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Coronavirus waiver to attend games.

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4 hours ago, sparky151 said:


I did read the whole thread which is why I'm confident the guy is an idiot.  The large majority of the increase in cases is due to increased testing (which other things equal will find more positive results). The increase in hospitalizations is driven by hospitals trying to maximize their occupancy numbers. They also test everyone admitted and if that person tests positive for covid, it's considered a covid hospitalization, even if they are there for something else. We're not close to having hospitals overrun. The army will set up field hospitals again before that happens. See this piece from some hospital CEOs in Houston as to why things aren't nearly as bad as the media is portraying.



There is even more.  The media here in NC keep talking about % of ICU beds that are full.  While that is true, the three major medical centers in my area have tents either set up or ready to be set up  to be COVID ICUs if needed.  The capacity is there.  Sure, some smaller hospitals may be getting close to full, but the large medical centers are ready.  Traditional scare tactics by the media to keep you watching.

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56 minutes ago, tibor75 said:

Big 10 just announced cancellation of all out of conference football games.


People are delusional if they think they will have crowds at games in the fall.  It's just ignorant thinking at this point.


NFL should hope to have games.  If that. 

Big 10 will play to empty stadiums if necessary.  Anything to get that TV revenue.  Their athletic budgets depend upon it.

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