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  1. Wholeheartedly agree. Westerman looked like a beast out there Thursday night. I'm sure Pollack saw the same thing many of us did...it was apparent.
  2. Barring injury, I think their pecking order is already set in stone, with Core being the final decision. If they decide they need him for what he brings to special teams, we will keep 7 WRs. If not, he gets cut and we keep 6.
  3. I would have loved to have drafted Marcel Ateman for that role. Really shaking my head on that one, especially considering some of the picks we made.
  4. Perhaps, more likely the mistakes they made were long before then.
  5. Sure Rick, and your cock is 12 inches too.
  6. Not that I had an exact one, but one at the very top of the list was a safety, namely Justin Reid, and I had stated that here on more than one occasion. It's obvious now we discounted that player for Jessie Bates, who I saw as being a notch below Reid, But I still like the choice much better than a backup QB or a WR, considering we drafted one in the first round last year.
  7. Please don't go assuming a certain ideal position I am suggesting in lieu of a backup QB or wide receiver, because that's not necessarily the point of what I was suggesting at all. That's kind of a fool's argument to do that...not calling you a fool, because I respect your opinions a lot, just not this one.
  8. Way, wayyyyyyyy too early to address backup QB, with the immediate needs this team has. I really like Sutton, but he would be a bit of a luxury pick here, by comparison, as well.
  9. For anybody to make a statement like that it shows just how little you actually know about this individual much as it reflects you are talking straight out of your ass. I have never heard a more inaccurate statement made about Billy Price, who I have followed since he was a prospect being drafted out of high school by The Ohio State Buckeyes. I feel a bit dumber for having read what you just posted here!
  10. If it came to fruition, it would have made me ecstatic! He's that good and absolutely worth it, and more!
  11. Bengals fool all the experts. Nelson takes a slight drop and they trade this year's and next year's #1 picks to move up and get the best player in the draft.
  12. bengaled

    My draft fear.

    I see no reason why they couldn't do just that.
  13. bengaled

    My draft fear.

    You're certain about that, right?
  14. Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me at all. I think Mike White is the guy we reasonably should target, with what they're willing to invest. With all their needs, I can't see them in the derby for Lauletta.

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