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  1. Whose leg was Rick's hand resting on?
  2. CincyInDC

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    HOLY CRAP I know that guy. I mean not the person pictured, rather the one in the description. BUT I do know some really OUTSTANDING FUCKING exceptions, which pleases me greatly.
  3. CincyInDC

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    You can tell it's sincere because it's wearing a flag.
  4. CincyInDC

    Hard Knocks 2013

    The funny guy who drew a dick on the overhead. Best rookie skit ever.
  5. It's like he was supposed to give a book report but didn't read the fucking book.
  6. CincyInDC

    Hard Knocks 2013

    Margus Hunt
  7. CincyInDC

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    Look what this liberal rag has to say about the Russia investigation. Mueller’s Latest Indictments Show That ‘Witches’ Are Very Real By David French July 13, 2018 4:09 PM
  8. Hard Knocks from 2013 just showed up in my video feed off NFL.com. Not sure it this is new, but here you go, you blyatiful bastards... Episode 1 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0093-98495c0a1e30 Episode 2 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0093-9851b3d27b72 Episode 3 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0093-98524e656b14 Episode 4 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0093-98615325483b Episode 5 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0093-986299a1fd7d
  9. CincyInDC

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Free naps! Get your free naps right here! TBH they aren't free. You have to drop the N-Bomb first, lol.
  10. CincyInDC

    Regarding Spam on the Board ( and racist crap)

    Hey guys, how's your dumpster fire going?
  11. A friend of mine broke his wrist yesterday. He gets operated on tomorrow. Minimum 3 weeks off work. He won't pay a dime for the procedure and he won't miss a paycheck. Single payer FTW.
  12. CincyInDC

    Space Force

  13. Believe it? I'm sure plenty of people have worked themselves up into a froth over it.

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