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  1. I've heard this a lot in the past couple of weeks now, but my question is....who doesn't? I want to see how many seasons and QBs we can come up with that have had great seasons with less than talented OL, receivers, and/or coaches. 2010 - Philip Rivers, the only non-OL player to start all 16 games that year. Only 2 of his o-linemen started 16 games as well. This was the year that SD players dropped like flies all through the season. His best offensive weapons in Antonio Gates missed 6 games, Vincent Jackson missed 10+, and his OL ranked around league average (run blocking slightly above average, pass blocking below average with 38 sacks). Clarence Shelmon was the OC of the team and this was his one and only gig as anything above a position coach in the NFL, he was pretty much a lifer at RB coach at the college and NFL levels. You'd think given the circumstances that Rivers would have shit the bed, hell, can you imagine having to be an NFL QB throwing to the likes of Legedu Naanee, Craig Davis, Randy McMichael, Seyi Ajirotutu, and Kelly Washington for a full season? Darren Sproles, Malcom Floyd, and Patrick Crayton were Rivers' best options outside of Gates for most of the season. Philip posted over 4700 passing yards that year with 30 TD to 13 INT, completed 66% of his passes, and had a 101.8 rating. The team went 9-7, but their defense was pretty darn good. #1 in yardage, #10 in PPG, #2 in yards per play, T-#2 in sacks, but didn't force a lot of turnovers. Are there any specific seasons people can come up with where a QB performed at a high level despite a bit of a mess around them? I'm genuinely curious to see how much there is to back up the "Andy can't play well without great players around him!!!" claim. I feel like not many QBs ever have great seasons without other great players and coaches surrounding them.
  2. He's a known troll from other Bengals social media. He's made up about 20 random stats that are highly inaccurate including that Geno Atkins was drafted 2 years after Andy and that Andy has thrown 15 INTs in the playoffs alone while he's thrown 6. That can't be an actual Bengals fan, right? Almost 100% of his posting history is "Andy sux bra" or *insert fake statistic here* or "Andy sux leg humper". There are those on here that throw around the word "troll" to anyone they don't agree with (in fact, I just saw a quote in another thread where you called Fredtoast a "troll" because you didn't like what he had to say) or just at people who like to argue, that's not my style. I know exactly what the word means and I use it when the shoe fits. Notice no matter how much I disagree with you, SF, Tdub, or any others, I've never accused any of you of what I'm accusing this lovely gentleman of.
  3. Or even if in 2018 a rookie Josh Rosen leads us to a Super Bowl victory, at least some of us will still appreciate what Andy has done in Cincinnati. Not saying that scenario is likely whatsoever, but I'd still defend the guy if we draft a QB next year regardless of how the team performs. He was/is a good QB here and not every team can have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.
  4. I only want a new QB if new coaches are coming in with him. I don't mind putting Andy on the bench for a game or two to let him calm down if he keeps up the below average play, but I don't think McCarron is the answer either. It sucks that the 2018 FA market doesn't look too hot for OL so we need to go there early and often in the draft, but if we're drafting high and want a QB then we're back to picking between the QB and the people who need to protect him. 2017 isn't the time to have a shit OL which is really unfortunate, we may not see an actual fix for 2-3 seasons minimum.
  5. Even Scooter looked like shit with the exception of like 4 throws in the 2015/16 playoff game. Carson, Dalton, McCarron, doesn't matter. There must be SOME common denominators here, right? Nah it's probably just because Andy sucks. Yeah, that's it!
  6. Sorry for feeding teh trollz but it's just frustrating. At least you and a couple of the other guys use legitimate arguments when in this type of conversation even if it's something I don't necessarily agree with. This dude is just a turd that gets banned on every board he goes to.
  7. You said Dalton has thrown 15 INTs in the playoffs. He has thrown 6 INTs in the playoffs.
  8. Dude.... He has 6 in the playoffs. Six. 6. Seis. Seese. SIX. In your world, 6 is almost 15, 32 is almost 82, and Geno was drafted after Andy. You're the shittiest troll of all time. At least the good trolls have real statistics to use and know what the fuck they're talking about.
  9. Were they drafted after Andy along with Geno? Fake Bengals fan logic.
  10. Nah it's always a team game. There are definitely some games where I'd say Andy was the main reason we've lost and some games where he's been the main reason we've won. However, Andy Dalton has never won or lost a single game by himself as that's impossible in a team sport. Ya know, not everyone has to be 100% black or white extreme with everything they believe. You don't have to think Andy sucks OR Andy is the best. There is plenty of room in between where most realities will be found.
  11. Lol The point is that it's a team game. I'm not going to sit here and call Andy Dalton an elite or amazing QB by any stretch, but trolls like you that just run around and say he sucks are very far off of reality. This is honestly unreal and you can't be a Bengals fan actually. You do know Geno was drafted before Andy, right? No? Major lolz "bra"
  12. Thursday Boo Boo List

    Jordy Nelson, full participation - fuck Bryan Bulaga, limited participation - meehhhh David Bakhtiari, Randall Cobb, did not participate - alright, alright, alright John Ross, Tyler Eifert, did not participate - lol OH MY GOD I'M SO SHOCKED THIS IS MY SURPRISED FONT EVERYBODY
  13. #5 Defense

    And it's not like he was a Bengals lifer or anything. Assistant to the Regional Manager Paul Alexander may have been given that ability had he been moved to OC, but I dunno about Lazor.
  14. Geno Atkins sucks with or without weapons. The furthest he could get us is a wildcard berth. Herpa derpa doooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. With all of the warranted negativity surrounding the team, I thought I'd create a mostly positive thread discussing a strength of our current roster. Dre Kirkpatrick - 131 defensive snaps (99.2%), targeted 3(!!!!!) times, 4.3 yards per pass allowed, 0 YAC allowed Game 1 - pitched a shutout. 1 target, 0 catches, 0 TDs Game 2 - 2 targets, 2 catches, 13 yards given up, 0 TDs Adam Jones - 61 defensive snaps (92% of week 2 possible snaps, obviously didn't play week 1), targeted 11 times, 3.1 yards per pass allowed, NEGATIVE 0.3 YAC allowed per catch Game 2 - 11 targets, 4 catches, 34 yards, 0 TDs William Jackson - 29 defensive snaps (44% of week 1 possible snaps, DNP on defense week 2), targeted 3 times, 4.3 yards per pass allowed, 1.3 YAC allowed per catch Game 1 - 3 targets, 3 catches, 25 yards, 0 TDs Darqueze Dennard - 113 defensive snaps (85.6%), targeted 7 times, 10.9 yards per pass allowed, 6.6 YAC allowed per catch Game 1 - 1 catch, 48 yards, 1 TD Game 2 - 2 catches, 16 yards, 0 TD I just started tracking everyone this week so I'm not exactly sure where Dennards targets are in each game, and there is also a discrepancy between my sources for his yards given up. According to Football Outsiders he's given up 76 yards and PFF has him giving up 64. I'll be sure to keep up on this and any others in future posts or when I update this. Edit- also looks like WJIII's yardage given up numbers are slightly different between the 2 sources. What exactly was given up by which defender can be subjective at times, so take all of this for what it's worth. TLDR; Dre Kirkpatrick is playing really fucking good football, worth every penny of that extension thus far. Adam Jones is who he is, he's pretty good as well. Disappointed to see WJIII lose all snaps once Pacman came back. Dennard looks to be the weakest link but still not god awful or anything.
  16. #5 Defense

    No I'm just putting my opinion out there that I wouldn't mind seeing him get benched for a week to relax if he plays like garbage for the 3rd straight week. It's the same as any other opinion that we put on a message board, just throwing my thoughts into the mix. All I'm saying is that I'd agree with the benching if he plays like shit again and if the team goes that way. If we aren't going to put our own personal thoughts out there on a forum meant for just that, we might as well all make signatures that say "I hope the team does what the coaches decide to do" and then post blank messages back and forth.
  17. #5 Defense

    Well Ross is likely hurt again, so don't get your hopes up that he's out there this weekend whether the coaches want him to be or not. Yeeeeeep. If the team wants to draft a QB high next year then go for it but if they don't address the line in a big way (think Minnesota this past offseason) then WTF is the point? Our core of great players sure isn't getting any younger so either use 1 offseason and fucking go for it all or admit you're in the middle of a re-build and move a star player or two for high draft picks ala baseball. It's not so common in the NFL but why not if they're going to take a couple of years to get back to consistent playoff form? Don't forget the interior line too. Our entire OL has been rough this year, Ced hasn't been our only problem there. If Lazor can't get them to put some points on the board then people need to get benched after this week. I don't think Andy automatically should be the guy but if he plays like shit for 3 weeks bench him. Ced plays like shit again bench him. I don't care if they start 4 different guys on the line in week 4 if they look like shit against the Packers.
  18. Yep and even though Brady has had good games without Gronk since, they've also signed other good TEs and developed WRs. Their offense wasn't prepared to perform without Gronkowski that year. I'm wondering where all the "Andy sucks without weapons" guys are at though. You'd think with that kind of criticism that it would be simple for people to be rattling off seasons where all of these NFL QBs had great years without a good supporting cast.
  19. Matthew Stafford has thrown 88 INT since 2011. Also, Andy has thrown 85, not 32 since 2011. But, nice try? I'm not even sure what to say about that Oh, and has THROWN. Thrown, not threw. Thrown.
  20. Not really. He threw for over 4,000 yards with a 91.8 rating and did a great job protecting the ball despite 40+ sacks given up. Andy had a fine 2016. If you're going to blame him for the 2016 team not making the playoffs, then I'll gladly just laugh and we can be done here. Andy has never had trouble finding the endzone until magically in 2016 his TDs drastically dropped. New OC maybe the difference there?
  21. How many QBs have great success without good players around them? I think we would probably need 1 hand to list the great years by QBs without good to great players around them. Even Sir Tom had a very down year in the 1 season the team didn't have a good healthy TE on the roster. It happens. I get that Andy isn't the elite player that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are considered, but he has absolutely put the team on his back in his career at different times to win football games. It honestly seems like people on this board more than anywhere else like to pretend that the 2015 season never happened.
  22. Right, I do agree that these losses haven't been good, especially with the amount of talented players we have right now. I guess what I was getting at was asking if people go crazy after bad losses in general OR if it's just the anti-Andy cavalry looking for excuses to complain about the dude.
  23. I haven't been around a very long time so excuse me for the ignorance but is this a case of... 1. The otherwise sane members of Go Bengals start to go crazy after losing back to back games 2. A lot of guys here despise Andy Dalton and look for any excuse to make threads about McCleatus 3. A combination of 1 & 2 I'm assuming #3, but I'm not sure if it's mostly just #2.
  24. The good news for us is that Aaron Rodgers doesn't quite look like Aaron Rodgers this year so far. Sure his numbers don't look terrible but if you've watched the games I'm sure you know what I mean. Both of his TD passes and around 150 of his yards against ATL came in the 4th quarter while the Pack was down by 24 points with the Falcons playing loose defense. He could also be missing both of his starting tackles again as well as 1 or possibly 2 of his top WRs. We also happen to have a pretty good defense, the big concern will be our offense yet again. If Lazor can figure something out with this group of guys and get some points on the board, I think we have a decent shot at winning this one. That's a big IF though, considering how poorly our o-line has played and how rattled Andy has been acting during the games.

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