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  1. The good-My appreciation to Mike Brown for freeing up the next 15 Sundays to spend more time with my son. See ya next season folks.37 years of this has finally taken it's toll.I'll check the scores,or catch the game if I'm not busy,but no more sports bars if Channel 10 isn't carrying it,or planning around a game.There's no polishing that turd offensive line-they are toast.I have better ways to waste my time.
  2. The NFL is its own worst enemy right now.Goodell,and Goodell alone is doing a great job of sabotaging TV ratings.
  3. I can handle the truth just fine.Apparently you can't.Race has nothing to do with this.Maybe it's just my inbred hillbilly West Virginia background...but I was raised you never ever ever hit a woman,under any circumstances.Ever. I hope he has a great career for us.But I'll never have any respect for him.He sucker punched a WOMAN and broke her face.Yeah,it's all about her being white...really?I could give two shits if she was purple,and he was magenta,I would feel the same.
  4. LMAO,that was an awesome middle finger Drew just threw at the Eagles fans.
  5. Oh bullshit.Why bring the frigging race card into this? He blasted and broke a woman's face,and that makes him a big steaming pile of shit imo.I could give zero fucks what her skin color is.
  6. ............................................
  7. Gotta stock that practice player squad...
  8. Mixed emotions on this one...I'm thrilled with him as a pure football player,but despise him as a person. Having said that,if he keeps his nose clean...he'll be getting more snaps by mid-season than Jeremy Hill.
  9. I think it's more likely the Browns package the 12 with other picks to move up to 5 to grab Trubisky(assuming he doesn't go 2-4)to get ahead of the Jets
  10. People,you need to quit factoring in "It's a NEED position".The only time the Bengals do that is when two players have the same grade. I'll be happy with pretty much any of the players mentioned.
  11. The ugly-the entire second half.This staff just can't seem to find an answer to another teams halftime adjustments.More uglies-another dumb boneheaded selfish penalty on Adam,and a total meltdown with four straight penalties on the defense in the second half.
  12. Possibly your future center.Russell Bodine,time to wake up.
  13. If we'd have taken Billings in the 2nd,everybody would have been doing backflips,yet we get him in round four.
  14. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000657280/Bengals-pick-William-Jackson-III-No-24# Live as the pick was made on the NFL Network

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