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    Iloka cut

    REMF = Rear Echelon Mother Fucker.... refers to the military... soldiers who were "in combat" but were nowhere near the front lines. Supply types, admin types, etc...
  2. Don't usually like Bleacher Report, but this was a good read on AJ; https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2790622-aj-green-out-to-be-the-goat-thats-what-i-strive-for-every-day?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral
  3. USN Bengal

    Lafell released

    If you look at how this whole transaction took place, it should give you hope that our young guys are ready and that's why LaFell was expendable... LaFell received a workout bonus and a roster bonus (1.25 Mil I believe). We all know that if the Bengals pay out, they plan on keeping that person. Evidently, whether LaFell and his agent asked to be released or not, our coaches saw enough that they said they do not need to keep him. So instead of lamenting the choice either way, the fact is that our current coaches said we don't need him and will go with the youth that have shown enough to make them comfortable letting a vet go. Good luck LaFell, you were steady and reliable for us... and youngsters you damn well be ready to step up, because you ARE the man now.
  4. Oh.... here is the ninja
  5. Nothing personal, but if you get a Price jersey... I’ll firebomb you and your family tree. It’s a Bengals thing...
  6. I wasn't there, I was playing bumper cars in the Black Sea in a USN Destroyer VS a Soviet Krivak class Destroyer... or in a bar somewhere in the Mediterranean/Red Sea/Indian Ocean...
  7. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    How anyone can support the orange bag of shit is beyond me, reality, and simple common sense. He’s licking Putin’s ass and throwing his own country under the bus. Fuck him and those that support him.
  8. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    Touche’ good Sir
  9. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    Let me clarify fully... Yes, there ARE experts in the FBI, CIA, and DOJ (this covers ALL entities as far as I am concerned), but the ones making the decisions are in NO WAY trusted by me. The ones with the power to ignore, withhold information, and order their people to "look the other way" are the ones I do not trust in the least. Now, in some cases it is VERY easy to believe the FBI and others (such as now with the Evil Son of the Great Pumpkin) with SOME of the information that has come out. I also believe that the truth is out their in some form, but to take one agencies version of truth is just flat out ludicrous. I have not "fully gone off the rails", but I am closer to it than you may believe. For instance, the 2 FBI agents currently being questioned... they have a right to their beliefs and feelings, and may actually know more of the truth about Trump than the average citizen. If that is true, and they were just expressing those beliefs in their conversations via text etc... then there is nothing wrong with that as I see it. Then again they may have been ordered, along with numerous others, to stop Trump in any way they can. That kind of thing does occur, and those with the power to make that happen are the abusers that have wrecked this nation. We will never know the truth, but with all the inconsistencies and lies that continue to come out of Washington, I can see absolutely no way that you can take the FBIs word on it right now as complete truth. As far as the book Elflocko, I have not read it but am aware of it. I will look it up and read it, but even as such, I am skeptical of anyone directing me as to how I should judge and assess information. Not that I won't try to take something away from it, because if you're still not learning, you're dead in my opinion. It probably agrees with many of the principles that I already use to assess and judge what I am processing, hence why I am so far past jaded that I have hit ludicrous speed.
  10. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    Why do you think the FBI tells the truth? Because they said so? Look at Hoover’s MacCarthyism and the “Red Scare” of the 40s and 50s. The botched Clinton “investigation”, the Pulse nightclub “terrorist” fiasco, FBI agents lying about the Oregonstandoff shooting...The FBI is the same as everyone else, motivated by greed, influence, and power. Don’t let the “mystique” fool you, it’s much the same as people taking a doctors word at face value just because they’re a doctor.
  11. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    I don’t believe any of them, too many lies by every one of them.
  12. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    I don’t doubt that they have, same as I don’t doubt that we have there as well.
  13. USN Bengal

    So... will they still support?

    Neither did I, and I am literally feeling physically ill. Better dead than red... unless it’s a red MAGA hat that also serves as a serving tray for Russian ass to kiss.
  14. USN Bengal

    Dan Hoard: Sizing Up Glenn

    Are his arms long enough Rick? 1/2
  15. Ummm..... He is not currently a Bengal Earl... he is an F/A.
  16. I see what you did there...
  17. USN Bengal

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Don’t be hitting him so hard with facts Kenneth, he can only take none or one before he folds.
  18. I did... but I’m shortsighted so...
  19. Rick... you’re wrong.
  20. USN Bengal

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against the NFL

    Totally true... yet it doesn’t exist? Blinded by the white...
  21. My point exactly... why be content with being a part of the hypocritical left? The party that fucks their own as much as Trump and his droogs fuck America? Lieterally picking the lesser evil and being content... if you’re satisfied with that, then good on you.
  22. Cute! Not! Yoi know damn well what I’m saying... I hate all these fucks and as long as only one side gets called out, nothing will ever change. So feel free to be a smartass, and a part of the problem.
  23. In other news, water is wet. It would mean a lot more if you were calling out everyone who is hypocritical... but I just don’t see that happening.

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