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  1. CincyInDC

    Big Loss Against the Saints

  2. Inside info or wishful thinking?
  3. Good: Turned off the TV when Brees scored with 8 seconds left in the half. Shitshow or dumpster fire? I can't even tell what that was.
  4. because they might not go for it anyway?
  5. Cool. Respect for learning a new language.
  6. just watched the play. Reid could have detonated the rapist, had he chosen to. Sad. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=25220728
  7. CincyInDC

    Proud boys and alt right

    I understood that. Fartknocker.
  8. CincyInDC

    Whining Stealers

    Sounds like you've been watching Urinating Tree.
  9. CincyInDC

    Whining Stealers

    I guess it's nevertheless at times like these I miss @BlackJesus being a mod. 
  10. CincyInDC

    Whining Stealers

    It's at times like these I miss @BlackJesus being a mod.
  11. I kind of want a lot of games to end in a tie, so the league does something different that what we have now.
  12. Dumb dumb dumb going for two
  13. I forgot the London Sillynannies were playing.

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