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  1. Looks like we drafted Justin Smith,but this time in the 3rd round.
  2. I'm fucking done with ESPN-switching to NFL Network.
  3. Kiper said if he hadn't hurt his ankle he'd have been a 2nd round pick.
  4. I haven't seen anybody selected after the trade that made me think,"Shit I wish we hadn't traded that pick!"
  5. Deep draft,especially in the middle rounds.Could be a great move.I have to think the Bengals had a bunch of guys graded similarly over the next 8-10 picks.
  6. I'm normally a BPA guy,but if it's close,keep improving the OL.You have A.J. Green,Joe Mixon,Tyler Eifert.Dalton is a very good QB with he has a clean pocket,not so much when he doesn't.His weapons won't mean a thing if one side of the OL is consistenly breaking down.Fix this shit NOW.
  7. I might be in the minority here,but I preferred Price over the other two centers.I wanted a mean,nasty,stout mf to anchor against big AFC North NT's,and he does that better than the other two centers imho.I'm not an OSU fan,so I'm not looking through scarlet and grey glasses.I haven't owned a Bengals jersey since I retired the quitter's jersey,but this one I'll buy.
  8. I'm out...they teased me...fuck this.See you at the draft.
  9. Don't put your your words in my mouth.Knock it off.
  10. Now...time to panic.Let's go three and out..and not run the ball once.
  11. That's easy.That's why Marty Shottenheimer.....err...Marvin Lewis needs to go.
  12. Imagine that...the offense sputtering in the 2nd half.

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