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  1. Yeah I assumed anything remotely pro-Carson wouldn't go over very well here. Oh well. Everyone will see things from the perspective they wish to see things from just like politics and everything else in life that people argue about.
  2. The whole point was that anyone that has the "fuck Mike Brown" mindset should cheer Carson and not bash him as did exactly what so many fans talk about they supposedly do or want to do. Everyone wants to stick it to Mike but when a player does it people complain about it. If you aren't in that "fuck Mike Brown" crowd, then my post wasn't directed at you. As far as the Marvin/Carson thing goes, I'll see what I can find tomorrow morning and post it. Shouldn't be too hard for me to find some source material on that, I thought it was just common knowledge by Bengals fans. And yeah man, I totally hate the Bengals, that's why I pay so much attention to them and post on various message boards about them year round. I hate them so much I'm just a Carson fan and would have loved to see him win it all to give the ultimate "fuck you" to Mikey. I love the Bengals but Mike Brown is a cocksucker.
  3. Yeah I understand that we don't have a ton of great players, but there are some guys I feel don't get the recognition they deserve. Leon Hall was one of my favorites when he was here, Reggie Nelson and Marvin Jones are 2 other guys who I thought were good players that sports media completely ignored while they were here and they didn't get the love that some others got on Bengals message boards and whatnot. It's just a slow news period where we have to argue over whether Reggie Nelson was "good" or "kind of good" for something to do. I guess either way it doesn't matter as we both agree that taking Derwin James would be awesome at 12. Quenton Nelson was the guy I really wanted but with Sitton's option being declined by the Bears, I'd bet my house that they're locked in on Nelson with their top 10 pick.
  4. Yeah first of all I just want to point out that I agree with a lot of stuff you post on here in general and a lot of my posts sound more confrontational than I mean to write them when I read back on them, just to get that out of the way. I just get frustrated when I think people are undervaluing some of our guys that IMO did a lot while they were here. I do think we have different definitions of a playmaker. Of course Reed and Polamalu are playmakers, but you can't only call a guy a playmaker that's a future HOFer, that's just too high of standards in my book. Just because someone isn't Earl Thomas doesn't mean they weren't one of the better FS in the league for a few years straight. In my eyes Reggie was in that tier of FS behind Thomas/Berry/etc. He wasn't the top of elite guys but he was in that next "pretty damn good consistently" group. There were the consistently elite players, then there were always the guys having a standout year or two, and then there was that #5-10 best FS that I feel Reggie deserved to be in throughout that time period. He was only top 5 statistically 1 of those years (2nd team All Pro as well aka one of the best 4 safeties in football), but he was obviously better than about 20 or so other FS in the league most seasons. He was rarely assigned to blitz IIRC. I don't have the exact PFF numbers anymore but I know that we didn't really put him into those situations with any frequency. Sacks just aren't going to generate when you aren't rushing the guy. I don't know why we would judge a center fielder on sacks whenever he was excellent in coverage (much more important to his position) for most of his years in stripes. Amazing was a bit of an exaggeration on my part if you consider his entire career but I do think he was amazing for a 2 year stretch for us. There was no safety in the league with more PDs than Reggie from 2014 - 2015. You can consider playmaking to be only future HOF guys that rack up a ton of INTs, sacks, and fumbles, but I'll give guys a playmaker title if they're top tier in coverage if that's their main role as a defender. He also made a lot of pretty important plays for us so it's odd to me that of all guys, you don't seem to recall any of Reggie's big splash plays. Yeah, he doesn't have long weird hair and get covered by the media 24/7, but Nelson was a key defender on one of the best defenses in the league for a few straight seasons. I don't know man, I don't think Iloka and Williams both looking worse without Nelson is some sort of coincidence, they "declined" for an obvious reason. He may not have been "amazing" by Ed Reed standards but I think calling him "solid" and no better is an insult to what he did here.
  5. Lmfao wow. OR Maybe it's a case of people underrating their players because they can't give anyone fucking credit they deserve. How many free safeties "strike fear into offensive coordinators"? Seriously. If you have an OC that's gameplanning entirely around a FS, you have a shit tier OC. So you don't remember those clutch INTs against Pittsburgh? Like the one that got us into the playoffs in 2012? Maybe it's just you that can't recall anything because you refuse to admit that Reggie was an amazing safety here. That's a you problem if your memory sucks. "He averages less than a sack per season" is the stupidest thing and biggest reach I've heard in my life for someone bashing a FREE SAFETY in the NFL. Yeah, fuck the fact that he generates the kind of turnover that FS typically generate, let's bitch that he doesn't rack up a stat that he has little to do with. Do you even know how many times Reggie, a center fielder FS, blitzed opposed to dropping into coverage in his time here? Yeah, you probably don't because your memory sucks as outline above by yourself. The dude barely ever blitzed so where do you expect him to get all of these mythical sacks that center fielding safeties should be getting? I guess nobody remembers how Iloka was considered a high end safety when he was paired with Reggie and then his play "dropped off" magically when Nelson left. Or when Iloka hurt his groin and Shawn Williams came in to play SS in 2015 and played well enough to get a starting contract and then his play magically "dropped off" when he wasn't on the field with Reggie either. You're free to believe whatever you'd like, but if you say that Reggie Nelson wasn't a playmaking safety in his time here, you're not giving him the credit he deserves.
  6. I'm not going to touch on the other stuff because I basically agree with all of it. I just wanted to put the whole "Carson quit on us" in a different perspective and maybe you won't be so hard on the guy. You're one of the "fuck Mike Brown" guys, and that's awesome because, well, fuck Mike Brown. That's basically what Carson said too, so it blows my mind when other "fuck Mike Brown" fans turn around and bash Carson for being a quitter. The dude did exactly what all of us fans dream of doing, telling Mike Brown to shove it up his ass. CP said he'd rather retire than keep playing here, and let's not forget Marvin was supposed to be part of this big walk out too. Carson and Marvin both decided to tell Mike to fuck himself and they needed to see some serious changes or else they were leaving together. One guy stayed to kiss the ring and the other put his foot down and told Mikey boy to piss off. Shouldn't this section of fans that want to stick it to Mike Brown be cheering Carson for doing exactly that in such a huge way that actually affected his business? Carson was able to fuck this guy over that we all supposedly hate more than ANY of us could imagine fucking him over, yet we call him "the quitter" and other silly names. For me personally, I'm upset that Carson didn't leave here and win 5 SBs with a bunch of other teams just to stick it to Mike further.
  7. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Hell I just wish they'd restructure some contracts at times. Push some of the $$ a couple of years away when you know certain contracts will be coming off the books or your cap space will be more manageable so you can "go for it" in the current year. Look at what the Stealers are doing right now. They're pushing money around with DeCastro and a couple other contracts and moving them to later years. Conveniently enough, Ben's contract will be turning into a rookie QB contract around that same time. The Mike Brown apologists will laugh at how the Stealers are in "cap hell" while the Stealers will be laughing as they're in the playoffs winning games again and we're sitting at home. It sucks to watch those pieces of shit, of all teams, actually know how to run a franchise. Yes, they're not perfect and they don't win the SB every year, but they're sure as hell more competitive than us 98% of the time.
  8. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Yeah Sitton is a guy I'd love to have. Not extremely old, still plays at a high level and can play both guard spots, and could bring some veteran presence (well, GOOD vet presence) to the OL group. He shouldn't be extremely expensive but who knows with how NFL free agents get paid nowadays.
  9. In 2015 he led safeties in INTs and PDs = playmaker This is just another case of people not being able to say "oh shit I forgot about Reggie" but instead double down on their original inaccurate comment.
  10. The Bengals were willing to pay Whitworth close to that rate, but they weren’t going to give him anything beyond a one-year deal. According to ESPN’s Katherine Terrell, the Bengals only offered Whitworth a one-year deal worthup to $10 million with incentives.
  11. Where did you hear this and what source did it come from? I remember the Whit debacle pretty clearly myself and the official word from actual team sources came out saying we offered him a 1 year deal but wouldn't give the multi-year contract he was looking for. There was never a contract that Mike Brown "backed out of". Whitworth made the choice to leave because we wouldn't commit to him for more than 1 season at a time due to his age. We should have given him a contract similar to the Rams where there was a team out after year 1 and an even bigger one after year 2 of the 3 year deal. That's why Mike Brown is a dummy, not because he backed out of a contract that never existed.
  12. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sure we do, but how often does it actually happen? That's the point T-Dub made and has to make every year that everyone constantly talks about how we should "just trade back, that simple!". It's not though, you have to get something in return and have someone that wants to move up for a very specific reason, enough so to give up their resources to get your spot. Just because there was a year or two that we moved around in the draft doesn't mean we always do it or are going to again. The best way to look at a draft from a fan perspective is to look at the picks we actually have because you can't predict a trade. I think the team likes Billings and I'm a fan of his potential myself (the dude is still suuuper young and shows flashes of a great football player), but Vea would be a great pickup and I'd be totally fine with that. That'd be the only way I'd start to be OK with Billings just becoming a rotation guy. Otherwise he should get most of the snaps at NT. That's what I'm wondering myself. I've noticed a couple threads now where TimKrumrieFan mentions a "trade offer" or "we offered Whit X contract" that nobody else has ever heard of. Seems he hears rumors and sticks with them as fact for this sort of stuff as long as it fits the narrative.
  13. Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    To be honest, Mays gave us some good play for a couple seasons for what we gave up to get him. He played pretty well once they put him in that situational LB/S hybrid nickel role.
  14. Can they appeal this in general or is it 100% over now? I honestly don't think they should be going after the Browns but they should try to do something about this because it's bullshit. It was the fucking NFL that originally approved McCarron's status in his first year which would have made him a RFA this season due to that alone. They had him on the non-football injury list and instead of bringing him back after 6 weeks they had to get a LEAGUE APPROVED EXTENSION for him to stay on until they ended up activating him in December (?), which wouldn't have made him accrue a "season" to count toward his UFA/RFA status. I know it's fun to shit on Mike Brown and the Bengals, but the NFL approved the NFI extension to begin with so I don't see how this is Mikey's fault.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GTFO Lance, holy shit What if Andy doesn't break his thumb in the middle of an MVP caliber season? What if Gio doesn't fumble in 2013? What if Gresh doesn't drop those 3rd down passes in 2011-2012? What if Burfict/Jones don't get double flagged on the last drive in 2015? What if the entire offense doesn't get injured in 2014? What if Marvin Lewis was fired after 2010 or 2013 or 2014 or 2015 or 2016 or 2017? What if Paul Alexander was told to kick rocks 5 years ago? What if we didn't draft injured track stars? Hell that's just shit off the top of my head and only Bengals related within the past couple of years that are actual bigger "WHAT IF" situations than a guy that we've seen play QB "not get his chance here". Can you imagine if you actually thought about the entirety of Cincinnati sports history and how many bigger "what ifs" we have than AJ fucking McCarron not starting more games? OMEGALUL
  16. You hope he doesn't get overhyped, overpaid, go to a shitty team, and be worse than the QB of the team he left?
  17. Yeah there are always a couple of teams that come out of nowhere and others that aren't as good as advertised. Plus there's free agency + the draft to come. I like the looks of our home schedule for now at least, not so fond of the away games.
  18. I'd love to sit down and talk to some of these goofs that write articles for major sports publications that constantly take shots at Andy Dalton. I'm curious how much they've actually seen of him or if they're just parroting the narrative or getting more hits when they trash the guy. Andy is a good but not elite QB, plain and simple. If you actually watch this team play and see Andy Dalton as the problem, you're fucking blind.
  19. Lol but you compare guys by their position (backup QB not starting QB). Saying "we should pay our punter $10M because it's relatively cheap compared to starting CB contracts" would be stupid. It's totally fine to just admit what you said was wrong but I know that's extremely difficult for some people to do around here. If McCarron being the 2nd-3rd highest paid backup (behind a proven starter and a Super Bowl champion) and you're ready to die on the hill of it being "relatively cheap", then that's on you.
  20. Okay and A.J. Green's contract is pretty reasonable if you consider that Cody Core is only making $600k this year.....or something. You said AJM would be relatively cheap with a 1st round tender, you didn't say "AJ and Daltons contracts put together are cheaper than a lot of QB contracts", and I was just pointing out that the statement that you actually made is absolutely false. A 1st round tender makes him one of the highest paid backups in the league. I'd rather roll with a backup QB not much worse for $1-2M and put those extra couple million elsewhere. Every penny counts when you know we're going to be setting aside $20M for "future extensions + injury fund". A 1st round tender on a backup that has played like a backup is silly.
  21. It's not a popular opinion but I also think Fisher is worse than Ced. We shall see about the other stuff, I just don't think Ogbuehi has it in him to play LT at this level with much success. Hell he honestly wasn't even that good in college, he had a high grade on him due to potential more than anything.
  22. Lol I was joking because Ced didn't play at the end of last year. You probably remember him looking better because he was actually Clint Boling.
  23. Relatively cheap? His cap hit on a 1st round tender would be higher than any backup QB in the league that didn't just win the Super Bowl.
  24. I totally agree, I've never seen Ced look as good as he did in weeks 14 - 17 Edit - I meant 15 - 17

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