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  1. No, Kraft was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute which is a misdemeanor in Florida. He was not charged with intentionally going to a spa he knew had women that were part of a sex trafficking ring to solicit sex. Intent is a huge part of any criminal charge. It was later determined the women were not victims of sex trafficking anyways. The investigator on the case had improperly obtained a holdover from 9/11 called a “sneak and peek” search warrant which were only to be used in the case of national security. That is why the video evidence was inadmissible. Kraft didn’t force himself on anyone.
  2. Kraft’s issue was 100% consensual so they are not similar. Kraft was never accused of sexual assault Snyder is still under investigation so we will have to wait and see. However, sexual harassment still isn’t on the same level of 24 sexual assault allegations.
  3. My kids are old enough to go the dispensary route. They won’t touch anything they don’t buy. It’s getting worse.
  4. The Chinese are getting really good at killing our young citizens. When I was 18, I unknowingly smoked some weed laced with PCP. I didn’t touch the stuff for 30+ years after that. Had some legal dispensary stuff over the last few years. My son won’t smoke it anymore, too scared.
  5. It is NOT hypothetical that Cleveland looks like a shithole, it is a well accepted fact in every journal of science.
  6. Thankfully, with NIL in full swing, the ridiculous NCAA investigation days are over. All the little NARCs are gonna have to find something better to do with their time.
  7. Seattle makes sense but their roster is terrible and the game has completely passed Pete Carroll by. The days of a dominant defense taking you on a deep playoff run ended the day Burfict blew up Antonio Brown. If you can’t score points, lots of points, in a league that will basically fine and suspend a player for tackling too hard, you are screwed. Best defenses last year: Bills, Patriots, Broncos and Saints. The Bills won 1 playoff game last year then the #1 defense gave up 42 to the Chiefs.
  8. You need to take it up with the self proclaimed socialists, not me.
  9. More deflection. Why is skin color and sexual preferences so important to the left? "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Dr. Martin Luther King.
  10. No, I responded to your comment and you proceeded to deflect. I don’t call them socialists, they call themselves that. If you want to pretend people who call themselves socialist are not really socialist you need to take it up with them, not me. Here is there website. Pretty much socialists. https://justicedemocrats.com/platform/
  11. Did the President of the United States promise the country his first Supreme Court nominee would have a certain skin color and be a certain sex? It is a Yes or No answer.
  12. Nope, pure deflection. Both the DNC and RNC groom candidates based on demographics. “The person I will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. And that person will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court. It's long overdue, in my view. I made that commitment during the campaign for president, and I will keep that commitment." ~ President Joe Biden.
  13. Couple of weeks ago. And the Capital building had been fenced off at the time (Jan 6). And no, a large mob climbing the fence at the White House would result in a lot of dead people. The sniper is only there to take out anyone who might have a rocket propelled grenade or similar. The Marines on site would obliterate any foolish mob.
  14. Deflection. No need to respond.
  15. Fence JUMPER. Singular. If a mob started coming over the fence, they would be shot. Dead. Center mass with high powered rifles. No questions asked. No charges filed. And when are in a police state, the government actively seeks you out. The Facists and Communists don’t sit around waiting for you to storm the government buildings. They get intelligence from your neighbors, come to your home and you go away sometimes permanently.
  16. They do not have the right to break into a secure area using force. Ashil Babbitt’s death and the shooter not being charged is proof of that. If a group tried that at the White House the snipers would put them down in a hot second.
  17. They were there to defend the Capital and it’s inhabitants. You don’t do that by letting everyone in. And if these guys were armed then what? A shootout inside the Capital building? Never in my military career would I let the enemy into my defensive area and hope for the best. That isn’t how it works. All it did was embolden the rioters to press forward. And the cold hard reality of Kent State is all of the protesting ended once the shooting started. If you throw shit at someone with a loaded gun, bad things can happen.
  18. I believe the league can only fine you what your game checks would be. Since Cleveland did some shady shit with his contract, the most it would cost Watson for missing 2022 season is $1 million I believe. The team could get fined but which team and for what? The Patriots got fined $1 million for deflategate but that was something on the field and they did stonewall Sir Roger. Watson wasn’t a Brown when all this went down.
  19. I never equated both as the same just explaining the process. And you are 100% wrong about the Democrat process. AOC for example was selected by the Justice Democrats (Socialists) to run after they had a casting call. They wanted a young female person of color and chose her. In other words they pulled someone out of a bar that fit their demographic. If you want to pretend she wasn’t groomed on what to say and think you are wrong. I am not calling her out, it happens all the time with new candidates.
  20. Again, these are all documents found after the fact. If this stuff had been know before the riot, they would not have made it inside. And the cold hard fact is the first person who illegally stepped foot inside the Capitol should have been shot dead in front of his fellow douche bags. That would have ended it. Ashil Babbitt was the last person who tried to climb thru the window. Unfortunately, like we saw in Uvalde TX, many cops are only there to get a paycheck and work a job almost impossible to get fired from.. When the shit gets real, they are not up to the task. Happens in the military too. Had a few guys who demanded to be sent to the rear the night before the ground war in Desert Storm. Their reason was they had only joined the Army for the GI Bill. After I explained they would go to prison for 10 years they changed their minds.
  21. He played 13 games for us the first year and was WAY fucking better than Ogbuehi. No, he wasn’t a long term answer, he was a short term answer to a big problem. Ogbuehi was a first rounder on everyone’s draft board. Bad luck. Allowin both Whit and Zeitler to leave the next year was the monumental fuck up.
  22. Nobody knew what their intentions were. If they had proclaimed such a thing beforehand they never would have made in into the building.
  23. Well, they caused plenty of damage, killed a few people, committed acts of arson and assaulted 100s of armed police officers yet nobody was ever mowed down and very few were arrested. Hardly any served any time. Seems like a strawman argument to me.
  24. Tom Brady got suspended for 4 games for refusing to hand over his cell phone to Goodell regarding what should have been a 15 yard penalty. You know damn well if this had been Brady, he already would have been suspended. 1 year minimum. Oh, and fuck the Browns’ ownership for their ridiculous contract to this dirtbag.
  25. Both parties (Actually the DNC and RNC) have job interviews for every House and Senate seat they don’t possess. Even if you run for a State House position you have to kiss the ring and ass of the state’s party Chairperson. Grass roots political campaigns are pretty much a thing of the past and rare. It is why both parties are afflicted with group think.
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