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  1. There are well documented cases of former NFL athletes being flat out bankrupt. There are plenty of documented cases of current/former players being involved criminally. Do you think Aaron Hernandez wouldn't try to cut a deal to save his ass on murder chargers if he had this secret? Rae Carruth would rather sit on death row instead of try to cut a deal? Mike Vick is just going to willingly do time for dog fighting and then lose millions? How did Pete Rose get busted? Some of his friends got caught dealing roids and they ratted him out to try to save their ass. How did Baseball get forced to deal with steroids? Because Jose felt like he was black balled and decided to drop a couple dimes to enrich his lifestyle. If there was any credible attempt of the NFL owners fixing the outcome of games there are enough former players with motives to expose that scheme. I
  2. I believe when people use a wide paint brush to classify thousands of entities under 1 label they are full of shit. There is fraud and corruption in Government, however that doesn't lead me to believe that all Government is corrupt.
  3. Former players aren't getting anything now. In fact many of them are negatively affected with health issues. They've sued the league many times. You think Reggie Williams is sitting on some big secret while he struggles to pay for the procedures to cut his leg off? Do you think the former players would rather be forced to fight Workers Compensation cases in California vs. blowing the lid off this grand scheme?
  4. Can I get an answer to this? IF the league is funneling off some revenue from the Billion dollar sports betting industry. How come the player's union hasn't held them at gunpoint insisting that revenue be accounted for in the salary cap or demand that they legalize their dealings and bring the revenue legally in house so it can be included in the salary cap? Given the lack of post career benefits and the short career you just think former players would keep their mouth shut over unaccounted for revenue?
  5. Bengals lost the game because Hill put the ball on the ground. Then the Bengals gave a limp arm QB 30 yards without snapping the ball with about 20 seconds left. IF we would have WON the game it would have been because they didn't do those critical things that lost them the game. People should be bitching about that fucking game because they fucking blew it.
  6. Maybe. Hopefully. But he should have to fight for his job and carries. I'd have no problem with them burning a mid round pick on RB. The one thing people are overlooking on Gio is he can not physically be your bell cow runner. You have to limit his carries and that's exactly what happened in the preseason which people confused with him losing his role. Hill can not be allowed to fumble like he has and blatantly free lance in the running game. From my account he never really made efforts to change despite numerous set backs.
  7. lol, no money bet on high school sports. There's no beer sold at high school games either and bet everyone is bone sober.
  8. Quit trolling. We got Dunlap, Pac, Peerman, Atkins, Green, Whit in the game. I'm looking forward to watching.
  9. I absolutely love this part because it's true. All of sudden Steeler fans with their supposed love for hard nose football and even the Steeler Organization have been crying after each of their games with the Bengals over physical football. I hope we send somebody after the kicker in the first game.
  10. You are like a pair of wet jeans. We all get it. The NFL is fixed and you are going to set them straight with a boycott. Goody for you. Boycott this place too, please. I'm looking forward to watching the Bengal players play in the game.
  11. I honestly think the opposite. I realize it's never going back to the old days. For all sports and all levels not just the NFL refs were there to maintain order and to ensure the game got conducted to a certain level of standards. It's apparent fans don't understand the rules so they are constantly yelling at coaches and refs incorrectly. Technology is so great and available that the standard accurately calling rules has become so high it's impossible for any ref to comply. That's what we are dealing with as NFL fans and just about every other league is suffering similar problems. Paul and Mike Brown have never been more correct than their stance against Instant Replay back in the late 80s. The solution to resolve a lot of the officiating problems can be found in the lower levels of where the sport is played in which they can't afford the technology. At the High School level it is drilled into you that if you want the catch to count hand the ball to the ref. If you don't want the fumble hand the ball to the ref. In many ways it's odd that our professional athletes have to do less than our school athletes in order to record a catch or avoid a fumble. But it is funny and leads to odd moments when the NFL talking heads try to cover for the errors that are unavoidable at this point. The standard has become more often than not they don't fuck shit up.
  12. Why is it that we still have to suffer? No one in the NFL gives a fuck about your fake outrage. You are mad at the NFL. Great. Why must we suffer? No one here posting at go-bengals represents the NFL.
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