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  1. I think I read somewhere that he's got a son in highschool with a possible future in baseball, so it was unlikely that he'd uproot his family right now.
  2. The witch hunt for this hit always has and always will be ridiculous. When the ball went off AB's finger tips, Burfict was running full speed and his left foot was on the ground. His next step with the right foot is when he hit AB with his shoulder pad. Yes, the shoulder pad hit his facemask but AB spun around because Burfict's shoulder pad hit Brown's right shoulder pad and he was already turning that way due to CLH. It wasn't the cheap shot it's been made out to be - he was going in to separate the receiver from the ball. The receiver was in the air, fully upright as Burfict came in to hit him. Expecting him to completely change course and change his target from the midsection of the receiver, where he would have hit him if he had landed on his feet, to completely miss him all in one single step while running full speed is simply beyond absurd. It's just not possible, and he was simply thrown under the bus because of how bad it looks when played in slow motion and no explanation. Seriously, count the number of steps Burfict takes between the ball going off of Brown's finger tips and when he hits him with his shoulder (the answer is 1). It wasn't the premeditated cheap shot that it was made out to be by everyone with an agenda. Did AB get knocked out and have a concussion from the hit - could be. The way he landed, he could have been concussed from how he landed on his tailbone. Does that change the fact that Burfict had/has a well deserved reputation - nope. He was thrown under the bus though for that hit though and his hit was nowhere close to as dirty as Shazier's hit on Gio. That hit on Gio was textbook helmet to helmet.
  3. Gio was supposed to be out 2 - 4 weeks. Maybe he's progressing faster than originally planned?? They're up to something and my guess is it's at Tight End with Eifert out for the year and Kroft banged up. I think I'd rather go into a game with Mixon and Walton knowing Gio was coming back soon than with Uzomah and Shreck hoping Kroft is back soon.
  4. Wonder who they're signing? Clive Walford to replace Eifert or Ereck Flowers to replace Bobby Hart?
  5. BBR

    Injury updates

    Kenny Irons?? Although they probably claimed it was successful before finding out he had some strange keloid thing that would essentially end his career after more surgeries.
  6. Correct. It starts at 7 PM Eastern tonight and 12 PM / Noon tomorrow. Teams get 7 minutes to make picks in round 2. Teams get 5 minutes to make picks in rounds 3 - 6. Teams get 4 minutes to make picks in round 7. https://operations.nfl.com/the-players/the-nfl-draft/the-rules-of-the-draft/
  7. BBR

    Day 3 wishlist

    OG Dorian Johnson WR Josh Reynolds DL Carlos Watkins S/CB Desmond King OC John Toth TE Jake Butt RB Samaje Perine LB Vince Biegel LB Ben Boulware
  8. BBR

    Rounds 2 and 3

    As much as I'd like it to be Mixon, I'm kinda hoping it's Malik McDowell. At right around 6'6" 295 he fits all of the physical characteristics the Bengals want. Able to line up outside and drop inside too is also a big plus. Bad senior year possibly due to minor nagging injuries and being used wrong sounds like someone else on the defensive line already. The only question mark is the supposed bad attitude (entitled, lazy) and lousy interviews at the combine. If one of Zach Cunningham or Alex Anzalone drops to the 3rd round pick, they'd be interesting picks too. Especially with Minter's one year deal.
  9. BBR

    Free Agent Tracker

    That depends on what he'd sign for. If it's a small enough contract then it would just wipe out the lowest signed contract of the guys we lost so far. Once we get the max of 4 qualifying losses, each additional one just offsets a potential new signing. They can sign them ahead of time if they're willing to assume the risk that no one signs Burkhead, but I think they'll wait until they're guaranteed to have a fifth loss for the offsetting condition. Right now: 1) Zeitler -> Cleveland Browns 2) Whitworth -> Los Angeles Rams 3) Peko -> Denver Broncos 4) Dansby -> Arizona Cardinals As soon as Burkhead signs someplace, they can add someone like Robinson. Then once one of Gilberry / Hunt / Peerman / Brown signs with someone they can bring in Andre Smith or another low-end FA. They just have to be careful and only cancel out the lowest qualifying contracts of their FA losses. Right now, I'm guessing they get a 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th next year unless someone like Burkhead gets a better deal than expected and bumps Peko / Dansby off that list.
  10. You can pretty much rule out Foster at #9 now. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2017/story/_/id/18818375/reuben-foster-alabama-crimson-tide-booted-combine-argument Concussions, bad shoulder that still needs 4 months to heal and he can't keep his cool waiting on his medical exams for the NFL Combine. Might be a target to move up and grab at the bottom of 1 or top of 2 but I can't see them pulling the trigger at 9 on him.
  11. I assumed it was because the 2016 League year hadn't officially ended yet. So they could still block the request for a few more weeks which would be a real dick move if he wanted to do the interview.
  12. Because he was put on season ending injured reserve.
  13. This is what I've been thinking more and more. I'd even follow it up with Hassan Ridgeway in the 2nd or 3rd round too. I don't see it as him having thrown Tunsil under the bus out of jealousy, more along the lines of him calling out the hypocrisy of the situation with people hanging from Tunsil's nuts simply because it wasn't public knowledge that he was there. It's still an immature thing to do instead of simply owning it and moving on.

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