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  1. Back to chili....Are there still Dixie chili locations? Was one of my favorites. N. Kentucky chili. More kick than Skyline or Gold Star. I would suspect the quality has diminished, but a Baked Buddy at LaRosa's was always a favorite.
  2. I know someone who had a serious blood clot in his leg. It destroyed a lot of muscle tissue and his leg is permanently weakened. I'm not saying this happened to Boling, but it's possible. Also a good chance he will always be susceptible to more blood clots. Glad he made the right decision for himself and his family. All the best.
  3. Find a Skyline location with a Greater's nearby. I think there is one in West Chester. That's fine Cincinnati eatin'!
  4. I lived in Atlanta and was a Falcons season ticket holder in the early 90s. I tried to become a Falcons fan, but just couldn't do it. I grew up a Bengals fan and to my own detriment, I will die a Bengals fan. I think all the imports to Atlanta have similar issues with being fans of other teams. A big, but only casually interested market.
  5. I love it too. Just hope he is successful and his habits can rub off on some of the other linemen.
  6. My bad. Theismann is neither in the HOF nor is his number retired in Washington. The headline I read suggested such, and I was too lazy to look into it. It's actually nice that the kid wants to ask Theismann about using #7. Not sure why he should have to though.
  7. Nice pick. Love the character and work ethic. Take home from his interviews is I want to get started now. Take home from Haskins' interviews is I want a HOFer's retired number. SMH. Interesting about the school bus thing. In my neighborhood they definitely have designated bus stops. The bus wont even go down certain streets.
  8. The problem with signing him is the Bengals don't look for a receiving TE for the future. It also limits another player's snaps in preseason and practice. You know, the player that will be playing come week 6 when Eifert is out for the year again?
  9. UncleEarl

    Burfict released

    This, except the last sentence.
  10. Suggests to me that Dalton has zero faith in Ross to do anything right, which is the real issue with the guy.
  11. This is a big part of it. Mike Brown doesn't overpay for FAs unless it's his own players. With that in mind, why would a FA sign in Cincinnati? If you can get the same $$ with a team that actually wins why be a Bengal? Hell, they still have no indoor practice facility here! Marvin Lewis was here how long? You think players and agents don't know this stuff? Yeah, maybe the new HC can bring in a player or two that he has a relationship with, but I wouldn't expect much.
  12. UncleEarl

    Bengals DC

    As mentioned in the article above this could be all about money. Taylor very well may have a coaching budget, sounds very Mikey like, and may not have a lot left for a DC. A very Bengals thing to happen.
  13. No. They need to draft a TE. Eifert will only take practice snaps away from a young TE until he again is injured. Move on.
  14. As much as it pains me to say it, Belichick won that SB, or McVay lost it. Rams have superior personnel, but with two weeks to prepare you aren't going to run your same old shit on New England. LA needed new wrinkles to keep NE off balance. They had none.

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