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  1. Speaking of one-year wonders.... Curious as to how high Jalen Hurts will end up going.
  2. At this point, I think his job is to make sure we don't screw up and take ourselves out of controlling whether or not we choose Burrow or Young. Maybe show whether or not he can hold a clipboard on the sidelines next year.
  3. What I don't get are the fans that: 1.) Want them to trade good players for draft picks and 2.) Don't trust the Bengals to draft good players as replacements It makes zero sense to me. You should be praying that they don't trade guys like Green, Dunlap, Atkins, and Eifert and that instead they keep them for as long as possible because they won't be able to replace them. I think I'm actually with Go on this one.
  4. Jonah Williams and Darqueze Dennard are on the "Reserve/PUP" list. Alex Redmond is on the "Reserve/Suspended by Commissioner" list. Daris Phillips, Rodney Anderson, O'Shea Dugas, and Niles Scott are all on the "Reserve/Injured list". They have them all listed by category on the official team page: https://www.bengals.com/team/players-roster/ Teams can now bring back 2 players from their Injured Reserve list.
  5. One of the things I'd put in the beautiful section is going for points at the end of a half. We all know ole Marv would have had Andy play it safe and take a knee with the ball with 16 seconds left in the first half on our own 45. That was so good to see for once.
  6. Apparently it’s some dude named Ben Baby. I think he’s an Aggie
  7. ... and apparently Ogbuehi looks good too???? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/24/cedric-ogbuehi-taking-first-team-reps-at-rt-for-jaguars/
  8. The current secret formula for success that everyone throws around is to get a good rookie quarterback on a rookie deal so you can spend the money around to other good players. Doesn't Andy's contract allow for that? It's interesting to see that Jared Goff's 2020 contract (last year of his rookie deal) will be higher than Dalton's 2020 contract (last year of his current deal). https://overthecap.com/player/jared-goff/4714/ https://overthecap.com/player/andy-dalton/160/ I'm not comparing the players, just the contracts and I think it's an interesting point.
  9. I don't think it matters. I doubt Redmond is going to make the team over Jordan and Sutherland. His injury and decision to use something to try and recover so that he could compete is unfortunate, but he's probably going to be looking for a new team to play for real soon. I do think he is still eligible to be on the practice squad this year (only has 2 accrued seasons of play), so that might be a possibility. FWIW, Jordan appears to have been a more highly regarded draft prospect by draft analysts and Sutherland is coming in familiar with the blocking schemes as well as being a stronger blocker with room to grow / develop. I don't think they're counting on either of those two to start this year unless there are injuries. My guess is that they will be developing them for the year in preparation of contributing more in 2020 / 2021. Redmond on the other hand is in the last year of his rookie contract, saves $645k (yay) and doesn't have any dead money associated with his release. They might risk moving Sutherland to the practice squad but I doubt they risk trying that with Jordan unless he really under performs in the preseason. If anything, the suspension will allow Redmond to be on the exempt list for 4 or 5 weeks to see if there's an injury. Then they'll have some decisions to make after seeing what they have on the team and practice squad for depth / developmental purposes.
  10. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/21/buffalo-bills-tyler-kroft-suffers-broken-foot/ Apparently, he's having surgery on it today. Is it time for him to get the same "injury concern" label as Eifert yet? Edit: 3-4 months recovery, might be ready for start of season.
  11. To be completely honest, your analogy sucks ass and is completely ridiculous. Kroft was never asked to be anything other than a tight end here, he was promoted to the starting line-up and he left after his rookie contract ended. You make it sound like Eifert wasn't busting his ass during practices and meetings, wasn't working hard to rehab and get back from the injuries, and just flew off to Vegas or somewhere for the weekends when the games are played. Eifert never checked out, never stopped working, he didn't bad mouth the organization, the coaches or the players. He didn't blame anyone else, he got hurt. He didn't create any drama, cause problems or go out, get drunk and smack a few bitches around. From everything any of us can see, he was a good teammate, worked his ass off and said that he wanted to be here and give the fans what they've been hoping for. None of us will be surprised if it doesn't happen though, but we all hope it does because he is a difference maker when he's healthy and on the field. We get it though. You can't forgive him for stupid shit like being concussed by a head hunting Mike Mitchell, or having his leg snap in half or any of the other freaky things that happened to him. Sorry your boy Kroft went someplace else for a whole lot of cash but he was never more than just a good, solid player here. He was never the difference maker that Eifert was. Everyone I know of would have preferred that he was still here, but nobody begrudges him going out and getting the contract that he did. If Eifert had never been injured all the time, then he'd have never had the chance to start as many games as he did. So if nothing else, the "bullshit" he endured and suffered through here got him a nice pile of dough. Eifert's 2015 season alone beats all of Kroft's entire career with the team.
  12. Wasn't Kroft injured a lot over the last 3 years too. Although not as bad as Eifert, it seems as though he missed his fair share of games too due to injury. Plus, as a receiver, he's not even close to being the same level of talent as Eifert.
  13. The way it worked out, I get the feeling that for some reason they weren't as interested in Risner as fans / media people were. From things I've read, they were trying to trade up in the 2nd round to get either Greg Little or Cody Ford. The Broncos had to be on the phone with the Bengals during the time for their first pick of the 2nd round (#9) working out the trade for the Bengals pick (#10). If the Bengals were already trying to trade up to make sure that they got one of the three then they should have been able trade with the Raiders get in front of the Broncos for Risner. Otherwise, the Bengals could have just stayed there and forced the Broncos to choose between getting Lock or not. There just wouldn't have been a reason to trade back to let the Broncos come up and get Lock if Denver had actually just ruined their plans to get Risner. Since Denver claims to have wanted to move up to get ahead of the Saints, Dolphins and possibly others that they thought wanted to take Lock, they had to have known that they could work with the Bengals to get both guys.
  14. I think, worst case, Finley is a very good backup QB for his career and since Driskell isn't, this is a great pick.
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