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  1. This would mean a lot more coming from someone who hasn't already called 30 different prospects in this draft "future pro bowler", "easily top 10 at their position", or "future all pro".
  2. No one rep any of my posts plz. 420 blaze it yolo swag
  3. I hope so. I know a lot of people here aren't NE fans, buuuuuttttt Tom Brady is actually one of my favorite NFL players for a very specific reason. Career vs Pittsburgh: 68.97 completion %, 25 TDs to 4 INTs, 111.8 passer rating. The dude straight fucking owns Pittsburgh and Gronk does too. I'd probably hate both of those guys if it weren't for the delight that I get out of listening to people cry their eyes out about NE on a daily basis where I live.
  4. Depth Chart Project

    Yeah like T-Dub said, a thread dedicated to discussing FAs would make sense but we don't really need it to be that in depth. I personally don't really care when Blaine Gabbert or CJ Goodwin are going to be free agents because they're absolutely awful and both play positions that we don't really need right now. I know that some of us have been talking about different FAs in various threads but a single place dedicated to looking at positions of need/players we may actually target would be cool.
  5. I think it's more likely that we end up signing someone like Richburg in FA than any of the decent or better guards. For that reason I'm assuming that Marvin is crossing his fingers that Nelson is somehow available at 12. OT or OG seems more likely to me at 12 than C, but I guess Price is supposed to be able to play guard at a high level too? I wouldn't hate him in the 1st whether it's a "reach" or not. I just hope we take someone who can help our team right away this season.
  6. Don't really want to watch Shitsburgh walk through the Titans so I'm heavily rooting for ol' Brady and co right now
  7. Could make an argument that he's the best WR to ever play here. I know most of the "back in MY day!" Bengals fans will disagree, but I think the case could easily be made.
  8. I've been pretty high on Kline since the middle of the regular season, I'd love to snag him if the Titans don't re-sign him. He wouldn't be expensive and would really help the line, same with Richburg. Jensen is a guy I've been reallllllly wanting, but he probably gets "overpaid" somewhere. The Bengals just don't pay top tier interior linemen so I'm not holding my breath for Jensen even though he would be such a huge upgrade. Honestly, I want to see them target some UFA OL guys regardless of how good I may think they are, it would be nice to see them actively trying to make a difference in our weakest area. Brown and Whitehead are guys I'm interested in as well. Got to wonder if Whitehead would like to play for Austin again and get to be part of a good defense. LB is our weakest spot so maybe he'd play here on a reasonable 2-3 year deal.
  9. That's the best joke I've heard in weeks
  10. There is a 0% chance of the Bengals are paying a 1st team All-Pro guard from another team when they wouldn't pay their own guy in Zeitler. Mike Brown has given big contracts to QB, WR, RB, CB, DL, it's obvious which positions they're really not interested in "overpaying" at. Richburg + a cheap-ish G or T is a lot more realistic.
  11. It reallllllly depends what happens in free agency. Round 1 1. Quenton Nelson - if he's there you run to the podium regardless of what happens in free agency 2. Roquan Smith 3. James or McGlinchey depending on what happens in FA Round 2 1, 2, 3. Any of the low round 1/high round 2 OG/OT prospects that happen to "fall". OL makes a lot of sense here Round 3 1. Dalton Shultz (or whoever the team sees as the best TE on the board) 2, 3. ILB/OLB/DE - lot of guys being talked about in the 3rd-ish range, I'd just like to see these positions addressed at some point

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