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  1. Have fun on a dying board. No wonder people leave in droves each year. Good Ol' Boys Club holding it down.
  2. Don't worry, you'll be seeing as much of me as you have in the past week. This place is the "NO ARGUMENT ALLOWED ZONE" or else I get dorks like you and a few others crying that they can't believe someone is arguing on an internet message board. OH THE HORROR REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. Nah I'm done trying to have civil arguments with you now because you decided to go full jerkoff mode instead of just refuting my points or agreeing to disagree like I suggested in the other thread. Seriously. I suggested we agree to disagree and I pointed out our difference in opinion in a pretty clear, concise manner....and you HAD to make a dumb fuck smart ass comment back? Cool dude, if that's how you want it I'm plenty capable of dishing it back to ya.
  4. I was pointing out an inaccuracy. Cry about it dude, Jesus man you've become quite the baby lately(?). "PEOPLE ON A MESSAGE BOARD SAID I WAS WRONG THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO DO THIS OR THAT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
  5. Come on man, you make comments more than most people here about injured players and whatnot. It's bullshit if you think Glenn and Eifert are the only 2 players you've ever made these kinds of comments about. No strawman, just taking patterns I've seen from you over the past year or two and pointing them out. I'm not saying you're an idiot asshole for thinking that way, just that we'll have to disagree because IMO the Glenn trade was a great move by the FO. Un-bunch the panties, I wasn't even being rude I was just pointing out how we have different takes on formerly injured players a lot of the time on here and I doubt either of us is going to magically change our mind at this point.
  6. I get it, you're super pessimistic about any player that has been injured in the recent past. I'm not, I've seen enough players come back at a high level after injury where I'm not going to complain all offseason about a GOOD move that the front office has finally made. When is the last time we've signed or traded for a good to great player that's not way over the hill or a complete reclamation project? This is a rarity that we can finally get excited about as fans but you can't even be slightly optimistic about it? I don't know what else to tell you, we can just agree to disagree I guess.
  7. I don't think we can't draft one, just less likely now that we only need 1 tackle instead of 2. We also need OC, OG, LB, S, DT, and a few other positions could be addressed too. Can't take em all early ya know? I would probably trust a lot of the projected 1-3 round RTs over Bobby Hart but we shall see who's actually on the roster over the summer.
  8. Just saw the comment. I haven't been on much in the past week so I was going down and reading through the first page of threads. I was just saying if you were suggesting Burfict was in Ben's head to cause the INT that it's probably incorrect since it was a fresh QB in the game. Would I be more or less wrong about my thoughts if I posted it right after you did? I don't see the difference whether I posted an hour or a month afterwards.
  9. I don't know about "easily". Baker ($2.43m cap hit) + Pacman ($5.78m cap relief) + Johnson ($4.987m cap relief) = $13.197 so it's not quite there plus that's replacing 3 players with 1 Suh so that's 2 more roster spots worth of cap space that you have to add in even if they're league minimum guys. Plus Suh took less to go to the LA Rams. He was offered more elsewhere so his Bengals price was almost 100% not $14m. This isn't the place people dream of playing for the weather, owner, or recent winning. "Easily" is quite the stretch when you look at all the facts of the situation. I'd love Suh on this team but it's not really so simple to get there.
  10. Yeah if the team wants Harrison and doesn't feel like he'd make it to our 2nd rounder (Packers picking right before us in the 2nd need safety help desperately), I wouldn't be all that surprised to see that in the late first round. I'd rather them take someone else at #21 and then trade up a spot or two above the Packers in the early 2nd to grab a safety if that's the plan though. We have some decent picks this year so I won't rule out a trade back up but I highly doubt it. We typically never trade up in the 1st and I think they just see who's available and take BPA at 21. If the guys they want are gone, they're gone, I can't see Mike Brown trying to guess where James and others are going to be drafted and try to jump ahead of those teams. He doesn't seem to like to use his resources that way. WTS I'd be totally fine with trading up for a really good safety like James, just not sure it would happen. Ehhh it's not like we've never seen him play and he's looked pretty much terrible on the field. We took Bodine in the 4th round and started him for a few years, I don't think we need to take a Center at 21 for him to be guaranteed the starting job. I can imagine any C we take in the first 4 rounds has a very good chance of being our starter in 2018.
  11. ain't that the truth Do people in LA just hate football? Both of the LA teams had shit attendance at home last season and both teams were pretty good.
  12. I think there's a huuuuge difference between betting on Glenn and Hart. One guy was highly regarded coming out of college, has proven for many years that he can be top tier at his position in the NFL, and is coming off an injury. The other guy is also coming off an injury but that's where the comparisons stop. Bobby Hart wasn't a great prospect and also hasn't proven that he can be a good tackle at the NFL level. I think we HAVE to draft another OT in the 2nd or 3rd round and pencil them in to start unless Hart beats the guy out before the season begins.
  13. No because that was Landry Jones that threw the pick?
  14. I think you either meant to respond to someone else or that you've got people's names mixed up in this thread. My points have been nothing like what you said here lol The fact is that the odds shifted because people are throwing money at the Browns as a dark horse and unless the Bengals have 3-5 straight playoff seasons we don't see much action from bettors. That's the reason the odds shifted, not because the Browns are being seen as a good team and that we suck. People just don't really bet on the Bengals much especially when we're coming off a mediocre year. The ranking of SB odds isn't 100% a list of the best to the worst team. Yes, typically better teams have better odds, but that's not always the case depending on where the money is coming in to the sportsbook.
  15. It's just illogical to even bring up a huge underdog in the NCAA tournament in this conversation. Don't know why you'd do it, but if you want to look like a goofball then feel free to continue. It's VERY telling that you made that kind of post instead of refuting my points BTW.
  16. Most teams don't have 2 quality LTs either. The trade made sense on both sides. We have an out with $0 dead money after this year if his foot ends up a long term issue and the Bills cleared some cap space and moved up in the draft. There's no way the Bills trade him if they didn't have another good LT on their roster. It's not like he was traded for being a terrible teammate or having a bad contract. If Glenn ends up playing a full season here this is going to look like one of the best trades the organization has ever made. We have him locked up for under $10m per year for 2019 and 2020 as long as those injuries are behind him. That's really cheap for a good LT nowadays and contracts are going to keep getting bigger and bigger over the next few years.
  17. Right, I understand that but I'm just saying when the odds move it's only because people aren't throwing money at Cincinnati sports right now. The Browns and some other teams are being forced to higher odds due to bettors trying to make a buck with their dark horse picks. There's honestly nothing more to it than that when it comes to the reason why the Browns have better odds than us right now. I don't think it's ridiculous that the Browns odds are increasing as there's nothing more to that than people betting on them. Do I think those people betting on the Browns to win the SB are dumb? Absolutely! I'll agree with you on that much.
  18. Or ya know, just the fact that the people who bet aren't throwing piles of money at the Bengals right now. Nothing less, nothing more. That's literally the sole reason for the line being what it is right now. People are putting way too much thought into this.
  19. Yeah they have to set the lines but it's not an exact order of who they think are legitimately the best NFL teams. Look at the Cowboys, only 4 or 5 teams had higher odds of winning the SB when the lines for 2018 opened. That's because people historically throw money at "AMERICAS TEAM" over a lot of the others.
  20. ^^^ Reading through threads like this can give you a headache if you understand how things actually work It sort of is Vegas in the sense that they set the lines with how they think people are going to bet, but when you see things happen like the Browns line moving so much, that's 100% to do with the bettors.
  21. What does that even mean? No shit they didn't have faith in a huge underdog. The Browns can (and have) beat the Patriots before but it doesn't mean there should be good odds for it to happen. Do you honestly think that bettors were "wrong" for putting their money on a team that should theoretically win 9 out of 10 times? I swear that some people just want to be as illogical and dense as fucking possible 24/7.
  22. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think some dude on NFL.com made a random comment about Rankin possibly being better at C than at G or T and it seems it ended up spilling into other areas now but it's nothing more than just a random thought that a single analyst was speculating on. Haven't heard any quotes or thoughts that Rankin will be anything but an OT from scouts or other analysts before Lance Zierlein mentioned it and now other outlets are running with it.
  23. I'd be willing to bet that Frank Ragnow and Billy Price both have a better 2018 than any C available right now. Obvious exception would be if they suffer a freak accidental injury or something of course. But yeah, I know you hate draft picks but you're going to have to deal with seeing at least 1 rookie on our line this year. It's not always a bad thing to start rooks
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