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  1. LMFAO AB pushed off on Newman and Newman called for the hold
  2. lol for some reason I have a hard time buying those or even going to the casino nowadays but I don't think twice before dropping the $$$ on random games that I don't care about. It actually makes days like today more exciting for me since typically a Jags/Titans game wouldn't mean shit to my life
  3. HAHAHAAHAHAHA FUCK YOU JUSTIN TUCKER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA edit: sorry, just had to put this somewhere
  4. All I need is the Vikings to decide to score, the Cards to play like an NFL team, the AFCS teams to each score 20 points in the 2nd half, and the Bears to overcome a 21 point deficit. Seems realistic enough
  5. I'm watching because I have the over lol I've got PIN/MINN on my TV since it's local, CLE/BAL and AZ/IND on my PC screens, keeping tabs on the others via my app. I've decided to give up on caring about the Bengals until Marv is fired so I went the direction of wreckless betting on this bullshit sport
  6. I guess this should go here. I'll probably bitch about 20 more times before the game is done butttttt Anyone watching MINN/PIT? Xavier Rhodes just tugged on AB's jersey on a go route (d-holding) but got called for fucking pass interference. lol okay sure that makes sense
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