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  1. One Nation

    2019 Draft Talk

    Then I suppose by that logic we should only Draft fellows from the SEC. Your saying he's a better player because he played against the SEC schools? Watch the tape on him. He's more instinctive, a better tackler and just as fast as White. I agree with you though at 11 linebacker is not a good value. My only argument is that I think Kirvin is the best linebacker out there.
  2. One Nation

    2019 Draft Talk

    I'm not saying the Bengals should grab Kirven at 11 all I'm saying is I think he's the best linebacker in this class. White and Bush seem to be getting all of the publicity but if you take a hour to watch these guys I think you may agree.
  3. One Nation

    2019 Draft Talk

    I actually prefer the kid from Washington at linebacker. Ben Burr-Kirven. I think he is better than White and Bush to be honest. I have watched quite a bit lately on the these guys and I believe Kirven is the best. Reminds me of Kuechly but just a tad smaller. Instincts are off the charts.
  4. It is an average salary for a Right tackle. There is no market for a Right tackle in Cincinnati. Name me a significant Right Tackle that has ever come here via Free Agency. This is why I said the move to keep him here for 1 more year is smart. We need to draft the replacements so we can control them.
  5. Of that 35M it is my guess that a good majority of that money will be spent on the following players whose contracts expire at the end of this year... AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Clint Boling, Clayton Fejedelem, Nick Vigil, Tre Hopkins., Andrew Billings and others. Now obviously they won't resign all of them but I would surmise that they would for at least 4 of them. The Bengals will then load Money into the 2019 Salary cap with the extensions. Just my take and I most assuredly could be wrong.
  6. So you tell me chief exactly who they should have signed instead? Takes 2 to tango and as far as I can see nobody wants to play here unless they are getting big time money that they couldn't get elsewhere. Keep in mind we have no tackles outside of Glenn that has any NFL experience. Signing Hart to basically a 1 year show us contract is not out of the question. And for $5-7 Million that is chicken scratch for any starter Offense/defense anymore. You make it seem as if Tackles are lining up to come here and they are not. The Bengals know who they can sign and who they can't sign before it all comes to fruition. Which is why the Draft is where you get them because you then Control them. Because of this the signing of Hart is a good signing IMO because of where they stand currently is respect to Tackles and the Bengals have none.
  7. Seeing what others are paying tackles and then seeing what the contract details for Hart actually are, I believe this signing is smart and quite shrewd. If we are being real to ourselves the reason most are miffed at the Bengals situation in respect to Free Agency is because we haven't signed anybody from another team. That is just my take. For the record If I'm running the Bengals I sure as hell am not paying any LB what these fools are paying these guys. 14-16 Million a year on a Linebacker? Please that is goofy. I know we need LB's but I'd rather draft them. They aren't game changers. Edited by SF2: Dont put political bullshit on the football board.
  8. lol. Not playing the victim. Exactly how am I supposed to prove that I have had conversations? Tell that player to come on here and back me up? lol. I'm not trying to prove to you anything. You and others can decide for yourselves. I really don't care. Whitworth leaving was and is a huge problem. Agree with you there.
  9. Fred is a veteran on this board so I suppose he has earned the respect of saying whatever he wants to say regardless of the merit. I should have known better than to say anything. It's like the Kiss of Death.
  10. Who's talking about having a hissy fit? And yes I do have a clue and I haven't made anything up. What makes you think I'm speculating? Ever occur to you that possibly some on this board are related/friends with current and past players? LOL at your arrogance. Then again I should have know after lurking here for years reading your posts. Good god quit acting like you have a clue as to what is going on and what some players may or may not think.
  11. Well IMO he could start by wiping off that silly ass smile when he throws a pick or bad pass. Look Andy is somewhat of a nerd. Probably a guy you'd want your daughter to marry. Definately no issues with him as a human being. I've seen enough of Andy in the last several years. You can get the same play from McCarron. There is no doubt in my mind about that. McCarron on the other hand has something different about him that guys gravitate toward. Whitworth made mention of this in McCarrons Rookie year. The bengals won't play McCarron though. It's not what they do. Besides you play him with this shit show of a line and doesn't perform well then you just lost any negotiation that you may have had prior. I would make a effort to Trade Dalton in the offseason and go from there.
  12. One Nation

    Fresh Insights? (Good, Bad, Ugly?)

    Personally, I don't think Ross is good enough. In Marvin speak with a Reporter I gathered that Ross just isn't good enough to warrant playing time. In the little time that I've seen him he doesn't pass the eye test. He is nothing more than a slot receiver in my mind. I hope to be wrong because I don't wish ill will on anyone but at this point I think Tobin and the braintrust missed on this pick.
  13. Wonder what it would take to get a Coach that brings discipline to this team. Watching Burfict and the other Ass Clowns on Defense yesterday is embarrassing. STFU and play the game. Every play we either celebrate/mouth off. It's absolutely annoying. Ran into a guy who runs the chains a couple weeks ago. Been doing it forever. Said this is the most out of shape Bengals football team of all time. That is on Marvin and the Culture that he has created.
  14. Defense: Safeties are terrible. And since they are signed for a a few more years this is annoying. Linebackers need to be Burfict and Vigil. Need to upgrade at Defensive End. Offense: Rex needs to be resigned. IMO he is our best back. He's fast and explosive and he catches the ball. Better than both Gio and Hill. Trade Andy. I don't dislike Andy but I'd rather go with AJ. Andy is at what $18 million and I believe this is the year we can get out from under that or trade him. Use the money to upgrade other places. Like Offensive Line. Draft/Free Agency: If Offensive line isn't considered with Free Agency this is our number 1 pick. Defensively it can be anywhere for all that matters. Just get guys that can get to the QB. Watching Ben yesterday with the time he had is absolutely destroying us.

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