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  1. Defense sucks...no RT or RG. Gonna be a long year unless things turn around quickly.
  2. Defense...terrible. Oline... terrible. There's still time...but....
  3. I'm not complaining...but why wouldn't you extend your lead there?
  4. Burrow has had flashes tonight...already looks better than Andy. He can make throws Andy couldn't. The defense on the other hand...hopefully the 2nd half is reversed.
  5. Looked like he had 3-4 bad plays. Pretty solid besides that. Overall not a bad first NFL game against a good defense with two very good edge rushers. He'll only get better.
  6. I'll bet you a BENGALS jersey of your your choice ($100 or less) The Bengals win win six games or more. What say you?
  7. Here... https://radiostationusa.fm/online/700-wlw
  8. I'm wondering if there was foul play on the part of the assaultee.
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