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  1. Do you have kids? Any family at all? I don't know. I just think it's extremely selfish for even $5k, at least in my personal situation. I'm firmly in the middle class with a wife and 2 kids so to me it would be absurdly irresponsible to forego almost any amount of cash over a somewhat useless football game.
  2. I mean I guess I'd probably rather the Bengals win a championship than win say, a few hundred bucks or something. But you start out with $5,000 which is absurd. Anyone that would give up $5k or more is either already set with cash or just a dumb human being.
  3. I asked for proof of the NFL doling out suspensions based on revenue, not evidence that they may have mishandled 1 single case of a team that doesn't prove anything regarding them doling out suspensions based on revenue. You're too hard lined on the 100% extreme viewpoint of "this 1 thing that happened 1 time proves EVERYTHING ELSE I WANT IT TO!!!". Not having this conversation with you again, you're so fucking hard headed and refuse to budge from an extremist stance. I'm out. You still refuse to admit that maybe sometimes things can happen without bias. You can "win" this one. Have the last word all you'd like.
  4. I'm not sure if them fucking up 1 incident proves that all (or most, or even very many) of decisions they make they make is biased based on a team's revenue lol I mean, I honestly believe you're intelligent enough to understand how illogical that is.
  5. Is there any proof of punishment being doled out based on revenue and PR? It doesn't prove some sort of lack of integrity by the NFL just because some random fans on a message board can't agree on how many games Adam Jones will be suspended for. It would be nice (but not expected) to see you admit that maybe, possibly, sometimes subjective rulings are made a certain way due to people seeing things differently and not because of bias. You constantly come off with these conspiracies (don't get mad at that word) as if they're factual when they're anything but. It's just like, your opinion, man.
  6. Well a lot of it comes down to being a bit more subjective than the substance abuse policy. Like Martavis for example, he failed a couple times and boom, season long suspension. They have a system set where 1 offense = X, 2 offenses = X, etc. etc. Jones gets arrested but isn't charged with anything but a small misdemeanor and has had altercations in the past but a lot of them were years ago. There isn't really a set policy for that like the substance abuse suspensions they hand out. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just pointing out that I don't feel it's lack of integrity or bust. It's just subjective punishment and then from there it's a different conversation of whether the integrity of the policy is in question or not. Just because there is a rationale where Pacman doesn't get anything and a different rationale where Pac could serve a year long suspension doesn't 100% mean there's any bias or dishonesty, just that some people may see things different ways than others.
  7. Not sure I follow that logic as he made these comments after getting the paycheck.
  8. I feel like he either gets 0 games and surprises a lot of people or 8-16 games and surprises a lot of people. For some reason I'm not feeling the 1-3 game suspension with Pacman. I've predicted 0 games because a lot of the offseason stuff has been Pacman just being a douche and not really committing serious crimes, but the NFL has cracked down on things in the past to make an example of people. Martavis Bryant, a very important piece to a top organization, got suspended for a YEAR for smoking some pot on multiple occasions. The NFL has been driving home the whole "don't screw up multiple times or else you're fucked" ideology, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see them drop the hammer on Jones citing his past few incidents as repeated negative behavior.
  9. To be fair, Peko didn't really say it's a hell hole here, did he? He just commented that in Cincinnati the team seemed to focus on winning playoff games and Denver seemed to have a bigger goal in mind. You are correct though, Peko had his chances to leave in the past, he wasn't forced to sign his multiple extensions with us. I don't think he was saying that it's absolutely horrible in Cincinnati, but it seems like once he got to Denver and started dealing with their organization and fellow players that something was different about the atmosphere there. Which brings me to.... Look at the other 10-ish teams that have won about as much as we have over the course of the past few years. Are there multiple examples of each team's history of their top players and captains making comments about not being able to get a free Gatorade or that there's not a championship winning mentality there? Maybe some of us don't see it because we follow the Bengals closer than other teams, but I don't recall that happening in any other good franchise. Each team in the league certainly has their own issues, but I'm not sure the "let's win a championship and treat our players like first class athletes" is here where it seems to be in many of the other top organizations. IMO that's one of the things that makes us not one of the top organizations and puts us at a tier below them. I think there's enough evidence at this point from our top former players and locker room leaders that there's some fire to go along with the smoke. I'm not going to be one of those guys screaming about how much our team sucks and that we'll never win anything and blah blah blah, but I do question the way that it seems players see us compared to other top teams. We're a good but not great team, we have a good but not great organization, we have a good but not great everything it seems with our recent history. It would be cool to see someone come in and, dare I say, make the Bengals great again.
  10. Peko wasn't good for couple years, he looked really bad even in limited time recently, but he used to be a solid to good player on our defense for many years. How many of our captains, All-Pros, Pro Bowlers, and general team leaders will make comments like this (or worse) until some folks admit there could be some issues here in ol' Cincinnati? There seems to be a mentality here that starts at the top. I won't go as extreme to say a "losing" mentality, but it doesn't seem like (from an NFL player perspective) having a conversation with Mikey and Marv would be anything like having a conversation with, say, Belichick and Bob Kraft. The atmosphere here isn't what it is elsewhere. I'm sure we aren't the only team in the league like this but I'd bet we're one of the only consistent playoff contenders that are viewed this way by players.
  11. I gotcha. I was just pointing out that I don't believe Fred was "pointing fingers" as much as showing that there was a major flaw in that quote. You kinda jumped on him for pointing fingers as you said, I was just trying to clarify.
  12. You can throw a rock in a pool of NFL players and easily hit a couple guys with an arrest or two. If I know Freddy well enough, my guess is that he wanted to show how some people pick and choose when to care about our big name players doing shitty things or simply to disprove the quote that "our favorite Bengals" were all free of issues.
  13. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd have not had much (if any) issue had he been caught by a third party naturally showing some emotion after being struck in his car. I'd completely understand that. It just seems like a bit much for him to pull his phone out and put on a show to upload to the Internet. Maybe I'm wrong for expecting more from these adult athletes, especially ones with a history of some anger issues.
  14. It honestly doesn't take a whole lot to get comps at most hotels around the country, and it's even easier to do so in Vegas actually. They want people who win to put their money back into the casino and they want people that lose to keep losing. They have point systems set up with their memberships to comp people who spend a decent amount of time at their establishment regardless of their winning/losing.