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  1. Yeah, I put that tool on ignore a long time ago.
  2. Funny video. Lots of sematics here. The guy blew this year. Should we write him off? Hell, no. He is on a rookie contract and does have talent. Maybe he'll grow up, learn the playbook, tell the truth about injuries, and be a pro. Still, at #9 he is a crap pick unless he turns into a serious player pretty quick. He wasted year one.
  3. Just heard from Joe Buck: ”Andrew Whitworth and his Rams.” Didn’t take long for Whitworth to assume a leadership role. Smh....
  4. If Green needs some kind of surgery I suggest he get it done now. No point getting injured. Root canal, ingrown toenail, wart removal? Doesn’t matter. Get it done. Anything to drive the final nails in Marv’s coffin.
  5. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Darrin Simmons is acceptable? Woof! In that case why not Alexander?
  6. Exactly. Don't be like Stealer fans.
  7. Most likely he had heart ablation surgery. They burn a section of heart to stop abnormal electrical impulses that screw up your heart rhythm. Not as serious as open heart or anything like that, but a serious situation none the less. Hope it works for him. Its not all that uncommon to see this an abnormally large athletes.
  8. Then a few days later several Stealers talk shit about the Bengals in interviews. Low class, cheating, dirty team. Just the same, never want to see someone paralyzed. Hope he recovers so he can live a normal life. Due to the way he hits I hope he never plays another down of football. He is a danger to other players and himself.
  9. Ross Concealed Injury

    I find it hard to believe that every team would be allowed to do a medical exam on a potential draftee. Doesn't the NFL do this for the entire league? As far as Ross himself....He does bear some responsibility. We're talking about a guy who appears to be a poor practice player, may have trouble with the playbook, and hides injuries. Sounds like a spoiled kid. He needs to grow up. The NFL is for men, not boys.
  10. George Iloka

    No disputing any of this, but the head shots are not what people want to see. Head injuries are a huge issue for the NFL and other sports leagues as well. Mitchell, Iloka and their pals need to learn a little business 101. They may want to play the game a certain way, but if they want to keep making the dollars they currently do they need to make changes.
  11. Ross Concealed Injury

    Sounds like Ross needs to grow up. A lot.
  12. George Iloka

    Classy response, but I don't agree totally. Stop lowering your head. Period. The players that scream the loudest like Mike Mitchell are those that are most guilty. Maybe Mitchell doesn't know how to play without lowering his head. Tough shit. Do it or quit. Iloka is a class guy, but I find it very hard to believe that suddenly he starts lowering his helmet when that hasn't been a noticable part of his game for a long time. Players like Mitchell and Iloka need to realize football is entertainment. Players don't get to say what kind of entertainment they are going to show us. The public dictates what they want to see. Mitchell and Iloka also might also want to raise hell with the NFLPA and former players suing the NFL over CTE. Show me a player with CTE that says these hits are OK. Mitchell and Iloka will be singing a different tune in 30+ years.
  13. There is passion and there is dumb. Pacman is dumb. Can you imagine the kind of shitshow Monday's game would have turned into if Pac was on the field? No control, no filter, and now limited effectiveness. It appears Burfict is trying to keep it under control. A good coach can work with that. Jones? Pfffft.

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