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  1. This is one of the worst teams ever. Dead last or close in almost every meaningful offensive and defensive statistical category. It is literally the same horrible defense from last year player wise. It is the most inexperienced coaching staff in the NFL by far.
  2. Looks like coach is finally starting to call out the bad players. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/zac-taylor-issues-challenge-to-lbs-asks-one-to-step-up-and-lead/ar-BBWEcjx?ocid=spartanntp
  3. The team is doing it the easiest way. It is way easier to re-sign your own Free Agents even if they are not that great. It is easy to sign marginal free agents from Buffalo for some reason. It is easy to sign curiously unwanted players from other teams in FA. It is extremely easy to walk up to the podium and announce your pick based on some mock draft player ratings you can buy for $25 from Mel Kipper. Finding decent useful talent in the middle rounds or good second tier FAs that could really help? That takes effort.
  4. Very true. I really think the Chargers are moving again. I don't see them selling many tickets and I think Rivers is done. LA doesn't give a shit about the Chargers and barely cares about the Rams. I am sure the Vegas Raiders will be an absolute success story. WAY too many people with huge amounts of money will want in on that act. Throw in the fact flights to Vegas are usually dirt cheap from almost anywhere so plenty of opposing fans will fly out to spend a few days there and catch a game.
  5. I think it all boils down to both coaches came in with a plan and executed on it exceptionally well. The only plan I can gather after 9 games is that Taylor is trying to install the Rams offense here but doesn't have the players. On defense they are trying some strange formation that from my perspective would require 2 borderline all pro linebackers to execute. Needless to say, we are 32nd in points allowed, 31st in Opposing team yards per rush at 5.16 and 28th in points scored. There is no part of the team other than Fat Randy that is functioning anywhere near the middle of the NFL. As far as personnel goes, they drafted 1 player that should help, a spare tight end, the quarterback of the future and a linebacker and D tackle playing about 25% of the defensive snaps. Keep in mind, the defense was 32nd last year. Free agency consisted of signing their own players and Webb and Miller from the Bills. I just don't see any real attempt to get better, basically just filling holes with bodies and showing up at the draft.
  6. I was thinking more like Bolton, the club just “Wanders” around. See what I did there? Bolton Wanderers??
  7. I had no illusions they would win. I didn’t see 49-10 with a few minutes left in 3rd quarter.
  8. My point is Jimmy Johnson absolutely had a plan. The Cowboys blew it up and started over. Got draft picks and quality FAs. They knew the first year would be rough. The Bengals have done no such thing. The defense is almost identical to the 32nd ranked one from last year. The offense is almost the exact same but older and worse than last year. I wouldn’t have an issue with Taylor’s record if there seemed to be a strategy. Instead last years team is still here and is getting worse.
  9. Everyone knew what Dallas' strategy was during Johnson's first few years. Full rebuild, stockpiled picks and built a world class o line in FA. Franchise QB pick 1, Emmitt Smith the next year and in the 3rd year they had 11 picks in the first 4 rounds, 3 first round picks. Walsh was just a great coach. They got Montana the first year but he wasn't the day 1 starter until year 3. Walsh was an amazing coach. Who was the number 2 rusher the first year Walsh was the 49er's coach? So what is the Bengals’ strategy?
  10. The team was always going to have issues with the o line. My biggest surprise is how horrible the defense is. I should not have been surprised and I still think coaching can make it an average squad but in its current form, they are TERRIBLE.
  11. Exactly. Expecting this line to be worth a shit when your #1 pick left tackle goes IR, you starting left tackle from last year goes out for 9 games and counting, your best lineman retires out of the blue due to blood clots, another lineman is suspended for 4 games, your first round pick from last year is a bust. Dude there is bad luck and there is:
  12. As humorous as some of the banter on MBS.com was, in the end you simply realize that the average Joe has no power to do anything based on the revenue sharing arraignment so you simply got tired of complaining about it every day. As far as stadium revenue goes how much more does the club actually get? What is the actual "profit" not revenue that those extra 20,000 tickets generate? First of all the tickets not being sold are the upper level so figure about $50 a ticket on average times 8 games times 20,000 unsold seats is about $8,000,000. Here is the important thing, the Bengals, as does every other team has to share 40% of their gate revenue to the NFL. That money is put in a big pot and then shared evenly among the teams. Basically, the per ticket profit of those extra tickets are not much considering Bengals tickets are WAY cheaper than most of the other clubs. Yeah, now you know why owners like Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft dislike the Browns. In simple numbers its ugly. Based on current attendance averages: Keep in mind 40% of gate receipts go back to the league. Dallas and New England have been sold out for years. Patriots season tickets average cost is $127 per at 65,878 seats : $67mil revenue, $26.8 mil returned to NFL to be shared Cowboys season tickets average cost is $110 at 91,181 seats: $80,2 mil revenue, $32.1 mil returned to the NFL to be shared Bengals season tickets average cost is $77 at 46,345 seats: $28.5 mil in revenues, $11.4 mil returned to the NFL to be shared. And before you pull the small market card the Packers average ticket costs $123 @ 78k seats and New Orleans is $98 @ 73k seats. Both cities metropolitan areas are WAY smaller than Cincinnati. Winning fixes everything. So basically, the Bengals are currently making way more money with the 40% shared ticket revenue they receive than from the 60% of their game gate they get to keep. I can't even imagine what the Chargers numbers look like.
  13. Its simply a read from that position. If they line up under center then the number of options drop off considerably based on formation. Not an issue if you have a stud center and guards but well, you know.
  14. I think the only pressure that can actually be placed on the Bengals is from the other owners. I still believe the owners pressured Brown to hire Marvin Lewis due to the glaring issue of almost NO black head coaches in the league at the time. Very qualified candidate and Mike Brown took one for the league which I believe insulated him from criticism for awhile. It didn't hurt that Marvin turned an abysmal team into a decent, competitive and exciting one either. At the end of the day, the Bengals and few other clubs like the Lions and Chargers are NOT doing much to sell the brand like other clubs and they only spend up to the cap minimum which has to annoy the other owners. Oh, and Brown's habit of being the lone voice of descent on voted issues probably doesn't help. I doubt there is much the owners can do legally but they can sure make their opinions heard.
  15. The score was 49-10 with 2:14 left in the third quarter. From that point on Mixon ran the ball 10 times for 40 yards. We outrushed them and won the Time of Possession "battle" because they were playing a soft prevent for most of the 2nd half and were more than happy to let us run the clock out.
  16. Gotta think 0-9 and getting rolled by 36 coming out of the Bye week has to be near the bottom. The team was down 25 by mid 2nd quarter. Anyone seen Cordy Glenn?
  17. Excellent preparation coming out of the bye. Only lost by 36.
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