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  1. It did seem like he was on an endless search to find something negative to write. Paul did however, have a cool last name.
  2. Not me. I was way too inebriated and enjoying the Bengals win. I had no idea the Rats lost until now.
  3. Guess who else lost a Super Bowl with a bad OL, replaced four of them, and then started out with a 2-3 record? The Chiefs. I do believe we'll be fine.
  4. FF is fine way to ruin your pro football weekend not once, but twice. No thanks.
  5. Even if they win, the Chargers coach is an idiot. He doubled down on his timeout last year against the Raiders.
  6. This is why I no longer play fantasy football. You inevitably wind up having someone on your ff team playing against the team you cheer for.
  7. LOL the facemask spun him in the direction he needed to go.
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