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  1. That is a lot of thinking that would have to happen, both scouts might need to get involved.
  2. The Bengals can only do what the AVAILABLE personnel for each game allows them.
  3. You are correct 8 but they don’t have to play 3 games. It isn’t like UEFA or World Cup group stages.
  4. Just create 7 four team brackets based on last years' record. 1-4, 2-3, 1-3, 2-4
  5. Well, it should take us to a Championship if we let him be Joe Burrow.
  6. Or add games between the two teams with the record closest to you last year. That would be the Redskins and Lions for us. Since we had the worst record they would be home games for us. Every other team other than KC would have a home and away.
  7. Yeah well that 50% catch rate puts him 96th out of 99 Wide Receivers with more than 25 catches. Good thing is he is better than Auden Tate who came in at 97th. Granted, our QBs were not exactly throwing gift wrapped passed to our wideouts.
  8. I am sure Tim Couch was pissed he was selected before Akile as well. Truth be told, we were in MUCH better shape than the New Cleveland Browns who didn't get the same expansion treatment as the Panthers and Jaguars did. It truly was a team made up of draft picks and whatever they could find in FA. It was a HORRIBLE team and I am stunned they beat 2 teams one being a bad Stealers team an the other my 3-13 Aints.
  9. That means I personally witnessed 20% of Akili’s TDs in person..., awesomeness.
  10. The first game I saw at PBS he started against the Dolphins. He played well and we were up by 10 going into half until the final play. Smith got strip sacked by Jason Taylor and Taylor took the ball into the end zone with no time on the clock. It was the last time I ever saw Smith look even close to an NFL quality QB. 2nd half was horrific.
  11. The good thing about virtual work outs is Jonah Williams and John Ross probably won’t get injured.
  12. 1st Round contracts are guaranteed, that is why being pick 33 sucks. About the only thing negotiable is when he gets the signing bonus money paid which was what held up Joey Bosa from signing with San Diego.
  13. And to be honest, its the slobbering sports media that have been defending Tomlin and the Stealer organization for years and have created their bogus narrative that every other team knows is bullshit. Tomlin did something that I suspect many other teams have done over the years but certain teams get away with anything.
  14. He is just like Akile. Holding out and will be a bust.
  15. That is why 31 of 32 teams have NOT signed a contract yet. I imagine the network’s lawyers were a bit more intelligent and have a no pay clause if games are not played.
  16. Ruiz is going to be the center at New Orleans. They will move Erik McCoy back to his natural RG position. McCoy was moved to Center after All Pro center Max Unger unexpectedly (sorta) retired. I don't think the Saints thought Unger would retire and give up $5.1 mil especially after another pro bowl season but he did. Some guys have a plan and Unger obviously did.
  17. Totally agree with this. I just don't buy that guys are as interchangeable at the guard position as some think. These guys get set in their ways playing the same position for extended periods of time and then to switch sides seems like a bad idea. In fact, switching guys and positions while introducing a new scheme is why the O line was so putrid the first half of the season. Whey they reverted back to a more conventional run blocking scheme they began to make nice holes for Mixon.
  18. Add in both QBs WON playoff games to include multiple Conference Championships. Yes, their multiple losses in the Super Bowl are well documented and remembered but at least they got there, winning games on the way. Kelly is 9-8 in the playoffs while Tarkenton was 6-5.
  19. The issue still is what happens if the actual teams do not offer contracts to the draftees due to Corona uncertainty which is the case right now. Uncharted territory for sure.
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