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  1. He is a 5th year senior. I think I recall hearing he’s 2 years older than Lamar Jackson
  2. I was probably a smart move to start Finley at that point in the season. We were out of the playoffs and you need to see if there's any potential in your 4th round QB. If not, you can look at QBs in the draft. If he showed any potential, that would have opened up the draft.
  3. I think we should put the narrative out there that we're taking Young, whether we want him or not. He's the "best" player in this draft and every team could use him. If one of the teams in the top 5 want him, come get him and we probably would still get Burrow. Of the other top five teams right now, Skins (Haskins), Lions (Stafford), Giant (Jones), Fins (Fitz), only the Lions and Fins would possibly take Burrow. Fins may still take Tua even if Burrow is there and who knows how the Lions feels about Stafford. We could probably move to five and still get Burrow and if he's gone, you take the tackle from Georgia and hopefully you've got a bunch of other picks to play with.
  4. I think this is part of what's wrong with this franchise, we've been too loyal. While AJ is probably the greatest Bengals WR of all-time, he's been injured and missed significant time 4 out of the past 5 years, and he's over 30. Paying him at a position that hasn't traditionally won Superbowls seems crazy to me (who's the last great WR to win a SB?). WR is one of those positions where, IMO, you get quality depth and you find guys that can do different things. If we went into next season with Boyd, Tate, Ross, another speed guy b/c you can't count on Ross, like a John Brown and another good WR that can do a little of everything like a Nelson Agular (I'm not really a fan of his), I think you could win a lot of football games.
  5. I think the Browns now draft 12th...that's prime real estate for them to get Isaiah Simmons....I'd rather not have to face him twice a year. I really want us to beat the Browns Sunday, but if they win they could move a few spots back in the draft and that would be good for us. Plus, a victory for them COULD make the roll the dice on Kitchens for another year, plus they're already eliminated from the playoffs. A win for us does no good...
  6. McShay didn't really expand on what the scouts who compared him to AD said. McShay compared Burrow to Carson Wentz based on his running ability and toughness. If I had to guess, the AD comparisons are in arm strength and pre snap reads.
  7. McShay was on First Take this morning and said lots of scouts are comparing Joe Burrow to...Andy Dalton. He says he sees more of Carson Wentz, but lots of scouts see Andy. McShay also said there's one elite talent in this draft and it's Chase Young...who he thinks is better than both of the Bosa brothers. He thinks Burrow will be the best QB in this draft. It's just one opinion, but hearing Burrow compared to AD, not Anthony Davis, but Andy Dalton, give me a little pause.
  8. Everything starts up front. If you can stop the run and put pressure on the QB, that makes everyone's job easier. It speeds up the clock in the QBs head and changes the offensive play calling. The Giants showed you can't have too many pass rushers -- They had Strahan, Osi and Justin Tuck (who they moved inside a lot). A line with Dunlap, Hubbard, Chase and Geno would be pretty good next year and setup for life without Geno and Carlos. I haven't made my mind up on Joe vs. Chase, but I don't think it's cut and dry for either side of the argument.
  9. Charles Fisher looked promising, but I think an injury ended his career. 2015 is an NFL all-time bad draft.
  10. At this point it's silly NOT to at least consider it. A great DE will make an offense change their game plan and a great D will keep you in most games. As for QBs, they're being school and groomed from an early age and it seems to be a little easier to find a good QB than it once was. On top of that, college offenses are running pro concepts and vice versa so the learning curve isn't as steep as it once was. You still have busts, but most of us were able to see those from a mile away (Lynch, Trubisky). Let's look at some 1st round QBs lately: 2016: Goff - average Wentz - good (still lots of upside) Paxton Lynch - bust 2017: Trubisky - bust Mahomes - great Watson - great 2018: Baker - solid (it's a cluster up there, but Baker is a good QB) Darnold - below average, but still a chance Josh Allen - good Rosen - bust (2 bad organizations) Lamar - great 2019: Kyler - average, but a ton of upside Haskins - below average, but a horrible situation in DC -- and it's his rookie year Of the 13 first round QBs taken in the first round over the last four years, 10 feel like they have their franchise guy and aren't looking for a QB any time soon. With those odds, it may make more sense to build a good team and then add the QB last if possible. Of the three QBs that I don't think will make it (Lynch, Trubisky, Rosen), two of the had bad teams around them or the franchise was in disarray.
  11. To end this season with the #3 pick and then if Chase Young decided to go back to school would be a terrible way to end this season. I guess that would mean we would draft Isaiah Simmons (LB Clemson) or Andrew Thomas (OT Georgia). Either one of those wouldn't be a terrible consolation prize I guess. #3 may be a little high for a LB, but he's a good one.
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