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  1. I had no idea the elevation made you fumble with no one touching you.
  2. IF AJ has that much coverage,the offense should be rolling.On the other hand,I'm supporting the NFL boycott by watching this game.
  3. Defense held it's own...until the stop was needed at the end.Blow this team and staff up.
  4. Nice stop Bengals.I'm not sure while I watch this shit anymore.
  5. I plan on boycotting the NFL this afternoon.I'll spend my afternoon watching the Bengals instead.
  6. I separated the events.One took place in a sporting venue,the other in an everyday situation.I kept it as simple as I could for you,but sadly,but not unexpectedly,I didn't dumb it down enough for you to comprehend.
  7. When a hockey player takes exception to an over enthusiastic check and starts pounding the opposing player,guess what?Nobody arrests him.A major league pitcher nails a hitter in the ribs to retaliate for the home run the previous guy hit,hitter charges the mound and pounds the pitcher as a bench clearing brawl starts.Nobody is arrested.Stop equating actual real life with professional sports events. Now if A.J. Green had grabbed YOU by the neck,put you in a headlock,body slammed you into the ground and started punching you on the street,in front of witnesses,then yes,he would be arrested.
  8. The same reason boxers don't get charged with assault.Good freaking God...
  9. ...or the NFL knows he's a good guy,and with this one exception,a class act.They also know Ramsey is a trash talking asshole.They probably also had some input from the officials.
  10. One bright spot-Jackson has looked good at corner...and...OMFG Kirkpatrick made a play!
  11. Nope! We DO need him.He should still be here.Nobody we would have added in the 5th round would have helped this years OL.
  12. I've seen a few I thought were worse,unfortunately they were ours from prior years.

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