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  1. Interesting take. My guess is the coaches would rather have the 2 min warning but maybe not. I would be up for this since the 2 minute warning is usually 3 minutes of commercials and they are pros, they don’t need a 2 min warning.
  2. The problem with this take is the clock is NOT stopped after a first down in college only paused. It is stopped for a few seconds until the ball is spotted and the chains are moved. It then restarts. There were 41 first downs in our game. Even if the clock is stopped for 10 seconds (it’s not), it’s less than 7 extra minutes, way less than 52 Halftimes in college are 8 minutes longer than the pros. College timeouts are 90 seconds long while in the pros they are only 30 unless there is a TV timeout. I have no idea how the TV timeouts work but they seem to last forever.
  3. Yep, however doing so against the Bills or Chiefs would be a tall order. Our healthy defense locked KC down it that second half.
  4. Have a rich brother in law that is an Oilers fan. Actually, the prices have dropped into the upper $200s for higher seats but near midfield.
  5. Did the whistle affect the play. Absolutely not. Is the rule that the play has to be played over? Well, yeah. Is the ref a dumbass? Obviously.
  6. I figured it was the Covid cops checking to see if we had our masks on and were social distancing.
  7. Yeah, I heard that as well. Maybe if he had come into training camp in shape the previous 12 years they would have had more post season success.
  8. The offense has already quit. I guarantee you everyone in the Stealer lock room will be happy to see him go. 2 wasted years. Hard to believe someone with that much God given talent never gave a shit about his fitness.
  9. Are these announcers capable of an honest thought? The Rapist is done. That under thrown pass on the sideline barely went 35 yards. Furthermore, what in the hell is Tomlin doing? Does he want to win or not? It’s the playoffs. I can’t believe he is going stick with him and basically give up any chance of victory.
  10. But, but, they are America’s team. How can you hate Captain America? Commie.
  11. I considered deleting this since he is NOT a Bengals fan but the reality is you have NO QB next year or anytime soon. Aaron Rodgers is not going to Pittspuke, his little Hollywood girlfriend isn’t gonna allow that. Russell Wilson isn’t going there either. Ciara is not going to live in Pittsburgh either. What’s left? Deshaun Watson? That actually makes sense since there isn’t much of a conduct standard there. Now if he gets to play anytime is highly unlikely. Good Luck without a good QB. Thinking 1980s Stealers are about to make a comeback. BTW, what has Ben done in the last 10 years besides come into camp 30lbs overweight?
  12. Yeah, I switch my vote to the refs who made phantom calls in both sides of the ball.
  13. I am so happy I didn’t have to listen to Gloomer I mean Boomer.
  14. Good: Burrow and Chase were great. CJ U had a great game. Wilson, Pratt, Hubbard and Bates played great on defense. Defense bent but didn’t break. Bad: Oline couldn’t get run game going. Mixon had no holes and only limited push from the online. Raiders have a very good dline though. Need to get the ball to Higgins more. Offense was a little vanilla in 2nd half and let the Raiders get too many extra possessions. The UGLY: injuries. The Akile Smith award goes to Huber. Just a bad day of punting under perfect conditions.
  15. Just got back from the game. Insane. Hooked up with Amish, Le Tigre, and Go at halftime. Great time.
  16. First college game against UConn was when I realized I was never going to be a professional soccer player.
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