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  1. No, you take the no-brainer pick that Sewell is, especially when there are a ton more questions about what Rousseau represents as far as a bust/boom type.
  2. Sorry, but I will have to see vast improvement out of Sample before I can agree with that statement. At this point he's just a run of the mill blocking TE who hasn't lived up to his drafting choice. So, there's hope, but aside from that, that's all we've been left with....hope. I still believe this was a piss poor selection at that very valuable and important point in the draft.
  3. Sad. Loved you Onyx and there's a hole in a lot of our hearts. Use this as a teaching moment, my brothers.
  4. Sewell, or if not there Rousseau (forgive me for spelling).
  5. You might want to recheck that. I've read from multiple sources Mike Thomas was not even invited to the combine. Let me know what you find, but does he even look like a 4.30 guy to you?
  6. I have actually heard the opposite...that he worked on and improved his speed this offseason, which his preseason reports pretty much verified it would seem.
  7. Where did you get that Thomas was a 4.30 ? I haven't seen any indication of that. The only thing I found was his Pro Day time of 4.54, which to my eyes seems fairly accurate.
  8. I don't care. He's that damned good. Unfortunately we'll never be in a position to draft him, but there looks to be some other decent tackles in next year's draft (if we can keep Burrow alive until then).
  9. What are you saying, Geoff? You know I'm pulling your chain, Jason!
  10. We'll see Harry, but I am not as optimistic about them acquiring a decent upgrade as I'd like to be.
  11. Wear the same uniforms and spend that extra money on player improvements, instead....particularly offensive linemen.
  12. I thought it was rather comedic, because everyone surely knows by now that Tibor and Tdub are actually the same guy...this being a classic case of a guy arguing with himself with all the demons within his head.
  13. I remember wanting to ventilate that bastard with a deer slug after watching that.
  14. Fine, and you're entitled to feel that way. I just have a problem with that "interchangeable pieces" theory you and Mike Brown are noted to share and think differently.
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