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  1. You can take the L and move on. I haven't heard a chorus of people, other than Buckeye fans, saying the replay officials got it wrong. It's not like what happened to the Saints last year. It's almost a month ago. It's over. At this point its nothing but whining.
  2. I could care less if OSU had won or lost that game, but all the whining by some Buckeye fans makes me glad they lost. To win a championship a team will have to overcome adversity. OSU had a big lead, had some bad breaks, and shit the bed. They lost to a team that fell behind, but had the poise to adjust and come back to win.
  3. That sounds like something the Bengals would do. I'm not so sure it's a good idea. Ask yourself, what would the top teams in the league do? They would tag him, maybe trade him if there was a market, and/or offer him an incentive laid contract. Sometimes you have to move on from guys on the downswing. Look at all the good players NE has let walk. The vast majority of the time it has bee the right decision. Same for Pittsburgh (when they were dominant). I know, I know...the Bengals don't have the player ready to replace guys like Green. You are correct, but at some point the Bengals are going to have to start acting like a smart franchise. Why not now? The Bengals have paid AJ Green a lot of money. If he wants top dollar, or even close to that, with his age and injury history then you have to be ready to say goodbye.
  4. Probably just gave him someone or something to complain about to anyone around him that will listen. Guys like that always need someone to target.
  5. Damn. Everyone gets sideways every now and then, but that guy needs professional help. Fans like that ruin sports for everyone else.
  6. If a coach keeps it about football and not you as a person and you have a problem with it, well....that just makes you soft. Frankly, the worst thing a coach can ever do to you is ignore you. That's when you know you are done.
  7. As far as Turner goes, as long as he doesn't make it personal it is all good. If a player has a problem with any of that I don't want him on my team.
  8. If they can get some value for Green, tag and trade. Need a first rounder or a package of second round picks. On the other hand, the Bengals are going to have to spend that money on salaries anyway. If they can't get a good package for Green you tag him and roll the dice. A healthy Green makes a big difference for a QB. The Bengals revolving door at WR with a bunch of athletes that really aren't any good at football is stale.
  9. Bengals cheerleader gets engaged to the teen she was convicted of having underage sex with What is it with women around the Bengals and young boys? Remember the Bengals cheerleader saga?
  10. I wouldn't call it competing for the job. I think you see how it goes. See how the team reacts. See how fast he picks up the offense. You don't want to throw him to the wolves if he isn't ready. He may need a few weeks, or a few months, or he may be ready right away. You don't know until you see him play. You also may want to give the OL some time to gel before you put in Burrow. It is likely there will be some new faces there and they may need time to get it together. Joe Burrow is going to the be the QB of the Cincinnati Bengals. The question is just when.
  11. If you haven't noticed it's not really a rah-rah league. He is smart enough to know that. Wherever Burrow goes he is going to have to lead grown-ass men who abuse their bodies for a paycheck. Most have been seriously injured at some point. Most have been treated poorly by their franchise at some point. It's a business. If Burrow wants to get a locker room behind him he has to grind and show the vets he gets it. Then some of that enthusiasm can come forth. Until then, time to be a pro.
  12. Buckeye homer. Haha. Price may not be a bust, yet...but he has been horrible for any lineman, much less a first round pick. You want to know how long Hopkins has been in the league? Go google it. He's had a plenty of o-line coaches too.
  13. Great. The game is hard enough to watch anymore with all the batters stepping out and pitchers doing whatever. More managers calling pitches. Just like little league. Great. I used to love baseball and now it's a dork led game. Just make robots that play baseball and let the stat geeks program them. Pretty much what you see in kids growing up. They all have the same swing and same mechanics taught to them by the local trainer. Baseball is eating itself with greed. The game I knew and grew up playing is dead.
  14. Not so sure Burrow was being a "good boy." He said something to the effect of, "since I'm no longer a student athlete I can say, yeah, it was real cash." A big F-U to the NCAA. Loved it.
  15. Not a bad idea except the batter is standing right there. Used to be able to throw at guys who "peeked" or if you thought someone was stealing signs. Now you get a baseclearing brawl if you pitch inside. Yeah, I guess these guys are whiners. Still think bringing technology into the game on the sly is cheating in a big way.
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