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  1. Mayweather vs McGreggor

  2. Guns in America

  3. Guns in America

    Please please please. It's fewer guns, not less guns. Carry on.
  4. Age discrimination

    Age discrimination is a real thing in Germany (where I live), but as yet there's no real solution. Once someone hits a certain age he or she just grows roots and stays put and glides to retirement.
  5. I realize I post a lot in this forum

    Keep posting please, @oldschooler. That is all.
  6. Andy Dalton: "Nobody's perfect except Jesus"

    I like him better when he's throwing touchdown passes.
  7. The odds are set based on how people are betting. It's not Vegas, it's the bettors.
  8. Trump/Russia Investigation

    he'd also like to show us his tax returns!
  9. Guns in America

    amnesty for giving them back; make the penalty for using a gun in a crime bad enough that people will think twice.
  10. Guns in America

    Here's something I posted in 2012 with a few new ideas Step 1: define "responsible gun ownership." To have a gun license you must: attend serious safety/training courses score adequately on a difficult written test (law, safe gun handling, first aid) score adequately on a difficult practical test (weapon proficiency, safe gun handling, first aid) these difficult tests must be impossible to pass without substantial preparation psych evaluation says ok pay fees re-test every five years senility or inability to control your weapons loses you your license no license? no gun. you may sell it to a licensed individual or the feds will buy it back with money from step 2 Step 2: tax the crap out of new guns, bullets, and bullet-making materials; use the money for a buyback-program Step 3: re-fund basic gun research (not ballistics research) Step 4: all guns must be insured Step 5: failing to responsibly own your gun makes you a liable accomplice if your weapon is used in a crime or simply liable if discharged accidentally. I don't care if it was stolen; you need to be responsible with this shit. Get a safe; get bars on your windows; it's your responsibility to ensure your guns don't get used for crime. Step 6: using a loaded or unloaded firearm to commit a crime gets you some ridiculous minimum sentence...I dunno, 20 or 30 years. Using an unlicensed gun to commit a crime adds a LOT to the sentence. Step 7: make room in the prisons by releasing minor drug offenders Step 8: pimpslap anyone who says "criminals simply won't follow these rules." Criminals don't follow the law by definition, idiot. Just because some assholes drive without a license, should we eliminate the driving license requirement? FUCK NO. None of this can happen at the federal level nor at the state level without a constitutional amendment, though. So don't worry, gun lovers.
  11. Guns in America

    Moar GUNS is the answer. https://mattbors.com/blog/2013/01/23/gun-safety-with-harry-hollow-point/
  12. I'm not sure why you think I'm on the democrats' side. But by all means, keep praying.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of, "doing something is better than doing nothing."
  14. Just to keep us all on the same page... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_fallacy

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