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  1. [quote name='OG_OklahomaGirl_OG' post='297148' date='Jul 20 2006, 12:46 PM']oh by the way you know im white right? and this is my first time at this battlein stuff...but i LOVE it lol.[/quote] hahahaha i really love u
  2. [quote name='OG_OklahomaGirl_OG' post='297142' date='Jul 20 2006, 12:42 PM']okay nascar boy it it goes/ hoe..hoe..hoe..hoe? what about hoes.? you call me ho about 4 or 5 times. to tell you the truth you have sucky ass rhymes. howd you know how good i suck dick? yah i sucked on your pops and thats how i got sick. by yo rhymes boy i can see you a wimp.. & i know i aint ever sucked on you..yo dick stays limp. b/c cus you thought you were cool to diss a girl... but the sound of yo rhymes made a bitch wanna hurl.. so hey nascar listen up here.. BAB musta sucked your dick too..cus you both sound QUEER. byeeee. [/quote] I love her already
  3. Shes on our side but me and BAB were just hazing the new guy (gal). Lets get this bitch goin.
  4. [quote name='OG_OklahomaGirl_OG' post='297013' date='Jul 20 2006, 05:27 AM']i suck yo dick..? you must be mistaken.. you dont pay enuf fo that money i be maken. yo girl tell me all about yo clap. didnt yo momma teach you a girl you shouldnt slap. you a broke ass busta with nuthin to do but sit on the PC dissin a chick. i tell you wat come at me again when you grow a dick. ..[/quote] Hoe comes up here thinking shes got game her rhymes are patheitic and lame She's a hoe fo' sho' she sucked so much dick that they had to pump her stomach before she got sick all she is, is one giant ass cum hole drinks so much cum she drinks it out of her cereal bowl hoe is as hoe does now get at me if you got anymore rhymes cuz!
  5. Ive been gone all day but its fine I heard that all Jamie B has been doin is cryin' He said he was goin' to the gym but in reality he was gettin' head from his man Jim His ryhmes are older than most in the retirement home I sometimes doubt that there is anything in his dome He talks about my mom bein a fucking whore but if i remember correctly it was his mom on the fuckin floor I fucked that girl for two dolla's and it was aight' Then i donkey punched that slut and almost got into a pimp fight
  6. Thats why your an outsider..you don't know the real score.
  7. peace whodey good bein on ur and bab's side haha well show those old fuckers.
  8. [quote name='sneaky' post='296166' date='Jul 18 2006, 11:39 PM'][b]Speakin of duck, reminds me of how I gave ya mom 9" of my black I made her ass wobble jump in a pond and scream AFLACK!!!! Now come on son, must we really go there? Do I gotta tell ya how mom likes it ruff, loves it when I pull her hair. Sorry son, dont wanna make you pout We do got one thing in common tho I came in your mom and nine months lata, you came out. [/b][/quote] Man sneaky I don't know what you smokin but it must be some good shit because that wasn't my mom u fucked it was the aflack duck u stupid clit. I made your mom suck my dick and go so far down on me She must have been pullin pubes out of her mouth for like a week Then I put my dick in your mom so far there was some real crammage Oh shit well now I understand why you have brain damage. Im sorry about making you stupid as hell but fucking your mom that hard was just swell
  9. [quote name='sneaky' post='296153' date='Jul 18 2006, 11:07 PM'][b] Boy the only thing I see is dat you aint shit You need to stop suckin whodey's balls an lickin BAB's clit. Son dont fukks wit me, ima sadistic murderer like that movie "Saw" how long have u been watchin BET? i kno u used to watchin Hee Haw Silly muhfuckka, dont make me puts ya azz in checks do you even know wat NASCAR means? Non Athlethic Sport Centered Around Rednecks Goofy azz hoe, comin to this fight with a slingshot knowin I got a gun did u do yo history homework? cuz im gonna slaughter yo azz like Atillah the Hun cant believe you tryin to step to me, boy u must be a fool yeah imma real pimp, ask yo mom, cuz i tapped dat azz back in high school[/b][/quote] Your the only one who would know about BABs clit you sick fuck I know if you had the chance you stick your dick in a duck I know you like to work the street corner and lick ball sack You do it all for your nasty habit with crack Your mom back in the day was such a hoe that when you heard hoe down you said "mom got shot oh no!" You need to back the fuck off qand let the real rhymers hit the stage If you dont back the fuck off soon ill pop you with my 12 gauge Ill bust a cap in yo' ass so fast youll think the devil bit you Now go back to eating Jamie's poo Im the only pimp in this room and just a question when you and jamie get married who will be the groom?? Word.
  10. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='296138' date='Jul 18 2006, 10:49 PM']Bitch, the Only Dirty Hoe I messed with was your Moms She made my piss burn like it was mothafuckin napalm That's right yo moms is a clap havin hoe Paid? Bitch pleaze you dont even belong in this show Nascar in your sig, you a God Damn redneck Son you need to pay me for listing to this damn trainwreck Now shut the hell up and go sit in the corner Son this is the pro's, you still in Pop Warner[/quote] Warner and corner? You think those ryhmes are bright? Them rhymes are as bright as a fucking black light. Nascar in my sig who gives a shit Jamie at least Im not like you sucking on my moms tit Fuck yo rhymes old man they old as dust and brush you teeth ur breath smells like pizza crust I heard you hung out with Micheal J That wasn't ranch on your salad you fucking gay. Didnt you know at the Neverlan ranch you shouldnt eat the salad. Because MJ touches all the young lads. Now sit in your corner and cry Cuz you just got owned by the best, guy!
  11. [quote name='sneaky' post='296128' date='Jul 18 2006, 10:37 PM'][b] To 85fanwilkes You yungins wanna fuck wit meez yah must be crazies you'll end up takin a dirt nap, pushin up daisies now wilkes want some of this, he rhymes like a rookie I'll go gangsta on his ass, make 'em think im Tookie heard you, whodey and BAB got in the bed and made a faggot Oreo cookie? silly fuckkin rabbits my rhymes aint fo kids they will take yo breath away and make you die from SIDS nice try hoe, but to battle me you betta raise the bar so go cuddle up wit BAB, play some Chesney and watch NASCAR.[/b][/quote] sneaky you say I ryhme like a rookie you better watch this ryhme take a lookie You need to get off of Jamie's dick Hearin your faggot shit makes me fucking sick. sneaky thinks he is gangsta as hell But in reality he is screech from saved by the bell He is the bigest fucking geek When all the girls see him they say "eek" The only time he ever got laid was when he picked up the corner whore and paid I just raised the bar motha fucka Now you better step up sucka.
  12. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='296123' date='Jul 18 2006, 10:33 PM']What the hell is this romper room? Son Ima sweep you so get out da broom You shoulda just stayed yo ass at away All deez kids comin at us like they want to play But yo rhymes is wack and yo flow is gay Cause me and King O we run this hoes Punk ass kids need to sit down and eat your Cheeri-O's[/quote] Listen up old man u listenin? good now shut your can I may eat cheerios but at least I don't fuck dirty hoes Thats why i didn't touch your sister Cuz she had a big ol' pussy blister She said it was a cold sore I said no that syphalils u stupid whore Jamie B do you need me to get your hearing aid? Because bitch Im so good I should be paid.
  13. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='296105' date='Jul 18 2006, 10:13 PM']Wilkes is a fan of 85, ocho cinco but best repect my boy son, King O' cause while I like you I got his back tryin to spit game, but yo shit is wack Off yo moms pussy juice Ima take a swig Now why dont you tells us again how you dated that girl in your sig[/quote] Jamie B from Washington DC Spends all of his life on that damn PC He thinks he got me back with the comment about the sig at least my mom isnt a big fatass pig THe only reason Jamie B has sneaky's back Is because in reality he is sucking on his sack
  14. This is to sneaky sneaky you think you can rap but all I hear comin out of your mouth is crap I heard better shit from my grandma come on sneaky You need to get some new words, maybe try hooked on phonics When you get ready to ryme and you take a deep breath into ur lung You think you come off soundin bad but u come off soundin like William Hung You think you spit a lot of game? I heard you got shut down by a blind girl, now thats lame sneaky basically you should give this rap stuff up And thats all I have to say, so ya sneaky thats wats up. Word to you momma
  15. [quote name='Homer_Rice' post='217358' date='Feb 12 2006, 11:04 AM']I found his [url="http://www.jewmilk.com/tarzanrubberband.htm"]other site[/url] [/quote] hahahahahahahahahahaha.........thats fucking great.
  16. and he hasnt really been fully back yet.........
  17. Great story thanks for filling us in BJ glad you are ok.......
  18. I saw him logged in about an hour ago said he was posting then all of a sudden went off with no post............
  19. True but still it was kool as hell and he wasnt like totally tanked there he was drunk but not tanked and he was having fun.
  20. Man BJ is the man hed be great to party with......creech weree u sitting there telling him to calm down and just have fun when you put your arm around him?
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