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  1. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Name calling and personal attacks now? Once again, look in the mirror and fix THAT person, then feel free to cast stones.
  2. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Why do you think that responses to you are “red-faced vitriolic diatribes” or “emotional shit-fits”? Do you think that that your responses matter that much and are that far reaching? For Gods sake, get over yourself... nothing you have EVER said has elicited a response anywhere near the level you state. THIS is why no discussion takes place, because for some reason you think that everything you say makes people have deep emotional responses. You’re completely overestimating your effect on others or your perception that others have such a strong response is completely skewed.
  3. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Vague? Dude, you are the most vague SOB in here. You love to start shit and disagree, ask for stats... and when a stat was just shoved back in your face you turn to insults and bullshit again. As far as emotional shit fit, get the fuck over yourself. The next time anything you state makes me emotional will be the first time. Typical keyboard warrior/troll... you accuse, ignore, and read emotion in a response when you have no other out. waste of time...
  4. Trump/Russia Investigation

    WTF are you talking about? I’m talking about kids in Gun Free zones with no one to keep them safe. If you really need statistics to tell you something is true, and the continued school shootings are not enough evidence for you... then you’re beyond hope. The Annie E. Casey foundation statistics that you referenced show that teen deaths by accident, homicide, and suicide have been rising every year since 2013. I consider school shootings a far cry from “fear mongering”... especially since I’ve been a VERY loud advocate for ARMED GUARDS! Jesus... if you’re looking to start an argument, go somewhere else.
  5. Trump/Russia Investigation

    I understand why you say that, and my reply is that you have seen more from these idiots for two reasons; 1. Trump is more idiotic than most undoubtedly 2. Mass media is a weapon vice a tool now Ask Donna Brazile where the collusion is, she admitted it (then recanted, then contradicted because of money). Old... you can all call me a jaded conspiracy theorist if you wish, but I think it is quite clear that our politicians don’t give a rats ass about any of us regardless of party affiliation. The main evidence against them all at this point is that our kids, our very future, are STILL not any safer today than they were 19 years ago. This is not a one party thing, it’s a political/business thing that fucks us. Their kids are safe and guarded, while ours are their cannon fodder for campaign donations.
  6. This is why I laugh at the terms “reach”, “climbing draft boards”, and “drafting for need” instead of BPA. We have a glaring need at C, OT, LB, and S. O line is obviously the most glaring need, so to hell with “BPA”, fix your holes. If it’s broke, fix it with the best player available to fix it, then move on to luxury picks later.
  7. Trump/Russia Investigation

    I agree, a metric shit ton of smoke. No fire yet... I hope they DO find the smoking gun and get rid of Trump, and then I hope America DEMANDS that the DNC is held responsible for their already proven collusion. Take the GOP to task as well, because there is NO WAY they didn’t know what was happening. The only chance I see that this country is ever “fixed” is if we clean the slate and start anew. As I’ve said before, there has probably been collusion from all parties for decades. Our system is irreparably broken and the old blood has to be let to fix it.
  8. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Where is the proof old? You say there is proof, but it hasn’t been shown? People met with Russians (from both parties) and an election was lost. The connection between the watergate burglars and the Nixon supporters was literally immediate. The DNC jumped on it, put the White House in the defensive, and the Woodward and Bernstein broke it wide open. They KNEW it wasn’t a burglary in the first 48-72 hours. Tricky Dick sent hundreds of thousands of dollars of hush money 2 days after the burglary. If you can extrapolate collusion from the results of the election, then I suppose you think the same about the Bush/Gore debacle? Truman/Dewey? This is not the first time this has happened, and the hysteria is now ingrained into people’s reactions. There you go again inferring ring that I am a GOP supporter. Can’t resist it can you? I go on FACTS not feelings old. You seem to like to be blind to those facts that don’t agree with your philosophy. The DNC and Cilnton used Russians influence BEFORE the election, and that’s been proven. Haven’t heard a peep out of you about that. The DNC fucked over Sanders... where is the outrage? Only outrage here is toward Trump... so this is the ultimate “Pot meet Kettle” arena as far as I’m concerned.
  9. Trump/Russia Investigation

    They had the smoking gun with Wategate, and they did NOT say the same thing. The DNC back then had not been proven to have rigged their own primaries and used outside sources to assist them in doing so. The current DNC is so out of touch with reality and their followers, instead of them looking inward to find blame for their embarrassing loss, they are now blaming facebook ads by Russians. The rest of the world has been laughing at the US for so long now that they all have 6 pack abs. Trump, the GOP, the DNC, and the innumerable idiots swallowing what the media says as if it’s words from God... the outside world sees what our own citizens refuse to, Rome burning.
  10. Trump/Russia Investigation

    LMMFAO! How completely and utterly asinine and ridiculous. The DNC, party to their own fixing of their primary is going to sue? Physician, heal thyself!!! Pot and Kettle in tumultuous argument over the color black... film at 11:00!!! America has officially jumped the shark...
  11. First game: Browns First home opponent: stealers Number of prime time games: 2 Bye week: 7 Thanksgiving weekend opponent: ratbirds Most consecutive home games: 2 Most consecutive road games: 2 Do we play urineburgh while Taze is suspended: yes Week 17 opponent. stealers
  12. Apology to oldschooler

    Thanks, but no schotzee... a "big man" wouldn't have done something to apologize for in the first place.
  13. Old, I apologize to you for any ill will or upset I may have caused with the way I moderated the “Eric Reid” thread last week. While moderating is a thankless job and I do my best, I did let my personal feelings get to me in the end, and that was completely unfair to you. You ARE a valuable member here and the board is better place with you on it. I will continue to monitor my actions and improve the way I handle these situations in the future. USN Bengal

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