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  1. It's time to end the Trey Hopkins experiment as a starting offensive lineman in the NFL. Between the injuries and overall bad play, he's not the answer. He seems to get beat badly in the passing game and doesn't seem to consistent get a push in the running game. It's time to let Westerman run with the ones and put Hopkins on the bench next to OggieBoogie.
  2. Ross is QUICK when he catches it. If the team stays healthy, we may have something special this year. I know it’s game 1 of the preseason, but we’ve got some talent.
  3. Line looks better run blocking, but pass pro looks questionable thus far. Small sample size and no game planning, but it’s not encouraging. Mixon and AJ look ready for the season though.
  4. Sounds like we should/could move him to safety
  5. If a team gets a new offensive coordinator they're supposed to get a few extra days off practice time on the off-season. Though Lazor was here last year he's still a new coordinator. Does anyone know if we get those extra days?
  6. WRAPradio


    Thats what I’ve been thinking too, but now I’m wondering if we go Landry, Ragnow and O. Brown if he falls.
  7. WRAPradio

    Pick Of The Litter

    I'd take my chances with Darnold. I still see him on fire vs. Penn State in the Rose Bowl. I think the fumbles can be cleaned up and he'll be a pro bowler many times over...unless the Browns draft him. Then he'll be out of the league in two years.
  8. WRAPradio

    Eric Reid to visit Bengals

    Why? Do you disagree with the reason he’s kneeling? I’m genuinely curious. Or are you joking?
  9. WRAPradio

    Need Levels

    Looks like he's getting worse...
  10. WRAPradio

    Arden Key visits the Bengals

    Yeah, I hope we pass. We need to go with the safest player in the first this year. More than anything you have to have good players on rookie contracts (or good vets who will take less to win) in order to compete in the salary cap era. This is why I think it's so important to get a couple of good O-linemen in this year's draft. I don't know how the Rams are going to manage all of those salaries, but most teams need a few bargains so you can put money into other positions. I honestly think WR and RB are position groups that you can skimp on and still be a Superbowl contender. You have to have good lines and a good QB, or at least a QB that gets hot at the right time. That has nothing to do with Arden Key, I'm just rambling this morning...
  11. WRAPradio

    Pick 21 Poll

    Odd that James Daniels isn't on this list. Since I'm not adept at scouting interior lineman this give me, as an knowledgeable fan, some pause on my JD man crush.
  12. WRAPradio

    Pick 21 Poll

    That would be amazing. Honestly when we were sitting at #12, I was OK not going OL until later in the draft. Now it seems like we have a really good chance to have a solid line in 2018. I'm optimistic.
  13. WRAPradio

    Pick 21 Poll

    Better...every time I watched Oklahoma play he looked good. Not saying I want him at #21, but if he's a good player you pull the trigger I guess. I'd still rather have James Daniels.
  14. WRAPradio

    Pick 21 Poll

    I voted for James Daniels. I think center is our biggest need and between Redman, Westermann and Hopkins one of them will be good enough. Small sample size with the first two, but they played ok in the last couple of games which is more than Ogbwehi (sp?) ever has.
  15. WRAPradio

    Need Levels

    Unless we can play them at the same time at the same position this is a terrible plan for us.

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