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  1. That's perfect. I think if everyone would put their recent news/tweets/videos in that thread it would be helpful. Once training camp starts things get crazy and a daily "News" thread could help.
  2. I like all the news, tweets and videos as well, but maybe we could separate those into their own threads instead of putting them in the middle of conversation threads? That would clean up some threads so folks wanting to dive in wouldn't be as intimidated? Maybe a daily "News" thread?
  3. Krumrie and Curtis. I agree that they should get Krumrie in ASAP. If Issac Curtis had come into the game 10 years later....damn...
  4. Eh...it's his career. Players don't have many avenues to pressure owners to deal. I harbor no ill will toward Bates for playing hardball, but I also realize the Brown family has paid their own players generously in the past. This has to be about guaranteed money. Bates' agent got the Deshaun Watson deal, so I suppose we're gonna see a dance.
  5. The Bengals never budged in the past. The Bengals also said for years there was no need for an indoor practice facility. We will see how this plays out.
  6. Eh, not really. Brown was/is a guy who opposed changes throughout his entire career. Still trying to do things like his father did. The results were pretty poor economically and on the scoreboard. It's apparent he isn't calling the shots anymore, and I am very thankful.
  7. That's close to half the cap. Throw in Burrow and you're talking four players taking over half the cap. There has to be money left for defense and an OL. That could be disastrous.
  8. I figure it's all about revenue. They may only get 60% of what they would get for a single MNF game, but 2x 60% is better than 1x 100%.
  9. This. I bet a team shorter on talent will be willing to pay top dollar for Bates, but I don't think the Bengals can afford to do so. They have some big dollar guys to sign in a year or two. Then again, maybe Bates isn't asking for top dollar and this is just about guaranteed money. Either way, I hope they get him signed, but it isn't the end of the world if they don't.
  10. Ah...I always think of the Thanksgiving games as the Lions and the Cowboys.
  11. I can't ever remember the Bengals playing on Thanksgiving. Would love to see it.
  12. SEC schools have been doing that stuff for a couple years. Lots of fun. Glad the Bengals coming out of the stone age with fan experience at the stadium.
  13. TLDR. You stomping up and down saying these are bad draft picks is tired. We hear 'ya. The reality is no one, including you, really knows if these guys will be good pros. Right now they are Bengals and we hope for the best. If they end up sucking then come on back and toot your horn. I'm no draftnik, but Tobin has run hot and cold over the years at the draft. Also wonder how much Brown was involved 3, 5, or 10 years ago.
  14. I never said there was proof. Pretty strong circumstantial evidence though. You don't need proof to charge someone. You need enough evidence to go to a grand jury. If you needed proof to go to trial the prosecution would never lose.
  15. I still think it's a horrible decision as a college student to date and have sex with 15 year olds, but I agree that it was not illegal, just very bad judgement on his part. The rape allegations are much worse and I wasn't aware of his text messages. Kind of makes you wonder how much proof you need to charge someone with a crime? Pretty damning information. I'm sure being a Clemson football player didn't hurt his cause with the police/DA. The bottom line is there always seem to be clouds around this guy. That camel's back is getting mighty heavy.
  16. OMG, yes. Even a regular game in NOLA along with everything else there is to offer is fantastic.
  17. I would like to know what goes into their analytics. The stuff you hear people talk about are league wide percentages. Those aren't worth squat, IMO. For example...let's say on average a NFL team coverts a fourth and two X% of the time based upon field position. Would you really think last year's Bengals were average at converting fourth and short? Absolutely not. They were way worse. The team you're playing matters a lot too. I guess what I'm saying is I hope the Bengals have way better analytics with a bunch more specific variables than what you hear quoted on TV. That stuff is entertainment value only.
  18. You don't like the draft we get it. You also can take almost every draft and every draft pick, with few exceptions, look later in the draft and find a better player. You are basically setting things up so you can't be wrong. If these three guys aren't Pro-Bowlers you will be able so say you were right.
  19. I read your whole post. That part is a bad take. Period. Not sure how I ran with anything.
  20. I mean, when would be a better time? You have the NFL Draft going on and the Bengals staff and the all the journalists covering the NFL in the same spot. There is no better time to get your story heard.
  21. That would include 95% of draft picks including solid starters. This guy gives off Tim Krumrie vibes. I like that.
  22. My “grow up” comment was in response to another poster, but yes, showing up out of shape was part of my thoughts. Time for this guy to put up.
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