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  1. No, hopefully it WAS all Al Golden, considering he's now Notre Dame's defensive coordinator!
  2. I just, for the first time, saw your "Eat two Dicks" post to Tibor.


    Jamie, that's a fucking classic! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. Jamie_B




      I hate that guy. I'm critical of the Bengals when they deserve it as much as anyone, but he fucking lives to do that. He might actually be the worst poster on this board.

      If Kenny is the homer who can't see anything bad, that motherfucker cant see anything good.


      The "sewer brewer" is the worst thread this board has ever had. If I were still a Mod I would have kicked him off this board months ago.

  3. Sad. Loved you Onyx and there's a hole in a lot of our hearts. Use this as a teaching moment, my brothers.
  4. I guess I missed the reason you're in a hiatus? I hope all is well with you and miss your input, Bro!

    1. bengaled


      It just doesn't seem normal to be having a draft without Oldschooler's POV.


  5. i have young neices and nephews that i hope as they grow up, would NEVER have to hear that word, would never have to deal with it, would never have to ask their parents what it means, just because they heard it in the streets. i know that's a lot to ask, but i hate that hurtful word and see it as a word that no one has a right to use. i hold out hope that the world someday moves beyond it...

  6. really go. it was a stealers loss. we're all pissed off losing to our #1 rival, no matter what our record. deep breath time. it's been a long season, but we all appreciate what you do, here. keep that in the back of your mind during the tough times.

  7. maybe it ain't none of my business, but you might want to give ray dogg a sincere apology. that didn't go over too well. good luck with all that!

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