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  1. This is all pretty interesting. Much more interesting than any game the Bengals are going to play this month. Dianna from ESPN has a very good explanation about why the Patriots would even do this on her twitter feed. @diannaESPN Check it out. At this point the Patriots have admitted they did it, but claim it wasn't for the coaching staff. The film tells the story. If it was a bunch of footage of the scout that were allegedly filming and a few game shots and a little bit of the Bengals sideline, I guess they are telling the truth. If it's a whole bunch of the Bengals sideline the Patriots are full of shit. I'm leaning to they are full of shit based upon what I've heard. Even if the Patriots are telling the truth it's a violation of league rules. They should be fined. Kind of like a speeding ticket. It doesn't matter if you didn't mean to do it, you did it. If the video shows extensive coverage of the Bengals sideline and their signals the Patriots should be hit hard. Another 1st and a big fine. I don't see how they Bengals should get anything from this. It never really hurt them.
  2. I'm usually not much on firing coaches in the middle of the season, but this might be a situation where it is necessary. If the Cowboys can find some fire they can win the weak as tea NFC East. Shit, would Jones snap up Ron Rivera now?
  3. No chance the Bengals fire Taylor. No chance Rivera takes any job with the Bengals because he will have an offer from another NFL team. Not sure if it will be HC or DC, but he will have multiple offers for next season.
  4. Yeah, the Patriots and Tom Brady suck now. One of the reasons Jackson is doing so well is defenses are ill equipped to deal with him and the Raven's offense. Defenses are built with more DBs and fewer LBs. You need more LBs to deal with Jackson and all those TEs. I would expect to see AFC North teams (except the Bengals) load up with more LBs to counteract what the Ravens are doing. Everyone thought the Rams were geniouses last year. Let's see how defenses react to this new offense before we crown it the new thing. Anyone remember the run & shoot? Keep hitting that crackpipe, Bob.
  5. You may be right, but I'm once (well, more than once) bitten, twice shy. Trade the pick.
  6. Vick would look like superman one game and like garbage the next. Jackson has been pretty consistent this year. Vick never won when it counted. We'll see with Jackson.
  7. Hope or hopes? None. This is just a bad comedy routine disguised as a NFL franchise. If Chase Young played for anyone but the Buckeyes I might buy in, but..... The Bengals have overrated Buckeyes for several years now and all the Buckeye homers on this board make picking this guy scary as hell. If they can trade the pick for several first and second rounders that would be the best move for a franchise with such a low level of talent.
  8. This. The circus has come to town and stayed. Both Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis are of the same cloth. A player and a coach that is good at some things, but not good enough to be a consistent winner. The problem is that when you are the Bengals that is probably the best you are going to get because Mike Brown is the GM. When the Bengals try to improve on a mediocre coach or QB you get disaster. What scares me is that if they fire Taylor I think the most likely replacement is (11-44) Hue Jackson who would work for practically peanuts.
  9. The reason Brewer best epitomizes the Bengals isn’t just the inability to play, but the inept front office that drafted him. The guy was a f’n chain smoker! Take a read. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/blogs/2014/05/07/remember-bengals-chain-smoking-tight-end-sean-brewer/8803973/ The warning signs were all there. This is so much like the current day BS. Drafting a short-armed center in the first round. Drew Sample!?! Sean Brewer is today’s Bengals. Totally inept and with no clue how they got there.
  10. The Sewer Brewer is a leftover from an abandoned Bengals message board as are Lost, Tibor, Zera, TO, myself and others. You just can't change the name, and why would you want to? What player better depicts the dysfunctional Bengals than a chain smoking third round TE that caught ZERO passes his entire career?
  11. It's time to start again! This shitshow deserves to be pranked and punked as much as possible.
  12. That is definitely something Son of Paul would do. He does not like spending money for guys not to play.
  13. I think there are a couple vets on D that need to go. Has anyone noticed a dropoff in coverage since Kirkpatrick was injured? Nope. Gone. As much as I've like Carlos Dunlop throughout his career, he's added nothing this season. No real leadership, no pressure. He could probably be a nice part time contributor on a good D-line somewhere. Let him have that chance. There needs to be a younger leader for the D. Not sure who it is, but this group has no identity and that's on the vets.
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