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  1. Feeney is just 6'4", you have him confused with Ethan Pocic, he's the 6'7" center. I think because there are so many olineman that are ranked in the late first/early second round he could fall to us at #41. I agree, I think the best value in this draft would be between picks 25-90. If we could trade with a team like Houston, could be in the market for a QB, for their 1st(#25) and 2nd(#57) or 3rd(#90)round pick that would be ideal.
  2. I think Elflein is a day 1 starter at OG or C, plus he's reportedly a great locker room as well. I trust Urban Meyer and Gil Brandt's opinions, those guys know there stuff and wouldn't stay those things if they weren't true. Not sure why you think the 41st is too high, SI has him at #40. Some think he's the safest pick of all the Buckeye's in the draft and I agree. If we drafted him in the 2nd round plug him in at RG I believe we would be very pleased with the result. As for Reddick, I understand that he doesn't have the big school pedigree and was a relative unknown until this year but imo he's one of the best prospects for LB available and his intangibles are off the charts.
  3. I like how Lapham admits the FO values a 3rd round comp pick at best over a proven vet that can help your franchise win now, that must really make guys like Dalton and Green feel like the team is doing everything in their power to win now. Also, is that host a little douche or what, little elf looking dude. He tries to correct Lapham with the draft picks but he's wrong.
  4. I think it's an apt comparison, both guys consistently get in trouble with the local authorities for being douche bags and are a general embarrassment to their respective communities. Go aka the interwebz version of MB refuses to ban them and keeps them around despite their poor performance and general shame they bring upon their respective houses.
  5. Round 1 1.Derek Barnett 2.Haason Reddick 3.Taco Charlton Round 2 1. Pat Elflien 2. Dion Dawkins 3.Taylor Moton
  6. Taking Pacman too seriously? The guy gets arrested for the dumbest stuff every offseason, can you give a reason why he should be on the Bengals roster?
  7. When Trump campaigned he promised to make America great again and he was going to start by supporting the military, well he's keeping his word on his promises...kinda...not really, but who cares...iamirite...Go Trump!!! #bestpresidentever.. Discussing the raid, William Owens, who is also a military veteran, told the Miami Herald, "Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into his administration? Why? For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen — everything was missiles and drones — because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?" Saying that the U.S. owes his son an investigation, Owens criticized Trump for using a combat death to attack those who are calling for an inquiry. "Don't hide behind my son's death to prevent an investigation," he said. Days after the raid, the White House said that while Trump had authorized the operation, it had been planned under the Obama administration months ago, with the goal of gathering information. But military officials later said the raid's site was one of several that was identified back in November as one to consider. Trump was also criticized after it was reported that he made the decision to carry out the raid while he was having dinner with his advisers, rather than in the White House's Situation Room. Yemen has condemned the attack, with its military saying that one of the men who was killed had actually been working for them, as NPR reported.
  8. what do you think? He's an embarressment just like Pacman.
  9. Whatever clown, you are the Pacman Jones of
  10. But how often does that happen? Not saying it can't happen but the likelihood of a 190 lb WR catching a 5 yard slant and taking it 80 yards for a TD is not that high. One of Ross's main weaknesses is his ability to beat press coverage, which is what every CB will do to negate his speed. Most WR's with top end speed make the majority of their big plays down the field on long throws, mainly because they don't the ability to break many tackles after the catch. Your average speedster isn't the best YAC guy and vice-versa. Julio Jones is the rare exception but he's also the best WR in the NFL, currently.
  11. What about him being kicked out of the indiana casino in 2015... The guy is an embarrassment and has worn out his welcome, I won't go to another game as long he's on the roster.
  12. Good special teamer and locker room guy. Doesn't really offer much besides that, but what more do you really need from your 4th string guy?
  13. One of the funniest movies of all time, the scene when he realizes he's not black is comedic genius...
  14. I think this offseason proved that the Bengals have a certain amount of money budgeted for every position group and they will not deviate from the budget regardless of the situation. This leads me to believe they don't have enough room in the budget a top 10 rookie contract budgeted for the WR group as they are already spending the most on this offensive position group out of any, including QB and OL. The RB position group doesn't have a huge salary like the WR's do so I could see the Bengals justifying a top 10 contract at that position which leads me to Dalvin Cook. Any word on if the Bengals like him? He would significantly upgrade the offense, could start day 1, and should be available #9. I know it might be a reach at #9, but if you are looking a player that can come and make an instant impact then he fits the bill. He has some off the field issues that give me pause but he's a versatile player that could be a huge asset to this offense.
  15. Charlton and Dunlaps college stats are damn near identical, even though Dunlap played in more games.
  16. The only thing about Ross is that his biggest strength is his ability to stretch the field, however I'm concerned that the offensive line won't be able to hold up long enough to throw many deep passes. I think a big bodied guy like Williams or Davis would be a better fit for this current offense. Andy does better with bigger targets because his throws tend to sail on him at times and they high a better catch radius.
  17. I would say based on the talent on the roster there is really on 3 positions that are in play at #9: DL, RB, and possibly DB. If Fournette makes it to #9 I think the Bengals would take him, if Thomas or Allen make it then they are the pick. As far as DE is concerned there is some debate but I really like Derek Barnett's production over Charlton's potential and size, at the end of the day football is a production based business and Barnett has a excellent track record providing results. He may not be the biggest or fastest guy, but he knows how to play and get the job done. As for LB, it's clearly noted that I like Reddick as the best fit for the Bengals if they go LB at #9, the Kevin Minter signing and the fact that Maualuga is still on the roster makes me think they don't want to draft Foster to be the MLB of the future. We could go WR or TE but those guys would barely see the field to justify a top 10 pick, besides I think Uzomah and Kroft are capable back-ups and no team drafts a 4th WR at #9 and that's what any rookie WR would be, at best. We have Cody Core and Alex Erickson, to fill that role, the economics dictate they won't take a WR in the first round.
  18. Well considering they tried to sign him long term and he balked at the offer, so clearly they are interested in him as a long term solution for the MLB position.
  19. You think the Bengals would take Foster even though we just signed Minter and they play the same position?
  20. I meant to say weren't.
  21. Gather round boys and girls, it's the moment you've all been waiting for with baited breath, my mock draft. I know the interwebz has been ablaze with anticipation and wonder as to who will I pick for my beloved and beleaguered Bengals...well the time is here. 1. Derek Barnett - DE/Tennessee The guy is a beast and probably the best pure pass rushers in the NFL, he broke Reggie White's sack record, and had 3 consecutive seasons with double digit sacks in the most competitive conference in CFB. Barnett can come in a be a pass rush specialist that play on passing downs early in his career as he gives a guy like MJ a breather and helps keep him fresh. I don't know if will be available at #9, but if so I would hope the Bengals wouldn't take long to call his name for the this pick. Other picks: Leonard Fournette - RB/LSU, Haason Reddick - SLB/Temple, Mike Williams - WR/Clemson, Taco Charlton - DE/Michigan 2. Pat Elflein - C/OG/tOSU Elflein is a former wrestler that understands leverage, plays with good technique, and is a noted locker room leader. With the struggles of the young offensive line players on this team in recent history I think Elflein could be a steadying force and help these younger guys take their game to the next level. He could easily go in the late first round as their are several teams that need a quality OG or Center and he is one of the best prospects in the draft at that position. Other picks: Dorian Johnson - OG/ Pittsburgh, Dion Dawkins - OT/OG/Temple, Joe Mixon RB/Oklahoma, Taylor Moton OT/OG - Western Michigan 3. Dalvin Tomlinson - DT/Alabama Tomlinson is also a former wrestler(I love linemen with a wrestling background that have good technique) and is probably the most underrated player in the draft by some. I doubt he makes it this far in the draft but if so I would hope the Bengals would select him at this point. Tomlinson is used to doing the dirty work in the trenches and would be an excellent compliment to the guys already on the roster. Other picks: Zay Jones -WR/ECU, Antonio Garcia - OT/Troy, Tyler Orlovsky - C/WVU, Adam Bisnowaty - OG/Pitt, Jake Butt - TE/Michigan, Samaje Perine - RB/Oklahoma 4. Tanoh Kpassagnon - DE/Villanova Tanoh is a physical freak that exploded onto the national scene this season with some impressive numbers, however the level of competition an inferior coaching he received has hurt his draft stock. He performed well at the Senior Bowl and is a very smart guy(Accounting and Finance double major, PwC intern) so with some good coaching and hard work he could improve dramatically from his current state. He's compared to Margus Hunt and I think everyone agrees Hunt was drafted too early, going in the fourth round seem like a good spot for this guy but he could go much higher based on this athletic ability and "potential". Other picks: Kevin King - CB/UW, Montravius Adams - DT/Auburn, Tyus Bowser - OLB/Houston, Stevie Tu'ikolovatu DT/USC, Derek Rivers - SLB/Youngstown St. 4. Josh Harvey-Clemons - S/Louisville A guy that would be a 1st or 2nd round pick if not for the off the field issues, this guy loves the ganja. If he can keep his urine clean and refine his game he could be an All-Pro player. At 6'4" 220lbs he can run and hit like Cam Chancellor, he can also cover TE's and RB's in the flat. Could be the steal of the draft if he can get it together off the field and focus on his career in the NFL instead of being a pothead. Originally Josh was a 5 star recruit for the Georgia Bulldog but was dismissed after 3 failed drug test and wound up in Louisville in 2015. He had a good career at Louisville. Clemons had good career at Louisville and has not had an incident since he left UGA, he could definitely go higher in the draft if he can convinced teams he's a changed man and his weed smoking days are behind him, which they seem to be. 5.Malachi Dupre - WR/LSU Dupre would be a higher pick if he had better QB play and Leonard Fournette was on the roster as he's a talent WR that can use his height and speed to make big plays down the field. He was a 5 star recruit coming out of college and was a track and field state champ. Dupre needs work refining his routes but he could come in and be a 4th round pick that can stretch the field and be a red zone threat with his superior jumping abilities. Other picks: Josh Malone, WR/Tennesse 5. James Conner RB/Pittsburgh Conner is a big, physical back that is bff's with last years 2nd round pick Tyler Boyd. These two could be a dynamic duo for the Bengals thru the next 5 years as Conner has the ability to be an every down back at his size. In 2014 Conner had an awesome year putting up over 1,700 yards and 26 TD's, but was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2015 and was out the whole year. He returned to the field in 2016 to put up over 1,000 yds and 16 tds, while getting a clean bill of health before the combine. He's physically and mentally strong, someone you want to have on your side a pressure situation and his bruising style will wear down defenses and allow him to break long runs as the game wears on. Other picks:Bryan Cox Jr. - DE/UF, Jordan Morgan - OG/Kutztown 6. Donnel Pumphrey - RB /San Diego State The all-time rushing leader in NCAA history will have a hard time carving out a niche` role in the NFL, but he offers some value as a return specialist and COP back. Pumphrey's biggest issues is his weight, at 180 lbs soaking wet he's not going stand up in pass protection and can't carry the ball 20-30 times a game for an entire season. However he has a big spirit and is willing to run between the tackles to get the tough yards. He also knows how to use his small frame to his advantage as he is very adapt at getting small and exploiting small cracks in the line to burst through for big gains while avoiding big hits. If he could add 15-20 lbs of muscle in the next year or two and keep his speed and elusiveness he could be a dynamic RB in the NFL, but that is a big if. 6. Zane Gonzalez - PK/Arizona State I'm sure Marvin Lewis knows all about this guy with his ASU connections and it's no secret that the Bengals need a steady kicker to help this team win close games after the Nugent meltdown of 2016. Gonzalez is the most accurate kicker in FBS history and hit an impressive 7 of 9 from 50 yds or more. He also has a 75% touchback rate on his kickoffs, the boy is a kicking machine. Justin Tucker is a weapon for the Ravens and Gonzalez could be our answer. 7. Jalen Reeves-Maybin - LB/Tennessee Reeves-Maybin is a cover LB that come in play ST while he learns the defense and adds strength. He could have redshirted last year and return for another season after a shoulder injury cut his season short, but he was very productive in his sophomore and junior seasons posting over 100 tackles in consecutive years. If he was healthy he would be drafted higher but he could end up being a productive pro because of his athletic ability and coverage skills. 7. Sean Harlow - OG/C - Oregon State Harlow is the son of a former first round pick that played OT in the NFL, so he has the bloodlines but he's not as good an athlete as his old man. Harlow played OT in college but will have to play inside because he lacks the foot speed, arm length, and overall athletic ability to be an OT in the NFL. He could be a backup swing player that can play OG or C in a pinch. Bengals're welcome. Duke Tobin, pm me about the assistant director of player personnel position, I'll give you the hometown discount.
  22. I'm hoping he doesn't and is there at #9, I think we can both agree Barnett would be the option for the Bengals if guys like Garrett, Thomas, and Allen are gone.
  23. I hope Vinny Rey becomes that guy, he's smart(Duke) and well respected.
  24. So far this off season has been a huge disappointment, starting with Pacman getting arrested the day after the last game to losing Whit and Zeitler in FA. The offensive line was already shaky and needed some additional talent to give guys like Bodine and Ogbuehi some competition, but after losing it's two best players from that unit it's in shambles. The Bengals have not signed any outside FA's after the first 5 days of the new league year and look to be improving their team via the draft in which they have 11 picks. If I were to predict were this team would finish the 2017-18 season based on their current roster I would say at best 3rd place in the division again because they haven't done anything to improve but they have gotten significantly worse, specifically on the offensive line. However, there is a silver lining to the dark cloud that will be the 2017-18 season and that is it will likely be Marvin Lewis's last season as the HC. When Marvin was hired in 2003 I was very excited and supportive of the decision, he was a defensive guru that coordinated one of the best defense in the history of the NFL. In 2005 he took the Bengals to the playoffs, something that hadn't been done over a decade and it seemed inevitable that he would be the man to break the playoff drought and maybe win a Super Bowl. Unfortunately Marvin has yet to win a playoff game, despite 7 attempts and he is the proud owner of the worst playoff record of any HC in the history of the NFL. Marvin has lost his fire, sense of urgency, and should be replaced. He lets guys like Burfict and Pacman ruin the team's success and doesn't hold them accountable when make mistakes on and off the field. It has been reported the only reason he is still coaching is so his son, Marcus Lewis, can get some years on his resume and a foothold in the business. That is great for his son but sucks for the fans of the team and ultimately it's players because Marvin's not engaged enough to ensure this team has the success it deserves. My hope is after the season Marvin is replaced with a more dynamic personality that will hold guys accountable when they screw up and get rid of them when it becomes a pattern of behaviour. This team will be loaded with young talent and they will need a good coaching staff to get the most out of them, I'm not sure the current staff is up to the challenge. Someone like Josh McDaniels would be an ideal choice as he comes from a winning culture and has HC experience.