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  1. This is frustrating. As bad as this offensive line is, Tom Brady and Barry Sanders wouldn't have a win on this team. We need to do more than tank. 1. Sign over the team to Katie and Troy (only realistic possibility) 2. Fire Duke Tobin and Jim Turner 3. Sign Louis Riddick as the new GM 4. Trade any combination of Andy, AJ, Geno, Carlos and Ross 4. Sign a free agent RT and Guard 5. Let Louis Riddick handle the draft and lock MB, Katie and Troy in a room together playing Monopoly
  2. Not behind this offensive line. We've got one of the best RBs in the world and we can't get him going. This is at least a two year rebuild. AJ's been hurt 4 of the last 5 years and while Geno is still good, he's not making the plays he's used to making. Let's say we get one of these QBs in this draft (Tua, Burrow or Herbert...I'm not even sure those guys are "it") as a rookie, we're not going to compete...WC birth at best. THen in year two, AJ and Geno are two years older and probably not among the elite anymore, yet will most likely be paid like it. Now we're wasting our salary cap while we have a good rookie QB contract. Instead of being able to pay players to help the team with a rookie QB contact, we're trying paying Geno, Carlos and AJ...all of whom are well above 30. Yes, they could all be good to great in their mid 30s, but history show there will be a falloff. Maybe AJ or Geno stay great, but the odds of both of them playing at that level are slim. At this point we don't know how/if AJ will play this year.
  3. I'm glad MB is at least acting like he's interested -- in all seriousness, this picture pretty much sums up the MB era.
  4. I think the question is, "Will the Bengals win a Superbowl with AJ and/or Geno"? The answer is no. It's not their fault, but why not trade them to TRY to make the team better? Saying the same does us no good...at least trading them for draft capital there's a chance we hit the jackpot and compete for a championship. My question to you is, what's the point of keeping AJ and Geno if someone were going to offer us premium picks? If people are happy keeping our declining stars and going 4-12 every year, you're rooting for the right team. #whodey #samedey
  5. I think Andy would be harder to trade in the off season. During the off season QBs are healthy and there aren't too many starters that Andy would be an upgrade over. For the couple of starters that Andy would be an upgrade over, they're looking at drafting a QB. I think our best bet to trade Andy is if a contending team loses their QB before the trading deadline. I didn't think about Eifert. I would think we'd only get a 4 for him, but who knows??
  6. Without an offensive line there's nothing you can do. On top of that we did NOTHING in the draft for FA to address an all-time bad D from last year. I don't see how even Bill Belichick would win here.
  7. What qualifies as "knocks your socks off" for each? Would you turn down just a good deal to have them retire here and potentially sacrifice the team's success/potential?
  8. With this season effectively being over, I think a lot of people believe it's time to rebuild from the ground up (no, this doesn't include the front office unfortunately). With that being said, what assets do we have that could net us the most value? Here are my thoughts: 1. AJ Green. There are reports out there that we COULD get a 1st rounder for him, but a 2nd is a little more realistic, IMO. While I hate the thought of trading him, we're not winning a Super Bowl while he's on the roster so why not use his value to help rebuild? 2. Andy Dalton. I think we could trade him for a 2nd or 3rd IF a playoff contender has a major injury at the position before the trade deadline. Outside of that, I'm not sure Andy has much value on the trade market at this point. The only team(s) that I think would have interest TODAY would be Tennessee and Chicago. I think all of the other teams have better QB situations than us at the moment as crazy as that may sound. Miami is in line to draft a QB, but currently have Fitz and Rosen, Pittsburgh is in trouble, but Ben may be back next year. Jax looks to have a serviceable situation and they're winning games with "The Stash". Minnesota Kirk Cousins = Andy Dalton. 3. Geno. He just got a new contract, but most teams would take Geno is a heartbeat. He's not as dominate as he used to be, but he's still really good. I think we could get a 3rd or 4th for him considering his age and contract. 4. Gio. I love Gio, but I hate his new contract. The 10th highest paid RB and we don't even use him. I think the contract hurts his value, but he doesn't have the typical wear and tear of a RB his age since we haven't and don't use him as a major part of our offense. I'd love to trade him for cap management reasons, but I don't see us getting any more than a 5th for him. Is there anyone else on the team that has any value?
  9. I don't even think management is taking. Based on the contracts (Geno, Dunlap, Boyd, Hart (lol), Gio (10th highest paid RB who barely plays)) they expect to win now. I don't think management has any plan at all honestly now that I think about it.
  10. It's time to trade everyone and rebuild. Get what you can for our best players.
  11. 4th and inches and we're in shotgun and Andy freaking Dalton ends up trying to get it up the middle. Wow.
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