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  1. The "piling on" of Ross around here is childish. I am certain I am not alone in hoping he makes fools out of a bunch of you.
  2. Well, my first argument would be you don't even seem to understand what position he plays.
  3. I don't see it that way. It was a good insurance policy instead, besides you need three legitimate starting calibur tackles in this league. We're lucky, due to the way the draft fell so fortunately for us, to have that. Prior to the draft we had absolutely no assurance of that. On top of all that you have to play the what if game. What if one of them sustains an injury during the game? What if it's a long term injury, as well? Aside from upgrading to a better tackle than Hart, this was a very wise move, IMO.
  4. I disagree. There's a strong need for an upgrade at the back of the WR unit. Just look where we were at the end of last year for proof. Wrs, as a group, are a unit you should continually add talent to nearly every year, as you try to upgrade. There's plenty of room to take a look at a few guys as we attempt to improve what we have there, especially with all the picks we have this year.
  5. You know what bothers me, Akili? I read the other day that Lawson was on a slow bid in his comeback from that knee injury. Maybe there's something going on here that we haven't considered? Players sometimes don't make it all the way from these types of serious injuries. Yeah, that's what worries me!
  6. I think Haskins has a much higher ceiling than Murray. He'll be a star in this league in a few years.
  7. Let's get realistic, here....they'd never do that.
  8. No, if he's there at #11, you don't even need a discussion about what to do. That's a no-brainer and no matter your commitment to Andy Dalton, you draft the best player you can. He's not going to be there, however. He's too good.
  9. I doubt they have the necessary draft capital to be a legitimate concern, in this regard.
  10. If White is gone, I'd take Jonah Williams or a guy not on that list Cody Ford and I'm not sure I wouldn't take Ford before Williams, TBH.
  11. Or so you think. A good case could be made if you put that hypothetical grouping on the field, teams would run the ball 70% of the time and eat the clock all game. They'd have success at doing that too.
  12. Your sarcasm...sometimes it's so annoying, and other times I just laugh my ass off. I'm laughing hard this time!
  13. So you're admitting we really don't have a place for him, aside from when we're in the nickle, right? I agree he'd be a tremendous asset in the nickle, just am concerned teams would play smash mouth style, limiting his value to us as a top ten pick. We need a 3 down player for that investment, I think.
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