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  1. Not interested.If teams are willing to part with a zillion picks,that means he's worth spending our single first round pick on. As far as management,Mike Brown loves QB's,and more importantly,money.Draft Burrow,immediate excitement and new season ticket holders as well as a new fan base in SE Ohio. Trade him? Fans will leave,and they will hemorrhage the season ticket holders they still have. It's not going to happen.
  2. If Josh Jones or another 1st rounder slides it would make sense.But if one of the projected 1st round guys doesn't slide,there's nobody worth a 2nd round pick imho.
  3. You're moving the goal posts.I'm simply showing the last three 1st round picks.So what if they were Marvin picks? I can go back to every draft ever and say,hey look,gotcha!,this would have been a better pick. I'm just pointing out it's a crap shoot,and if so you may as well roll the dice on a potential generational QB.
  4. Look at it this way-look back at the Bengals last three 1st round picks selected,Jonah Williams,Billy Price,and John Ross.Would you trade the right to draft Joe Burrow for those three?
  5. I've done a LOT of mocks on Fanside and imho if you want a good receiver,you better get him by the end of round 2.It would be nice if someone coveted a player at 33 and gave us an extra 3rd rounder without dropping to far in round 2.I did two mocks with us trading back and picking up an extra 3rd,one with a WR in round 2,the other without.
  6. I think we have a real chance to accrue extra picks in rounds two and three,and especially at the top of round two.Some team might fall in love with a player at 33 and the Bengals could pick up an extra 3rd round pick,maybe even more by moving down.
  7. Here is a seven round mock where I traded back a few times.Thoughts?
  8. There is zero guarantee that the Bengals will be in a position to draft either one of them.Know who they ARE in a position to draft? Joe Burrow. Miami needs a lot help as well. If they are willing to give up multiple picks to get Joe Burrow,that tells me we should just make the selection.
  9. I'd love to see them pick Jefferson IF he's there at 33,but I think he's gone before we pick.TBH,I just want to see the bpa at WR,OL,LB,or CB at 33.
  10. ...and just like that,The Bengals extend Andy Dalton,and select Chase young with the first pick...
  11. Unless they sign a free agent QB,the Chargers shouldn't count on Herbert being there.What if Detroit goes Tua or Herbert and the Dolphins select the one left?
  12. Do you have an actual point? Asking for a friend.
  13. Then he sits.I don't believe a player can be traded after you draft him until he's signed now.I could be wrong though.So...if so,he doesn't sign and waits until next year... what happens if the Bengals have the first pick and select him again? I don't think it's going to be an issue though,I think we draft him and he signs and all the media haters can then go fuck themselves.
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