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  1. It may be smart to get Burrow (and others) done sooner than later the way these salaries are exploding.
  2. Good find. Would it be safe to assume most of that is the actual value of the team and not TV money, merchandise sales, ticket sales, etc.? If that's the case that money isn't even close to being liquid. Either way, the Brown family isn't worried about where tonight's dinner is coming from. A quick Google search says the Bengals were worth $2.275B in 2021. I can't even imagine having something worth that much money, sheesh. Another interesting article about their value after the SB run: https://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/how-super-bowl-run-will-impact-cincinnati-bengals-finances Quote from the article: “The Super Bowl certainly matters,” said Miami University Assistant Processor Adam Beissel, who teaches and studies the business of sports. “It not only galvanized the fan base around the Tri-State area, but also it seemed to signal that the Bengals are here to stay.” Beissel expects the Bengals to reach $3 billion in franchise value when Forbes reveals its annual rankings of the NFL’s most valuable teams. The Bengals ranked 31st on last year’s list, with a $2.75 billion valuation."
  3. My question is, do they have the capital to put that kind of money in escrow? Many of these other owners were vastly wealthy before owning a team...I don't know (as none of us truly do) if the Brown family has the assets to put that kind of money away.
  4. I'm simply asking questions trying to start discussion on a message board, if it offends you in any way that wasn't the intent, but you don't have to respond either. If you take asking questions or stating something that can be improved as complaining, that's on you buddy.
  5. Not complaining at all, simply saying there are things he can work on, he's said as much himself. He's going into his third year, normally the biggest year for a QB,
  6. If I remember correctly, LSU started slowly in the Championship game vs. Clemson, then got rolling. Only concern I really have with Burrow is turning those 5 yard sacks into 12 yard sacks. He makes so many plays by getting out of danger, but when it doesn't work it looks really bad and flips field position. I guess there's a balance, you want him to make those plays, but based on time and score, he needs to know when to eat the ball or throw it away.
  7. I know most people and analyst are sold on Burrow; he's a top-5 QB and that's who he is. He got us to a SB behind a terrible o-line and was really good for most of the season. Now, his line should be closer to average and he still has all of his weapons, this should allow us to open up the playbook and not have to scheme around the line as much. Three questions (though 1 & 3 are similar): 1. Is there anyone out there waiting to see how this year goes before being all-in on Burrow? 2. What makes Burrow great? 3. Is this a prove it year or has Burrow already proven it?
  8. Bates ability to play single high and an elite level is massively underrated and huge for this D. We all HOPE Dax could fill that role, but we don't know yet. We've seen bad safety player here before (hello Kevin Kaesvaharn). One hole in Bates' game is his tackling. Other than that, he's a great safety and showed his value in the playoffs. Yes, he had a bad regular season by his standard last year, but admitted the contract stuff was in his head. I don't know if signing him put has an effect on Higgins and/or Boyd, but I think he's vital to this D. If anything, Mixon is going to be the one that may get the ax (I haven't looked at the numbers yet) next year to make the room.
  9. I'll take Bills at Bengals for the conference. It will be a tough game, but you expect nothing less that time of year.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2022-nfl-schedule-release-heres-a-running-list-of-every-leaked-game-ahead-of-thursdays-unveiling/ Week 6 (Oct. 13-17) Sunday, Oct. 16 Bengals at Saints, 1 p.m. ET (Source) Week 17 (Dec. 29-Jan 2) Monday, Jan. 2 Bills at Bengals, 8:15 p.m. ET (ESPN) (Source)
  11. I was hoping they'd amend the salary cap to there the QB's salary isn't included in the overall cap. That would allow teams to keep their QBs and still build a team.
  12. By most accounts I've seen, this was a major reach...he wasn't even on my radar honestly. I'm trying to be optimistic about this one and I'm assuming the coaches see something in him that most others don't. He can probably put on a little weight to be a full-time 3-tech, so there's that.
  13. PFF gives you the option to start in round 2.
  14. I'm slowly coming around to this pick. For this year, it'll allow us to play some three safety looks and have additional speed on the field to handle all of the firepower in the AFC. I don't think this ends the JB3 era after this year either. You can still re-sign him and have both Hill and Bates as your primary safeties. If we don't bring Bell back we'd still need a box safety b/c both Bates and Hill can struggle in the tackling department. Overall, this gives Lou some flexibility in his play calling and a little depth for this year. It also starts to prepare us for next year if Bates and/or Bell are gone so we're not starting from ground zero.
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