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  1. It did seem like he was on an endless search to find something negative to write. Paul did however, have a cool last name.
  2. Not me. I was way too inebriated and enjoying the Bengals win. I had no idea the Rats lost until now.
  3. Guess who else lost a Super Bowl with a bad OL, replaced four of them, and then started out with a 2-3 record? The Chiefs. I do believe we'll be fine.
  4. FF is fine way to ruin your pro football weekend not once, but twice. No thanks.
  5. Even if they win, the Chargers coach is an idiot. He doubled down on his timeout last year against the Raiders.
  6. This is why I no longer play fantasy football. You inevitably wind up having someone on your ff team playing against the team you cheer for.
  7. LOL the facemask spun him in the direction he needed to go.
  8. The ball was snapped with 7:11 left in the 4th.
  9. There was one play running to the right where I expected Mixon to accelerate around the corner, but he decided to cut back into the pursuit in the middle of the line. What I thought was going to be a nice gain turned into a loss. It's only four games, so maybe he'll turn it around, but I'll say this: when running backs hit THE WALL of decline, it happens fast.
  10. My concern on JC is it seems like he has little to no situational awareness. He doesn't pick up stunts, and doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on around him. Did Volson look better? Sure, but it was against practice squad guys. I'd like to see him get some first half reps next Saturday against better players and see how he does.
  11. Thoughts so far-lots of promise from the young DL...a bit undisciplined, but they're ballers. Dax Hill looks good.
  12. Thaddeus certainly isn't helping himself. I thought Allen was supposed to play the first half...they pull him, Browning comes in and looks much better...hmmm
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