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  1. CincyInDC

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Legit question: are people still upset about Roseanne? I keep seeing stuff on Facebook, and it surprises me because we're supposed to be onto the next stupid thing already.
  2. CincyInDC

    NFL unanimously passes National Anthem policy

    Well this should fix everything.
  3. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

    Just putting this here. Thanks for those thoughts and prayers, people. Keep 'em coming. If for no other reason than that they make you feel better.
  4. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

    Elflocko and Pani Elflocko cut the mustard in the tour guide area of things.
  5. They did a segment on trump's doctor on Bavarian Public News Radio yesterday. I facepalmed all the way home...
  6. How not to tackle:
  7. Can he keep #9? It's not like that number has special meaning in Cincinnati or anything.
  8. Did anyone see Paul Alexander in the cowboys war room?
  9. CincyInDC

    Mayweather vs McGreggor

  10. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

  11. CincyInDC

    Guns in America

    Please please please. It's fewer guns, not less guns. Carry on.
  12. CincyInDC

    Age discrimination

    Age discrimination is a real thing in Germany (where I live), but as yet there's no real solution. Once someone hits a certain age he or she just grows roots and stays put and glides to retirement.
  13. CincyInDC

    I realize I post a lot in this forum

    Keep posting please, @oldschooler. That is all.
  14. CincyInDC

    Andy Dalton: "Nobody's perfect except Jesus"

    I like him better when he's throwing touchdown passes.
  15. The odds are set based on how people are betting. It's not Vegas, it's the bettors.

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