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  1. That's scary...I think Ford is more of a guard and decent value in the 2nd round. Of course I'm no scout, but I don't have a good feeling about Ford. My "Could be there Bengals big board at 11 or 15" would be 1. Oliver 2. Bush 3. Williams 4. Dillard 5. Burns
  2. WRAPradio

    Trade with Pitt?

    What if they have Christian Wilkins rated higher than Bush and can potentially get him at #20 AND you're adding a 2nd round pick. So it's either take Wilkins at #11 or take Wilkins at #20 AND get a 2nd rounder? Of course it depends on where we have Bush and other rated -- and when you move back 9 picks there's no guarantee one player will be there. I'm all about BPA in the first round, regardless of need (unless you already have a franchise QB). I think Wilkins is a better player than Bush and plays a MUCH more important position. Yes, our LBs are bad, but if we got Cashman in the 3rd or Burr-Kirven in the 4th/5th, isn't that worth it? I guess my point of this whole post is why potentially screw yourself just so a rival doesn't get a specific player? Sounds counter intuitive.
  3. WRAPradio

    Trade with Pitt?

    I would tend to agree, but part of me thinks we can't worry about what others are doing, we have to do what's best for us. If we got #20, #52 and a 2020 4th rounder would be well worth it. That would allow us to possibly get Dalton Risner at #20 (a tackle that's every bit as good as Andre Dillard in my opinion). Then with #52 you're looking at another really good pick...maybe Jeffery Simmons (unlikley, but possible), Hakeem Butler, Irv Smith, Khalen Saunders or a host of other players.
  4. If the draft falls like this, would you be willing to trade with the Stealers; #11 for #20, their 2nd and their 2020 4th round pick -- knowing they're probably trading up to get Devin Bush? 1. ARI - Kyler Murray 2. SF - Nick Bosa 3. NYJ - Josh Allen 4. TB - Quinnen Williams 5. Tampa - Devin White 6. NYG - D. Haskins 7. JAX - Jawaan Taylor 8. DET - TJ Hockinson 9. BUF - Ed Oliver 10. DEN - Christian Wilkins
  5. The thing I do know about them is they're young and inexperienced. We couldn't find a defensive coordinator because coaches were concerned about the age and talent on our defense. This is one of 32 jobs that guys covet and we couldn't find one. Yes, we should acquire some talent in this draft, but so will these other teams...a lot of whom have better picks than us in every round. And while we have a different staff, we have the primary decision maker who has failed in many of the past 5 drafts in Duke Tobin.
  6. @Seattle - L SF - L @Buffalo - W @Pittsburgh - L Arizona - W @Baltimore - L Jacksonville - L (London) Rams - L BYE Baltimore - W @Oakland - L Pittsburgh - L New York J - L @Cleveland - L New England - L @Miami - W Cleveland - L 4-12 Notes about games I have with a loss, but we COULD win: SF - a healthy Jimmy G, a Kyle Shanahan offense doesn't bode well for us. Kittle will give us problems over the middle all day. Oakland - Signing $100M worth of good free agents helps. Carr is still a good QB, a little better than Andy. Their offense will be a lot better with AB and their D should be better too with either Josh Allen or Q. Williams. NYJ - They always seem to have a good D. Adding Bell in the backfield and the 2nd year of Sam Darnold should make their offense above average this year. Cleveland 2x - I hate this...they're just better than us. I don't know how we'll block their D line, especially Garrett. And Baker/OBJ will carve up our D. I hate this
  7. I can't see more than 5 wins with all of the question marks on this team. Aging D (Geno, Dunlap), bad LBs, Bad o-line, average QB, aging star WR who's been hurt 3 of the past 4 years....it may be a rough season.
  8. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Talk

    If Dalton Risner ends up being a 10+ year starter from day 1, who would care that we drafted him 10 spots higher than the "experts" predicted. If the Bengals have him rated that high, I hope they pick him. Listening to some draft guys, they think he has the chance to be a really solid starter and doesn't really have a major hole in his game like a lot of the guys rated above him do. It'll be interesting to see.
  9. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Talk

    Why are we not considering Dalton Risner at #11?
  10. WRAPradio

    2019 Draft Talk

    The closer we get to the draft, it looks like Ed Oliver and Devin White won't be there. Oliver is #1 for me based on who might be available, but does anyone envision a scenario where we go with one of the Iowa TEs at #11?
  11. On the Locked on Podcast they said it was a 1 year deal...no $$ reported yet.
  12. Saw this on Reddit: 3 yrs, $16MM up to $21MM with incentives. $7.4MM in the first year, $5.5MM in the 2nd and 3rd year. I guess that's a little better, right?
  13. Hed play next to Geno in the nickle which is probably close to 70% of the snaps.
  14. He wouldn't play the nose here (assuming we stay in a 4-3). He'd essentially play Geno's spot, but in nickle, he'd lineup right next to Geno with Lawson and Carlos on the edge. Now if we're going 3-4 I'm not sure how all of that translates. I'd think he'd be a DE which, IMO, would be a waste of his talent.
  15. They also said some teams wanted to workout Oliver as a LB...shows the type of athleticism he has which give me hope he can develop more pass rushing moves and win with quickness as well as power.

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