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  1. weird. Enjoy Texas, Paul.
  2. you forgot "key to the Gatorade fridge"
  3. Shame. I wanted to see another draw.
  4. I think it's kind of a dumb idea but that doesn't mean I won't take advantage of the opportunity.
  5. If he did something besides clap we wouldn't have to make fun of him for that.
  6. I'd really like to believe you're wrong, and I'd really like a million euros to fall into my lap.
  7. What Changes?

    I like that Marvin explicitly mentioned protecting Andy (i.e., O-Line). I'm really keen to see what they do to achieve this. "Losing" the 2 OTs for the final 2 games was a step in the right direction, but in the Baltimore game there were a few times a safety or linebacker came right up the middle untouched. And one of those times absolutely detonated Andy.
  8. No better place for this I guess.
  9. Coaching Staff Changes

    Yeah, it ain't the National Hopscotch League.
  10. Coaching Staff Changes

    Not saying it's a bad thing but Tice was a massive prick on Hard Knocks when they did the Falcons.
  11. Excluding participants in this board is probably a bad idea at this point. Turds can be dealt with on an as-needed basis but to outright exclude people willing to engage using this dying medium is definitely not a "good thing." Should we all get off your lawn, too? :-P
  12. Squeeler coach Haley injured in bar ...

    Team full of thugs.
  13. Coaching Staff Changes

    Who here thinks that Marvin is forced to accept personnel decisions from the F.O. which are not grounded in football reasons? Examples: draft picks, inactive list, starters...

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