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  1. If they're ordering them from the Bengals shop,they better plan on keeping the old ones around for quite a while.
  2. Here is an absolutely great article comparing arm strength,release time,and trigger time (how quickly a QB pulls the trigger after locking on a receiver) of this years prospects.It also compares them to past QB's.You DO want to read this. https://medium.com/@thetim_dix/nfl-draft-how-strong-is-joe-burrows-arm-b69abd897399
  3. BJ,who are the remaining TE,WR,and CB?
  4. Our ability to cover the TE position will be vastly improved with this pick.
  5. My wish...trade back and get some more picks.There are a LOT of good players left.
  6. For the moment,there are better options on the oline out there.
  7. I'm really liking our draft.I DID say we needed a WR at 2 since we only have two under contract after next season,Still lots of good Olineman out there for round four if the Bengals go that way.
  8. No. People projected to go late 1st or early 2nd are sliding.Either stand pat,or trade down.
  9. A talented back up QB isn't a bad idea with Wentz being injury prone.
  10. Thank you for the early Christmas present Bengals. Please don't make my second present socks like last year.
  11. https://shop.bengals.com/mens-nike-joe-burrow-orange-cincinnati-bengals-2020-nfl-draft-first-round-pick-game-jersey/p-14219001414178+z-9318-602885476?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r0c1:po-1 Already ordered....
  12. Unless the Bengals get an offer that blows them away,as much as I like Mims,my worthless vote is Josh Jones.Either one would make me happy.
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