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  1. So using a 2nd or 3rd round pick to be a successor for a Hall of Famer that has shown no signs of slowing down is a waste,but a 4th rounder to have a reliable back up is a waste? Asking for a friend.
  2. My thoughts...it's clear to me that Zac identified the Bengals biggest weakness,the ability to actually block and run the ball.Our first two picks weren't sexy picks,but along with Jordan in the 4th,if we are among the league leaders in rushing and Andy has better protection and we wind up making the playoffs because of these picks,then it's a good draft.We will find out come September.
  3. PFW has him as a 3rd round pick...ah well,he must suck since 31 other teams passed on him
  4. So any pick we make has been passed over by 31 other teams.Duly noted.
  5. PFW had him rated as the 2nd best Center that could play guard as well.They rated him a 2nd rounder.He also falls into the high ceiling category.
  6. FWIW,here you go. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/draft2019/2019/04/26/nfl-draft-2019-best-available-day-3/3595852002/
  7. I know we "need" a LB.But it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to go OL in the 2nd round.You can make the defense better by having an offense that can sustain drives.
  8. Good night all,see you tomorrow.
  9. They swapped 1sts,gave up this years 2nd and next years 3rd.
  10. Wow,that never occurred to me.Move Glenn inside?
  11. My greatest fear was we would select Gary.
  12. LMAO Alexander says I worked with him this off season,nonetheless he will be terrific.Classic!
  13. With two in front of us I wanted Oliver,Bush,and Williams in that order.At least the stealers didn't get him cheap.
  14. Not a sexy pick,but possibly the best player at this position at a spot where we have no depth.

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