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  1. I try not to trade too much because I know the Bengals won’t trade too much. It is interesting to see all of the different scenarios that play out.
  2. Here’s my first mock draft of the season; I only did 3 rounds b/c I don’t know a lot of these guys yet. It’s not the best draft, but without trading, I had to reach for the 2nd best tackle prospect in the draft. Then drafting another tackle in the 2nd may be overkill, but I’m not sure how good Jonah Williams is yet. He had some good moments, but he had some bad reps as well. He’s a young player, I’m not sure if he’d have any value at guard.
  3. Last year we did a few different mock draft simulators — it’s always fun to see different scenarios in the draft. I’ve list a few I play around with below: PFF: https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator TDN: https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine Fanspeak: https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock-nfl-mock-draft-simulator/ PFN: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  4. I know QBs always go high, but I don't think we'll see four QBs go. With Chase and D. Smith being two game breaking WRs, and Parsons being a GREAT LB prospect, it wouldn't surprise me if a WR (Mia?) or LB go before us. I'd love for Sewell to fall to us, and I think there's a 50/50 chance that happens. It'll depend on what the Jets do. If they don't go QB, they make take Sewell and pair him with Beckton from last year's draft.
  5. It affects what other players we can sign. One of the issues this year, IMO, is how much money we had tied up in the RB and WR positions. I think we were top 5 at both positions.
  6. Jonah Williams Q. Spain Hopkins XSF Orange Cone Hart Williams and Spain are solid. Hopkins tore his ACL in that last game. We need a tackle to replace Hart, a center in case Hopkins isn't ready and a guard to compete with XSF. Draft a tackle (hopefully Sewell), sign a center/guard in FA and you've go one more spot to fill, hopefully with a vet. I don't think we want 3 rookies protecting Burrow next year.
  7. As much as I want Sewell, we need too much and I’d hate to trade a high pick to get him. We need a guard as well and there are other good tackles in this draft. Now, no one knows if they’ll fall to the 2nd round or not, but we have lots of holes to fill on the online and on defense. I wouldn’t hate it if we trade up to get him, but I wouldn’t pull the trigger on a trade.
  8. If it costs #5 and our 3rd rounder, would you move up to #3 to get Sewell?
  9. I love Jamarr Chase, but I think you have to look at Devonta Smith from Alabama if you're going WR. With that being said, I don't think we should draft a WR high...too many other needs. When's the last time a superstar WR won a SB? Jerry Rice maybe, unless you count Tyreke Hill last year? I'd rather use that capital on the O-line or defense. I think we're OK at the skill positions, though drafting a WR that high is exciting.
  10. Agreed, and picking 3rd in each round is huge.
  11. We have to be careful not to win anymore if we want a shot at #3.
  12. http://bleacherreport.com/post/cincinnati-bengals/adaf4080-bbbb-41d7-9f61-cdf77488ec83
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