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  1. I don't love drafting a WR, but do we spend big money on AJ who's been hurt 4 out of the last 5 years? If not, we're Boyd is 1 and Ross is 2? Auden Tate is nice, but we would need another WR.
  2. It'll be interesting to see how ratings change as the college football season wraps up. I honestly don't see a LB we can get in the first two rounds right now (I think Moses will go in the 1st). This may be a year we need to overpay for a quality LB. I'm not sure who will be in FA, but we've got to find someone.
  3. Agreed, and I thought Cordy Glenn played well too. I don't know if we can count on him long-term, but I think we need two tackles (to replace Hart and a good backup), and a RG. That should really solidify our line if Jonah Williams turns into Levi Jones and not Cedric O.
  4. I haven't heard of a lot of these guys, but I'll read about them and watch who I can find videos on. I'm no expert (I thought Jake Fisher was a good pick), but I enjoy armchair scouting. Someone always falls, like Dalton Risner last year. Hopefully there's that same type of player this year and with us picking at the top of each round, hopefully, we'll be in a prime spot to have our choice of fallers.
  5. I like the thought of taking the QB next year with Trevor Lawrence being in the draft. The only problem is we'll either have to pick first, or trade to #1 to get him. A lot of people like Justin Fields next year as well, but I'm not quite as sold on him yet. He's been really good this year, but throwing the ball he's still too inaccurate at times for me. Now, if he improves his accuracy next year (or preferable this year starting Saturday) that may be an option. Best case is if Tua goes back to Alabama and there are three legit QBs in the draft next year.
  6. Do you think there are any "special" backs that can make an average O line look great? I read something a while ago (I'll have to try to find it and link it) that talked about the difference between an average line and a great line isn't work the money it takes to sign those guys. It was an interesting take on it if you put any stock into analytics.
  7. I would have loved another OL too, but they would have been reaches. I don't watch too many olinemen that closely unless they're dominate so for them I rely on the analysts ratings. I don't think we need another RB, but it doesn't hurt to draft one every year and you might strike gold. Who knows if we'll be able to re-sign Mixon...I personally don't think you should tie up a huge contract in the RB position, but Mixon is one of the 5-6 guys you may give the high dollars.
  8. I went thedraftnework.com a did a quick 5-round mock. I know it's early and ranking will change between now and April, but I would love this. Don't necessarily need a RB in the 5th, but at that point I didn't really know about too many others at this point in the season. Dylan Moses would be a steal in the 2nd based off of last year. He didn't play this year due to injury, but he's better than any LB we currently have, which isn't hard to achieve.
  9. Are we talking about 260 lb. Sam Hubbard playing LB? I'm guessing that would mean he's a 2 down linebacker then move him to DE on rush downs? I think if you play Hubbard at LB every offense in the league would get him matched up against a RB or TE and I don't think that's a favorable match up for us. I think our best bet is to actually sign a LB in FA (I know the chances of that are slim) or draft one without reaching (also slim). Sam is actually a decent DE and I think he'd be a well below average linebacker. I know some will say he played safety in High School and LB is freshman year...but when someone's body changes a lot of the times their position does as well.
  10. Don't mess this up, Andy. Get us a win vs. the Browns to keep them out of the playoffs and that's it....we need the first pick for Chase. The most underrated part about picking first, is the first pick in each round. Lots of trade opportunities on day 2 and 3 as teams sit overnight and reshuffle their boards...who am I kidding, we're not going to make any significant trades...Who Dey!!
  11. Shoot, I was hoping we'd get him for an extra year before having to decide if they want that optional 5th year. In that case, I hope he can get on the field this year and get some experience. Not enough to cost us the #1 pick, but enough to beat the Stains at least once and officially end their playoff hopes.
  12. If Jonah Williams doesn't play, do we still get him for 4+1 years, or does this year count and it's 3+1? Also...best case is Tua goes back to Bama and you have Tua, Lawrence and Fields all coming out next year. Draft Chase this year, then hope and pray Isaiah Simmons (LB/Clemson) falls to 2.1. Someone needs to hack his Twitter acct. and someone else send him a bong, gas mask and a video camera. He needs to fall.
  13. Agreed. Even that deep ball to Boyd was severely under thrown. We've also seen multiple outs that have been picked or should have been picked...that's the problem with a weak arm.
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