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  1. Yeah, we are a threat to go 8-8.
  2. Marv will still say "We did some good things."
  3. Interceptor

    Hey..... New Guys!

    I registered here same day as I did in the bengals.com forum.
  4. Interceptor

    Hey..... New Guys!

    Yeah, what happened to that board?
  5. #6. Cardinals outscore the Bengals
  6. The way we played against the Texans was as if it were a playoff game.
  7. Interceptor

    Most to Prove?

    More like the coaching. Bad coaching can neutralize even the best talent.
  8.   Maybe 3? One backup and the other on the practice squad.
  9.   But Sanu has better QB numbers. :sport27:  
  10. Interceptor

    Most to Prove?

    Marv Lewis - in a playoff game.
  11.   This word isn't banned?
  12. You can complete that phrase here, you know.
  13. That sounds so familiar....

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