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  1. So you would rather he throw 58 times for 318 yards and lose by 14? You are aware he doesn’t call the plays right?
  2. Billy Price should be on the ring of honor for that trade.
  3. Luck? He kicked it accurately and long enough to inch over at 66 yards. Pretty amazing even if it is Baltiwhore. crazy thing I was at the game Tom Dempsey hit the then record 63 yarder against…Detroit. The kick was from the 37 yard line.
  4. Yeah, I can’t think of anyone worthy of being singled out for poor play.
  5. Meh, if the defense holds ANY NFL team to 7 in a half they are playing lights out.
  6. Of course we would have to stand in line with probably 25 other teams looking for the elusive “decent free agent offensive lineman still available in September” unicorn. BTW, Alejandro Villaneuvo had a great game on Monday. Funny how playing in your ACTUAL position works out in a real game.
  7. Our Conference record is 0-0 so there is room for improvement!
  8. Technically we are in last place due to our conference record.
  9. I mean if you are Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray an empty set works but Joe is only running under real duress.
  10. I never understand the ultra conservative play calling so many coaches default to to start NFL games. It’s not college where you can simply overpower some teams. Gotta have a better scheme to start off the game.
  11. Last time I checked, Randy won the game yesterday for a probably playoff bound team.
  12. Oh please, the reasonably priced RB who is great at blocking and catching passes out of the backfield is nothing more than a unicorn. Even Tom Brady will tell you that.
  13. The Ravens and Brown are way more talented than we are.
  14. Baltimore is fucking scary . So are the Chiefs. We got some work to do.
  15. Good points and it wasn’t like that year in Atlanta did him anymore good than Steve Young’s time in Tampa Bay.
  16. Sorry man, I am just tired of this franchise coming off a nice win only to follow it up with an abysmal showing. I need to preface that the defense played well on the road today. Our offense was not watchable.
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