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  1. Of course the coaching staff didn’t see the video....they were caught in the act of filming it! Do you really think the times they didn’t get caught it wasn’t passed along?
  2. Do you think this is the only time the Patriots have done this? This is just when they got caught. They filmed the Jets. They deflated balls. They filmed the Bengals. They are doing this shit all the time. This time the guy doing the filming was a moron to get caught. With their history it should have been a first round pick.
  3. Hopefully he's on the Christian McCaffery method. Less the juice.
  4. "I've been addicted to alcohol. I've been addicted to pornography" Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
  5. Golf broadcasts are going to make a lot of money the way things are going. Baseball, as usual, is doing it's best to kill itself.
  6. I used to think football will happen, but I have changed my mind. Seeing all these athletes with COVID just reminds me that athletes are young people. Young people aren't doing so well with the social distancing, staying home, etc. These guys aren't going to be healthy. I think team sports may be done for 2020.
  7. Wearing a mask has unfortunately become a political statement.
  8. Same stuff going on here in NC. The biggest crowds are actually the lines to get in the "restaurants" that are open. I use the quotations because these spots are mainly bars that serve some food. Bars are still closed here.
  9. You guys have bars open? Only restaurants here, but noticed the same. While this is a generalization, the under 25 crowd could give a shit.
  10. Wrong band. They were in a little house with a roof. Early 70s. Hard to find any evidence of that band, but there they are between Phipps and the goalpost.
  11. What about the pep band they had down on the field at Riverfront? Let's bring that shit back too!
  12. The Votto deal is horrible. He is getting paid for what he did in the past. Many in baseball and hockey are coming to the realization they need to pay players younger so they don't get stuck with old guys that have huge salaries they no longer have the ability to live up to. Even without that change guys in their late 20s aren't getting long term deals, nor should they. The juice is mostly out of the game and few guys in their mid-30s play the game at an elite level. Scooter Gennett is a prime example of a guy where an injury costs him millions.
  13. The Players Association is overly influenced by the big guns. Players that make stupid money and more specifically, their agents. The big deal is what they are all about preserving. Every player thinks he's going to get one of those some day, so they buy in. They all want the golden goose contract like Votto got. Those contracts are over. The one thing the agents/players association can count on is some team will be stupid enough to overpay the big names. Philadelphia blinked and gave Harper an absolutely stupid deal. Notice how Joey Votto was pumping Harper's tires when he didn't have a deal yet? That's what they are about. Until the players association cares about all the players they will be seen as greedy and stupid as the owners.
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