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  1. I honestly hope they let him start a game or two just so people will shut the fuck up about it.
  2. Zampese Out

    I'm all for a non-Dalton QB, but what's our O-line going to do for any QB we put back there? That's what bothers me. I don't love Andy, but I like our line even less.
  3. Hopefully DEN wins by 3 1/2
  4. LMFAO AB pushed off on Newman and Newman called for the hold
  5. Zampese Out

    YES I guess I just meant best case scenario as far as OC alone goes, but I'd much prefer what you're suggesting
  6. lol for some reason I have a hard time buying those or even going to the casino nowadays but I don't think twice before dropping the $$$ on random games that I don't care about. It actually makes days like today more exciting for me since typically a Jags/Titans game wouldn't mean shit to my life
  7. HAHAHAAHAHAHA FUCK YOU JUSTIN TUCKER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA edit: sorry, just had to put this somewhere
  8. All I need is the Vikings to decide to score, the Cards to play like an NFL team, the AFCS teams to each score 20 points in the 2nd half, and the Bears to overcome a 21 point deficit. Seems realistic enough
  9. I'm watching because I have the over lol I've got PIN/MINN on my TV since it's local, CLE/BAL and AZ/IND on my PC screens, keeping tabs on the others via my app. I've decided to give up on caring about the Bengals until Marv is fired so I went the direction of wreckless betting on this bullshit sport
  10. I guess this should go here. I'll probably bitch about 20 more times before the game is done butttttt Anyone watching MINN/PIT? Xavier Rhodes just tugged on AB's jersey on a go route (d-holding) but got called for fucking pass interference. lol okay sure that makes sense
  11. lol mutiny over Zampese? Why not over the guy that has led us to a record setting shit sandwich in primetime/playoff performances?
  12. Hue Jackson was told that if he stuck around that he could be the HC "in a few years" once Marvin decided he didn't want to coach here anymore. Your revisionist history of Mikey overriding this succession plan is incorrect. Hue simply didn't want to stick around to find out if Marvin ever wants out. However, this is the first time in Mike Brown's history as an owner that he's fired a coordinator mid season and it comes after one of the first times he's ever fired a starting player mid season (Nugent). As much as I feel that Marvin Lewis will be here forever, maybe we see some unexpected changes next off season.
  13. Zampese Out

    That's the main reason I'm OK with Lazor for the time being after thinking about the whole situation a lot more. I think the people acting like these pro players and coaches can't adapt to a slightly different playbook are overreacting with those thoughts, but that can be an argument for a different day. Best case scenario is we pluck someone from a different team over the offseason and get some fresh ideas in here. The only coaches I actually thought were deserving of various promotions are in different cities now so I'm just annoyed with the friends and family discount strategy the Mike Brown employs. I totally realize that it's very common for an interim OC/DC/whatever that has to come in midseason is almost always an in house guy, but I'm just afraid that he's been given the job permanently without any outside competition with how Mikey operates. To be fair, Lazor hasn't been here forever and did have a good year with Tannehill, but I'd still like to see a whole new coaching staff come in here for 2018 even though I know that probably won't be happening.
  14. Zampese Out

    I don't see the issue with bringing in an outside guy mid-season. NFL teams all generally run all of the same plays, they just use different lingo and signals which change from game to game anyway. I'd assume all of these guys playing football and coaching football for millions of dollars would be able to handle an OC change with 14 games to play without a full offseason. I'm just glad to see the team make a big change in the middle of the season, but I hope Lazor doesn't automatically get the job permanently right away and would hope this is temporary "earn it" kind of thing like someone mentioned above. I'm not trying to complain about this as much as I'm wondering if they're going to be looking outside the org or if Lazor is permanent right off the bat. I think it's fine if he's the interim OC but I think it's super lazy otherwise.

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