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  1. Kind if a mid-engine car thing. People think they handle like a front engine car. They do not.
  2. In the 70s and 80s guys looked forward to a free trip to Hawaii. Now they can afford to go to a lot more exotic places. Let it die.
  3. Pretty huge generalization there. As someone who has seen concussions close up it is nothing to screw with. No way Tua should have come back into that game and should be in protocol. Then again, he is a grown man and if he wants to lie his way out of it, well, that’s on him. The information is out there. You can lead a horse to water….
  4. Man, I would not want to see Reader push it. Need him for the long haul.
  5. Oh, for sure. If he has issues tomorrow or later he "should" enter protocol. On the other hand a lot of guys will do anything they can to stay out of protocol.
  6. Not if he tests clean now. He was cleared. No way they are going to take him out of action after the fact.
  7. It's not like they're gonna do anything to Tua. The PA will just blame the medical staff and maybe fire them. He plays.
  8. It’s not like the PA complains. They want the money too.
  9. Or Ohio State, or Michigan, or Michigan State. It’s like it was a requirement in the Big 10 to have some sicko as part of your athletic program.
  10. I agree with SF2. That said, my apologies for hijacking this thread. My fault. I had a couple pops and wasn’t thinking.
  11. The world is awash in evil people in that case. So many, given the opportunity, would do the same.
  12. This is a very long winded article that says Zach Taylor is extremely predictable. Week one when Burrow was under the center: 17/19 runs. It's kind of like this: Everyone knows what Taylor is going to do. He has been unequipped to adjust. So far.
  13. Do you remember last year? Rum-dum DL were going to the bench laughing about Adeniji. And to think....Carman isn't even that good! How badly is Prince injured? Can he return week 4?
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