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  1. Don’t be hitting him so hard with facts Kenneth, he can only take none or one before he folds.
  2. My point exactly... why be content with being a part of the hypocritical left? The party that fucks their own as much as Trump and his droogs fuck America? Lieterally picking the lesser evil and being content... if you’re satisfied with that, then good on you.
  3. Cute! Not! Yoi know damn well what I’m saying... I hate all these fucks and as long as only one side gets called out, nothing will ever change. So feel free to be a smartass, and a part of the problem.
  4. In other news, water is wet. It would mean a lot more if you were calling out everyone who is hypocritical... but I just don’t see that happening.
  5. The other sides take on school shootings... meanwhile our kids are no safer at all. Shame on EVERYONE in office... The shooting massacre in February at a Florida high school has unleashed a plethora of what experts say are questionable statistics that stoke confusion regarding gun violence in America. One recent story by CNN, for example, states that there have been 23 school shootings so far this year where someone has been hurt or killed, and 288 since 2009. In the recent case by CNN, they made up their own numbers by using a very broad definition of school shooting,” David Katz, CEO of Global Security and a former special agent with the DEA, told Fox News. In the case of all those school shootings, Katz, who says this sort of study produces a false impression through “deceptive inclusion,” notes CNN’s report includes things such as BB guns. And it’s not necessarily the kind of gun violence that the headlines conjure up. According to Katz, the numbers include any shooting “that just happens to be on school property after hours with no real connection to the type of shootings we are all horrified at.” William B. Fairley, president of Analysis & Interference — specialists in statistics and data science — agrees that most of the shootings on CNN’s list don’t approximate to what happened in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people were murdered this year in a shooting rampage on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Fairley said that, by his count, 21 of the 23 shootings referenced by CNN “bear little resemblance . . . as they arise out of a fight, robbery, jealousy, accident, domestic situation, etc.” So even though the two school shootings left are two too many, the number 23 can create a misperception. In addition, there’s a wider picture to take into account. For instance, historical comparisons. As Fairley notes, research has found “the current rate [of gun violence] to be well below that in the 1990s.” Another important comparison: how much gun violence is there in society at large? According to Fairley, “calculations indicate that gun violence in general dwarfs gun violence at schools and universities.” As distressing as school shootings are, Fairley believes we should note that “the injuries and deaths in the 23 incidents reported . . . add up to a tiny fraction of the annual total.” David Ropeik, a consultant in risk communication and author of “How Risky Is It, Really?” ran the numbers. As he explained in a Washington Post editorial, taking into account the number of students attending school, “the statistical likelihood of any given public school student being murdered by gun, in school, on any given day since 1999, was roughly 1 in 1 billion.” He then wondered if overreacting to the problem might be more dangerous than the risk of the actual shootings. As Ropeik explained to Fox News, the piece “got a lot of negative feedback . . . but no one quarreled with the numbers themselves.” Ropeik gives a psychological explanation for the battling statistics on issues like gun safety. With groups like the NRA on one side and gun control advocates on the other, “we subconsciously twist the facts so our view of those facts matches the view of our tribe on that issue . . . People who are selective with how they calculate their numbers, and who are less than open and honest about what went into their numbers, can feed the polarization that keeps society from considering things objectively.” John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center and contributor to FoxNews.com, who has published “More Guns, Less Crime,” has long been in the thick of the gun debate. He goes into particulars on school shootings statistics, stating that the incidents under discussion include “a school-bus window broken by a pellet gun, a gun accidentally discharged in a weapons class at a . . . community college, a gun accidentally discharged by a police officer with no one harmed, a college student using a gun [to] stop himself from being beaten.” Lott thinks the reporting on school shootings isn’t just misleading, but harmful. As he explains, “any death is a tragedy . . . but despite the recent uptick, the number of murders from school shootings has clearly been falling over time since the beginning of the 1990s. It is hard to think of any benefit from exaggerating the risks and making people think that this is a growing problem. It terrorizes kids.” Experts agree that making the public more aware of the data can help cut through any questionable use of statistics. As Katz claims, the thing “an individual can do is parse through the data and see where terms are being manipulated.” Ropeik adds, “openness and honesty about how the numbers were compiled should be required, and any numbers that don’t provide that explanation should be treated with caution.” Lott thinks the press “too readily gives mass news attention to reports from . . . gun control organizations and only fact-checks them weeks after the initial news stories . . . My suggestion is that reporters contact others in the field to get critical comments before they publish news stories, and in this case actually take the time to do independent news searches on these cases themselves.” Fairley would also demand more from the media that reports these numbers. He notes science journals “have policies for the accurate use of statistics. These are enforced by editors and reviewers to eliminate articles that fail the published standards. Would it be too much to ask that the organs that influence the conduct of our lives meet similar standards?”
  6. Seriously... WTF? Talk about blowing whatever credibility you may have had out your ass...
  7. Leftist... Berkley playbook, insult, demonize, shout down, threaten... LMMFAO!!! That's the EXACT playbook YOU used, you ignorant fuck. You don't know jack shit, especially when the first thing out of your cock licking mouth is to call me a leftist. Typical racist backpedaling, deflection, and retreat. Your blanket statements such as "I guess anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist" and all the other "copy and paste from Ignoramuses are US" shows a complete lack of mental maturity, a low IQ, and no understanding of the world today... and DEFINITELY no understanding of what happens here. I have been the one that has been called the "Trump supporter", "conservative king", "right wing trash", and other various and sundry bullshit in this forum. You also may want to pay attention to what the fuck actually happens around here, unless your only reason to come to this forum is to post "information" that is decades away from reality, doesn't bear any relevant point to today's world, or to incite hate and discontent. If you want to keep posting here, KNOCK OFF THE RACIST BULLSHIT.... PERIOD
  8. Enough of the bullshit man... having your opinion is fine, and you can agree to disagree if you have the capacity to be able to do it. No one here said that black people aren't just as racist, no one here said anything about what you're ranting about. The "examples" you presented are so archaic and outdated that they make you look like a fool. They don't have anything to do with racism.. with the exception that the different caucuses were in retaliation AGAINST the racism they faced. Racism also has nothing at all to do with Obama's "administration starting it"... racism has been alive FOREVER. For you to blame it on Obama just shows what an infantile mind you have, and what a true fucking racist that you are. Blame it on the black man... the black man who became your worst fucking nightmare... the black man elected president. Just remember one thing... Just because it's your opinion, it doesn't make you right. So FUCK YOU and your racist trouble making bullshit Arkansas... keep it up and you're outta here again, but NOT by your choosing to be so. Racist behavior isn't accepted here, you fucking know that.
  9. Let's not let the facts get in the way of a perfectly good, completely irrelevant rant as applied to today's reality...
  10. Never said he was “just like” anyone, but he and every other politician is a lying piece of shit that doesn’t care about us. I’ve said the same thing over and over, yet people continue to try and twist shit into something resembling “Trump is worse than them all, yet you say he’s just Ike all the others.” Again, Trump is a lying disgusting piece of shit. He has his own brand of shit, different from the others, but in the end they are all shit.
  11. Now I am on board with that...
  12. I vote for who will cause the least amount of damage... though sometimes (most of the time) it doesn't matter. I have written in votes many times because the incumbent and challenger were just the same amount of awful.
  13. Once again T-Dub... are you looking for an argument? Why do you continue to post inane things like "Take it you don't vote then?" Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups bro... If you think comparison is a good way to compare shit to shit, then by all means continue to do so.
  14. What about "He's a lying disgusting piece of shit" don't you understand? Obama was a fucking idiot as well... As far as "comparing twitter accounts" or comparing ANYTHING... what's the use of comparing shit against shit? You guys go right ahead and say just how much more terrible the current fuck up is over the past fuck ups... The bottom line is that they are all fuck ups who care nothing about us.
  15. All lying pieces of shit. Look at it how you want to, I don't see him as much different than the rest. He's a lying disgusting piece of shit, as they are. He is just more transparent and less "molded" in the guise of the deceitful fucks who have been in charge forever. When the mind doesn't want to grasp that they ALL want to fuck the country, then the mind won't let itself see reality.
  16. Horseshit... To each their own I suppose....
  17. If you support ANY politician, something is wrong with you.
  18. He deserves the death penalty... seriously.
  19. This is the perfect example of why we have gun violence problems and how the weapons get in the hands of those who shouldn't have them; https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/02/us/dc-cop-unlicensed-gun-dealer/index.html
  20. This is the main thing that needs to change, no way should ANY transaction for firearms be allowed without proper background checks.
  21. T-Dub, maybe this is the problem....
  22. Where could you buy an AR-15 without a background check, private sale?
  23. Name calling and personal attacks now? Once again, look in the mirror and fix THAT person, then feel free to cast stones.
  24. Why do you think that responses to you are “red-faced vitriolic diatribes” or “emotional shit-fits”? Do you think that that your responses matter that much and are that far reaching? For Gods sake, get over yourself... nothing you have EVER said has elicited a response anywhere near the level you state. THIS is why no discussion takes place, because for some reason you think that everything you say makes people have deep emotional responses. You’re completely overestimating your effect on others or your perception that others have such a strong response is completely skewed.
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