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  1. LMFAO AB pushed off on Newman and Newman called for the hold
  2. lol for some reason I have a hard time buying those or even going to the casino nowadays but I don't think twice before dropping the $$$ on random games that I don't care about. It actually makes days like today more exciting for me since typically a Jags/Titans game wouldn't mean shit to my life
  3. HAHAHAAHAHAHA FUCK YOU JUSTIN TUCKER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA edit: sorry, just had to put this somewhere
  4. All I need is the Vikings to decide to score, the Cards to play like an NFL team, the AFCS teams to each score 20 points in the 2nd half, and the Bears to overcome a 21 point deficit. Seems realistic enough
  5. I'm watching because I have the over lol I've got PIN/MINN on my TV since it's local, CLE/BAL and AZ/IND on my PC screens, keeping tabs on the others via my app. I've decided to give up on caring about the Bengals until Marv is fired so I went the direction of wreckless betting on this bullshit sport
  6. I guess this should go here. I'll probably bitch about 20 more times before the game is done butttttt Anyone watching MINN/PIT? Xavier Rhodes just tugged on AB's jersey on a go route (d-holding) but got called for fucking pass interference. lol okay sure that makes sense
  7. John who? We have a dude that punched a young lady to argue over now. Ross is old news.
  8. Ross will be an afterthought once we draft Mixon. Pretty sure he'll be more polarizing than John Ross for the off field stuff alone.
  9. I know a lot of people had an issue with A.J. Green's lanky frame but he turned out to be OK. Ross is smaller but hopefully he'll beef up a bit and also not sustain any serious injuries like he did in college. I wouldn't bet on him staying off the IR, but we can hope. I'm far more concerned with his ability, or lack thereof, to beat press coverage. I hope that practicing with some good press NFL CBs on our team can help him out with that.
  10. He's still going to take his share of shots on the field. Let's just hope none of them do any severe damage. It's really all we can do at this point, but I just can't believe a lot of people are acting as if his injury history shouldn't even be brought up.
  11. ^ Ross is a smaller framed dude than some of the guys on that list. With his injury history and his build, he just seems more fragile than the average "small" WR. I'm going to be nervous when I see a big safety or LB heading toward him over the middle for the first time.
  12. Seriously though, it would just be nice to see some sort of study on players going "higher than expected" due to combine results and seeing their boom/bust ratio compared to the average kid being drafted in the top of the first round. There's a lot of subjectivity in there but it would be interesting to see some data. Top draft picks bust all the time in general, and in my opinion it's even more risky to "overdraft" a guy that wasn't in a single person's top 10 pre-combine just because he ran a fast straight line test in spandex. That's all a lot of people are saying and trying to say and it keeps getting twisted and turned into all sorts of irrelevant debates.
  13. No, I never said a single time that we need to take a consensus first rounder or I'm upset. You're just making strawman after strawman. When did we take Carlos, Geno, Vontaze, Chad, or Andy with our #9 overall pick? I care more about what I think of a guy than what the national media has to say about them, you should probably read back a couple pages and see where this debate came from before starting your bullshit. This entire post of yours is extremely illogical and doesn't follow along with anything I've been saying at all.
  14. Holy fuck, can you not read? I never said anything about us taking him or not. Just that Ross wasn't a consensus top pick. I used Garrett and Adams as examples because they were a couple guys that were considered top 10 guys pre and post combine. There are a lot of players who weren't consensus 1st rounders, Ross is one of them. You can come to terms with that or argue until you're blue in the face, but it doesn't make you right. Nobody is crying that we didn't somehow end up with Myles Garrett, he was simply used as an example of a guy that didn't have a jump in rankings by multiple outlets. Your little chart up there shows that Ross did jump due to the combine. It's funny how they try to qualify it by claiming that the places that had him lower "were not as familiar with him". Or maybe they just didn't think his tape was as good as the others. Maybe? Nah, that can't be it. JOHN ROSS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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