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  1. Give me the name of one RT out there better than Hart for 2 mil not on a rookie deal. There is a big difference between saying something and backing it up with facts. Now if you want to spend real money and replace him I totally agree but 2 mil for a veteran backup is a good deal.
  2. Career earnings of $10.75 mil as a long snapper. Pretty good gig, was even a pro bowler in 2017. 1145 career snaps all on teams.
  3. Thank you. OSU had more talent in my opinion than Clemson but at the end of the day the talent has to perform and minimize mistakes. That didn't happen. The most glaring thing was how the linebackers and safties missed tackles and took themselves out of position play after play once Clemson started to counter what they were doing early.
  4. It’s still prorated so it would be a $2mil cap hit. We won’t find a better backup RT for $2mil.
  5. LOL, I absolutely agree. Also, if we don’t let the Breck model run right down the middle of the field for a 50 yard plus touchdown and other assorted breakdowns. Defense gave up way too many huge plays.
  6. That would be correct. Went to Centerville city schools thru 8th grade then got sent to Alter. During one of the parent teacher conference "half days" in Middle School half my 8th grade class ended up throwing a huge party at someone's house while their parents were at work. Well, someone found the liquor cabinet and we practically drained it. It didn't go over well at school. My mom was aghast so she sent me to Alter thinking I needed a good Catholic education. I really didn't have the heart to tell her the first time I got drunk was with a bunch of St Charles students at Ireland park the previous summer. The St. Charles kids were like the Ohio University of the Catholic feeder system back in the day.
  7. Great teams don’t make that many simple mistakes. The defense got caught up in the moment and got burned way too many times on simple counter plays that went for huge gains.
  8. Oh I don't think anyone here disagrees, it just that too many of us have seen the ole "Vision Statement (insert year)" in the corporate world about this time every year. I most cases, it is simply words on a Powerpoint presentation that sound really super de duper awesome but never get implemented. "Contagious Competitiveness" , "Football IQ". Nothing but talking points if the coaches and FO don't hold people accountable. My guess is they do in 49er land but not so much here in Bengalville.
  9. Until I read an actual FACTUAL report that such trades are being offered I will have my doubts. I would think after seeing how such moves usually DON'T pan out it would be shocking to see such a move. The Bears got burnt by the Trubisky move.
  10. Yeah, everytime I see stuff like that I always remember being in health class at my Catholic High School. Talking human reproduction and this girl stood up and said, "The best birth control device is the word NO!" Most of us started laughing and she got pissed. My all star BMOC buddy finally chimed in, "Well, I guess its only Centerville girls then!" That didn't not go over well with the teacher.
  11. There isn't much traffic in and around Detroit anymore that is for sure. I did read a lot of millennials are moving there due to extremely low cost of living and a lot of smaller tech firms moving there for same reason. I don't think their fish have Aids either.
  12. He was cleared to play later in the season but Glenn was finally allowed to play and with the team at 0-11 why throw him out there? Might as well showcase Glenn for a possible trade this year. The consensus seems to be the guy is busting his ass to get back on the field unlike Cedric or Glenn. I think the team will be fine with Jonah.
  13. Only Lewdog and blueridge have been given the Moses treatment aka stricken from history. Scharm can still log in just can't post. You would need to talk to Elflocko about Scharm since he dropped the hammer but at some point it just got to be too much. As far as Bengal_Buckeye is concerned, most of the guys who come here and start trashing the place don't stay long. Usually give them a timeout and they never return. We shall see but he is at Defcon 4.
  14. Is that our old friend Rick from the Villages?
  15. Meh, I have never even been on a reservation or close to one. I don't think my opinion matters in this regard.
  16. Sometimes us mods just let the guy hang themselves.
  17. Yeah I did. I watched Dobbins drop two touchdown passes. I watched Lawrence break free for a 67 yard TD run to end the half. I watched a player rough the punter on the 3 yard line giving Clemson a new set of downs and the result: A 53 yard screen play for a TD in the 3rd quarter throwing to who's side, Chase Young. Next series Fields threw into double coverage resulting in his 2nd pick although I certainly don't blame Fields for that loss, he came back and retook the lead on some beautiful passing. I then watched Clemson go 90 yards in 4 plays using simple dumps and screens against a totally undisciplined pass rush coupled with TERRIBLE tackling. The TD was a simple dump play 5 yards down field to a wide open Etienne. Gee if only those defensive ends (cough cough Chase Young) and linebackers had stayed in contain and not given up so many big EASY plays. Ohio State had numerous chances to put that game away early. Should have scored at least 24 in the first half not 16. Shouldn't have let Clemson back into the game so easily. They were so UNDISCIPLINED on defense. They were constantly getting completely out of position on numerous plays allowing for huge gains on simple 5 to 10 yard screens, dumps and QB draws. Add in a stupid roughing the punter call ie going low into the kicker on the 5 yard line? Dumb. Blaming the refs for one call and then pulling the old "The refs screwed us the whole game" is why I am simply a casual Buckeyes fan.
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