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  1. I like both Tua and Burrow,but if I was forced to pick one,it would be Tua.
  2. Finley would have to have a monster eight games to pass on Burrow or Tua if either is available.
  3. Gotta be up at 4:30 AM for work,and this isn't worth staying up for.Have a cold one for me folks.
  4. All we need in next years draft are two OT's,G,QB,2 LB's,S,and a CB in the 1st round and we're gold.
  5. Hard to be creative when the OL just flat out can't block.
  6. My God! He's alive! Good to hear from you.It would be great if we could somehow coordinate some of us old timers to go to a game and enjoy...beer,lol
  7. I've defended Dalton in the past,but that game ending interception was horrible.High and behind a 6'5" receiver on a short slant.
  8. Despite his stats,Andy's having a terrible day.Could have ran to make it an easy FG,misread Erickson,and should have thrown the ball away instead of forcing it on the INT.
  9. I thought the holding call was questionable at best.Having said that,Andy could have run another ten yards and made it an easy FG.None of this matters if the defense can't get off the field.
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