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  1. I I have to respectfully disagree. I don't think it would matter in the least. If through whatever miracle Tua was able to adjust to right handed centers, I see no reason why Burrow would have any problem whatsoever adjusting to a left handed center. Boomer was a left handed QB and Bengals receivers didn't seem to have a problem catching his passes. Much ado about nothing imho.
  2. ^Agreed. Especially since next years QB class appears to be much weaker, at least right now.
  3. He'd have to take a LOT less. I don't see how it's even remotely possible unless Big Ben gets cut or takes a big paycut.
  4. No. Add to that I believe Miami would laugh at that offer. My worthless opinion, Miami would want our 2nd round pick at the minimum, and possibly more. If Sewell is there at 5, take him. If he's gone, select Chase. If both are gone it gets dicier and my hope would be someone would want to trade up with us to pick a QB.
  5. In no particular order...Parsons, Pitts, Chase ,Rousseau. Unless of course someone offers us a nice deal to move down.
  6. A nice in depth analysis of the things Joe Burrow does well, both big and small. Enjoy!
  7. Ok, so what's your point? No team zeroes in 100 percent. So we are fucked no matter what? What's your solution? BTW ,the Bengals misses on the OL were NOT considered bad picks at the time.
  8. Really? They've missed on picks, but they've addressed it.
  9. And you know they won't address the line in the draft how?
  10. Yes sir. They'll have a shot at good WR, DE, or CB if they lose the Sewell sweepstakes, and who knows? A team may trade up to grab a QB.
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