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  1. I was saying that as a good thing. I don’t think our O line is great right now and Burrow is doing well. It didn’t seem like he had that many clean pockets, but according to the data maybe he did. The o line could still use a couple more pieces, specifically at center and guard. Also need a backup plan for RR (maybe Adeniji or Smith?).
  2. Sheesh. Keep upgrading both lines and the secondary and we’ve got a Super Bowl contender.
  3. I’m not a fan of Zac, but I’m not sure what more he can do the way our O line is playing. Maybe get Joe outside of the pocket more.
  4. As a former coach, you know more than me! As an arm chair QB, Joe just doesn’t pop off of the screen to me like some QBs. Still super early in his career, I just don’t see an elite trait that would separate him from other good QBs. With that being said, I would have said the same thing about Tom Brady 20 years ago so there’s that…
  5. I don’t think he does…and I hope I’m wrong. IMO, he doesn’t have an elite skill; he’s good at a lot of things, but not elite at anything. Granted, it’s only been 11 or so games into his career, but I could see him eventually being a top 8-12 QB in the league. I’d love for him to prove me wrong and be the best in the league and win us 10 SBs.
  6. My argument would be great vs. good. If Mahomes had a good team (offensive line specifically) it may have been a different story. I think about QBs like Rodgers, Brady and Manning who may not have had GREAT teams around them, but they had solid teams. Those QBs are able to elevate the talent around them and get players to play better than they would in other places.
  7. I personally think he's good, but I don't think he can be the best player on the field and we win a SB. I think he's a great leader and a very accurate passer. What he may lack in arm strength he makes up for in anticipation and accuracy. He's very mobile and seems to make pretty good reads. He's less than 20 games into his career as of now so as he matures I think he'll make quicker decision which will only help him and the offensive line. All in all, I'm glad he's on our side.
  8. This is another reason Zac needs to give up the play calling. Defense was just on the field…it’s late in the 2nd half and you’ve got a big lead. Run the ball to get the clock moving and take it from there. It’s like he’s trying to be too smart. Granted, if we complete the pass I still think it’s a bad play call at that moment in the game.
  9. You're probably right...maybe...the other day online there was a commercial with this OJ fella running through the airport...now he had moves. Maybe we should check him out.
  10. Zac Taylor is super conservative at the beginning of games and it's killing us. I don't know if he's trying to protect the line, Burrow or appease Mixon, but he needs to turn it up a notch before we're down late in the game.
  11. To be completely honest, I still think JB is an unknown himself. He showed flashes as a rookie, but we don’t know how he’ll progress or how his mental will be regarding his knee. There are many signs that say he’ll be a good QB, but to me he’s just as much of a question mark as the o-line and the defense.
  12. Do you think it’s realistic for this team to make it to the playoffs?
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