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  1. Saying there's no guarantee he might not be a bust as a reason to trade the pick is just silly.You can make that same argument for any number one pick no matter who it is,or any pick at any spot in the draft.
  2. I'm old enough to remember when the Colts had the number one pick after a miserable season and had lots of holes to fill. Can you believe those idiots went ahead and picked Luck number one,when they could have traded back and filled holes and selected either Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weedon?
  3. They're now flagging pass interference this half (both ways) that they let slide in the first half.
  4. Kind of like people that think DE is more important than QB...in a QB driven league.
  5. That's who I always compared Marvin to my coworkers...Shottenheimer.
  6. You address QB first,especially when you have the solution sitting right in front of you.
  7. So? Tua and Herbert are surrounded with talent...so is Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence.
  8. Yeah,he threw for 7 TD's and ran for 1 for 493 yards total against the #4 team,but he doesn't have a great arm. My God people,get a grip. Burrow has had FAR more impact the last few weeks than your OSU God Chase.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone from Sox and little Sox. Little Sox had a nice Christmas,and I get the next seven days off.The last Christmas present I want is the Bengals kicking the Browns asses Sunday.
  10. I like both Tua and Burrow,but if I was forced to pick one,it would be Tua.
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