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  1. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    How do you feel our offense has performed in the last six quarters?
  2. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    Struggling (to me) equals the last 6 quarters of football vs. average to bad defenses -- we put up a total of 22 pts. in those quarters...that would be about 15 ppg; a far cry from 30 or 26. I understand it's just six quarters, but 6 can easily turn to 10. At what point to do you consider a struggling offense, 1 game? 5 games? 10? I agree with the first part of your statement, but in the same vein you can't assume the offense would have scored those 14 points. I mean they scored 10 through 3+ quarters. I don't think it's the end of the world or anything like that, and overall the offense has played very well this season. My concern is over the last few quarters they're trending towards the offense we saw last year from a points perspective. With that being said, the offense still looks better than it did last year...Mixon is better, the WRs are better and the line is a little better. I guess it's just something to keep an eye on.
  3. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    I'm with you, I thought you saying we lost more people on the o-line -- my mistake. The loss of Gio, Mixon and Eifert has all played a role. Mixon is back and playing well, we won't have Gio for a few more weeks and Eifert is out for the season. Do you expect the offense to continue to struggle?
  4. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    Yes...but I think you're making my point.
  5. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    Outside of Price, who we lost early vs. the Ravens in game 2, who else did we lose? The production didn't slow down until the middle of game 4. I don't think Eifert has anything to do with the line struggling more...I think the line is who we thought they were.
  6. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    The offense has been good for the majority of the season, but six quarters of average to below average play is concerning. The Falcons and Dolphins don't have great defenses so I would expect us to play well in those games (first have vs. the Falcons was extraordinary). I don't think we should average 17 points per quarter, that's not even realistic. We're currently averaging 26 ppg which is great (taking away 21 for the defensive TDs to truly account for the offense's production). In the first 14 quarters of the season, the offense scored 110 points which is almost 8 points per quarter (7.9). The last six quarters the offense has scored 22 points, which is almost 4 points per quarter (3.7). That's a huge drop off and is very concerning IMO. I don't think Eifert had any affect on the o-line play, but it does take away one of Andy's safety blankets which could be an issue. Note: the only reason I'm talking about points per quarter is because the offense started struggling in the 2nd half of the Falcons game which obviously isn't a full game.
  7. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    Do you think the problem is just with the O-line or is something else off?
  8. WRAPradio

    The Offense is Humming

    That's a really good point. For all of the flack he's gotten this season, the threat of his speed can't be understated.
  9. Or is it? Over that past six quarters we've scored 22 points (9 vs. ATL & 13 vs. MIA). Neither of those defenses are great. Yes, we've had some injuries in Mixon, Ross and Gio, but it seems like the offensive line is regressing as well. This downtrend also coincides with Eifert going down coincidentally. Do you think there's reason for concern or is this just a bump in the road? Edit: we scored 9 in the 2nd half vs. ATL, not 12
  10. I have the game DVR'd and didn't get to watch anything but the 4th quarter yet (saw that on TV). I'll go back and watch the rest of the game, but how did Burfict play? Any impact (good or bad)?
  11. WRAPradio

    Price to G?

    Hopkins has been very bad a guard...he couldn't beat out Redmond. If he's playing well at center, why not leave him there and move Price to RG to move Redmond to the bench? Seems like a win-win for the offensive line. I understand he was drafted to be a center, but if he can upgrade the line elsewhere why not do it. Between Glenn, Redmond and Hart they've give up over 40 pressures. Price played guard at tOSU (before moving to center). I don't think he'd be as bad a Redmond then instead of having three weak links on the line you knock it down to two (both tackle spots).
  12. WRAPradio

    Price to G?

    He’s been terrible there. Redmond beat him out. He’s been decent at center.
  13. When Price comes back in a few weeks, do you think there's any change we keep Hopkins at C and move Price to RG? Do you think that would be a smart move to get your best 5 out there and move Redmond to the bench?
  14. We're a quarter of the way though the season...so how's the defense doing? Coordinator: Teryl Austin I think he's been the biggest disappointment. We're playing a ton of off coverage when we've seen press coverage (especially for WJIII) has been effective in the past. I'm sure there are reasons (young safeties), but we're taking away the strengths of our top 3 CB. WJIII has elite skills and can mirror most receivers, Dre has size and long arms and Dennard is physical off of the line. You can't play press all of the time, but we should be in it a lot more in my opinion, especially on 3rd and medium to short. It doesn't seem like we're playing much zone, which I'm ok with, but it should be mixed in a little more. I think we need to do a better job of disguising coverages to create interceptions. Other than that I think he's struggling to get the best out of a below average linebacking corps. Hopefully Tez can help out there, but we can't cover anything underneath and they're missing a ton of tackle in the running game. LB needs to be a high priority in FA or the draft. D-Line: Geno and Carlos have played well and worth every penny of their contracts right now. It sounds like Glas was playing well before his injury, but I honestly didn't pay too much attention there so I can't comment. Lawson has been a bit disappointing, but Willis and Hubbard have flashed. This is still the strength of our D, but opposing QBs are getting it out quickly (another reason to play more press coverage). LBs: Terrible. Vigil has made a few plays, but other than that have the LBs done anything this year? Nickerson plays hard, Preston Brown had a pick vs. Indy, been out for two games and disappeared vs. ATL. With ATL running 3+ WRs a lot of the time it makes sense why he didn't make a ton of plays as he was either on the sideline or there was a mismatch on the field...not the best match up fof him. CBs: WJIII has taken a step back from last year. He's given up a ton of yards and some TDs. I think we can put him in position to make more plays, but as it stands right now, he needs to do better than he's done. Kirk has been up and down and dropped a few picks. He's not playing up to his contract IMO. Dennard has been solid, but not great. Safties: Bates has done well for a rookie. He's got a pick and he's making tackles once the RB comes through the linebackers. Shawn Williams has made some plays as well, but struggles in coverage. Fej has been solid and may be our best safety at the moment. He seems to be in the right place and does his job well. Overall the defense has been a major disappointment. They didn't play well in three of the four games, but we're 3-1. If they can become an average defense this team should have some postseason success.
  15. I really believe the linebackers are the weakest position on the team..and that includes the offensive line. A lot of our defensive problems can be attributed to the LBs. With Burfict coming back, that should help, but we still need to get better play from guys like Vigil and Evans. Nickerson seems to be playing hard, he just isn't athletic enough to be a factor and doesn't have the instinct to make up for the lack of athleticism. I'm not sure if we can hide the LBs on D somehow, but Haslett's got to get that group together.

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