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  1. Or maybe free themselves from the massively corrupt FIFA?
  2. Black jersey, black pants...ugh. Every team in the league seems to have that combo. #1: White on white #2: Black on white #3: White on black #4: Orange on black (yeah, I guess that isn't so bad.) The stripes on all the pants are too damn big. Thin those down a bit.
  3. I'm over 50. At that age you never know what might leak!!!
  4. That was painful. The guy in the jersey is a total clown.
  5. Like the white jersey, and still not a fan of the orange one. Man, does Tee Higgins look young.
  6. I know it’s odd, but I hate the orange jerseys, but love the orange pants. They look great with the white jersey.
  7. Found that interesting so I looked into it. It doesn't appear as cut and dried as you think. https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/practice-areas/labour-and-employment/mandatory-vaccination-for-healthcare-workers-could-survive-charter-challenge-medical-journal-report/337684
  8. So folks working in hospitals aren't required to be vaccinated, or is this one of those the government can, but companies cannot?
  9. Other vaccines have been required by employers for a while. Why is this one so special?
  10. Another dirty Squealer hit that required a rule change. Shazier should be the poster boy for how not to tackle.
  11. Mayfield is learning to cut back on the risky crap and they have one hell of a running game. The Clowns may be the class of the AFC North.
  12. But they have a collective bargaining agreement, so the league can't require anything without clearing it with the union.
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