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  1. My bad, I got a little in my feelings as well when responding. Also, I do tend to undervalue our players a little (my trade AJG post didn't go over too well).
  2. I think we have different definitions of a playmaking safety. I expect a playmaking safety to create turnovers, shut down an opposing player, score points or make game saving/winning plays. If he's not getting a ton of picks or changing games by causing fumbles, yes, I would expect a playmaking safety to get some sacks IF we're going to label him a playmaker. Reggie has one pick 6 in his career, has forced three fumbles in his career and over his six seasons here averaged 3.8 picks per season...and that includes one season where he had 8 (great season). We're going to have to agree to disagree if our standards of a playmaking safety are so different. Let me guess, you think John Kitna belongs in the HOF because in 2006 he threw for over 4000 yards? Raise your standards. To directly respond to the points in your post: - I'm sure coordinators game planed around Polamalu (sp?) and Ed Reed...or according to you maybe not b/c that would make them a shit tier OC. - Calling Reggie "amazing" is a stretch...I think competent to good is a little more accurate. Amazing compared to Olahate (sp?), yes. Amazing in real life, no. - I don't know how many times he blitzed the QB, please enlighten me. - I agree Iloka's play did drop off after Reggie left, but so did the defensive line and the LBs....not sure all of that is due to Reggie being gone Honestly, I just think we have different definitions/expectations of what we consider an amazing safety. My definition of an amazing player or a playmaker is someone who could possibly be in the HOF one day or at least someone who you thought while watching the game could make a PLAY at any moment (maybe too high of an expectation), but it's certainly not of a player that you hope to just remember his name in 10 years. I feel like Geno, AJG or Burfict could make a play at any moment, I never felt that way with Reggie. I know it sounds like I'm bashing Reggie and I'm really not trying to, I think he was a solid player while he was here.
  3. Or a case of people overrating their players and taking one year as the "NFL Leader in something" and projecting that onto the rest of their career. Nelson was a good player for us, but I don't believe he struck fear in a single offensive coordinator or WR/TE. Something I don't remember is how many games he changed with a big play. I'm sure there were a few, but I don't remember. Most game changing players have at least a few plays that people can recall. I mean he did get us 15 yards when he got his hair pulled on the sidelines. So you don't have to do the research, before 2015 when he had 8 INTs, his previous Bengals high was 4 and career high was 5. He averages less than a sack per season and has only forced 3 fumbles in his career. Maybe we just have different definitions of a playmaking safety.
  4. I wouldn't consider Nelson a playmaking safety. He was solid to good, but playmaker...not in my opinion. I don't think offensive coordinators were basing their gameplans around Reggie Nelson.
  5. Except for the one that's slightly past his prime, but still one of the best in the league at his position.
  6. Mj played ok at DT, but I wouldn't be sad if they both were cut.
  7. I wouldn't love it, but wouldn't hate it either. You're getting a good tackle and a 2nd round pick out of it. You move down a few spots, but you can probably get the OG (hernandez?) everyone is talking about in that range. So you've fixed your oline for the most part and picked up an extra 2nd rounder.
  8. Agree for the most part, but I think there's 0% chance we take a WR. After drafting Ross last year and they really like Malone and I'm sure Cody Core will be the talk of the off season again. I think it has to be OL, DL or LB. The only other player that would be worth it IMO is James. We've never really had a playmaking safety and the way the league works now you need one that can play that hybrid role.
  9. Only reason it's this "easy" is because we play the Browns twice. I think they've got the 5th hardest schedule or something like that b/c they can't play themselves.
  10. The most surprising thing here is that Ogbeuhi wasn't the lowest rated tackle in the league...and we managed to sign the guy worse than him.
  11. http://breakingfootball.com/2018-nfl-draft-young-money-tremaine-edmunds/
  12. The o-line showed enough at the end of the season to be serviceable...I think you re-sign Bodine as a backup if possible, but I think we will need some upgrades there. We don't have a dominate QB and the strength of our offense should be Mixon and Gio. Boling looked OK at LT, but I'd rather keep him at guard as he's probably our best lineman at this point and I don't think he's a world beater by any stretch of the imagination. I'd expect us to draft a couple of linemen on day 2 of the draft, possibly day 1. I still think they go BPA in round 1 and I think Roquan Smith has a good chance to fall to us, and if he does I don't think you can pass him up. LB has been a weakness on our D forever and a Smith/Burfict duo would put this defense on the path to being really good. Get Geno and Carlos extended, maybe another DT and a safety and this defense could be really good.
  13. I'm not sure where you pulled the "we need a shitty offense to win the SB" thing from. The Giants (2x) and Broncos both had pretty average offenses. I'm simply saying if we upgrade the line and add other WRs we can have an average to above average offense. If you look at the Saints, Colts and Pats, they had all-time QBs which we don't. So how did the teams that didn't have all-time QBs win the SB? Defense. Again, I'm not trying to say since no SB winners had a top-5 WR that's why we trade AJ. I'm saying it's not necessary (proven)to have a top-5 WR and we can use the $$ we would pay AJ to help upgrade the Oline and defense.
  14. That would go against me saying you need a great defense. I get the sarcasm, though. I didn't expect many, if any to agree, just my thoughts on how Superbowl winning teams are actually constructed. It's not like we've had Superbowl success with how we're doing it. Everyone clamors for change, but if it's something that goes against popular opinion it's categorized as crazy. I don't know if it would work or not, but I'd bet almost anything that we won't win a Superbowl while AJ is here in his prime. And if that's the case, why keep him when you could get great value for him and possibly win without him (based on how others have won the SB). I could see if teams were constantly winning with great WRs, but that's just not the case and there COULD be a reason why. Keep in mind, I'm not saying that's the only thing we'd need to do, but it would free us up to sign/draft other players.

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