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  1. Glenn already has an injury history. Whit did not. Still, it's a good gamble. They can cut ties next year with Glenn if he goes full Eifert on them.
  2. I have no doubt that Glenn will be a huge upgrade if healthy. The healthy part is a question. Guys as massive as Glenn often find their bodies breaking down as they approach 30. Still, it was a good risk for the Bengals to take. Hope he holds up.
  3. UncleEarl

    Defensive End Competition

    Since when is Jordan Willis a veteran? Two seasons. 17 tackles. 1 sack. Seriously? Unless one player stands out in camp I expect a rotation at RE. Lawson surely will get most passing down snaps. Johnson flourished with fewer snaps last season and rushing from the inside. That leaves Willis and Hubbard to fight it out for the rest. Willis certainly has the edge in experience, but calling him a veteran is a stretch.
  4. Depends upon what you have to lose. Fine line between soft and dumb. Jones was lucky the whole thing was filmed.
  5. Damn...missed that the Bengals didn't pick up his option. I'm not a huge fan of offseason NFL. My bad.
  6. Anyone else than Jones and I would give them a pass. Dude had it coming, but as mentioned Jones always finds the trouble. Who knows what it will take for Brown to jettison his ass.
  7. I remember Ki-Jana Carter bought new towels for the locker room because the ones that Mike Brown provided were old and threadbare. Old news to Bengals fans from the 90s and before.
  8. UncleEarl

    Season over/under

    7-9. Improved O-line and offense plus easier schedule. Still no playoffs. Not convinced the defense will be able to stop the pass.
  9. It is my understanding that very large athletes often have enlarged hearts as well. This apparently can lead to these types of conduction issues.
  10. This situation is not all that uncommon in very large athletes.
  11. Interesting. I think it may depend upon the area. The big shows here are pretty evenly split between hip-hop and mainstream country. As I've aged I have little interest in dealing with the drunk kids at the big shows. Most of the acts I like aren't all that popular anyway...clubs and small outdoor venues work great.
  12. My guess is it will be significantly smaller than the 20K Riverbend can hold. Not that many groups can draw like that anymore. There is a new outdoor venue in downtown Raleigh and it gets more of the mid sized concerts that roll though, while the big shows still go to the area's version of Riverbend. The Bengals shenanigans aside, this will be a good thing for downtown Cincinnati.
  13. Sounds like Ross is learning...slowly. Ross should not worry about what fans think. At all. He should also know better than say that to the press. CJ Uzomah sounds like my kind of guy.
  14. UncleEarl

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against the NFL

    Glad to hear. I'm not much on the stuff, but to each their own. Just commenting on my experience which is certainly limited.

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