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  1. I don't disagree at all. However, even the supposed superstar Devin Bush at Pittsburgh is having growing pains at the position. Just a huge talent difference at the NFL vs ACC level which is where Pratt played. Pratt goes from being one of the best athletes on the field his entire life to being very average. Just too much speed and power to be a little out of position in the NFL.
  2. Yet he was the top receiver on this team.... AT 37 and after missing training camp. He didn't give 100%? Maybe he would have if Palmer wasn't shitting himself the entire season. I had season tickets that year, the last year I had them. Palmer FUCKING SUCKED that year. Refused to get surgery 2 years earlier and still had the noodle arm. Watching his rainbow passes was brutal.
  3. He never quit on the Bengals. He arrived in late August and was without a doubt the best receiver on the team until he got hurt. Led the team in receiving at age 37. Guy gave 100% on the field. Sure, acted like an asshat sometimes off the field and especially in Philly were he had no respect for McNabb or Reid but played 14 games or more 14 of 15 years he played.
  4. He has borderline starting talent. He was never going to be a difference maker this year. It’s not an easy position for a rookie. Our back 7 is just a collection of guys.
  5. Because he is slow and can’t tackle anymore.
  6. Terrell Owens? The dude that played in a Super Bowl with a broken leg and kicked ass? You need to accept the fact this team is woefully lacking talent at too many positions. Good coaching can’t fix a serious lack of talent at the professional level. You simply can’t have the worst offensive line and linebackers on the same team and win much. It just isn’t possible
  7. And these athletes KNOW when they don't have the talent to win. No way Atkins looks at Hart and Smith starting and thought the O line will be fine because they have a good attitude.
  8. The Chargers actually had decent attendance for most of their existence in San Diego. Qualcomm was a really shitty stadium so some of the seats were pretty hard to sell but they usually averaged over 90%. Once they announced they were going to move the attendance dropped like a rock. I simply can not remember a time when a team's home opener only SOLD 77% of the tickets available under normal circumstances like the Bengals did this week. That is pretty bad. Add in ALOT of decent tickets for the next game are going for less than $50 on Stubhub and we may see a half empty stadium vs the Cardinals if they lose to the Bills.
  9. That would require additional competent linebackers which seem in short supply.
  10. There used to be a lot of them bandwagon bastards around in the 80s and 90s. I was born there (Vallejo) and hate them. Then again I only lived there a month so don't remember too much about it.
  11. “So I got that going for me, which is nice.” ~Carl Spackler.
  12. Yeah I don’t get that move at all. The guy is not worth a first. Awesome!!
  13. I don’t know if they are trying for Williams but I agree with the rest of your post. Apathy can only be fixed with winning.
  14. Totally agree but unless we could pull off some sort of Brett Favre, Steve Young or Brees miracle trade whoever takes his place will probably be new. The history of the league is full of can't miss QBs who got the living crap beat out of them behind garbage lines and never lived up to their full potential. Derrek Carr, Tim Couch, Archie Manning, Sam Bradford, Jake Plummer, Andrew Luck to name a few. Troy Aikman was basically done at age 33 due to the beating he took.
  15. Regardless, I just don't see the guy agreeing to come here. We are back in early 2000 mode where good players simply won't come here unless the money is way more than somewhere else. And the cold hard fact is they should be doing almost anything to bring this guy in. Taylor will never get this team going if he doesn't have a reasonably good o line. They have no idea if Johnah will be the guy but the fact remains Glenn and Hart should only be backups and Smith should not be on any roster. The Rams offense improved dramatically once Whitworth arrived. And to be fair, I have no idea if the front office has been frantically working on something or not. My guess is they have because the current situation is having a devastating effect on attendance. 40k show up at your home opener many of them NOT Bengal fans? Only 50k seats were sold which is only 77% of capacity for opening day? That is the worst in the NFL by ALOT. They are easily going to lose $8 to $12mil in revenue from tickets and concessions if all of the outstanding tickets go unsold and nobody shows up at the stadium. I have to guess they are trying to make some deals but nobody wants to come here and the front office isn't going to tell the world they tried to get someone like Williams but he said no.
  16. The game was lost in Free Agency and recent drafts.
  17. If Cordy Glenn does not return I cant see us competitive in most games. Our defense and lack of linebackers has been figured out. EDIT:The Bengals have allowed an opponent passer rating of 133.2 through losses to the Seahawks and 49ers, and if that doesn't improve soon, it won't matter how much of a difference Zac Taylor's offensive designs can make.
  18. 10-12? This team is averaging 29.5 yards per game rushing. The rest of the NFL already knows the Bengals can’t run. They also know they can’t defend the run. We are picking 3rd or 4th.
  19. I hate to be Team Eeyore but Williams would refuse that trade. 49ers or Patriots make most sense but the 49ers have way more cap space and Staley at 35 may be done so it would be a good move. 49ers are up and coming and have a pretty easy schedule. New England would love to upgrade over Marshall Newhouse. Williams and our #1 draft pick this year might make a great start for next year but I just cant see Williams or any high value player coming here on purpose. Besides, we will need to make room for Jay Gruden once he gets fired and that would be awkward.
  20. Out 6 to 8 weeks. Bridgewater will probably keep them at .500 until Brees returns. Their division sucks. Watch Trent Williams go to SF.
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