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  1. Why guess? Unless he was stuffing bats in his mouth in a Thai wet market, he got it from another human being because they weren't socially distancing. In fact, he was actively encouraging people to *not* socially distance and to *not* wear a mask, thereby aiding the spread. In human culture this is considered a dick move. Even given his lack of social distancing, if he had been wearing a mask while interacting with the person who infected him, his illness and death could have been avoided. His odds would have definitely been better. But I guess that's one less vote for the Cheeto.
  2. I read on the dark web a hooker paid for by Vladimir Putin gave it to him.
  3. If he and everyone around him had masked up and followed social distancing guidelines, the probability of Covid getting him would have been substantially reduced. Instead, he encouraged large gatherings without protection, thereby aiding the spread. This is a pretty clear case of Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.
  4. Whenever Dalton plays, the quarterback position becomes Schrödinger's QB. We don't know how important the QB position is until we know the results of the game. If we lose, Dalton isn't good enough to play the sport's most important position. If we win, the position is not quite as important as if we lose.
  5. If I have learned anything from being friends with Jamie on Facebook, it's don't bother being a bro to him because he's just one of these.
  6. Sorry for your loss. You're set to become the patriarch now. Be the man to your kids that your dad was to you. Focus on that and you won't feel as lost.
  7. John Oliver will never shut up about this.
  8. You certainly mean 5 SB appearances in the next 3 years, correct?
  9. CincyInDC

    POTUS 2020

    Having to choose Trump or Biden is like the South Park analagy of the giant douche and the turd sandwich. Except the turd sandwich is actively trying to kill many of us as he can while wiping his diarrhea-caked ass with the Constitution.
  10. Even if you don't speak German, these guys are better than collinsworth. "Aaron Rogers ist ne coole Sau." "Aaron Rogers is a cool sow."
  11. Might have been able to win that playoff game (we were leading at the half, no?) had he manned up, stuck around on the sidelines, and gave them something to fight for. But we'll never know because deep down he was always a quitter.
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