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  1. I have a computer again! Hell yeah, Minshew is a legend. Also, my life hope has been re-filled now that Dalton is gone. Once Taylor is fired and Salah is hired, My life will be 100% again.
  2. sois


  3.   Sure, top marginal rate should beat ~63% to maximize tax revenue.   That's neither here nor there.  My real problem is always with the velocity of the money supply.  It seems to bottleneck at the top.  Poor people spend money.  That's good.  Wealthy people hoard.  That's bad.  Rich people like Shaq buy Hummers and mansions.  That's good.  I like money spenders.  I don't like money hoarders.
  4.   I have not read that.  I guess I should, I need to learn this stuff for schol.     But thanks!
  5. Question:  Where should the corporate profits go?   Shareholders? Employees (not just d-bag executives)? Reinvestment in the firm?
  6.   Profits aren't being sucked into taxes.  Corporate tax rates are lower now than they were in the past.   
  7.   I saw that, it's like when Danzig re-released "Mother" as "Mother 93".  So she is calling this one "21st Century Glass-Steagall Act"   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6_B6zhENrQ
  8. :2dedhorse:  :schla15:  :fistpump:
  9.   He ran out of money.      When we talk about the wealth problem, we are not talking about celebrities and athletes. There is another level of wealth that dwarfs anything Hammer ever amassed in his life.     Hammer at his peak is essentially chump change in this discussion.
  10.   The Fed only cares about two things:  unemployment and inflation.  Congress makes Fiscal policy.  They are the ones responsible for stimulus.     With that said, my idea has always been a more aggressive estate tax.  Use it or lose it.  No hoarders.
  11.   I like this idea, what policy would you enact to encourage the wealth hoarders to spend?
  12.     Average of averages, a big no-no.  That's JV, bro.  Rookie Excel-age.  
  13.   Your wife sounds hot.  No ninja.
  14.   Policy must be written to encourage spending.   I think I drew up a progressive estate tax plan on here once.  Aka die at 35 years old pay 1% estate tax, but die at 80 pay 75% estate tax.  My main angle was young people can save, old people need to spend.  Now remember, estate taxes only affect those with high net worth anyway, so this law wouldn't be encouraging a poor grandma to go blow her $$$ or get hit with a tax bill.     This is my best idea to attack this.  Make it more beneficial to spend than hoard.  Maybe give more writeoffs.  That would encourage spending now vs waiting til death.  
  15. [quote name='Cat' timestamp='1354642327' post='1188593'] Here's my biggest frustration - isn't this a HUGE red flag? Doesn't everyone NOT on Wall Street agree with what she says? [b]Why are people not even more pissed that these cockmongers are openly trying to defeat anything that might cut into their racket?[/b] [/quote] cause honey boo boo
  16. [quote name='Jim Finklestein' timestamp='1352258220' post='1178352'] I actually jumped up and yelled lol! Awesome win for America! [/quote] I would do Lizzy Warren
  17. Urb is a stud, I'm happy for you Buckeyes
  18. That sucks, what happened to Miller?
  19. That's not, Obama's idea though, right? I wonder what all these d-bags I know are talking about. Ty sir
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