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  1. Even if you don't speak German, these guys are better than collinsworth. "Aaron Rogers ist ne coole Sau." "Aaron Rogers is a cool sow."
  2. Might have been able to win that playoff game (we were leading at the half, no?) had he manned up, stuck around on the sidelines, and gave them something to fight for. But we'll never know because deep down he was always a quitter.
  3. I can easily imagine the media calling it that if Dalton is still on the roster.
  4. does a quarterback controversy put butts in seats? serious question -- I don't know the answer.
  5. CincyInDC


    Sometimes I think it might be better to let the virus run roughshod through the population because even though there will be more deaths that would have otherwise been preventable, it will disproportionately kill people people like Hughes.
  6. CincyInDC

    POTUS 2020

    I think the DNC is just fine with this. They keep control away from progressive elements in the party, even though they won't win the general election.
  7. CincyInDC

    POTUS 2020

    so it's going to come down to a senile retiree or an orange cheetoh who sold us out to corporate america?
  8. CincyInDC


    KY Fish and Wildlife should consider doing that regularly to keep the Ohio Navy from clogging up I-75 on the weekends. Don't they have lakes in Ohio?
  9. CincyInDC


    hey, did you guys see the press conference yesterday?
  10. CincyInDC


    They are not doing the same thing. Beshear's measures are intended to keep that from happening. What you require as proof presupposes his failure, which is kind of funny if you think about it.
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