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  1. Ross is quickly approaching the worst draft pick in Bengals history. David Verser would be pleased if he were still with us.
  2. Fuck Mike Mitchell. Burfict should kick his ass on sight.
  3. 4 years? Depends upon the contract. May be loaded up front. He's been pretty good. Also looks like he lost weight. He now appears to be "Not as Fat Randy"
  4. From the playoffs to worst team in the league in just one offseason. How Buffalo of them. They have their own dysfunctional ownership in the "white knight" Pegula family. They pour money in to the Bills and the Sabres, but they both have front office drama and horrific records. As bad as the Brown family is, they probably aren't the worst owners in the NFL.
  5. Watching some games over the last week and had a couple thoughts. Marvin Jones must have left his hands in Cincinnati. Dropping a lot of balls. Mo Sanu is a real deal football player. Blocks like a man. He sprung Falcons RBs a couple times today. Wish we would have kept him. Great #3. Carolina receivers are not reliable. Cam Newton has to be pulling his hair out. Still, given time Newton is accurate. The Bengals D will need to get pressure on him.
  6. I see few modern QBs that throw an accurate short ball. Then again, we were spoiled by Ken Anderson and his freakish accuracy. If you get a chance go back and watch him play on YouTube. There are a few games out there. Quality isn't good, but damn. Anderson could put the ball inside of a mailbox within 10 yards of the LOS.
  7. UncleEarl

    Injury updates

    From what I understand they don't scope knees for cartilage/meniscus tears anymore unless there is something loose or something that is causing the joint to catch. The data about outcomes of those scopes wasn't positive.
  8. UncleEarl

    Injury updates

    Where do you think the "loose body" likely came from?
  9. UncleEarl

    Injury updates

    That depends. If you've ever sprained your ankle it can be a week or two or six to eight. Hope he has the kind that heals quickly.
  10. I agree. Dre is OK. Not great, but OK. His ball skills are poor, but he does cover and tackle pretty well. As a #2 CB you could do a lot worse. Marvin as a gameday coach still sucks.
  11. Very impressed with Hubbard. Looks like Lawson may have some competition for playing time. Hubbard looked a lot more like a 3 down DE than Lawson does. Frankly, it looks like the league knows about Lawson. He needs to add some variety to his game. Appears to be a one trick pony at this point. While Billings wasn't making a bunch of plays, I saw him occupying two blockers many times. The Bengals were also playing a lot of inexperienced LBs. They did pretty well. Look forward to getting Burfict back in a couple weeks.
  12. God this looks like Marvin- ball. If the Bengals are to win they are going to have to overcome the refs and Marvin. A lot to ask.
  13. Damn. I love this! Boyd looks great. John Ross still sucks.

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