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  1. This is true Mccarron has little experience ,but Andy fared pretty well out of the gate. Probably mostly because of Aj . We also saw Cincy's offense sputter mightily without Aj. I think there was a time he was right up there just a couple notches below Megatron.
  2. Nice post^^^^. All this and like Jason said the team could still feel comfortable rolling with Mccarron.
  3. Interesting point and you may be right, but I couldn't imagine life now without having witnessed the shuffle. Lol
  4. Absolutely! It takes both "Homers" and "Realists" to make a board great! Yes, beating the same drum over and over does get irritating though.
  5. How bout drafting of the Ickster? Getcha cold cuts!
  6. Any hypothetical is moot , so just answer Jason's question. Hahaha jmwy
  7. I'm not a negative fan at all LT. I get frustrated after all the what could have been with our teams but sometimes you just have to laugh. Jmo!
  8. Thanks and I think you make a good point citing Dunlap for that reason.
  9. Is 3 the usual number of players you could protect in an expansion draft?
  10. Yea. Definitely have to go with this answer.
  11. Idk. Maybe Minter and Vigil instead of mauluga and Dansby?
  12. Maybe this is a testament to the equipment managers needing to do a better job also??
  13. Most talent? No excuses then Paulie. Your statement puts pressure on you.