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  1. I bet teams are waiting to see what happens with the preseason, if they have injuries during camp, etc... before looking at the older vets that are still on the market. They'll probably be scooped up after the 1st week of the season once their salaries are no longer guaranteed. I wouldn't be surprised if their agents might already have informal deals worked out with multiple teams and it's just a matter of waiting for the players and teams.
  2. He's being released, so there's no comp pick coming back our way. We would have had to keep him until his contract expired in order to get a comp pick.
  3. As far as which round the compensatory pick is in, the main factor that determines that is the dollar amounts for the contract. They try and find cut-off points to separate the groups of contracts.
  4. Damn. Just had a feeling he'd drop and be too good to pass up. Thanks for running the contest again Jason.
  5. ABC Coverage: Everyone knows that they're going to take Joe Burrow, so let's talk about Tua instead.... WTF - show Joe!!
  6. That was my point, if they only get a month or so to get ready and train, then they might be thinking of just holding onto Dalton until they get Burrow up to speed and he's ready to go.
  7. I'm wondering if they're now planning to keep Dalton in case the offseason is shortened to the point that Burrow doesn't really have a chance to learn the offense. Then they can use Dalton for the first several games / first half of the season and then switch to Joe. They can then trade Dalton at the deadline or let him leave in FA next year.
  8. Despite Joe Burrow saying: Charean Williams writing for PFT: It appears to me, that Charean Williams is the one pushing a false narrative regarding Burrow and the Bengals. She's specifically picking and choosing parts of what Burrow and others have said as well as injecting her own opinion of what was said to push the BS. I don't know what her angle is or why she has an axe to grind with the Bengals, but she's actually looking worse than Florio in that regard. Dan Patrick is still pushing it too, but it's more a means of filling time on his show.
  9. He didn’t say it in the video used as the basis for the original article. The original journalist that did the interview did not mention him saying that exact quote. It was only said in those exact words and attributed to Joe Burrow by reporters that were basing their stories off of the original interview. An interview which they weren’t present for and was conducted by someone unaffiliated with them or their organizations. The original journalist made it very clear that he did not want Joe to play for the Bengals. If he had actually said it, he would have used it in his original story. When you look at all of those things together, you can see how all of this just a bunch of BS.
  10. No, as far as I can tell he didn't actually say it the way it was eventually presented. I linked to the video of the actual interview where the reporter was trying to get him to flat out say he didn't want to play for the Bengals. If he had said it, then the reporter that wrote the original article would have included that as part of the video. The original reporter mentioned that draft picks have no leverage and that if he didn't want to play for the Bengals then he needed to flat out say so and be prepared to look bad for a little while. It was actually other reporters who were reporting on the original story that started the "I have leverage" BS. Either the 2nd reporter from the Fort Worth Star Telegram (Drew Davison) or the dude from PFT (Charean Williams) that added that quote, not the original reporter from the Fort Worth Start Telegram (Mat Engel) because it's not in the original story. Once it hit PFT though, everyone considered it the gospel truth because it fits the narrative that they want to push nationally.
  11. I'm not convinced he did say that. The video of those interview questions is shown here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article240363256.html. I haven't seen any quote about the leverage he has that is actually attributed to him directly saying it - just that he has leverage put into quotes. It's not even the reporter that did the interview that stuck the word leverage in quotes with regards to the interview and he makes it very obvious that he, as a fan of Joe Burrow, doesn't want him playing for the Bengals because they don't deserve him. The reporter was trying to lead him to say something about not wanting to be picked by the Bengals. If he had said that, or anything even close to it, then they would have included it in the video since that is exactly what they were trying to get from him. His answer was the correct one to give in his position. He's controlling what he can control (his workouts and training) and the Bengals and other teams will work through the process from their side of it. What if the Bengals do choose someone else - he'd look like a dumbass for saying things about how the Bengals are where he wants to be more than anywhere else and then have to answer questions later on about it if they actually pass on him. He's not a dumbass, he's not falling for the trap questions, but people are still acting like they know that he doesn't want to play for the Bengals. His own parents keep saying they don't know where it's coming from because it's not coming from him or from them. You have to realize that people are being vague about the "leverage" bit because it fits an agenda that they want to push. Someone summarized his feelings about the whole thing as he has "leverage" and now they're all just repeating it over and over without any clarification. It's how they can stir the pot and generate a bunch of fake hype to drive attention and get people to watch / discuss / etc... without doing any real work, or verifying what he actually did say. It's lazy reporting from a bunch of attention whores working in the media. Nobody will ever come back and call them out for it afterwards because it's all about the moment and preening for the cameras, driving the twitter rep, etc... It's all a bunch of BS. It's no longer news but entertainment. Telling the truth in this case is boring, so they're making shit up and running with it.
  12. It's all a bunch of nonsense. Just sensationalized headlines to get clicks / attention / ratings which means more cash in the end. There isn't anything else to debate with the 1st pick and the Bengals have too small of a market. If nobody cares about the pick & team and they're unable to generate a bunch of hype about it, then there's no money to be made. Nobody gives a shit if they stir the pot with a bunch of BS as long as it keeps people talking and generates revenue. The people spreading the BS can do so because they will never be held accountable - they'll just move to the next talking point. It's all a form of entertainment not much different than professional wrestling when it comes to reality. The Bengals will draft Joe Burrow. After his rookie contract, they will make him the highest paid NFL player in the league - just like they did with Palmer. Bengal fans will be happy, Joe Burrow will be happy and everyone else will still hate Mike Brown and the Bengals. Let's say they draft Burrow and the team fails to produce. The next talking point will be about Joe Brady being hired to take over the reigns after Zac Taylor is fired. Especially if the Panthers do anything offensively.
  13. My opinion.... You don't ever pass up an upgrade at QB.
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