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  1. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2015/11/25/breaking-bengals-play-london-2016/76361876/
  2. That dirty ass bunch in Pittsburgh, going be looking to seek revenge for bells knee. The team better have their heads on a swivel.
  3. that may be a stretch. Did you not see some of the lost decade? I was pleased with the game all but the third quarter. The 3rd down was questionable and the prevent defense on the winning drive Carson led. They shook the debacle off and came back in fourth and made it a game. Hard one to lose, but I can accept it better than the Houston game.
  4. WHO -DEY everybody here's to the bengals bouncing back tonight and clearing the path to super bowl.
  5. Hope Geno or Carlos, have a big game and Palmer eats a lot turf.
  6. We are going to miss jones and Johnson. Wish pac man was hawking the ball tomorrow night
  7. no I was just making light of a bad situation. Feel lost about our board. Bengals.com shut down big deal good transition to bengals board not missing a beat hopefully it comes back. Bengalholic or bengal dude didn't say nothing about the board closing did they? I didn't post a whole lot but, spent a whole reading. It looks like this is a pretty good landing spot. I check quite a bit to see if it's back up. I just can't imagine holic going out like that. Here's to a new start again interceptor. WHO DEY!!!!
  8. 2 tackles and a sack, I've seen jj cause a lot more trouble, than he did Monday. No doubt he's a spectacular player. Question. Would Andre have made a difference?
  9. I don't know I was on Wednesday, logged out went to get back on and it's gone. Kinda fell like that Stealers fan GMDino win the argument
  10. best I can remember watt, didn't have an all star game. Last two meetings watt has been shut down pretty much
  11. Hello guys , member of the old bengals.com and bengals. Board. I don't do a whole lot posting but, do enjoy reading others thoughts on our beloved bengals. Bengalsboard seems not to be up. Hope I'm welcomed here. WHO DEY!!!!!!
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