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  1. Haha. True. May not be able to jump over the defender thoug.
  2. I get the linemen, but Chase? ‘S’OK. Chase takes the heat off Mixon with his plays I suppose.
  3. Hopefully Tate is gone next season. Contributes little and gets hurt a lot.
  4. There have been plenty of articles out there using data about how predictable the Bengals have been on offense this year. If we know what’s coming, so does the defense. The players have overcome it, but if you want to see the Bengals win playoff games they can’t be predictable. Playoff teams are too good.
  5. Wow. That was long. Read maybe half. Taylor seems to have the leadership portion down. The Xs and Os are still in question. Also, not sure they should be bragging about how he handled Dalton. Only time I heard Andy complain his entire Bengals career. Of course he could go back to Dalton. What was he gonna say? No?
  6. Why? I've seen few signs that Carman is anything close to what they thought he was. He was terrible except for the odd play when he was in there. Adenijji has been a serious improvement since inserted. If Adenijjji continues to play as well as he has or better why would you move him? Maybe after they resign Spain for two years Carman may be ready at the end of that contract. Carman struggled mightily with assignments and pass protection. He should improve the assignments part, but improving his technique is a crap shoot and will take quite a bit of time. It never worked for Price. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I just don't see any signs from Carman he is anything more than a project at this point.
  7. Where is he gonna play if they resign Spain and Adjenii continues to play RG?
  8. They gave Huber a game ball for his 200th game. Can you imagine a punter and kicker getting a game ball? Wait your time rook.
  9. I agree. They only have to win 2 more games to meet my preseason expectations. The OL still makes me cringe as the team's #1 asset is still at more risk than he should be, but most every other part of the team has been upgraded. Very hopeful about the next few weeks.
  10. And Burrow doesn't have his arm or running ability. Both are very talented. Only time will tell who is the best.
  11. Williams has had good games and bad games. Jury is still out. Hope he improves. The guy still makes pretty obvious gaffes. Rationalize all you want, but he isn’t “good” at this point. Hopefully he will end up being good, but every third game can’t be a stinker.
  12. Lets just say that Williams isn’t impressive in space. Not much of a lead blocker.
  13. I saw him whiff run blocking more than once. Not sure how they grade, but you can be great 90% of the time, but a handful of key whiffs can kill a team.
  14. Yeah, that turf was giving every time Mixon tried to make a hard cut.
  15. Tired DL. Dominate time of possession and you should be able to run. Like what Morgan brings, but needs to be a threat to catch the ball or it will be obvious that the Bengals are running when he's in the game.
  16. Hell, Apple got an interception! I'm not sure what to do!
  17. Why are you running another damn CB blitz? Got burned last time too.
  18. Need a TE with good hands and knows how to use his body to shield the ball.
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