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  1. Fair winds and following seas Jason... the world is a little less bright without you.
  2. [quote name='PutWittyNameHere' timestamp='1314296994' post='1020940'] That's only because you're not around them enough. [/quote] I worked in Baltimore from 2003-2006, and I can say that I DO know that ratfan is NOWHERE near as bad as stealerfan. stealerfan makes the rats look like high society... Of course, that's STILL like putting lipstick on a pig, just sayin'
  3. [quote name='PutWittyNameHere' timestamp='1314295290' post='1020922'] Can't we all just agree to delete Baltimore? [/quote] By default... Rat fans hate pissburgh, so they are one step above "yinz".
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