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  1. Glad to hear. I'm not much on the stuff, but to each their own. Just commenting on my experience which is certainly limited.
  2. Maybe someone who is already high/drunk and makes a seriously bad decision?
  3. That's a really bad bookie. A good bookie will put a leash on you to keep you from going broke. Guys that go broke like this guy end up getting bookies busted. It's the old "you can only slaughter a sheep once, but you can shear him over and over again."
  4. Most guys I know that smoke a LOT of weed don't do squat. That often ends up being a money issue.
  5. I would rather watch paint dry than soccer, but I can understand why a young person would prefer a FC game. It's relatively inexpensive, a bunch of people like him or her will be there, and they have a reasonable expectation that the team will win. Finally, there is one more factor that brings people to sports that are less popular than baseball, football and basketball.....the players are kind of like us! It's easier to identify with someone who is doing what they love with little hope of getting stinking rich doing it. They aren't multi-millionaire assholes that think they can do whatever they damn well please. I know that's a gross generalization and there are very good people that play in the NFL, MLB and NBA. Still, the number d-bags tends to increase the more money they make, or so it seems.
  6. I'm not a millennial, but the last few NFL games I have attended were not positive experiences. While I enjoy a tailgate and some drinks as much as anyone, the number of angry drunks is just too high. I wouldn't even think of taking a young child to an NFL game. The answer to all of this is winning. Teams that have a winning tradition seem to have less of these problems. Positive atmosphere, I suppose? Also, every generation worries more about money in their twenties and thirties. When millennials get to their prime earning years they won't be as worried about how they spend their $20. Some will, but many will buy tickets because they can. Not to mention, but TV money dwarfs money made in the stadiums these days. If people stop watching the NFL on TV then they have a problem.
  7. I'm not sure how it works today, but I know in the past if you are suing the NFL or an NFL team you will not be signed by anyone. Reid is guaranteeing that no one will sign him with this action.
  8. One game. No win. Keep searching for reasons why he is so valuable vs the Stealers. Bengals are 3-12 vs Stealers since Burfict arrived and you think he is in their head. That's a joke. He's their butt-boy.
  9. Who care who is in who's head. It's always about winning.
  10. The Stealers are obsessed with Burfict, which makes him the winner? I thought winning the game made you the winner. Silly me.
  11. UncleEarl

    Too soon?

    When Cumberland fouled out and Cronin lost it on him screaming "calm down" when Cronin was the one that needed to calm down, that was all you needed to see. Cronin was out of his league. Moment was too big for him. Still, you can't fire the guy. He has a very good team damn near every year. Dean Smith was considered a tournament failure for years. Good coaches learn and get better. Clock is ticking on Cronin. Either he will get better, or not. If the level of recruits starts dropping you'll know the gig is up and he has lost the respect of players and, more importantly, AAU coaches.
  12. UncleEarl

    Too soon?

    Go Duke? That's just wrong.....very wrong.
  13. Ugh....barely better. Pegula spends money, but foolishly. The Bodine signing is a typical Buffalo move. Pegula owned Sabres are an even bigger shitshow than the Bills. Yet, he is still a better owner than Mike Brown.
  14. Good move. Sounds like Buffalo wanted to move the $$. Somewhat risky, but hopefully he will be ready to go.

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