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  1. Understand and agree, but I was referring instead to other teams interest in Patterson.
  2. Or, someone else might offer him a slightly better contract and they lose out. That would be the gamble involved.
  3. I'd have to disagree. I think that signing would be a mighty big deal and help fix one of the biggest areas of need on this team...a legitimate pass rushing RDE.
  4. 4th round wish list

    Heard he had a problematic knee, though I can't confirm it.
  5. His game would translate well to today's NFL.
  6. Day 2 Mocks

    In a Jaime world, where else? j/k homie!
  7. Lapham

    Any such trade agreement, even if arranged ahead of time, would be delayed until real time to see how the board played out...especially on the day of the draft.
  8. Lapham

    Well done. I got a good laugh out of that one... no matter how germane.
  9. Look where he was drafted...BPA?
  10. If that happens, the odds of us resigning Kirkpatrick will equate to about what our odds were of resigning Andre this spring.
  11. I have no idea whether they're targeting Fuller or not, but this post is on the money, especially with what you said about Dalton. You'd have to include Treadwell in that "fight for the ball" group, as that's his forte.
  12. Me too, but I'd have an even harder time passing on Rankins.

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