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  1. Are you saying the offense will be bad so the only reason we'll win some games is because of the defense, or we'll ONLY win 6 games because the defense will be bad?
  2. Amen, this guy gets it. He’s a leader already in every way. Glad he’s a Bengal.
  3. We will be a top-10 defense because almost half of our starting defense is new and they are better than the players they’re replacing. Waynes is better thank Kirk, Reader will be our best D-lineman and Bynes is better than Vigil. On top of that we got younger and faster at LB and adding Vonn Bell is a huge get. Bates and Bell will make a nice duo and if Hubbard can get a little better and Carl Lawson stays healthy we’ll have a really good mix of DBs and DL. The LBs will be a huge question mark, but if Bynes and Pratt can stabilize 1st and 2nd down, and any combination of ADG, Wilson and Bailey can play well in coverage we’ll have a solid D. We won’t be a top-10 defense because of the age of our stars and health.. Carlos had arguably his best season last year, but he’s on the wrong side of 30. Geno has been declining for the last couple of years and I only expect that to continue unfortunately. Carl Lawson hasn’t proven he can stay healthy and without him we really don’t have a pass rush. On top of those two things, Will Jackson had one good year (his rookie year) and there’s a lot of inexperience at the LB position.
  4. . He may not be a good DC, I’m hoping with a year of experience he has a second year improvement.
  5. We signed potentially five new starter (Reader, V. Bell, Waynes, M. Alexander and Bynes) out of 11 players; that’s 45% of the defense. Of the returning starters (Dunlap, Atkins, Hubbard, Wm. Jackson, Bates, Pratt S. Williams) six of those can be considered to be average or better players; that’s another 55%. Then you’ve got OK depth with players like Carl Lawson and Darius Phillips --with that type of defense can you answer this? Why WILL this be a top ten defense Why WON’T this be a top ten defense
  6. Didn't he win his first start? Cleveland maybe?
  7. I read he’s waiting to see what happens with COVID-19 before signing....what are the options?
  8. 1.1 Joe Burrow: A. This was a great pick for all of the reasons we've all discussed for months. It will be nice to have a QB that has some moxie after both Carson and Andy were more "California cool". We should see Mixon involved in the passing game more as Burrow used CEH as a check down receiver a lot at LSU. 2.1 Tee Higgins: B+. Tee Higgins is a good receiver. He's been compared to AJ Green, but he's a couple of levels below that. Tee's going to make the contested catches as it looks like he's got a crazy wingspan and strong hands. It looks like he needs to do a better job of creating separation, but if he and Joe can get the back shoulder fade timing down that will will a dangerous weapon for the next 10+ years. I don't think he'll scare teams deep, but he can get over the top, stack the CB and give the QB a nice window to drop the ball into. I would think he'll do most of his damage in that 10-20 yard part of the field. AJ, Tee, Tyler and J. Ross should all see the field a lot if we play to Burrow's strengths. Even Auden Tate and CJ should get some nice run. The redzone will be interesting with all of those big targets then throw in Ross' quicks and it should make for a lot of options. 3.1 Logan Wilson: B-. Admittedly I didn't know a ton about Logan Wilson until maybe a week before the draft when his name was rising. He seems like a jack of all trades, master of none. He's good/solid at everything, but not really going to wow you. He seems to be a solid tackler and smart in coverage. He's got good acceleration and good size for the position. He should immediately be able to contribute on D and by the end of the year hopefully he outplays Bynes. He also seems to be a pretty good blitzer which will be nice to help put pressure on the QB. Looking at our division I don't think he's the type of LB to really affect Larmar Jackson in the open field, but really, who is? 4.1 Akeem Davis-Gaither (ADG): B+. ADG is like a hybrid LB, Edge, Safety. He's under 230 lbs, quick and does everything on the field. He's got a better chance against quick players in the open field, but I think you can get creative with him in different blitz packages. He should be OK in coverage and do decent against the run if he's not in there for 50+ snaps. He played all of last year with a stress fracture in his ankle or foot and still looks super quick on tape. There are rumors about a bone on bone knee issue, but I don't think that's been confirmed anywhere. 5.1 Khalid Kareem: C. Kareem is a player you need on your team. He's going to set the edge in the running game, get a few coverage sacks and provide rest for players like Dunlap, Hubbard and Lawson on 1st and 2nd down. He's a guy that I don't think you'll notice when he's out there for good reasons. I guess you could slide him inside on passing downs every once in a while, but I'm not sure how effective he'd be. At 260 lbs, I don't think he's quick enough to get around the interior linemen. Good, solid pick, should also play on special teams. 6.1 Hakeem Adeniji: C. For the 6th round I guess this is a solid pick. I don't think I watched one Kansas game, but it looks like he's got the athleticism to succeed, but maybe not the technique or consistency. We had to bring another body in to compete and I'd rather take a chance late on a guy with the athleticism/body for it. I would guess he'll make the team and backup both tackle positions and maybe even both guard positions. He might develop into a starter in a few years, but it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't make it to a 2nd contract. 7.1 Markus Bailey: B+. Easily my favorite day 3 pick. If not for ACL injuries in both knees, he would have gone a lot higher. He's like diet-Logan Wilson. He does everything well. I think Wilson may be a little stronger at the point of attack, but Bailey may be a little better in coverage. If he can stay healthy this will be the steal of the draft. Great time to take a chance in the 7th round. Overall I'd give this draft a solid "B". I think I would have rather had M. Pittman Jr. or Denzel Mims over Higgins, but it depends on what you want in a WR. I like that Higgins is so much younger than Mims (and Pittman I think) and he still has room to grow. I love the focus on LB, but not addressing the O-line until the 6th round doesn't sit well with me. Passing on Josh Jones twice wasn't smart, IMO. Jones may turn out to be a bad OT, but it looks like he was worth the risk. If we know ADG and Bailey would be there that may have changed their thought process in that 3rd round, but there's no way to tell.
  9. I think it’s more of “it’s a 7th round pick, if this guy was healthy he’d be a 3rd rounder”. It’s worth the risk at this point in the draft.
  10. Hahaha, That may be the worst I've heard.
  11. Thank you! Too many times I see for all "intensive purposes". That's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  12. This is easily my favorite late-round pick. Great potential here.
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