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  1. Yes! And don’t look like the fucking Browns!!!!
  2. While going O line in the first round so often is ridiculous, it is still the greatest area of need. You have to protect Burrow, period. Yes, they've done poorly drafting and with FAs, so should they avoid signing FAs for the OL too? If they can't make a good decision in the first round why would they in the second, third or fourth round? They have to take action about the O line and if Sewell is available he's the logical choice. Yes, now the naysayers are coming out of the woodwork saying someone else is better. Those articles came out about Burrow last year too. Overthinking is a gre
  3. The bar at tackle is so low right now I still think a FA signing could help. I would still take Sewell if available at 5. Let the best two tackles play and then the Bengals would then have actual depth at the position when the inevitable injuries occur. I would still be OK trading down and taking a different player if the deal was right, but if people are saying the Bengals should only offer a third round pick to move up to the Jets spot, why would the Bengals get much more at five? I wouldn't move out of the five spot unless a bonifide starter came with the deal.
  4. The jerseys you posted look just like the Browns version other than the stripes on the shoulder. I would prefer the Bengals not look like the Browns and I'm pretty sure the helmet change in the 80's was all about that. Paul Brown approved. But...
  5. Coming to the Bengals would be a pay cut for Meyer or a guy from any of the top college jobs.
  6. That’s kind of the point. Do you take a big risk with the second pick of the draft? Even Burrow wasn’t a sure thing, and Fields looks way behind Burrow in his development. The Jets need a lot of players. They would be better served taking a guy who they know can play. Fields is not that guy.
  7. Fields with the 2nd pick would be a Jets move. Fields is not that good at this point. He struggled dealing with Alabama's blitzing, you think it's gonna be easier in the NFL playing for a terrible team?
  8. First of all, I don’t care where he is from or how many national championships he won. Has nothing to do with Meyer being full of shit. The guy left Florida in a cloud. Bad season, player arrests, and then an article quoting players saying the program was toxic and essentially Meyer was an ass. He claimed he was “retiring” due to health reasons. According to Wikipedia his health issues are GERD that causes chest pains and a cyst that causes headaches. After retiring he took the OSU job about 8 months later. All is well at OSU until he gets heat for, allegedly, coverin
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