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This Team is Garbage

Catfish Bob

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Gaww bless this team sucks a big fat one.  Can't even score one. 

What a bust Puig is so far. Not one hit yet and 7 games deep. 

Time to trade Votto for some AA players. 


I can't believe anyone would pay let alone donate their time to go watch this sorry ass team. Every seat should be empty for home games. Let these bums smash the Expos poor attendance records. 


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How much is this team spending on Puig and Kemp?  


I swear not one home game ticket should sell from now going forward. Let this (currently) horrible franchise get to the brink of bankruptcy so something positive might change. For now they are a complete joke. An embarrassment. Way overpaid a$$ F**ks. 


Sorry but imo anyone who buys a ticket and supports this team is a sorry ass MF. If your that desperate for over 3 hours of entertainment your willing to pay to go watch this team, I feel sorry for ya. 

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Damn dude they play almost 200 games, these guys usually end up with around the same numbers their cards say.. Puig has been a tough out and is making contact.  


Wouldn't be a Cin-Pit game without a brawl




That does not look like a team that doesn't care.  We both knew they probably weren't even winning the division.  IDK man, baseball shouldn't get you that bent  :P


I just can't stand listening to Thahhmm the fuckin wanker..  He's worse than Collinsworth with balloon-headed prattle.  Everything is either the best or the worst ever, all the damned time.  The whole routine..  If he's the new Voice of the Reds I hope the booth gets infested with cicadas.

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