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  1. I've yet to see refs make calls on QBs running the football. Ask Cam Newton. Once they take off they are suppose to be fair game.
  2. Five straight playoff years, five straight losses and most were embarrassing. Lewis put together a solid squad, but his own coaching weaknesses kept them from moving forward. I don't hate Lewis, but if you goal is to actually win the Super Bowl you had to get rid of the guy. They waited far too long. I'd be all for Marvin Lewis being added to the front office for talent evaluation. He could even replace Tobin, IMO.
  3. Nice call, kind of... He looked horrible in a traditional offense. Kudos to the Ravens for building an offense around him to allow him to shine. No chance the Bengals or most NFL teams would ever do that. His long term health is still a question mark. The hits will come....
  4. Even within the shitshow the Bengals are there are some quality players. I was impressed with Tate yesterday. Mixon can play as well, but football is an 11 man sport. It's a shame these guys are using up the limited amount of plays they have in their body on this team.
  5. If Taylor only wanted guys who had zero experience in that position that is 100% on him. Incredible arrogance to think you don't need the input of someone who has already been there. I am sure nearly everyone there feels that if things don't work out they have just raised their status on the coaching ladder. Works the same way in the business world.
  6. Sure, but did he have the ability to pay them reasonable salaries? It's not like a proven coach or player is coming to work for Mike Brown unless he is paid. They know what the Bengals are, and Taylor has done zero to change that. Taylor most likely got who he could, which was people who wanted an opportunity or title upgrade.
  7. Glenn is probably in some kind of Worker's Comp situation.
  8. When they all suck it can be hard to determine which one sucks less.
  9. Actually, playoff ticket sales are shared among all the teams if I am not mistaken. Brown is spending money on players and coaches. Sagging attendance is what has historically gotten him to make changes. The money matters to him.
  10. This is what gets Brown's attention. Pretty sure he wants that cash. Stay home.
  11. I've said nothing of the sort. I've said it's up the the player and his doctors as to what kind of concussion he has or what his future prognosis should be. Not the team, not the fans. It's not unusual for players to need longer recovery times for concussions, except in the NFL. If someone goes beyond a couple weeks in the NFL it's like they should be back in the game. That pressure to return to play is what contributes to CTE. My apologies for the outburst. It's an emotional subject for me. I've been through this with a loved one who is an athlete. I've been through a season with players wearing sensors in their helmets to measure impact. None of it is logical. Players you would think took the biggest hits weren't necessarily the ones who had the biggest measured impacts. I have a friend who is an "independent neurologist" who has actually been sent players by the NFL. He's the one I was paraphrasing about how doctors really don't know what is going on. I hate saying "i've seen this or I've done that" on a message board. It sounds like BS. Just the same, it applies here.
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