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  1. so a) I forgot the game was on today so I started watching from the beginning and 2) I saw that opening drive touchdown and couldn't get the least bit excited. And now i know why. sheesh.
  2. Plus if a coach is out of challenges it enures the potentially most important 2 minutes get a fairer shake, assuming you believe in NFL fairness.
  3. Mathew McConaughey was rolling a booger in that Lincoln commercial, wasn't he?
  4. Dre was actually trying to tackle there. I'll let it pass.
  5. That was Andy's fault, right? I mean, everything is, so...
  6. Kind of sad and happy since his life got turned around. https://eu.cincinnati.com/story/sports/mlb/reds/2019/09/29/what-happens-when-pro-athlete-clinically-depressed-ask-danny-graves/2128637001/
  7. https://sports.theonion.com/cleveland-browns-gearing-up-to-punt-ball-down-opponents-1819575002
  8. I haven't heard him say, "Truly the greatest country in the world" yet.
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