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  1. No, I never said a single time that we need to take a consensus first rounder or I'm upset. You're just making strawman after strawman. When did we take Carlos, Geno, Vontaze, Chad, or Andy with our #9 overall pick? I care more about what I think of a guy than what the national media has to say about them, you should probably read back a couple pages and see where this debate came from before starting your bullshit. This entire post of yours is extremely illogical and doesn't follow along with anything I've been saying at all.
  2. Holy fuck, can you not read? I never said anything about us taking him or not. Just that Ross wasn't a consensus top pick. I used Garrett and Adams as examples because they were a couple guys that were considered top 10 guys pre and post combine. There are a lot of players who weren't consensus 1st rounders, Ross is one of them. You can come to terms with that or argue until you're blue in the face, but it doesn't make you right. Nobody is crying that we didn't somehow end up with Myles Garrett, he was simply used as an example of a guy that didn't have a jump in rankings by multiple outlets. Your little chart up there shows that Ross did jump due to the combine. It's funny how they try to qualify it by claiming that the places that had him lower "were not as familiar with him". Or maybe they just didn't think his tape was as good as the others. Maybe? Nah, that can't be it. JOHN ROSS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah man, my entire point. Do you know what CONSENSUS means? I said he wasn't a consensus 1st rounder/top prospect. Consensus. He wasn't Myles Garrett or Jamal Adams. That's the point. Comprehend now? IMO you should be cautious of guys that jump purely due to the combine like Ross did on many big boards, rankings, and mocks. You are 100% free to disagree with that opinion but it does NOT change the fact that Ross wasn't a consensus top pick.
  4. Yeah those people on certain other boards are more reputable than Mel Kiper. Lol limited knowledge, is that really all you guys have that can't disprove what I'm saying? Confirmation bias - check Don't provide any facts of your own - check Tell me I'm limited in knowledge - check
  5. I'm not even 100% sure what Kroger is but I guess I work there since my football knowledge is so shitty that I recall John Ross not being mentioned as a 1st rounder or a top 10 pick by every single media outlet that exists. I've shown multiple, legitimate outlets that prove that John Ross wasn't a consensus 1st rounder or top prospect pre-combine. I don't need to prove any more on that front. People can refuse to believe it all they want, fuck it.
  6. He was #41 on Kiper's big board pre-combine. #14 and then #21 in Kiper's updates after. Todd McShay had him #32 on his big board pre-combine. #20 after. The fucking point that no one seems to fucking understand is that I've been saying all along to be cautious of guys that fucking jump in rankings purely due to the fucking combine. If a single human being could comprehend and debate my actual point instead of just making condescending remarks about how my football knowledge is shitty or I don't follow the draft or that I work at Kroger, that would be amazing.
  7. Naw man, I've just said over and over and over and over that he wasn't a consensus 1st rounder so I don't know why people are trying to act like he was now that the Bengals drafted him with a premium draft pick. If you want to keep putting words into my mouth and not fully understand what my argument is, that's on you brother. I'm not saying John Ross is dogshit or that no one in the universe had him ranked highly, it just wasn't a slam dunk, everybody on earth agrees kind of situation like how Solomon Thomas, Myles Garrett, Jamal Adams, etc. were both before and after the combine. Hopefully you'll choose to actually argue against what I'm saying the next time you choose to come into my "safe space" for debate.
  8. OL OL back to back bayybaaayyyyyy
  9. A few guys seem to have the same posting style. Instead of debating they just mention how other fans don't know anything and how people that argue with them have a shitty job. It's really weird, no one has even once assumed how good/bad my career path is on any of the other sports boards I've been a part of. On here it's happened more than once this week hahahahaha and to be honest, I'm from western Pennsylvania, I don't even know what the fuck Kroger is
  10. Why the constant personal attacks when somebody proves you wrong? All you had to say was "OK so he wasn't a consensus 1st rounder but a lot of reputable guys had him as a top 20 prospect at least." Nope, fuck that, let's talk about our superior football knowledge and assume the person I'm arguing with has a shitty job. I'm sure you're a role model for many.
  11. Okay but we're talking about him being mocked in the 1st round or not. That's literally the conversation we were having. Move them goalposts some more and Mike Brown may hire you at PBS.
  12. Bengals fan knowledge is absolutely embarrassing. I'm in agreement with you on that front, just not sure we're talking about the same people. Anyhoo, I don't know man, I didn't hear a single thing about John Ross at @9 overall until he ran real fast at the combine, and he wasn't in every single 1st round pre-combine mock. That's all I'm saying, he wasn't a "consensus" 1st rounder. Dane Brugler - didn't have him mocked in the 1st AFTER the combine Rob Rang - didn't have him mocked in the 1st AFTER the combine Pete Prisco - didn't have him mocked in the 1st AFTER the combine Pete Schrager - John Ross @30 overall Fanragsports - Not in 1st Chatsports - Not in 1st TheDraftster - Not in 1st WCBNSports - #17 overall isportsweb - #18 overall Walter - #18 overall TheMockDraftCentral - #19 overall TheGruelingTruth - Not in 1st SlantSports - Not in 1st I just took Google search results from anywhere that had a website that regularly does mock drafts and looked at what they had pre-combine. I'm sure you'll just blow them all off, but my point is just that not everyone was slotting Ross into the 1st round pre-combine. It's a flat out lie to say otherwise regardless of your continuous personal attacks and confirmation bias.
  13. Yep and I don't think anyone would argue with that. Someone was taking him in the first round for sure. I think the point a lot of us are trying to make it that you have to be cautious of some of these guys that "jump" post-combine. He wasn't a consensus 1st rounder pre-combine and he absolutely, unequivocally was NOT a consensus top 10 pick at any point, even after he ran fast in spandex. I don't understand why people are just making stuff up and pretending things were different. Can anyone show me their post on this board about how we should consider John Ross at #9 before the combine? I'd like to see that. I'm not even sure if Jason (one of his biggest supporters) was on board before that.
  14. Stupidity is saying he was a "consensus" 1st rounder. What the rational people that aren't lazy are saying is that there are plenty of mocks with him outside of the 1st round as well as the ones cherry picked with him as a 1st rounder from the other pages of this thread. It's real easy for you to claim you're right when the only sources that matter are the ones that YOU feel "knows shit" because of confirmation bias.
  15. Holy shit, I'll punch myself right in the dick if this happens. I must say I lol'd at one of the quotes. "One team that I'm told has given Ross a clean bill of health is the Cincinnati Bengals, and the receiver is in the conversation for the ninth pick of the draft. His knees were given the green light by their doctors" LOL well hey, as long as the great Bengals medical staff that we all know and love are giving him the green light, why isn't everyone else? Seeing a guy we may take with a top 10 draft pick and "combine superstar" and "injuries" all throughout the report sounds about right. Fuck us, right?
  16. I'm bummed thinking about how we passed Jonathan Allen. I know he has his injury issues too but I honestly thought he would have fit our scheme better than any other player in this entire draft and we actually had the chance to take him. His skillset looks to transition very well to the NFL and the Bengals d-line rotation would have been the absolute perfect spot for him to land IMO. Oh well, let's hope Ross stays healthy and learns how to beat the bump n run.
  17. As cool as it would be to pick up a guy like Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon because of their ability and the fact that Jeremy Hill has sucked lately, can we get some gawd dang O-LINE help?!?!?!?! No? Oh okay, skill positions it is! You get a skill position and you get a skill position, EVERYBODY GETS A SKILL POSITION ON OFFENSE!!! /too lazy to make the meme and post it
  18. The GOOD news about Ross is that he has at least 1 or 2 physical press CBs to practice against. It's good for him that he went to a team that can help him with his biggest weakness (IMO). His routes aren't great, sure he could break in half at any minute, but I'm MUCH more concerned with his ability to beat any reasonably physical NFL corner, and that's something I've been saying for a long time now. He can sharpen his routes and get lucky to avoid the injury bug, but it's going to be tough to teach him how to handle big, physical corners. It's not as easy as some around here are claiming for him to get around that.
  19. Ugh. It's not just because I didn't like the pick at #9, but because I like to base my arguments in reality. Anyone using 1 or 2 links to claim Ross was a "consensus 1st rounder" pre-combine is absolutely insane and just flat out lying. I did a quick Google search for "Pre-combine mock draft 2017" and the first 4 I found from at least semi-reputable sources had Ross @30 overall, not in the 1st round, not in the 1st round, and not in the 1st round respectively. 1 of the 4 had him go in the 1st and it was to Shitsburgh. Just sayin' this "consensus 1st rounder pre-combine" talk is 100% bullshit. I'm sure there have been a few mocks floating around that had him in the 1st, but they are few and far between pre-combine. It's fine if you liked the pick, just don't fucking lie about it to make it seem better, that's silly. There are plenty of real arguments you could be making for Ross' case that aren't made up out of thin air.
  20. He never said that. Nice strawman. Again. I don't see what the big deal is with guys that have actually been discussing the nuances of these guys tape having an opinion on the quality of the pick. You haven't even been talking about this stuff, all you seem to want to do is show up occasionally to tell everyone how stupid they are. How about defending Ross BEFORE the Bengals pick him, like a guy like Jason does?
  21. Honestly, you're cute and all that but I don't agree with you . You have An opinion that I am not comfortable with. Fixt it for you as well.
  22. Yes because the Bengals empty trophy case proves that their decision making should never be questioned. Not 1 person that is complaining has asked for a small framed speed receiver. Stop the strawman bullshit.
  23. Are they trying to get someone to compete with Eifert to see who can hit the IR faster? Tyler has a solid head start but I'm sure Ross can figure out a way to get hurt for the 37th time in 4 years.
  24. We passed a guy that is possibly the best defensive player for our scheme in the entire draft to take a guy that wasn't even being mentioned in the 1st round until he ran fast in his underwear. Lol fucking Bungled again
  25. This is dumb. Jonathan Allen will be a better pro than Ross by a country mile. What a dumb fucking pick.