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  1. Another vote here for the Athletic. If you are a fan of teams other than where you live it is the best deal going. It's not perfect, but the writers are generally pretty good.
  2. I'm going to say something very unpopular. David Fulcher does not belong in the Bengals Ring of Honor. He was a good player for a few years. I know he has hung around the team and is a loyal Bengal, but the Ring of Honor is for the great players. Fulcher wasn't that good for that long. Hell, I would take Tommy Casanova over Fulcher at safety. He was a short timer too. Left in his prime to be a ophthalmologist. Krumrie was a much longer term influence on the Bengals. Deserves the honor. BTW...Willie is already in.
  3. That makes the negotiations pretty delicate. Burrow's camp may be willing to take a little less to keep Higgins, but if Higgins holds out for every last dollar that could blow it all up. I would expect Burrow would not be happy taking less and watching Higgins walk.
  4. Am I excited about Jonah Williams at RT? Not really. Would it be better to trade Williams and go with Collins and Carman? Hell no! Unless you know where the Bengals can get a solid RT why would you get rid of Williams? He may be OK there. He won't be on Burrow's blind side, so that's a plus. The Bengals have three question marks at RT. Hopefully one pans out.
  5. Your logic is flawed. You are assuming there are cheaper, better players easily available.
  6. Why is that? The Bengals have been unsettled at both tackles for years. They finally have a good LT. One step ahead of where they have been.
  7. Many issues with Mixon. Aging. Lack of production. High price tag. Off field issues. Looks like he will be back this season, but the Bengals should be looking for his replacement right now.
  8. The OL draft failures are on Tobin. Coach may recommend, but at the end of the dayTobin makes the call.
  9. One starter in 10 years. Williams no longer counts and Volson isn’t locked in long term either. Carman is a second round backup until proven otherwise.
  10. Seeing that our track record of drafting OL blows goats, maybe it is a better idea to sign FAs and anyone other that who we draft.
  11. Been away for board for the better part of a week. I comeback to T-Dub raising hell about RT and Jonah Williams on at least three different threads. Dios Mio…
  12. I have to admit this looks really bad on Mixon. I thought he wasn't there. If he was there he holds some responsibility, IMO, and likely in the league's opinion as well. Whether he is charged or not really doesn't matter. While I agree he will be back this season barring any more odd behavior, I'm not sure why anyone would defend the guy. He's had plenty of chances and continues to be a F up.
  13. Wait a minute? Mixon was there when this guy was unloading his gun? I thought he wasn't home?
  14. No loss. The Bengals were going nowhere with Allen. Might as well try someone else.
  15. I would agree that the Bengals should have made a better effort to have a Mixon replacement ready to go. With advancing age, declining production, legal troubles, and a $12M price tag the writing is on the wall. But….as it stands today they need the guy. No chance they are going into the season paper thin at RB by cutting Mixon. Elliott seems to be declining even faster than Mixon, so that’s a no go. If Fournette has lost 20+ pounds Inwould kick the tires on him. Otherwise, get ready for Joe and his gun show this season.
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