... criminals/drugs/mental health deficiencies. The world is an evil place, and if you take away the means of an average person to defend themselves against a criminal who won't obey the laws, then you've perfected the world... For criminals.
  4. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Can’t argue the truth you’re laying down brother... and while I believe they ALL have been colluding, it has never been so evident as it is now with the Stay Puft Cheetoh pulling his childish antics day after day. I feel much the same as you, although my “jaded“ outlook stated in the mid 80s.... Thanks for replying my friend.
  5. Guns in America

    LMAO! One of the three I expected a response from... After I posted it I saw that I phrased that poorly. I do not think we should repeal the 2nd Amendment, because I feel the framers of the Constitution had very good reasons for writing it. That being said... if we are to ever have gun laws that DO make sense and are ENFORCED, we need to EXCLUDE the NRA (and others like them) ALONG WITH those who want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Like I stated before... due to my life's experiences, you will have to drag my guns out of my cold dead hands, as I refuse to be unarmed while the criminal element will be armed. I don't need an AR-15, bump stock, etc... to defend myself and my family. I believe I DO have common sense... which seems to be in exceedingly short supply in our world today.
  6. Guns in America

    While I really don't see the need for gun violence research, I also do not see the need to ban it. To me it's common sense... if there is a gun in the home and someone wants to commit suicide or homicide... they're going to use the gun if they can for the most part. Why spend millions of dollars to something that is common sense? Once again... if they enforced existing gun laws and mental health institutions weren't so woefully staffed AND underfunded... that information we would get from them would make any study a moot point. Only way to really address this issue is to ban the NRA and also ban those against the 2nd Amendment.
  7. Guns in America

    The problem is in the enforcement of existing laws, the lack of information about mental health, and the unnecessary weapons the NRA keeps pushing. I also have no problem with registration of all weapons.
  8. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Old... as someone who has equal hate for all politicians, it seems that you only one side accountable. You don't see all of them as being bullshit liars? Serious question... I see nothing but bullshit from all of them, but only one side seems to be the one held accountable and I don't understand that. I agree that because Trump is the current president, he and his lot should be the focus immediately, but along with all the so called collusion on the GOP side, it seems there is just as much so called collusion from the DNC side. Shouldn't they all be held accountable?
  9. Guns in America

    Old... I should have clarified about Obama’s “gun control “ law... the people affected by this law are NOT the school shooters, mass murderers, and the problem area that need to be addressed. That’s why I call it a fucking joke. T-Dub - good points all around, and I guarantee that you and I could sit down and have a common sense debate about any subject.
  10. Guns in America

    Old... you will ALWAYS be a friend, first and foremost. Obamas gun check that was overturned was a fucking joke and was there to pay lip service to gun control. It affected ONLY about 75,000 senior citizens who had supposedly shown mental incapacity to handle their financial affairs, so he wanted to check their mental health and take away their gun rights. While I agree that gun laws and usage HAS to change... did you know there was already a machine gun in use at the time the second amendment was being written? Seriously, it was invented by a Brit in the early 1700s and had already been shipped around the world. Capable of shooting between 9-12 rounds a minute. Fast when compared to a muzzle loader. I didn’t realize the NRA was around back then! LMAO
  11. Guns in America

    T-Dub... I don’t pretend to have the answers, but as long as ALL THE POLITICIANS eat out of the NRAs hands, this is all a moot point. Instead of EVERYONE calmly getting together and attempting to truly address the problem in a COMMON SENSE manner... you see the bullshit start “he’s Antifa, he’s a white supremacist, he’s an alien”!!!!!! It doesn’t fucking matter what ANY killer is... we have to stop it. As far as the “hands off if you’re a white supremacist”, I would like to ask you this about our leaders; Since the inception of the KNOWN hate group, the KKK, why has NO President called them a terrorist organization? Not a damned one... fucking DHS has labeled BLM and Antifa as domestic terrorist organizations... but NOT the KKK? WTF? If you don’t think that the politicians LOVE all this chaos, you’re fooling yourself. Soros, Koch brothers, and the rest of the puppet masters have set this up with their political figureheads. Go ahead and believe that I’m a “crazy conspiracy theorist”, but there isn’t anything else that makes sense to me. If you want to go by statistics, it’s supposedly white male liberal democrats with mental health issues that commit most mass shootings. We really don’t know the truth about their political leanings, because “facts” are made up by EVERY “news” organization that exists, and mental health reporting is “violating people’s privacy”... catch 22. People were railing on Trump for repealing Obama’s attempt to have 75,000 senior citizens not allowed to have guns because they couldn’t manage their financial affairs. That law was a joke, Obama was a joke, and Trumpnis currently a joke. So people can say that it’s one party or the others fault... but let’s look at reality, shall we? The strictest guns laws have not worked in the big cities and states they have been enacted. Why is this? These are democratically controlled cities and states... so neither party is making ANYTHING work against gun violence. I have been mugged twice, and there was a home invasion with fatalities a quarter of a mile away from where I live 6 months ago (thank you opioid epidemic). I feel that I have the right to defend myself and family from any of that happening again, so I have my concealed carry. I have been trained in small arms for the past 35 years, having to show proficiency EVERY YEAR. I live in the boonies of Virginia, not in a city... so those that love to say shit like “move if you aren’t safe”... I say fuck off. There is NOWHERE safe anymore... unless you’re a politician or a 1%er who has armed security. Now, that being said, I grew up poor as hell and if we wanted to eat meat... we shot it. I’ve been heavy my whole life, so not only were we good hunters, we only needed shotguns. There is no need for an AR-15, a bump stock, or any other weapon besides a shotgun for hunting. Now shooting at ranges, that’s a different story. I like to shoot, so I go to ranges to shoot the rifles I do own. I’m not a threat to anyone, so why should my guns be taken away? I don’t NEED the M1 Garand and Carbine I own, but they were my grandfathers from WW2. I have been shooting them for over 40 years, haven’t killed anyone yet... so why should I even think about giving up any weapon I own? That being said... if I knew that me giving up my rifles could save one life, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The mentally ill and criminal element will not give a rats ass about ANY law, and if they want to kill they will find a way. So when I say “common sense” gun laws, I mean NOT disarming America like some want to do. I also mean doing SMART things like armed guards and metal detectors at ALL schools. Schools have been made soft targets by the completely asinine “gun free zones” that the dumbfucks enacted. I mean seriously... our children are sent somewhere where criminals and psychos KNOW there are no threats to them. How fucking ignorant is that? Since there is no utopia, I should be able to exercise my second amendment rights to defend myself and my family against criminals AND the possibility of a tyrannical government. Get rid of AR-15s, large capacity magazines, and other “assault style weapons “...but don’t take away my defenses. I’m sorry that you feel “common sense” is a nebulous term meant to quash debate, but I feel you ASSUMING that is what I meant is the bigger threat to any debate, and a microcosm of where we are as a nation. Everyone assumes I am an NRA supporter because I carry a weapon... been called a Nazi, deplorable, misogynist, homophobe, and a racist... BECAUSE I CARRY A GUN! I have also been called a tree hugging liberal commie because I don’t support the NRA, believe gay people should have the same rights as heterosexuals, and that racism is a systemic and socioeconomic problem that he’s been passed down from generation to generation and accepted by most because “it’s too hard to stand up against the lemmings “. People don’t even TRY to debate, they just go on assumptions given to them by the group mindfuck that currently rules our country. I’m done rambling... I need a drink, some aleve, and about 36 hours of sleep.
  12. Guns in America

    I've seen "reports" that he was a white supremacist, an Antifa supporter, just a lone psycho... WHO THE FUCK CARES? Either way, something has to change. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but that doesn't mean that this shit should EVER be allowed to happen. 1. Fuck the NRA and anyone who supports them 2. Aberrant mental health records need to be shared immediately and nationally 3. Military should be COMMANDED to send all offenses to national reporting network, so that outside sources are aware 4. Make background checks mean something... ENFORCE THIS SHIT 5. Anyone selling firearms have to pass a clearance check like I did when I had to get a TS in the military (VERY effective for those that don't know) 5. Anyone who wants to own or carry weapons (I am one of those) should be REQUIRED to show proficiency in use (at least every other year), mental stability, and demonstrate the absolute ability to be able to keep them secure 6. NATION COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS should be enacted 7. ALL SCHOOLS MUST HAVE ARMED GUARDS AND METAL DETECTORS Don't disarm America, just make damn sure that those who do have weapons are responsible and sane. My $.02...
  13. Naw... he’s going for the certified pre-owned Kia Soul that has some of that unreal warranty left. Can’t spend money on a new car when you might have to replace a A/C compressor in the middle of this coming summer. You know... injury money for the Soul...
  14. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Ken... we're probably WAY more alike than you could ever guess. I'd buy the good stuff, not just a beer. Hope I get the chance, take care... asshole!

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