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  1. They are looking like they don't deserve it.
  2. All you have to go is go to GABP as a Reds fan when the cubs come to town.
  3. Because their fans are unbearable cockbags.
  4. I'll be at the Keg. Let me know if you'll be joining -- I'll increase the reservation.
  5. The game will start at 2:30 or 3:30 AM Monday my time, so I'll get up early (like 6:00 AM) and watch from the beginning. Should be able to blow through commercials and some stupid commentary at least.
  6. My thoughts? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck But thanks for posting the info.
  7. Science, FTW? I'll be upgrading databases then I'll probably go to the pub down the road to watch NFL in public.
  8. Boycott

    I thought I saw a bunch of cowboy players kneeling a week or two ago? Did I imagine that?
  9. always such a Bengals hater
  10. Good: it's the bye week. Hopefully we get some players back for the next game.
  11. Bud and Miller lite are hardly beer. Still more money than it's worth.
  12. Guns in America

    USN doesn't care much for Fred, and I assume it stands for Fuck You, You Narcissistic Fuck. I'm not sure if Fred kicked USN's dog or fucked his wife, but it was pretty bad apparently.
  13. Lawson loses teefth

    Good attitude but man, teeth don't grow on trees.

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