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  1. Oddly enough, I'm enjoying the game too...great chess match.
  2. WRAPradio

    Chad Johnson

    True. For me it's a tossup between him and AJ. I like AJ's demeanor, but Chad's production and quickness was insane.
  3. Just got done watching Chad Johnson on First Take...I miss that guy! I've been around for the '88-89 Superbowl and seen lots of player come and go, but Chad Johnson (not Ocho Cinco) is probably my favorite Bengal of all-time. He made the game must see TV and he put the Bengals on the national stage. He's known of all of the antics and everything, but he was probably the hardest worker on the team. I hate that he works out with AB in the offseason, but other than that, he'll always be a Bengal. Who Dey!!
  4. WRAPradio

    OC options and then some

    Hopefully he's a good coach and he wasn't hired because Zac played for his dad in college...I don't know anything about this guy, but initially it seems like a pretty uninspiring hire.
  5. I think as fans we can talk/dream about anything we’d like to. If he had a change of heart, we move on to another thread.
  6. One of my favorite questions to ask an interviewer is, "How do I measure success in this role?" or "How is success defined in this role". Thinking about that question, in YOUR mind, what will you constitute success for the Bengals this time in 2020? I think there are a few different categories to look at. 1. Division Record 2. Overall Record 3. Offensive/Defensive Ranks 4. Postseason 5. Organizationally For me, here's what would make the Bengals and ZT successful in my eyes. 1. Division Record: 3-3. If we go 3-3 in the division, beating each team once, I think that's a step in the right direction. Beating Pittsburgh once would already give him the respect of some of the fans that were fed up with Marv's record vs. that team. Ideally (realistically) I'd like us to go 4-2 in the division, but if we went 3-3 and beat Pittsburgh in PBS, I'd take that. 2. Overall Record: 9-7. The overall record has to be above .500. This would hopefully keep us in playoff contention throughout the season, and it's a building block for a young, first-time head coach. This would help all of the players buy in and hopefully some free agents. 3. Offensive/Defensive Ranks: Offense - Top 10, Defense - Top Half. Hiring a young offensive mind means the offense SHOULD be ahead of the defense. We have enough pieces to be a good offense, but they guys in a favorable scheme and the should flourish. On D, we have some nices pieces, but a lot of holes, especially at LB. Get a strong coordinator and have these guys playing hard and fast and field an average defense. 4. Postseason: If we don't make the playoffs it would be disappointing, but I'd be encouraged if 1 - 4 above happened. Injuries, bad calls, etc. can all contribute. If ZT lays a strong foundation I'll be encouraged. 5. Organizationally: Many of us remember the Bengals of the '90s before Marv got here...it was a dark time to be a Bengals fan. For all of Marvin's faults, he made this organization one that players didn't mind playing for. He gained MB's trust and was able to do things coaches here couldn't' do before, from basic necessities (towles, new jock straps, etc.) to hiring your own coaching staff, to having a defacto GM. He brought us in from the 70s to the 2000s. Hopefully ZT doesn't lose those abilities, but gains some more. I'd like to see at least one move that signals that. Whether it's signing a big FA, or trading draft picks to get a significant player in the draft. Trade up and get Haskins, trade AJ, cut Burfict, etc. Not saying he should do THOSE things, but something that shows he's got control of this organization and is making moves that will make/keep us competitive in 2019 and moving forward. I'd like to see us using more analytics and some of the technology other teams are using. They may be doing some of that stuff now, but I don't believe it's up to par with other teams. Thoughts? How would you define success for ZT in year 1? Superbowl or bust? Beat Pittsburgh twice, but go 2-14?
  7. WRAPradio

    Who's the next HC?

    Once Marv took over weren't we like 16th or something like that? Plus playing the Chiefs, Bucs and Saints back to back to back would be tough for any team. Sure, that's an excuse, but it's also probably the toughest defensive stretch in the league for any team. That being said, out defense is still very bad at the moment and Geno and Carlos are another year older.
  8. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Position

    That Oakland win a couple of weeks ago hurt us.
  9. No we need to hope TEN and IND don't tie tonight.
  10. Browns made it a one score game...
  11. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Position

    I love the fact that we're beating PIT, but we really need to lose this. Picking 9th in every round vs. picking 16th in every round is a huge difference. At 9 we can probably get Devin Bush and start to solve our 14-year problem at linebacker.
  12. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Position

    If the Giants finished 6-10 why would they have "won" the tiebreaker if we lose to PIT?
  13. Browns are up on the Ravens...I hope the Ravens don't blow this
  14. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Position

    Looks like BUF and DET are both 6-10, not sure how a 3-way tie would work in the draft.

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