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  1. Good riddance. While Ogbuehi was leaving the facility, the door was able to get around him and sack Dalton.
  2. CincyInDC

    Upcoming Movie Trailers

    If you want to see a political message, you're going to see one. This movie is for turning your brain off and enjoying the fight scenes and jokes about the 90's.
  3. What a nice feller. https://imgur.com/gallery/O2AJ7rM
  4. CincyInDC

    Health Care in America

    I cannot describe how disgusted this makes me.
  5. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

    I expect more than intellectual laziness from you. Who is advocating for less automobile regulation? I mean besides AAA and Detroit. Cars kill people so we ought not to regulate firearms? OK, pal.
  6. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

    Obama had better get cracking on taking those guns away, wouldn't you say?
  7. CincyInDC

    The Burfict Poll

    "I couldn't stay mad at you."
  8. CincyInDC

    Who Dey in the UK

    Free advice: buy tickets before the scalpers gobble them up.
  9. Whenever Thom says, "Truly the greatest country in the world" it just rubs me wrong.
  10. CincyInDC

    Who's the next HC?

    I came here to post this. Damn you!
  11. CincyInDC

    Shane Waldron (1/4)

  12. Now watch him get a gig in Cleveland or somewhere and take them all the way because Ol' Musty isn't there to undermine him.
  13. You doubled up on my guesses... 3rd post in this topic.

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