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  1. Elite level pass rushing is also extremely important. How many 4-3 LDEs are better than Carlos Dunlap? Maybe 1? The dude is insanely underrated even by Bengals fans. His pressures per snap have come at a ridiculous rate throughout his career and nobody comes close to batting balls at the line like he did last year. His sack numbers have been fine for a few years but you don't need 20 sacks to be a good DE regardless of what the shock jock sports analysts and casual NFL fans on Facebook want to see. Dunlap is one of our best players by a wide margin IMO. If you told me we absolutely HAVE to keep Andy as 1 of the 3, as crazy as this sounds, I'd probably say to keep Dunlap over Green in that case. Dunlap and Atkins are special talents at their respective positions, as is Green, but keeping your top tier LDE with no depth behind him is more important than keeping Green when we do have WR depth. I'm honestly not sure you'd need to protect Andy. He isn't some young developmental QB anymore. He's going to be 30 this year and has pretty much been a middle of the road to fringe top 10-12 QB his entire career outside of 2015 where he looked great. Some teams have young(er), elite, non-QB players (like us) so it's not like Andy would be the only unprotected starting QB out there. I'm not trying to bash the guy or say that we don't need him, but I'm just not sure he'd be the choice for the expansion team even if we did leave him available. We have a ton of young, upcoming players that I'm sure a new team would love to have. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt again, this right here is why the "you can only protect 3" would NEVER happen in the NFL and why this hypothetical would make more sense if the list had to be a lot longer. There's a 0% chance they would let an expansion team be made up of players of Dalton, Dunlap, Burfict, Green, etc. caliber.
  2. Yep, I try to be a "positive" fan myself, but I just can't ignore the deficiencies in a team that obviously has issues. Not to mention, what fun would a message board be with purely "wooo everything the Bengals do is just so awesome sauce!!!!" circle jerking? Would there be any active threads whatsoever if we all agreed on everything? It takes 2 sides to tango, so whether you love or hate the extremists on either (or both) sides, we wouldn't have message boards without them. I complain a lot about people being extreme and solely focusing on one side of the coin almost 100% of the time, but I also realize that if those people weren't around then I'd probably have nobody to discuss/argue with. Meh, it is what it is.
  3. Exactly, the player list for NFL expansion teams to choose from is a bunch of bottom tier backups and then a handful of decent players with shitty contracts that a team is trying to dump without dead money and whatnot. It's much different from the NHL which is where people playing these hypotheticals are getting the X number of protected players thing from. Of course any of these "games" serve no real purpose than just sparking discussion, but it's mostly silly because even if the NFL went the route of the NHL, it would be a MUCH higher number than 3 players protected. A team of the 4th best player from 32 NFL teams would go 19-0 without even trying. It would be a Pro Bowl roster, even the backups.
  4. Look at it on the bright side. If he blows all of his cash real quick, maybe he'll play even harder to score another big contract.
  5. As much as I think that music sucks and whatnot, at least he's not running around picking up 100k bar tabs ala Gronk. I'd rather see a dude invest money into a friend's soon to be failed career than that kind of shit.
  6. NHL teams got to protect 7 or 8 of their players, essentially their best goalie and a couple of their top lines worth of players. I think the NFL version would be a lot more interesting to look at what a potential expansion team could look like if the NFL did something similar but allowed more guys to be protected. Going by the idea of this thread, just think about an NFL team with the 4th best player from all 32 teams. That would be absolutely absurd.
  7. No, it's not really like the NHL at all. The last NFL expansion draft, each team made 5 players available with some pretty lenient criteria. The Texans built their team (mostly) from the scrapheap of NFL backups. 3 isn't nearly enough players on an NFL sized roster, but I'd go with Green, Dunlap, and Atkins in this hypothetical scenario. Dunlap is specifically because I'd assume most teams will value their elite edge rushers VERY highly, so the expansion team would be looking for guys just like Dunlap to be unprotected.
  8. I'm pretty sure this has happened with a 1st rounder literally every year after AJ in 2011, right?
  9. I believe they have a deal in place that lets them use it occasionally, but only on the terms of UC and from what I've read in the past the Bengals rarely use it. Last I read a year or two ago it was an extremely small number of trips they made to UC over a few years prior combined. I'll try to see if I can find the actual numbers though. So far I found something from December of 2014 that said the Bengals were planning to use the UC practice bubble for the week leading up to the Colts playoff game and that they only used it 2 times prior to that during the entire 2014 season.
  10. You watch your mouth. Ross being able to run .02 seconds faster than some other guys obviously means he's unable to be defended
  11. Dinosaur Dansby and Maualoogie gone? That would be my best guess since 2016 Dansby and any-year-Maualuga couldn't cover nursing home residents out there.
  12. Yeah there was already a report that there's no ligament damage which would have to mean he had an MRI shortly after the injury occurred.
  13. Here's a VERY interesting and telling quote from Jim O on the WR position after Core went down. "They were maybe thinking of trying to squeeze 7 receivers on this roster for Erickson. May not have worry about it now." He later reported that there is no ligament damage and it doesn't look bad, but IMO it's very interesting to see that Erickson is the WR on the bubble and that's coming straight from people around the organization.
  14. Feel free to fill out your answers, share your opinions, and/or discuss what others have to say as well. "Nobody" is a valid answer for some of these. The questions are regarding the 2017 Bengals only unless specifically stated otherwise. My answers in bold. Surprise cut - Cody Core. I feel like John Ross takes care of the speed Core was supposed to provide. Surprise signing - None Starts season on PUP - Giovani Bernard Doesn't play a snap all season - Tyler Eifert Most valuable player - Andy Dalton Least valuable player - Cedric Ogbuehi, I predict he gets pulled from at least 1 game Rookie of the year - Joe Mixon Most improved player from 2016 (only guys who played on the team last year) - Jake Fisher Total wins - 9 Total ties - 0 AFCN record - 3-3 Number of games Adam Jones suspended (by team or league) - 0 Most overrated Bengal (by people here) - Josh Shaw Most underappreciated Bengal (by people here) - Dre Kirkpatrick
  15. To be fair, the thread is about whether we're Super Bowl contenders, not whether we're a good team or not. The fact that we haven't been able to beat teams led by QBs like TJ Yates, Mark Sanchez, or Matt Schaub for a single playoff win in 25 years is going to bring some amount of legitimate negativity in a discussion regarding Super Bowl contention. Especially after a 6 win season followed by losing our 2 best o-linemen. Also to be fair, some of these guys are just negative about almost anything Bengals related, so I understand that frustration, I just see there being more room for negativity in a thread that's specifically talking about Super Bowl contention. Are we a good team? Yes. Can we handle the best of the best with everything on the line? I'm not really sure, I hope so, but I wouldn't bet on it right now.
  16. The defense was criminally underrated last year. They had big problems with form tackling, but past that they were damn good. The 2nd half of the year stats are mindblowing. The defense gained a lot more than it lost over the offseason so I have very high hopes for the D in 2017.
  17. Would be interesting and I wouldn't disagree with it, but I'm just not sure it's what the Bengals will actually do. I don't think we really "need" 4 RBs + Hewitt as they've rolled with in the past like Freddy mentioned, but if Mixon and Hill are healthy they're going to be seeing almost every carry anyway. That's assuming Gio doesn't play of course. I think most teams would be content going into a season with Mixon/Hill/Carson plus Gio Bernard ready to come back midseason (hopefully). Just off the top of my head without really analyzing everything, I feel like in the Marvin Lewis era we've hit more on 2nd/4th picks than 1st/3rd. I really like both Billings and Glasgow, hope to see them both play well this year and beyond.
  18. There are a lot of great candidates on the current roster that could be future ST studs. It's an important facet of the game that a lot of folks seem to overlook, hopefully a couple of these guys with potential pan out as a long term replacement for a guy like Peerman. However, we still need RBs on the roster. Any of these young LB, DB, WR, or anything else that could be great on ST still doesn't solve the issue at RB. I don't think the team would roll with Mixon/Hill/Carson/Hewitt as the only HB/FB on the roster.
  19. Would like that signing a lot, 100% agree on Vigil Question for you though, even though I don't disagree that Peerman could be a surprise cut, who is at RB with both Peerman and Gio out of the picture? Mixon/Hill/Carson/rookie UDFA?
  20. I think they take their time with Ross since we aren't in desperate need of receivers at the moment.
  21. Every single year fans are wondering how NFL defenses are going to miraculously stop our high powered offense even though we haven't been top 5 in YPG or PPG since 2005.
  22. One of the biggest question marks on Ross is how he'll handle press coverage. No NFL offense is "unstoppable", and I've had to hear from fans across various platforms every single year how so and so joining the team is going to mean our guys can't be covered. The reality is NFL teams have NFL caliber defenses and NFL caliber coaches that know exactly how to handle our offense. The nonsensical, over the top positive hyperbole is just as obnoxious as the "omg we'll never win a game!!1!1" crowd.
  23. Hmmm I can understand concern with the o-line, but I'm not sure where you're coming from on the other side of the ball. Dunlap and Geno were #3 and #10 respectively in pass pressure rating last year, they were #2 and #13 the year before. Dude, Carlos Dunlap was #13 in PDs last year. The next closest linemen on that list is #89. Dunlap had more PD than most of the premier corners and safeties in the entire NFL. He played some of the best football in his life in 2016. MJ93 is a solid football player, to steal a line from Fred, "he's not as bad as many fans claim". Sure this isn't 4 or 5 years ago where he followed up an 11 sack season with 10 PDs, 2 FF, and some stellar run defending, but he's still a decent to good DE for our scheme. We ask our starting RDE to defend the run as a top priority, and while he had a less than great 2016, I'd think we should give him another year to prove that he's still got something left in the tank. Will Clarke "broke out" in a sense and flashed with the ability you want to see from a rotational backup end. Working bees like Gilberry and Sims have always performed well in their roles. Peko was a year or two past his expiration date so going with Billings/Sims should be a positive. All of this and I didn't even mention the promising rookies. You can't have All-Pro caliber players at every position, but I think the d-line is one of the absolute last places to be concerned about right now barring injuries that would make me feel otherwise. Just my $0.02
  24. There are a ton of very talented kids on this team right now. I expect to see a winning record with this roster. There are certainly question marks with the team though. Hopefully our question marks turn out better than the other 31 teams.