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  1. Good move by Brown, but surprised it is considered unusual to allow the player to ask questions. Common practice in normal interviews. You can learn a lot about someone from the questions the do or don’t ask.
  2. Rivers was Brett Favre lite. A gunslinger. Big wins and big losses. Hard to win the big one with a loose rocket back there and that's what Rivers was/is. Not my kind of QB. Give me Eli over Rivers.
  3. Not true. Tibs has been around for a long time. His act is an acquired taste, but he is a Bengals fan.
  4. Yep, but good to see them do it anyway. Andy is next.
  5. I get it. Been a Bengals fan since I can remember. My parents were season ticket holders at Nippert and I grew up going to games at Riverfront. Maybe I'm a sucker, but when I see the Brown family doing some things differently, like signing decent FAs and potentially getting a franchise QB, I do get a little excited. Maybe it'll be the same old shit, but maybe they will actually build a decent team. Who knows. I'm going glass is half-full at this point.
  6. Even if that combo is proven to work there won't be enough azithromycin by then. There were already shortages of the stuff before Covid broke out in the US. China and India make a large portion of our pharmaceuticals and the reagents for the drugs made in the US. This is a long term problem.
  7. Mary Grace, your grandfather was the voice of the Bengals as far as I’m concerned. He was a professional. God bless him and your family.
  8. True, but the coaches and players showed a lot of pride the way they competed. They won 5 out of their last 9 with a team where the front office made little effort to improve. You might not think the Dolphins front office tanked, but they sure didn't put a lot of effort into winning last year. The men on the field did.
  9. In the long-term, I agree. For next season if the Bengals are 8-8 or better I will be ecstatic. Six or seven wins would be a significant improvement. I want to see them get better and build themselves into a perennial contender. Sure, teams have made huge turnarounds in record recently, but last season's Bengals were so bad and short on talent in key areas I can't have the expectations of playoffs next year.
  10. Herbstreit, along with damn near everyone else, has made a decision on how this virus thing is going to play out and is basing his thoughts on that. The reality is that we don't really know. Multiple "experts" say something different every day. Best to keep your mouth shut and not look stupid down the road.
  11. It never did. You want him to sit out. Less chance of him getting hurt. He knows how to play, it's just a matter of if his body will cooperate.
  12. Hey, man...didn't you see all the FA moves the Browns made last year? They are going to win! That's all it takes, FA moves! It proves you want to win and that's all that matters!
  13. Are these guys failing physicals? I certainly can see that happening to Dennard. He seems to be injured all the time.
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