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  1. Lol. That could be another reason! Dirt and high quality H2o. ☺
  2. My recollection of the older players versus modern players is this. They seemed to have had tougher mentalities and overall toughness. They seemed to play through pain/injuries a lot more frequently than today's players. Why? Idk. Perhaps today's players are more reluctant due to fears of damaging a newer bigger payday.
  3. To me, the only real football was when they used a real live baby piggy as the ball. Hahaha
  4. Yes this is true. And yes, Dillon the football player was indeed awesome!
  5. Ken Riley gets the edge with me over Lemarr bc he was a Bengal his entire career.
  6. Chris Collinsworth Anthony Munoz Isaac Curtis Ken Anderson Bob Johnson Tim Krumrie Geno Atkins Aj Green Chad Johnson Ken Riley
  7. So Collinsworth is out of consideration? Tremain Mack was an electric kick returner.
  8. Can't complain much with that! Well I suppose some can. Lol
  9. Lol. One tends to forget they do grow up!
  10. That's cool! Sorry Harry, poor choice of word on my part!