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  1. I don't think the media gives a shit. They are just looking for a story. Any story. Especially ESPN. ESPN is like Sears, a crumbling giant, and they are desperate to make waves in most any way possible. So, fan hate.
  2. The Bengals are a talented team, more talented than they have shown, and should be desperate. If the offense can get an early TD you might see an upset. If the offense is still garbage I would expect a close game early and the D to fall apart in the second half.
  3. My guess is just about all of those 5 or 6 teams would make the most hated list before loser teams like the Bengals, Browns, Bills, etc. NE and Pittsburgh for sure.
  4. This is a NFL team fanboard. What do you think it's going to be? It's like going to a bar and bitching about drunks.
  5. McCarron is showing support for his team. Just being the good soldier. He is also supporting a fellow QB that is hearing the boo-birds. I am sure it makes it hard, but these guys are pros and it goes with the territory. If you play poorly, you hear it from the crowd. Now is not the time to make a change at QB. They have made a change and OC. They need to see how much better that will make the team. If after a couple of games the offense is still awful and Dalton is still throwing bad passes maybe you look to McCarron. As far as I'm concerned you change one thing at a time so you can know what the problem truly is.
  6. If that is what all these boards are full of, and you seem to hate these people/us more than anything, why are you still here? Are you here to attack all the "All-Knowing bloviators?" Is that fun? If so, doesn't that just make you the same thing you hate?
  7. There is no way any team that doesn't win is "most hated." Maybe if you hang out with SJWs they will hate the Bengals, but why would you hang out with them? I live in NC. When I tell people I'm a Bengals fan they usually chuckle, shake their head and say, "that sucks." If they are a Redskins fan, which many natives are around here, they will follow it up with, "I get it. Our team sucks, too."
  8. More likely we are the most "who gives a shit" team in the league.
  9. Let's hope the guy can walk in 20 years. He's a mess. Time to hang it up.
  10. I am not sure I buy this. Marvin Lewis was a big culture change. The Bengals went from a three ring circus of players doing what they want (Pickens, Jeff Blake, etc.) to a team that prepared as played as a team, for the most part. The public comments by players (Green, Dunlop, Jones) suggest all is not well in the locker room. Maybe they did have an influence on the firing of Zampese, or maybe Marvin had already decided to do it. I thought Lewis backhandedly suggested it when he didn't support Zampese in his post game presser. While I agree Zampese has to go, it is concerning if the players feel they need to tell the coaching staff what to do. Rumors about players wanting Kaepernick may be false (I hope so) but if they aren't they definitely suggest Marvin has lost the room. This chaos may all be anger and blame that is bubbling under the surface from the Pittsburgh playoff loss. No matter what they say publicly, that was a crippling, emotional loss where there are tons of fingers that could be pointed in multiple directions. Honestly, I've been happy with how Marvin Lewis has run the Bengals, until game day. He's an awful game day coach.
  11. It appears that Adam Jones has been filling some of that vacuum by reports on Bengals.com. We all know Jones is a bastion of calm, measured decisions and comments.
  12. Why is this automatically BS? Some guys in the locker room may feel empowered if they truly did demand Zampese's firing and it happened. Now they may set their sights on Dalton. I don't think this would be more than a few players, but I don't see this as automatic BS. It may be, but I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Lots of raw feelings on the race issue could easily boil over in a losing locker room as well. We will see over the next few weeks.
  13. If this is true things are an even bigger mess than I thought. Sounds like the tail is trying to wag the dog. This could be the beginning of the end for Lewis. No way Mike Brown is going to have players demanding this player or that player. If that happens Lewis will be fired and someone will be brought in to take control of the team.
  14. WTF do I care! I'm still getting paid!!
  15. While we are taking credit for predictions......

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