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Jpoore    29
40 times mean nothing to me. They rarely translate to the field. When you watch guys run routes Davis is the guy who can run his routes, sell CBs and do it at full speed. Williams is usually making contested catches as he doesn't cut or run routes really clean. He reminds me much more of an Anquan Boldin. He's good but he's not gonna take the top off defenses and is much better suited in that role. Davis can smoke people deep and will go up and make the catches high, in traffic or in stride. 
I really want to double dip at DE between rounds 2-4. I think Walker is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft in how he translates to the NFL.

As far as Walker is concerned he's my favorite DE after Garrett..also shown the ability to absolutely wreck games with his 4.5 sack 2 ff against ole miss problem.is we also really need a center to if elflien is there in third or second we have to take him over a DE imo. That's why I hope we get an extra second for mccarron. But anyways u have to look at the level of competition that Davis is going up against. He's going up against defenses that wouldn't even make the team on the power 5 teams. Meanwhile Williams is doing it against elite competition. Also he is super elite at getting late seperation when the ball is in the air. And as far as his routes running cleanly we actually have a great wr coach he can coach that up. But he uses his body to make catches over corners. He will be able to do that in the NFL as well ala megaton.

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