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  1. This is the right answer. Let him get used to these pressure situations. Next year, hopefully, he has a better line and we can make a run.
  2. Here are the DL that have or will miss multiple games: D. Tackles: Geno Atkins Mike Daniels DJ Reader Renell Wren Josh Tupou (opted out) Edge/D. Ends: Sam Hubbard Knock on wood...Carl Lawson has been healthy this year.
  3. Interestingly enough, there are some decent names on this list. MVS, Allen Robinson, DeVante Parker, Diggs, DJ Moore.
  4. Top 5 you sprint to the podium and take the LT out of Oregon, Penei Sewll and don’t think twice about it.
  5. It's going to be scary this year when teams move their best CB over to Boyd once they figure out if AJ is washed or not. Hopefully, AJ can take advantage of not having the coverage always rolled towards him; that's probably something he's never seen in his career.
  6. I did mean D and O lines. Here's the D-line spend -- we're putting a lot of money here too and not getting good results.
  7. It's sad when two of your top three highest paid WRs aren't producing. On the bright side, they'll free up about 10% of our cap.
  8. A quarter of the way though the season, and it looks like both AJ and John Ross will be moving on. This isn't a bad thing. As much as I love AJ, we can't affort to pay him and expect to improve the rest of the team. Freeing up his money and Ross' money will allow us to spend on the D line and D line. Below are the top-10 teams in terms of spending for WRs. I don't think you should be in the top-10 b/c as the Patriots have shown, you don't need great receivers to win. Think about it, who's the last great WR to actually win a SB? Granted, The Chiefs are #1 in spending, but they also have
  9. I'd love to be able to run this clock out with Mixon and Gio.
  10. Yes, but a Burrow frustrating series ends with 3, whereas a Dalton frustrating series ends in an illegal forward pass and the TE out for the season.
  11. I agree. We're still going to need some speed from somewhere though. Boyd, Higgins, Tate, Erickson...no one to really take the top off of the D.
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