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  1. Wonder where the numbers begin without the incentives. Very interested to see the contract details.
  2. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Do we even have any good restructure candidates? TBH almost every contract on the team is team friendly already. Cut candidates would be LaFell, MJ, Shaw, TJ Johnson, and not many others that come to mind. If Dennard didn't play so well last year that would be another $8m in cap space but he's a guy we should probably keep around. I really think free agency for us is down to replacing bottom of the roster guys at this point unless we target another safety. I bet we pick up some cheap positions to replace losses like RB3/4 (Hill, Peerman), backup OT (Winston), rotational DE (Smith). I see all of the other areas of need (C, TE, ILB, another OT, etc.) coming via the draft.
  3. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Jensen was realllllllly good last year. If I'm the Bengals I don't make him the highest paid C in the league, but no denying the dude had a good 2017. 100% agree with your 2nd part. I wanted us to go after Jensen or Richburg at first, but their contracts are fuckin' nuts man. I'd be more than happy with Price, Daniels, OR Ragnow. Get 1 of those 3 and you have a pretty damn happy fanbase, or at least you should. They're all great prospects.
  4. Want some Honey Badger!

    Let's say it's accurate that he'd take that contract and the Bengals are actually interested. They've basically announced that the Glenn signing was the "splash" of free agency and there isn't a ton of money left to wrap other contracts up, so I'm assuming they'd have to cut someone like Shawn Williams to make room. We'd clear just under $3 million in cap space by cutting him so that's not enough. The only way it would make sense is if they would sign Mathieu and cut Dennard by essentially signing honey badger as the full time slot CB and occasional safety. I'm not sure I like that move after Dennard has shown clear signs of improvement in a big way in 2017. I know the Bengals technically have the money to sign him right now, but I'm speaking from a Hobson perspective where we're already broke this offseason. Going by Bengals-realistically speaking, how do we make the cap space for him? Do we not extend Dunlap? Do we cut Dennard? Do we cut Shawn Williams + Michael Johnson? Do we cut guys at other positions and replace those other players with cheap draft picks? Let's play fantasy land and figure out the smartest way to make it happen. I'm really not sure TBH.
  5. We sign shit tier free agents or guys who were cut by their previous team in offseasons where we lose a "big" free agent of our own. Is that to ensure we receive a comp pick the next year? I think so. You disagree. That's about all there is to it man. We can agree to disagree on that part of it like I've said 3 times now. The team has suggested they do that to ensure we get the extra pick. I can look for some sources if you'd like to see it.
  6. The reality is that some teams that win Superbowls (Pats) have an elite QB and elite coach. They have the luxury of being able to let talent go because they can win with seemingly whoever they draft or pick up in the free agent market. Not every team can build that way. It might sound crazy but there is no exact science to winning championships as most of the past 10-20 winners have been built differently. Elite QBs, elite coaches, elite defenses, quite a few UFAs, not many UFAs, etc. etc. Trying to worry too much about protecting comp picks when you don't have an elite QB, elite coach, elite defense, OR elite "weapons" seems a bit silly to me. The current Bengals aren't in a position where they can afford to ignore free agency just to get some extra draft picks a year later. The "good teams" can do so because they're already good teams, we aren't among the best NFL teams right now though so I don't know that it's a solid strategy for us. A mid tier free agent is going to give you a better chance to win games than a late round pick an entire season later.
  7. Good teams 100% sign UFAs to make their rosters better. They just don't go all Browns/Redskins mode 24/7 on seeing how many ridiculous contracts they can give out in a single offseason while also making shitty draft picks. Is that really fucking hard for you to follow? They don't always worry about the fucking comp picks because they also sign fucking free agents, just not as many (or as dumb of ones) as the "bad teams". Understand? Probably not. I'll talk to you like a Stealers fan when you come at me like an asshole for having a different opinion when I was pretty damn reasonable at first until you gave me shit.
  8. You're fucking dense if you think winning teams win because of comp picks and not that winning teams get more comp picks because they're winning teams. It's not rocket science to see which is the cause and which is the effect. My goodness.
  9. That's not what I fucking said so stop spinning it. I said that if comp picks didn't exist, I guarantee the team would have gone out to sign at least 1 more UFA last season specifically. Obviously I believe they'd have gone for an upgrade, AKA MAKING THE ROSTER BETTER. Of course the guy may not have panned out 100%, but the team would have been attempting to MAKE THE TEAM BETTER. I personally believe they didn't do that because of the 3rd round comp Zietler would give them. That comp pick may or may not upgrade the roster but I never said "comp picks are all bad" like your fucking strawman argument did. Learn how words and sentences work with context. Don't play the bullshit spin games with me because I'm far too familiar with them on boards like this. Not going to work. I NEVER said "all comp picks are bad" or "all UFAs are good". That quote you posted isn't saying either of those, so how about YOU fuck off with the snarky shit.
  10. That list is a bunch of absolute shitters outside of Bernard Scott and Caldwell. Only Bengals fans would even call any of them remotely good just because of the name recognition since we're fans of the team. Nobody else would call any of those guys "good" at the NFL level.
  11. There's nothing wrong with getting comp picks, the more draft picks you have the better for very obvious reasons. My main point is that the Bengals (they even admit it) go out of their way to make sure those precious comp picks don't go anywhere. Sure we could sign that upgrade at LB or on the OL for a reasonable cost, but why would we do that to hurt our possibility of an extra mid/late rounder? That's what bothers me. I completely understand staying away from a lot of UFAs because how insane the market is and how "overpaid" some of these guys get, I do understand why we stay away from those players, I'm not a total dumbass. If there aren't obvious upgrades on the non-cut UFA market, then by all means go for the damn comp picks, or if we stumble upon some comps that's fine too.
  12. Never said getting a 3rd round comp is "always bad" or that a UFA is "always good". You said you don't think their approach would be different with or without comps. I absolutely do think they would have signed a UFA when we lost Zeitler/Whit if comp picks didn't exist. Agree to disagree like I said originally instead of creating strawman arguments please. The other part is like saying that teams that pick in the 20's and 30's are generally better teams than the ones who pick in the top 10 more often. No shit! Just like teams that are better typically end up with more comp picks over the course of 20 years because good teams lose more good players more frequently than bad teams. Also the worst teams have to go nuts in free agency because they're bad teams so they have to overcompensate. "Build through the draft" doesn't always work out just like "build through every UFA possible" doesn't work either. You're constant with the black & white bullshit when these situations are anything but. Good day to you, you don't seem to be willing to have a genuine discussion on this.
  13. Cherrypicking like 3 good players out of hundreds of comp picks over a decade+ isn't going to get me to change my mind. I'm not surprised they didn't re-sign Zeitler either, but we'll have to just agree to disagree if you honestly think they didn't have that fat 3rd round comp in their mind when the decision came to pursue a good UFA or not after he signed with Cleveland. There's no doubt in my mind that they would have made our roster at least somewhat better if comp picks didn't exist. You're free to believe otherwise but from the words of the FO themselves, I think it proves that you would be incorrect. Comp picks correlating with winning/losing is a weird place because it's an illogical argument due to this simple fact: Perennial winners can't keep rosters in tact as easily as perennial losers. Perennial winners tend to have better players on their teams (duh), so therefore, they'd lose more of their own good players in free agency than a perennial loser. Those teams tend to get more comp picks because they're good teams, they aren't good teams because they get more comp picks. Suggesting it's the opposite is very, very silly. It's like a chicken or the egg argument except 1 side makes a lot more sense than the other, or at least it should.
  14. Want some Honey Badger!

    He was an elite Safety/SCB in 2015 but hasn't been up to that form again since. It would be great to have a guy versatile enough to play 2 positions at a high level but he's going to command a hefty contract even with ability that has dropped off since his best season.
  15. It's been stated by the organization that they operate free agency with comp picks in mind. It's not the 100% driving factor, but they absolutely consider it when making decisions. I honestly can't believe you didn't know that with how much it seems that you follow the team. They've literally come out and said they keep comp picks in mind with their decisions.

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