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  1. I was in law school in Cleveland at the time that the Brown's moved out...was it a bit wrong of me to take some joy in the pain of the city at that time? 😁 I truly understood the meaning of schaedenfreude at that time...
  2. Did some civil lit when I was first out but quickly found that I much preferred the tedious part of real estate to the tedious part of litigation. Asking the same question 5 ways on interrogatories that aren't going to get a good answer anyway and a status conference every few months followed by a settlement just before trial? Meh. My wife was a prosecutor in Clermont County before we moved to Maine...she had better stories. 😀 After a few years of practice I ended up at a large firm though in Cincy doing commercial real estate and proved my original position correct...no way did I want to work for a large firm. Fled to Maine...ended up doing some title work...now have a title company and if a property closes...I get paid.
  3. Another attorney? Although...sounds like you may still be in traditional practice? I chucked the billables back in 2006 and can't say that I miss that much. 😆
  4. Wait...are you a bot???? 🤪 Thanks for gathering all of these...I don't frequent the dark parts of the interwebs enough to find them all in a time frame that would be a huge time suck...plus navigating Twitter sucks.
  5. This is actually quite cool...Pacman was always such a puzzling dude...he had baggage and could be a PITA (Pittsburgh game?)...but I did always get the impression that he meant well. It just didn't always translate...
  6. Your eyesight sucks Harry! 😜 I'm hoping to get back to town for another game this season...but was psyched that we'd be playing the Patriots up here in NE and was counting on going to that game...and they put the damn thing on Christmas Eve when I'll be back in Cincy. D'oh!
  7. I’m with you on this one…I feel like they’ve been building toward a strong start this post-season…feeling like this is the day they put it together. I know Donald and company can get pressure but a quick slant to Chase plus 60 YAC for TD would change things quick…plus Stafford chucking it occasionally to our opportunistic D…
  8. Have been trying not to think too much about the game and stay chill...but the butterflies are building. It's almost time...feel pretty good about this team being up to the challenge...it's amazing how much they have switched the mindset even for scarred fans.
  9. Strike that...apparently I re-registered last month as Lawshark13 as opposed to Lawshark after going to the KC game and getting drunk and couldn't remember my PW for the other account. 🤣 Sweet...I should reset the old account and then I can argue with myself. The old board let you do pseudonyms...which could make things pretty interesting. I suspect we might get an appearance from Paul Brown's Ghost if that was allowed here...
  10. Dude...all good...and happy to throw back a beer...like I said...simply responding to what struck me as funny in context. And...happy to spar at times during times of disagreement so long as everyone understands that this interweb stuff is pretty ephemeral...that is what makes this messageboard stuff interesting. Can't remember when I registered here...it was a while back...HSH or one of the others sent up a flare after our place died...but it was just hard to jump back in. It was like if you were a regular at Cheers and Sam turned the lights out and all the folks you hung out with virtually scattered...and then showed up at a new bar and a couple of the old regulars showed up occasionally...but it just wasn't Cheers. Doesn't mean it can't be Cheers...but...
  11. TYVM...life is settling in to where I can have some fun stuff like this...and only letting the mic drop on responding to a throwaway line...it just kinda struck me as funny as hell after seeing the "membot" and "where were YOU!" threads. 🤣 It is fun when there is back and forth...on our old board we filled the bad times for team (a LOT of them) with all kinds of societal and political back and forth that made it pretty fun. Probably can't do that in this day and age...but damn it was a good time...
  12. C'mon dude...if you are going to be throwing shade on folks for very suspect reasons...you gotta be willing to take some jabs at times too...particularly if you miss out on a pretty obvious meme to any Bengal fan who has been paying attention. Didn't the emoji help soften the message to show it was all in good faith? Mea culp maxima culpa. I may be remiss in posting here...but my thousands of posts on our prior board don't seem to synch up here for some reason...Al Gore did NOT do that great a job with these interweb things...and a big part of the reason there were a lot of posts there were because we had a pretty good group of dudes (and a few ladies like Opie's BengalSis). You guys have some great refugees from there...BengalBacker, HSH, TJ, MOC, etc...but the death of our board coincided with fairly intense work times and kid times...which cuts into messageboard time (unless you are a bit of a douche and neglect certain important things). Still repping the Bengals despite lack of posting on your preferred board...with my wife wondering if I was engaging in child abuse of a sort by raising my boys as Bengal fans in Patriots country (Hell no...builds character wearing a Bengals uni to school)...but not gracing our Bengals brethren who love baking pies, driving carriages etc. with my takes on the Bengals in the last few years. I'll aspire to do better and make you proud. 👌
  13. You...must not be that big of a fan, eh? We should check your credentials... 🤣
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