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  1. Boyd Hurt?

    Thanks. Did Ross even play after the fumble? Maybe we should try him at left tackle...
  2. It's always been said that you build a team from the inside out...or from the lines back. We have really good skill players and a below average QB. In the past that's worked for us because we had a good offensive line. Without a line I'm not sure how any QB would succeed. I think most would play better than Andy is playing, but not good enough to win games. The defense has it right, lots of good bodies on the D-line and that makes the rest of the D look good. It's frustrating that the proof was there last year that this line wasn't good and we did nothing to fix it. I understand guys leave and you don't want to reach in the draft, but you've got to at least kick the tires on some of these vets that are still on the market. Could Eric Winston be worse? Why isn't Andre Smith playing? So many questions that we or the Bengals can't answer. Who Dey.
  3. Is Tyler Boyd hurt? I don't recall seeing that anywhere.
  4. Is football supposed to be depressing?
  5. Dalton's out here playing like JT Barrett
  6. Cut/waived/signed

    I see what you did there.
  7. never want to hear anything about a back
  8. I've been trying to watch Billings when he's in there...I can't tell how he's doing specifically against the run, but I'm hoping he can bet that nose guy that plugs up the middle.
  9. Agreed, he's walking back to the locker room...seems to be ok.
  10. Burfict hurt...looks like a shoulder maybe.
  11. Looks like Spectrum had the game starting at 4:30p and it really started at 4:25p
  12. Loving the pass rush from the young guys!
  13. Hopefully that's a lesson learned for the rookie. Now let's see how the D responds after a turnover.

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