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  1. Ugh....barely better. Pegula spends money, but foolishly. The Bodine signing is a typical Buffalo move. Pegula owned Sabres are an even bigger shitshow than the Bills. Yet, he is still a better owner than Mike Brown.
  2. Good move. Sounds like Buffalo wanted to move the $$. Somewhat risky, but hopefully he will be ready to go.
  3. Huh? Where does this come from? With all the knuckleheads the Bengals have and have had, how does Eifert qualify as immature?
  4. I can't see giving Eifert big money or many years. One year of good money? Sure. Top 5 TE money? Nope. Several years? Nope. He is in the "prove it" category. Would like to give him one more chance to stay healthy, but big money is a no-no. Have to agree that Dalton is pretty much a first read QB. Still, he is a Pro Bowl caliber guy when surrounded by a competent line and good receivers. Much bigger problems than Dalton to fix on the Bengals.
  5. Fisher Cleared to Play

    Everything I've heard about Ooogie Boogie is that he needs to man up in the weight room.
  6. I thought part time play agreed with Johnson's game. Is $6M too much for a part time DL? If he is a leader in the locker room it may be worth it. Dump a loser like Jones and Johnson's voice may be heard more clearly. I have no use for Jones. A player with deteriorating abilities who can't stay on the field due to injuries or other nonsense. Good for stupid penalties and a hazard to the community. Adios, motherfucker!
  7. LB Brian Cushing, anyone?

    Juicer and major douche-canoe. Hell, no.
  8. And the Bengals owe him back pay! The judge rammed it right up the Bengals poop chute! The one area the Bengals seemed to be competent was in contracts and legal proceedings. I guess they suck at that as well. Incompetence personified
  9. The Bengals made two big mistakes. They could have signed Whitworth and front loaded it so if he tailed off they could cut him and have plenty of cap space. They blew it based upon their own poor misconceptions. They also continued to believe in Oogie Boogie, who showed everyone that would pay attention that he didn't have what it takes to play in the NFL. Even Whitworth, who rarely says anything negative, said he needed to work on his core strength. I can't imagine how lazy this cat really is.
  10. Pretty much this. Philly fan is only second to Buffalo fan in being drunk and obnoxious wherever they go.
  11. Buh bye, Jeremy

    So the Bengals had two opportunities to not fuck up and they blew them both. Adios, butterfingers. Too bad Jones isn't on the same train out of town.

    Look, Bodine isn't good. I am saying it's just not a slam dunk to sign anybody. You know the Bengals aren't going to get in a bidding war for Jensen or any other high priced FA. If they were it should be for a tackle, not a center. As bad as Bodine is he isn't nearly as bad as the tackles on the roster. That is where they should spend money in FA. If you can get Bodine on a reasonable deal where you can cut bait in a year or two that may be the way to go. Draft a center and see how fast he can get ready to start.
  13. Remember Pat Matson? Dude was as juiced as any. The juice was in Cincinnati, but they didn't have a systematic approach to it like the Squealers did back then.

    What makes you think the Bengals will spend $7-8M per on a center? Maybe more if the Bills bring their checkbook. Got to be realistic. They aren't getting in a bidding war for Jensen. Name a realistic target.

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