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  1. Pacman

  2. Pacman

    They didn't arrest this guy! they arrested this guy with a long rap sheet of being thug pos my money is on the police for this one.
  3. Maybe he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger! He even trolls Facebook for little kids...are we sure this isn't the subway guy?
  4. Too bad you weren't blinded forever. That would have been funny as hell. Your genetic eye problem more than likely came from your immense inbreeding. You want to talk about needing a psyc eval...what kind of basement dwelling loser has time to troll a forum and publish plagerized psyc evals? You're the true definition of a loser. Go fuck yourself and die. I wish ISIS would take you hostage. I'd run the video over and over as they cut off your fucking head. Eval that dick face.
  5. Could you imaging if this were a Bengals player? They never even replied it and talked about it. When will they be held accountable? Watch not one word will be said. At least we keep it on the field.
  6. "Bitchburg." REALLY?

    Wait for it...:::::....... WE'Unz GOTS SIX RINGS & YUINZ GOTS NUN!!!!
  7. "Bitchburg." REALLY?

    Bump. hahahahahahahah put your glasses on you major eye surgery inbred fucktard hahahaha ha
  8. found one called Wash Sports Alley 266 S Downing St, Denver, CO 80209 bengals mual on the wall and full of bengals fans WHODEY!!!
  9. I figured as much but was hoping I'd find someone showing the bengals game.
  10. I'm in Denver right now. Staying near the airport. I won't be here for the Monday night game but I need to find a Bengals bar to watch the game today....any ideas? and Kool Keith back in the house !!! Damn!!
  11. Stealers cheat

    img upload

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