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  1. It's interesting to think about because what would be better, Burrow OR Tua, Queen and Ruiz (or some other combination). It just makes me nervous putting all of our eggs in one basket if there are other options. IF (and that's a big if) Tua is healthy, he may be a better QB than JB. I down with drafting JB, but I don't think I'd be upset if we traded out of #1 and end up with 3 1st rounders this year or even 2 this year and an extra one next year (maybe they'd have to throw in an extra 3rd or something in this scenario).
  2. Burrow doesn’t have half the arm of either of these guys. It doesn’t mean he can’t be great, but I think it’ll have to be in a little different way.
  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if NE happens to have a really bad year this year.
  4. I don’t necessarily think we should trade the #1 pick, BUT it would be silly to not seriously think about it if MIA is willing to give us all three of their first rounders. There are so many scenarios where it actually makes sense. Just for discussion sake let’s think about this. Miami trades us #5, #18 and #26 for #1. We could walk away with Tua, Queen and Mims all in the 1st round. Or, if you wanted to extend Andy for 2 years, you could have Simmons, a tackle and Cesar Ruiz — that would almost finish the o-line rebuild and you’ve got. Your do it all LB. With the FA spending, we could actually field a Super Bowl contending team THIS YEAR. I’d have mixed feelings if we did trade #1, but I think there would be a level of excitement as well.
  5. Agreed. I think he’s an improvement based on what I’ve read. I didn’t watch many Vikings games admittedly, so I’m going off of what I’m reading in other places.
  6. DJ Reader -- DT Trae Waynes -- CB Reader is a solid signing. Big man who is great vs. the run. If we want to go to more of a 3-4 look he can help with that. In a 4-3 next to Geno that should be a nice pairing. Versus the run, Reader is great...almost impossible to move. He's not much of a pass rusher, but he's not a liability like most NTs. He's got some quickness there, but he won't dominate rushing the passer and shouldn't be expected to. He's a 2-down player that can play 3. Really good signing for a good DT/NT. Trae Wayes is essentially Dre K. without all of the penalties. He's faster than Dre, but he's stiff and doesn't seem to track the ball well. He's a good tackler and plays the run well so maybe we won't get blasted on the outside as much. He's basically a replacement for Dre that offers a little more long speed and physicality.
  7. I agree, I just don't know that it's the Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck slam dunk/can't miss some people seem to think it is
  8. Joe Burrow completed 57% of his passes for 2800 yards at LSU where he threw 16 total TDs vs. 5 picks. Great ratio, but 16 TDs leaves a lot to be desired and 57% is bad. Yes, it was an archaic system for all intents and purposes, but "great" QBs figure out a way to at least get to 60% when you have talent around you. I'm not sure how you consider that a good season. On top of that he was handing the ball off to Leonard Fornette (who had 1100 yards) and throwing to Justin Jefferson. To me, those aren't good numbers with the kind of talent he had around him. I know he got there late, but I'd disagree saying that's a good season. People weren't game planning for JB and he threw for a whopping 16 TDs. Maybe we just have different standards for what a good season is. If you go back and read my post I believe I said that any one of these by itself isn't a big deal, but when you start combining so many concerns it should make you at least take pause. That doesn't mean don't draft him, that doesn't me he's going to suck, it just means don't just ignore potential flags because you think he's cool and NFL Networks says that's who we should draft. He could be a HOF'er and we'd start to have all new data points for some of this stuff...or he could be Akili Smith. None of us know.
  9. No ninja needed...but for the record, I would not have drafted Chris Perry or Cedric Obwehi...(or Levi Jones, I wanted Phillip Buchannon...I was wrong on that one)
  10. If NE keeps Brady, we should try to trade them AJ for their 2nd. Get Brady a weapon and we get a premium pick...it's a win-win.
  11. I hear you and I'm glad he didn't have a fumbling issue. I'd venture to day Herbert faced a lot more pressure at Oregon than Joe did at LSU. With that being said, Joe played probably the toughest schedule this past season and the fact he was secure with the ball is a great thing.
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