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  1. i was 50/50 on Chase vs. Sewell, but I hated the Jackson Carmen pick. I thought there were better OL prospects available at our original 2nd round spot. Obviously most of my opinions were formed from about 10% tape and 90% thoughts from others so there’s that. I also didn’t love the Sample pick, but that one seems to be getting a lot of praise.
  2. You misspelled Tevin Jenkins at #1. I like the list and Landon Dickerson would be my #1, but the injury concerns really scare me. My list for 38 goes like this: 1. Tevin Jenkins 2. Creed Humhrey 3. Dillon Raduz (sp?) 4. Liam Eichenberg 5. Sam Cosmi....but I don't think he has the strength to play this year
  3. Agreed 100%. I’d try to package a 6th rounder or even both 6th rounders to move up and get him. We’d only need to move up a few spots, but I wouldn’t package our 5th.
  4. Is there any way Darrisaw falls to us in the 2nd???
  5. They need to make sure the stripes match on the jerseys and pants. Please don’t wear the jersey with black stripes on the shoulder and pants with orange stripes.
  6. It seems like people who want to draft Sewell in the first, think that drafting Chase instead means the Bengals are somehow ignoring their offensive line...why is that? If they go oline in the 2nd and 3rd with good talent, isn’t that addressing it? It’s not like Sewell is light years ahead of every other tackle in this draft. Add two solid draft picks, Reiff and bring back Pollack seems like addressing the line to me.
  7. I’m pretty sure this was created by Phil Simms.
  8. 3 wide is essentially our base offense. On top of that we have zero depth at the moment.
  9. JB’s first year at LSU wasn’t anything to write home about. His second year however...
  10. At the minimum, 1, 2 and 3. ATL is a wild card and they could, maybe even should, pick Pitts, Chase or Sewell (in that order).
  11. I see no lies here. As a Lakers fan that scares me if we get out of the West.
  12. Training camp fodder. Maybe he sticks, maybe he doesn’t, but we need bodies there especially with CJ coming off of an injury that normally takes 24 months to get back to 100% (at least in basketball that’s the timeframe — KD is challenging that with how he’s playing year 1 of coming back).
  13. With the Jets trading Darnold, they're picking a QB. With SF trading up and giving up lots of draft capital, they're choosing a QB as well. If the scenario you mentioned above plays out and we can't trade down, you go with Slater or Waddle. In this case I'd take Slater even though Waddle brings something this offense needs with which is a WR that brings speed and separation. That's something even Chase doesn't give you lots of. Yes, Chase ran a "4.38", but it doesn't really show on tape to me. He makes a lot of contested catches because DBs are with him, but Waddle (and Smith) separates
  14. I'm not a fan of Mayfield, but I guess at that point it's a really good pick.
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