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  1. Trainers and strength coaches have little control over players. They only make suggestions. Players do what they want. Professional athletes often do it to themsleves by not following the instructions given to them. They show up barely in time for workouts and don't warm up properly. They don't spend as much time in the training room as suggested getting therapy for injuries. One of the top qualities a trainer or strength and conditioning coach in professional sports needs is charisma. They have to convince guys who think a whole lot of themselves to do things they don't want to do.
  2. Hope not as well, but can't blame them for wanting to see another top season before paying him.
  3. It’s called a collective bargaining agreement. Guys can’t be required to do shit.
  4. Maybe Jordan should have taken care of his body like a professional before he failed miserably. Turner doesn't control that. The guy wasn't strong enough and we could all see it as he got backed up into the backfield on a regular basis. That's not on Turner.
  5. Me too. Thirsty Thursday? Figured I am too old to understand.
  6. Maybe if he had done this a couple years ago....at this point he's damaged good. He is going to have to blow the doors off people to get another chance to start. I thought Pollack's comments were faint praise. “You can see he’s got some power to him,” Pollack said. “He’s got good size. He can move relatively well for his size." Some power? Moves relatively well? Doesn't sound like Pollack is sold. Me either. Good luck to him though. Love for him to prove everyone wrong.
  7. This guy has a future outside of football.
  8. How much did he make for doing that? Hardly dumb. Trying to play in the NFL as a receiver at 43 after many years of retirement where guys will just be salivating to line him up? That's dumb.
  9. Being a Bengal for all those years had to be tough on guys. All those blown opportunities in the Lewis years were hard on fans, what do you think the players felt? I can see how it would be easy for a player to get jaded with all the losing. William Jackson wanting out is kind of understandable. Hard to change the culture with a bunch of holdovers who have heard it all before and don't believe in the front office, much less a young, inexperienced coach.
  10. There is no way the Bengals will succeed if the QB doesn’t believe in the HC. Burrow is smart and knows that. He has to buy in to succeed. One thing I’ve noticed with great sports leaders is they are 100% behind their guys until they aren’t. That doesn’t apply to fans. Taylor hasn’t shown me much so far. Hopefully with a room full of “his guys” will lead to some success.
  11. For sure. Great skipper. Had two great teams in Cincinnati and Detroit.
  12. Sparky must have been old and misremembered. Driessen started over 120 games at third in 1974. Frankly, Sparky said a lot of crazy stuff. One day he would say Concepcion was the best SS he ever had and the next day it would be Alan Trammell.
  13. Driessen was the Reds primary third baseman in '74. Pete was moved to third for Foster. Perez was traded to Montreal by Dick Wagner so Driessen could play first.
  14. He was good in '75-'76, but really didn't become the devastating hitter he was until '77.
  15. I think this is a joke, but if not...WTF post #2.
  16. Seriously? Then why would Chase even show up and participate in camp? Dude is slotted and will sign. WTF post #1.
  17. If you are going to draft a kicker he had better be a stud. Hope that continues, but playing in the SEC is a lot different than the AFC North in November and December. Tough conditions.
  18. I don’t think it’s as much how it would look bad as they would have to pay him an injury settlement.
  19. When the Bengals drafted Bernard and Mixon they said the same thing, but hardly ever do it.
  20. No, if Burrow stays upright and doesn’t get hit 6 times a game the Sewell guys will get over it.
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