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  1. Jackson was dinged in the first Ratbirds matchup last season. A healthy Lamar Jackson is a tough matchup. Can’t leave points on the field next week.
  2. That is also problematic. These guys want to play no matter what. Did you listen to Tony Gonzalez? They don't care. "It's a tough game" blah, blah, blah... They have to save these guys from themselves. I know he's in bad shape right now, but Tua shares in the blame.
  3. All of this is true. There needs to be a team of doctors who go to games like referees. They have zero connection to any team and no one knows who will be there. Make it so there is no way pressure can be put on them by owners, coaches, players, etc.
  4. Winning ugly is still winning. We can hope they peak late in the season.
  5. The problem is they know the Bengals are running right. Can’t run behind Jonah Williams.
  6. Dude, Mixon trying to be all fancy and ruining what should have been a solid gain. Take a seat.
  7. And credit to the DL for no linemen to out a hat on 55.
  8. Taylor is a good head coach. He is an awful O coordinator/play caller.
  9. Tee was open on 2nd down last series. Burrow wouldn’t wait for it and dumped it off. No confidence.
  10. Joe Burrow: game manager. Honestly, he knows he has no time and he has no confidence to look downfield. Sad to watch.
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