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  1. I thought the 1st string o-line played well, Hart included. His problem is consistency and he wasn't out there long enough to see if he can be consistent.
  2. I think you're talking about the rookie FA QB, Jake Dolegada or something like that.
  3. Driskell is horrible, go with Finley the rest of the preseason please
  4. The offensive line has looked decent so far. The defense has looked like last year....
  5. WRAPradio

    Kat Terrell

    I wasn't a huge fan of hers. She didn't seem to really be into the team. Hopefully the new person is better.
  6. WRAPradio

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    Yes please. We haven't done much to upgrade the worst defense in the NFL from last year. We re-signed Dennard (an average corner), sign BW Webb (an average corner) and drafted a 3rd round LB. This defense needs talent and McCoy would be a huge catch. Pros: - Need more talent on D - Disruptive force on the D line - Would potentially be the best or 2nd best player on the D - Nice DT rotation with Atkins, McCoy, Glas, Wren, Billings Cons: - Probably going to cost a lot of $$ and we recently invested in Dunlap and Atkins. I think you have to be judicious about spending by position and if we sign McCoy that's a TON of money invested in the D Line. That wouldn't be so bad, but we'll probably be tops in the league in WR spending (and I don't think WR is a premium position where you want to spend tons of $$) as well if we re-sign AJ and Boyd. That doesn't leave a lot of capital for other positions.
  7. The thing we have to remember is this won't be EXACTLY like the Ram's offense. Will a lot of the concepts be the same? Probably. We have totally different personnel and if we have a threat at TE, they'll use him that way. We've got other offensive minds on this staff other than Taylor and they'll all have some sort of input.
  8. I think Jonah (if as good as advertised) should play RT until Cordy's deal is up then move over to LT. That will hopefully give us time to find another tackle somewhere.
  9. I feel like they're caught between a rock and a hard place now. I was hoping they'd trade him last year while he had two more years on his contract...I think that's when he had the most volume. I love AJ, but we're probably not going to win a SB while he's here. We should have traded him to get the draft capital. On top of that, top receivers aren't a necessity to win a SB (see NE, NYG, Philly, Denver, Seattle, Baltimore, GB). Now we're probably going to pay AJ and TB which will make us the top team in the league as far as spending $$ on the WR position. I hope AJ is one of those rare WRs that stays great well into their 30s (see Jerry Rice). Unfortunately, history says that won't happen and spending so much on the WR position in total will come back to bite us.
  10. The ineffective use of a RB tandem is something that drove me crazy under the previous administration. If Zac and Co. can figure that out, that will help the offense immensely.
  11. WR Emmanuel Hall from - Mizzou would be great.

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