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  1. I saw that movie in the theater in Columbus in '96 and I don't remember cheering.
  2. I'm already on a streaming service from the NFL and it generally leaves something to be desired. I hope it improves
  3. Bob Evans? What, did Bill Napp's go under?
  4. t.co links often don't work for me, so here's a link directly to the article. https://trenchwarfare.substack.com/p/the-trench-warfare-film-room-featuring-63d
  5. There are far more effective ways to reduce the number of abortions in the US than outright banning it. But the shitstains banning it aren't actually interested in reducing the number of abortions. They just want more rabid fanatics.
  6. It's not necessarily consensual, even if she says it is. Her telling the truth might be risking a beating (or worse) for herself or a loved one. Just sayin'. Carry on.
  7. I read he was supposed to cut the federal gas tax for 3 months, which is pretty much useless -- in fact it's probably counter productive.
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