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  1. I'm not sure what words to type.
  2. Never. My prediction is our offense won't score a TD all year.
  3. Trivia question

    Oh wow. Good job Jason.
  4. Trivia question

    Didn't Sanu throw a long pass to Dalton?
  5. Trivia question

    Probably Andy Dalton
  6. That seals it. Bet the house. I'm pretty sure we've never lost 3 days after one of those.
  7. Sorry for going off topic. I think they pull out a win in a close and hopefully not ugly game. Cincy by 3.
  8. I found it. The last time they played 34 days after a total solar eclipse, they dominated with almost 700 yards of total offense.
  9. Ahh. Didn't remember that. In AJ's defense, at least he didn't throw an interception.
  10. He stated how it ended. Doesn't anybody read around here anymore?
  11. So you are telling me in so many words that if Tyler stayed healthy and he was in New England with Brady and that supporting , he isn't at least just a notch below Gronkowski, which is what I originally said.... I say you're full of crap.

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