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  1. The Bengals have exercised their fifth-year option on cornerback William Jackson, according to a team announcement. The additional year keeps him under control through 2020, though it is guaranteed for injury only. Chosen with the No. 24 overall pick in 2016, Jackson missed his entire rookie year due to injury. In his re-do year, he mostly served as a backup. However, he started in all 16 of the Bengals’ games last year and tallied 41 tackles. For his work, Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 26th best cornerback in the entire NFL, despite the fact that he did not record a single interception. Jackson is just the latest 2016 first-round pick to have his fifth-year option exercised.
  2. Don't let this guy near a corpse with a saw.
  3. Wow! Did you get arrested there or something? Wake up in a Motel 6 nekkid next to a guy named Earl unable to remember the previous night? Get shot at after cow tipping?
  4. Yeah and most of the teams that passed on him and picked a D tackle regret that move. His issue isn't the same regardless.
  5. I can see one of the Devins making it to 11 for sure. I don't see Sweat getting to round 2 regardless if some teams took him off their boards.
  6. Pretty much the way I see it. Only wrench would be Haskins, Murray or Lock making it to 11. Not saying I would pick a QB just that our FO might purely for cap reasons. If they could get Andy type performance on a rookie contract it would allow the team to make two sizable investments elsewhere.
  7. Not a chance. The docs said he has a heart condition but it is minor and he was cleared for the combine. It is pretty much a non issue.
  8. I don't think they are shit but I don't see an Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes out there. What I do see are some Andy Dalton types (other than Murray who is an RGIII type) and the reality is a rookie QB with similar talent to Dalton would be a huge financial advantage going forward.
  9. I think the Maroons were from Pennsylvania. This might not even be the same Maroons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1925_NFL_Championship_controversy
  10. I don't have a problem with the franchise trying to change perceptions but the coaches making speeches and saying the right thing will NEVER move the needle here. The last time the team had legitimate national media buzz is when they signed Terrell Owens. It is kind of similar to how the Browns are being talked about after signing OBJ. The fact is the Browns drafted an obnoxious Heisman trophy winner who was by far the best rookie QB last year. A guy who threw his former coach under a bus on national TV. They then signed the most talked about wide receiver (for good and bad reasons) in OBJ. The Clowns are basically the Kardashians of the NFL now that Seattle got rid of all of their defenders. The media whores can't get enough of it. This is the same media that reported every word Jaguar CB Jalen Ramsey spouted off about how bad most of the wide receivers (by name) are in the league. The Jaguars were 5-11 but it didn't matter, he was talking trash about other teams and players.
  11. I have the roster of all the teams for one year, well at least the starters or best players. Yeah, thats the year the Pottsville Maroons got screwed by the commissioner. They won the title but were then suspended by Roger err... Joseph Carr for playing an exhibition game. Bastard.
  12. I am not sold on Haskins as an NFL QB. It probably has more to do with Urban Meyer forcing him to run an RPO offense when the odds of Haskins running were about 1 in 10 then any real issue I have with him. It was the perfect offense for Barrett but not for Haskins. I would have loved to see him in more of a pro set for a year before pulling the trigger on him at 11. I have more faith in Andy running the ball when necessary than Haskins who I think will simply take sacks or throw it away rather then try to make a play. And no, I am not sold on Murray either. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see this guy on the field to see what he can do but I think I have already seen this movie before ala RGIII and Marcus Marriota. I think this will be the year Lamar Jackson gets broken in half as well.
  13. This. And as marginal as our o-line is, our line backing unit is simply dreadful.
  14. In the same box I found a 1919 Indy 500 program. 3rd year for the race I think. My wife never met her grandparents. Her grandmother was 44 when she had her dad. They were both born in 1896.
  15. One of many. The artist lived in Dayton, he was my wife's grandfather.
  16. Nobody has said Cleveland is a good team yet or has accomplished anything, they are an INTERESTING team. They have made a bunch of moves recently and finished on a positive note last season. Their new outspoken QB seems to be legitimate and they just picked up OBJ who is game changing WR when he is not having temper tantrums. Again, they are interesting and full of guys with outspoken personalities. The NFL is entertainment; drama, prima donnas, trash talkers and winners get noticed. If Jerry Jones acted like Mike Brown and Dez Bryant acted like AJ Green nobody would have cared about the Cowboys the last few years. Some guys are predicting the Browns win the division, so what. Predictions happen every year and many are wrong. Many have us last but some have us near the top. Our problem is we are not an interesting team. Nobody outside of Cincy cares about Andy Dalton and few care about AJ Green. Geno Atkins is a great player but plays on a boring team. We were FAR more interesting when the Quitter, Chad and TJ were on team. Chad got us noticed. It didnt equate to more success but people were talking about us.
  17. Fuck Pittsburgh. What was the question again?
  18. My wife's grandfather used to draw colored pencil drawings of many of those teams WAY back in the early 20s. We have boxes of drawings of teams of that era with player names etc.. I will upload a few. I wonder if the league would want any of this stuff? Definitely have some of the local teams although I have no idea if I have the Dayton Triangles or Canton Bulldogs.
  19. Not sure why the talking heads see QB as a need unless it is purely a strategic salary cap move. Certainly we need a backup but it isn't a huge need position.
  20. The only thing that will change public perception would be a bold unexpected move on draft day and/or winning/playoffs and a few post season victories.
  21. And he handles a ketchup bottle like a coal miner.

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