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  1. Yeah but I am pretty sure the last time you said something like that it wasn’t on Sportscenter, every sports talk show and your boss wasn’t asked about it for 3 straight days. He is working on a huge contract, why give Baltimore any reason to go “Hmmmm”.
  2. That is a very important point. Last year Burrow couldn’t step up in the pocket since it was getting blown up by interior defensive linemen. Also, we tend to forget Burrow has only started 37 regular season games. Every great QB will tell you it takes a few years before you finally get comfortable and things slow way down. I would say Joe B is ahead of schedule. Jalen Hurts couldn’t find his ass in the dark until late last season. Now he is an MVP candidate. Justin Fields is following almost the same trajectory, finally starting to get it.
  3. Hopefully Chase and Mixon are back. KC is going to be a tough out. These Eagles are legit. Gonna have to move Hurts up my list. Mahomes Joey B Hurts: dude is playing great Allen Tua ??? His stats are solid Lamar Jackson I guess This is harder than I thought. Father Time seems to catching up with the old guys. Gotta have some mobility in todays game.
  4. Not sure why he even went off. He played well. If anything Oliver was stupid to run that ball in at the 2 min mark. He could have taken a knee at the one, run the clock all the way down and have Tucker kick a walk off chip shot. Not that I am complaining. If he can triggered over a Tweet, he probably shouldn’t be on social media or playing QB in the NFL.
  5. 2nd round pick Tee Higgins: The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. So one guy covering three receivers somehow didn’t work. Crazy.
  7. Is Huber still the holder on kicks? That is the only reason I can figure.
  8. I don’t know what they were thinking in that regard. Wilson wasn’t really “That Guy” on a team he won a Super Bowl on. He seems like a politician the way he speaks. He tries to say what he thinks people want him to say. The problem is it takes him too long to do it so it’s very uncomfortable. You are right, almost robotic.
  9. Seattle is looking at a top 5 pick and a playoff appearance. Denver is looking at a new coach, no early round draft picks and a huge amount of money tied up in a middle of the road QB.
  10. The Broncos made the horrible mistake of listening to all the talking heads in the sports media instead of what was painfully obvious. Their message was Pete Carroll is too old and set in his ways, he doesn’t understand modern offenses and he was holding back Wilson. They completely ignored all the former Seahawk greats who never had a good word to say about Wilson. They ignored the cold blooded fact that Seattle had been trying to upgrade the QB position for years for some “unknown” reason. Ignored Wilson’s lack of commitment during the off season. Ignored Wilson’s refusal to wear a simple wrist band to remember the plays. Ignored the fact ownership was willing to replace Wilson INSTEAD of Carroll. Basically, the media thought Wilson was successful in spite of Pete Carroll and the coaching staff. They were wrong.
  11. Billy Price sighting. Playing for the Cardinals. Gave up an untouched sack. Ugly.
  12. That 2nd round pick Tee Higgins is the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. I wonder if the Bills are going to stay in Detroit? They play there Thursday.
  14. I am sure the Buffalo season ticket holders are happy.
  15. “As long as it isn’t a QB, it’s all good.” - The Owners.
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