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  1. Good: We got the W The offensive line wasn't great, but that may have been the best they played all year Burfict -- he had been terrible the past few weeks at MLB Dunlap played well Marvin -- had the team ready to play and they haven't given up on the season Bad: The offense -- especially the running game Ugly: Fat Randy -- here we go again with the PATs
  2. I normally dislike these things, but with as bad as our line is I think we should bring Greg Robinson in for a look. Former#2 overall pick, often injured and when healthy it doesn't sound like he was very good. I just can't imagine him being any worse than what we have. Maybe a change in scenery would do him some good, if nothing else I hope we at least kick the tires.
  3. Round Two

    It sounds like he thought Rasmey was taking cheap shots all game and that's just what pushed him over the edge. It's understandable especially since the officials knew what was going on and warned both sidelines, but it continued to happen.
  4. Round Two

    Considering the game was pretty one sided I guess that's not too surprising unfortunately.
  5. I have to disagree with you there. I think they severely mis-evaluated/overestimated the talent, but investing a 1st and 2nd rounder in the same draft shows you value the offensive line. Even going back, drafting Levi (early), Whitworth, signing Bobby Williams...the team clearly values the position, they just swung and missed badly on all of these guys unfortunately.
  6. Let's see if the defense turns up the intensity.
  7. No AJ, no Eifert....what's the over under on us getting > 100.5 yards total in the 2nd half?
  8. But, ladies and gentlemen, you know what this means...John Ross Time!!!! I'll see myself out
  9. The one time Marvin decides not to kneel it....
  10. Every team runs those (except for us). As long as the WR setting the pick doesn't make it obvious it's generally never called.
  11. Looks like we're saving Blake Bortle's career...
  12. Yeah, Guenther is calling plays like he's never seen a crossing route before. Our D looks terrible.
  13. This comment is a little late, but I HATE the 2nd & 10 running play. It's an automatic 3rd & 10 or more for this team.
  14. Fournette OUT

    This works out best for you, Bengals were going to shut him down today.

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