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  1. I think we want the Bills to beat NE. The Bills will make the playoffs, NE may not and we may be battling them for a spot.
  2. True passing sets is a legit metic...it takes out play action (where the OL SHOULD have an advantage) and only includes straight drop backs or shotgun passes (w/ no play action)...at least that's how I understand it.
  3. Well, there will be a new Bengals’ fan among us around 130p today. She’ll get to watch her first game Monday night! I’m super excited, MODs, feel free to move/delete this. If JB throws for 550 yards, 4 TDs and a win on Monday, maybe we should pin this to the top, lol.
  4. I hate the thought of losing Tee, but it's a realistic possibility. I wonder if we can extend Boyd for a few more years and lower his cap hit some. As much as I love Mixon and his energy, I'd be willing to shop him next year for a mid round pick -- I don't think it's smart to spend a bunch on the RB room. Doing both of those things may open up enough room for Burrow, Chase and Tee, but that's going to be a lot of cap space dedicated to three players. We better hit on the majority of our draft picks for the next few years for that strategy to work.
  5. He seems a bit corny to me, but I respect the spirituality aspect of it all. The facts are, he's been a great QB, he's a good role model and face of a franchise. I think every team would sign up for that.
  6. Smart to send a late round pick for someone that will be cut being so low in waiver wire priority. I'm sure the staff has their eyes on a few players.
  7. Full size has been sold out on Fanatics for a few weeks...I'm waiting for their stock to replenish so I can use my gift card.
  8. If anyone has a PS5 or XBX one they won't use, please share, thanks.
  9. Whether Carman's reps were against "better" (still 2nd/3rd stringers) or not, Volson deserves more reps and the opportunity to see what he can do earlier in the game. Carman was bad last year and he looks the same or worse after one preseason game. Yes, it's one preseason game, but we have an entire season to add to his profile. Whereas Volson, this was the first time most of us have seen him live and he looked smarter (passing of stunts) and like he had more heart (finishing plays) that we've seen from Carman. Small sample size, yes, but let's see how it goes next week. At least we can see some hope in Volson.
  10. It may be smart to get Burrow (and others) done sooner than later the way these salaries are exploding.
  11. Good find. Would it be safe to assume most of that is the actual value of the team and not TV money, merchandise sales, ticket sales, etc.? If that's the case that money isn't even close to being liquid. Either way, the Brown family isn't worried about where tonight's dinner is coming from. A quick Google search says the Bengals were worth $2.275B in 2021. I can't even imagine having something worth that much money, sheesh. Another interesting article about their value after the SB run: https://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/how-super-bowl-run-will-impact-cincinnati-bengals-finances Quote from the article: “The Super Bowl certainly matters,” said Miami University Assistant Processor Adam Beissel, who teaches and studies the business of sports. “It not only galvanized the fan base around the Tri-State area, but also it seemed to signal that the Bengals are here to stay.” Beissel expects the Bengals to reach $3 billion in franchise value when Forbes reveals its annual rankings of the NFL’s most valuable teams. The Bengals ranked 31st on last year’s list, with a $2.75 billion valuation."
  12. My question is, do they have the capital to put that kind of money in escrow? Many of these other owners were vastly wealthy before owning a team...I don't know (as none of us truly do) if the Brown family has the assets to put that kind of money away.
  13. I'm simply asking questions trying to start discussion on a message board, if it offends you in any way that wasn't the intent, but you don't have to respond either. If you take asking questions or stating something that can be improved as complaining, that's on you buddy.
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