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  1. This. This goes to a lack of being prepared. Lewis has been there many times and his team has been generally ill-prepared for the situation. In a couple of games where they were competitive they imploded when faced with adversity. All goes back to the HC. This is main reason Lewis should be replaced.
  2. It's like most things in the world today as they have to be defined specifically as people take things too far. What is an excessive celebration? In the past most folks used some common sense, but then came props and other nonsense which Ocho was the king of the bunch. I am OK with most celebrations. I loved the group celebrations, which they banned. I remember how when a Bengals RB scored a TD he let one of the offensive linemen spike the ball. I don't mind dances as long as they don't go on too long. Props and other BS where players plan some kind of Sportscenter moment is too much for me. Too individual and when a player is more worried about what kind props he needs to get on TV it becomes a distraction. I agree with Marvin about individual vs. team. As I have stated several times I don't think he has any business talking about what is a good example for kids based upon the history of his team. He works for Brown so he shares the redeemer tag. If he doesn't like it, quit. That's how it works in business and the NFL is most definitely a business.
  3. Do you even read people's posts or do you just imagine them to say what you want them to say? I was disagreeing with Solo. Solo had referenced an article about fan bases. I think we actually agree, but I guess that's not in your nature.
  4. That is some messed up logic. Big difference between work and family. Compassion has limits. At some point when you make the same kind of mistakes over and over again there needs to be consequences. It's also interesting that these bad example players are very talented and could be considered a bargain. We all know Mr. Brown loves to save money. Is he really redeeming or getting talent cheap? Finally, I don't have a problem with Lewis being against the celebrations. I think his reason is laughable.
  5. Fair enough. Goes to my point. I can't think of a NFL team with a loyal fanbase and an apathetic owner.
  6. Really? OK. How about the Cowboys? Redskins? Rabid fan bases with very active owners. You may not like what they do, but they are not apathetic. What example of a loyal fanbase that has an apathetic owner in the NFL? Only one I can think of is the Browns.
  7. Ok, dude, let me spell it out for you. Marvin makes the claim that he is against celebrations because it is a bad example for children. Marvin coaches a team in the NFL. The league has a very spotty reputation for putting up with criminals and other bad actors that are definitely bad examples for children. Marvin coaches a team in the NFL that has a reputation for putting up with players that break the law. In fact, he coaches a team which has an owner on record as saying he sees himself as a redeemer. He thinks people deserve second, third, fourth chances, etc. Adam Jones is one of those players that has gotten multiple chances after setting a very poor example for children time after time. Sure, Marvin criticizes Jones, but these things still keep happening to Jones. My point, and the point of others, is that Marvin has no business commenting about setting examples for children when the team he coaches gives that zero consideration as it relates to the players it employs.
  8. Sure. Makes sense. Pittsburgh and New England must have the most apathetic owners ever. <sarcasm alert>
  9. I think you misread my comment. I think it's rich that Lewis would say individual celebrations should be banned because they aren't good examples for children. Adam Jones has as list of poor behavior that is very long. The Bengals seem to care very little. You can throw in guys like Odell Thurmond and Chris Henry as well as players the Bengals accepted their poor behavior. Corey Dillon was no angel either. When your owner considers himself a "redeemer" and you work for him and follow his lead you have little authority to talk about setting a good example for kids. Especially for something as trivial as a post play celebration. For the record I don't much care for the individual or planned celebrations either. They distract players from their team goals. I can see how a coach wouldn't like them as it makes their job more difficult. Still, talking about setting an example for children? Hahaha!
  10. I think the Bengals would be better off picking up a guy with some experience as opposed to a guy that may have talent, but hasn't played much. The Bengals have a few of those guys already.
  11. Very rich coming from a NFL head coach much less one that supports Adam Jones and has supported other players that have been less than a good example to kids. I get the NFL is a business and not everyone is a good example, but damn....STFU. https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1306582-bengals-lewis-celebration-rule-change-not-a-good-example-for-young-people Bengals' Lewis: Celebration rule change not a good example for young people While news of the NFL relaxing its celebration rules Tuesday was met with almost universal excitement, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis wasn't among those happy about the change. "I'm not for that at all," Lewis said, according to ESPN's Katherine Terrell. "We had a good standard and the whole standard has always been you want to teach people how to play the game the correct way and go about it the correct way, and that's not a very good example for young people." The NFL approved changes that will allow players to perform group celebrations, use footballs as props, and make snow angels. Excessive or inappropriate celebrations, such as ones mimicking weapons or taunting opponents, remain illegal and will continue to be flagged. However, Lewis was happy with the NFL's recent strict approach. "The rules were changed for a reason and I thought we had a good outcome," he said. "Again, this is a team game, and ... I don't understand why we want to give in to individual celebrations." While Lewis has an issue with over-the-top celebrations, it's worth noting he coached arguably one of its pioneers, wide receiver Chad Johnson. Johnson's famous celebrations include pretending to perform CPR on a football and wearing a poncho and sombrero on the bench.
  12. Bernard starts or PUP or one of them gets hurt or both. Good to have options. If Hill doesn't perform again this year he will walk.
  13. It's an internet chat board! What the hell do you expect? Do you go to Denny's and complain the steak is tough?
  14. This. Of course that depends upon how much is life changing money to you.
  15. If the guy has a drinking and anger problem you really don't know what's coming next. Jones is a clown who appears to have diminishing skills. The fact that he is viewed as a leader in the locker room makes it worse. He needs to go. Redeeming aside, his undisciplined behavior on and off the field is accepted and tells younger guys this is how you can do it in Cincinnati.