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  1. Well, since 2015 the Bengals are 0 for 4 drafting 1st and 2nd round linemen. Last lineman they drafted that is what you would call good is Zeitler. Before that it was Whitworth. It's a really long dry spell. They've gone 0-fer on every other round as well in that time period. Look for yourself. That's some really crappy luck, or they are doing something wrong. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/cin/draft.htm
  2. I did notice that Williams was holding his own. Even had Donald over him a few times.
  3. Unless something bad happens Burrow isn't sitting out. Against average or bad teams that will probably work. Hate to see him play in this shape against a rival though. You know they will take liberties.
  4. A couple contested early, but ones you expect Higgins to catch. The last couple were flat out drops.
  5. When I made the comment on the first drive about Lou it was accurate. Why LA stopped the misdirection running is beyond me. That said, once the Rams were down Lou’s pressure schemes ended them. Of course the Rams finally scored a TD on a drive where Hendrickson and Hubbard sat a lot. Personnel makes a difference too.
  6. Same. He’s been terrible tonight, but he’s still damned good. It happens.
  7. 1. Defense is balling out. 2. Zach Taylor is a terrible play caller.
  8. Cant blame Williams on that one. Entire line lost the guy on the stunt.
  9. They see what we see. Burrow can’t do it, or he hasn’t so far. Painful to watch. There is a reason PRIDE is one of the seven deadly sins.
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