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  1. I remember Ohio State wanting him when he came out of high school and actually thought they had him until the last minute, when Clemson stole him from us. He was very highly rated, the top Offensive tackle, if memory serves me correctly. I know Willie speaks very highly of him and think this might be a good project for Pollack. We'll see what transpires, but there's a lot of potential, I'd guess.
  2. That's nice to see, but his arm isn't the question to me. I doubt he'll have anywhere near the mobility he previously had. I mean, let's be honest here, how could he?
  3. Yeah, he also said most people don't realize it, but he was the one who decided to leave the team, not he other way around, and the fact that they refused to sign Whitworth and Zeitler was for him the final straw and decision maker. Perhaps that was a different interview...perhaps with Dave Lapham I'm thinking.
  4. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-2021-nfl-mock-draft-4-0-broncos-patriots-trade-up-for-qbs?campaign=Twitter_nfl_cfb
  5. Well the obvious reason being in both cases it was all about not spending free agency money on offensive linemen...the same point I have been making over and over.
  6. Daniel Jeremiah's final mock draft has him reversing course and coming to his senses finally suggesting the Bengals should draft Penei Sewell. On one of the sports shows this morning he explains his decision in more detail. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-2021-nfl-mock-draft-4-0-broncos-patriots-trade-up-for-qbs?campaign=Twitter_nfl_cfb
  7. Whit said afterward he wanted to stay in Cincy and said if they would have even made him an offer in the ballpark he would accept it, no matter if it was lower. The Bengals didn't even offer him half of what LA did, and that was the problem. They spit in his face. They DON'T spend decent money in free agency on offensive lineman and their only choice to acquire talent is through the draft.
  8. If they continue to throw that much, while not taking a more serious approach to fixing this OL, Joe Burrow will have a short career. Easy prediction here.
  9. The only reason I would suggest doing that is due to Zach Taylor's statements earlier this year, that his starting tackles are set. I actually don't believe that statement holds much water, TBH. I think he made that statement given the resources AT THAT TIME and after the draft that could all change and should change. That would be the only reason I would suggest they play Sewell at guard based upon those statements. Now, what I would do is start him at right tackle from day one and move Reiff inside to right guard. So when you're attempting to speak for me in particular please make sure you state my feelings on that matter correctly, OK?
  10. The problem with that thinking is just because someone might be listed as an OL he fits our needs, when that's not entirely correct. It would be a way to shoe-horn a prospect into a position he might not be 1005 capable of, or the correct fit. It goes back to that thinking of Mike Brown's from the 70-80s era when he stupidly said "All offensive linemen are interchangeable pieces". Nothing could be further from the truth in reality. I think Sewell best fits our immediate needs this year if they decide the need an immediate starter at right guard. He also has the capability to potentially be a day one starter at either tackle spot, which is the longer term concern, since Reiff is only on a one year deal and Jonah Williams career has been up and down and littered with injuries creating concerns he can actually play a whole season. There's no other offensive lineman in this draft that meets all those capabilities, or has the potential of being a franchise/Pro Bowl tackle as Sewell does. All the other prospects lack the ability to have that ideal flexibility.
  11. We can only have hope they do, so that it helps the Bengal's brass with a much easier decision that they are apparently trying to fuck up.
  12. For the Bengals this year, he was 100% on the money.
  13. In this case, he was in that category and had displayed nothing to give them a hint he wasn't. This wasn't about his age, it was about money.
  14. Just as there will be multiple options to get a 3rd wide receiver...doesn't mean we need the absolute best of them, just a functioning one.
  15. Michigan's Nico Collins deserves to be in this discussion too. He's a 6'4" -215 lb wideout that has always played fast with a nose for the ball and ran a 4.42 at his pro day (essentially the same as Chase's) but with better size. I'd be very happy with him in the 3rd to compliment our current starters at WR.
  16. Yeah, but it's just seeing you in that cheerleader's outfit, with Chase's name on the back as you wave those pom poms that strikes a nerve.
  17. Let's state that in it's proper context, OK? They signed Whitworth to a 2nd contract after he played admirably for the 1st four years of his rookie deal, then when that contract played out and he was still in his prime, they refused to resign him a second time....basically because they were too fucking cheap to do anything like that. Oh, and we've been fucked ever since, so there's that too!
  18. Bullshit, what makes you think the Bengals would ever enter into the expected $14-16M range (or greater) that it will take to sign someone like Reiff next year....past history? This is just wishful, fanboy thinking on your part. I'm sure you don't really believe that shit, do you?
  19. I could accept an argument that Pitts is generational and could be a better overall player than Sewell, but not Chase. What is absolutely missing in this conversation is that might work as an overall view for all the league ie...the rest of the league, which I don't think we should be included in the conversation, since we are an organization that holds so many strong standards of operation...standards that don't apply to most of the rest of the teams in the league. Views on how to operate in free agency...the can do's and the absolutely can not do's. What the organization will spend legitimate money on in free agency and what they won't spend money on...no way shape or form. What they will be willing to do in regards to resigning their current stars, and what they won't do. If these factors aren't taken into consideration of the big picture, it's hard to make a player by player assessment and consider all things being equal, because they're not.
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