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  1. I watched the game from a hotel room on my laptop tethered to an iPhone. It was 2 AM when Pratt caught the interception, and I was the guy just staring off into space unable to process that ultimate feeling of relief.
  2. Two wrongs finally made a right. I can live with this, but yes the rule needs to be examined as well as the brain of the official who blew the whistle.
  3. I'm from there. I promise it's very easy to leave. roughly where in town is he? i.e. Collinsworth, not your cousin?
  4. I read somewhere that the Colts haven't won in Jacksonville since 2014. Amazing what you find on the Internet. I should double-check that. EDIT: Wikipedia says it's true.
  5. The evidence before the court is incontrovertible there's no need for the jury to retire...
  6. After he surprise snapped it to the tight end he can just shut the fuck up about this kind of shit.
  7. You posted that already. Why do you get my hopes up?
  8. Hey guys, Here's a hotel for you halfway between Cincinnati and DC. https://goo.gl/maps/CEkTP32LvL224ajS8
  9. Before the internet we had to make our own pretend boobs to look at with the Land o' Lakes butter box. You'd cut the knees out with an exacto blade and put them where the Mammaries go. It was a simpler time.
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