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  1. Agreed. Letting Zeigler walk when Fisher and Ced O had shown little sign of being NFL quality players was stupid. The entire o line became trash in the space of 1 day with Whit leaving too. BTW, Ced O played last night when the Seahawk’s RT went down. He is still terrible.
  2. His dad was a sub .500 coach with the Bengals and never won a playoff game. As the Owner/GM he was also sub .500 but did manage 2 AFC Championships. The problem is his teams never sustained success. Kinda sad that during the 23 years of the Bengal’s “Heyday” they won only 5 playoff games. Worse is they haven’t won one since. Paul Brown’s legend was built before 1968. He never adopted to the promotional aspects of the league nor the fact the players deserved to be treated like professionals. The growing power of the player’s union, celebrity of the players, and advent of f
  3. I agree. If your replacing a very subpar group of starters with their backups, well it ain’t gonna be pretty.
  4. The team needs a significant upgrade at probably 15 positions.
  5. Our best players are average NFL players. Our subs are what they are. We have maybe 2 players who are pro bowl worthy.
  6. This just makes me like him more. I hate everything with feathers. This is a boring shitty franchise. Harbaugh would put us on the map.
  7. https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id917932200?pt=39040802&ct=Media1GIFV2&mt=8
  8. This is a good post. Look, I don’t blame Zach Taylor for taking a job his resume indicates we wasn’t ready for. The current state of this franchise falls squarely on ownership. The previous 4 drafts before this year were terrible. Add in the almost non existent participation in FA and it’s no secret why this team is in the state it is in.
  9. Look, if you don’t understand how college recruiting works and how Covid has affected the different conferences and States this year than I am wasting my time. LSU lost to Auburn 48-11 this year, therefore Ed Orgeron sucks. Brilliant logic. Harbaugh won’t need to recruit and is a better coach than Taylor.
  10. So what. Michigan is an overrated college program that has split 1 National Championship in 70 years and that was 23 years ago. Elite players don’t want to play in shitty Ann Arbor. The closest major city is shittier Detroit and the academic requirements are difficult. Furthermore, Mich and Mich St got totally screwed by their Governor and were NOT allowed to practice nearly as much early on as other teams in the Big 10 other than maybe Rutgers. I hate Michigan and think he is a douche but he has won about 70% of his games there and is far more experienced and succe
  11. Are you talking about the Harbaugh who was 5-3 in the playoffs,was 1-1 in NFC Championship games and almost won a Super Bowl losing 34-31? A game where his team had a 4th and goal from the 5 to win it? The guy that went 44-19-1 in 4 years with Colin Kapernick as his QB? BTW, Harbaugh won as many playoff games in 4 years as all of the other Bengals coaches have combined in 53 years?
  12. Oh great, let the great Pittspuke dick smoking begin.
  13. I wonder if Tua is still sad he wasn’t the first overall pick? At 6-3 and living in South Beach, I doubt it.
  14. It’s like spending Thanksgiving in prison every year. Now Football Barbie is calling this a good practice for Ben and his receivers. That is how little respect we get.
  15. If it were a close game I might agree but this team was never ready to play this game.
  16. 7 quarters Bengals vs Raven/Stealers out scored 57-10.
  17. The new series, “Call me Kat”. Looks to be the worst TV series ever.
  18. The Stealers have legitimate pass rushers, the Bengals don’t.
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