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  1. I am a die hard Bengals fan from the DMV (DC/MD/VA). I often find myself having a really hard time getting my hands on Bengals apparel or any Bengals merchandise for that matter. Most times i simply order online and that has made due...until now... I am in need of 2 things. 1- My girlfriend (an adopted Bengals fan) is in love with Alex Erickson and she wants an Alex Erickson t-shirt for hour road trip to Nashville to watch them play Tennessee however I cant for the life of me find anything. I found two scam websites when searching google that are super sketchy. I looked on nfl.com and fanatics.com and they are both north of $40 for a customized shirt. Anyone have a local shop/street vendor that may sell shirts like this? By all means we are not picky whatsoever and she wears a size small. I will gladly pay for all costs to have this sent to me. 2- BENGALS BUD LIGHT. I am forced to see Redskins Bud light cans down every aisle even here in Virginia. Where can i get my hands on a pack of Bengals Bud light cans? Hope someone sees this and helps a fellow Bengals fan in need. Who Dey!
  2. DaltonGreen

  3. Game Sold Out

    Awesome thank you! I pm'd him. If anyone else is also selling please let me know. LETS KEEP THE YELLOW TOWELS OUT OF OUR STADIUM! who dey!
  4. Game Sold Out

    I NEED TICKETS! I am driving in from DC to watch my second ever bengals game. If anyone cant make it for any reason and needs to sell their tickets please let me know.
  5. Go-Bengals Ticket Exchange

    I am looking for 2 tickets to the game this Saturday, anyone selling tickets? I am driving in from DC. PLEASE HELP.
  6. Go-Bengals Ticket Exchange

    Hello all, I'm planning on taking a road trip from my hometown of Maryland to Cincinnati to watch a Bengals game. I was going to take the 8+ hour drive over there the day after thanksgiving and be a tourist all weekend and then see the Rams game that Sunday afternoon. I will be going by myself and am searching for 1 single individual ticket. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. P.s- If there is any points of interest or cool things I should check out please let me know, I do not know ANYTHING about the cincinnati area. Thank you! EDIT: I was planning to stay at an airbnb at Garrard st and 18th in covington, ky. Is that a safe place or will i surely not make it out alive? Who Dey!
  7. Tampa Trip! Nov 29 - Dec 2

    Time has flown by!   I'm taking a plane down from MD for the weekend and will be going to the game...is anyone else going to be there?   I sure hope this is not a trap game for us.
  8. Tampa Trip! Nov 29 - Dec 2

    i live in Maryland but plan on taking a road trip down for that weekends game.   Any idea what tailgating plans are? Would be nice to join.     P.s - its been 2 years since i last posted, glad to see everyone is still going well and keeping the forums strong.   Who Dey!
  9. [quote name='Tigris' timestamp='1332354961' post='1109827'] I bet they liked his price tag better. [/quote] lol Yeah most likely. Hope this deal gets done and the contract numbers arent too bad. I think this is a sign we are shifting away from flat footed bruiser rb's. almost ensures that we pick up a back in the draft IMO
  10. that was unexpected. Guess they liked the law firm better then bush. Thats a ok in my book.
  11. Bush visiting

    Dammit Mike Brown. This pisses me off. We have to beg, pray, and anticipate non stop and get our hopes up for nothing all the time.
  12. Bush visiting

    [url="http://twitter.com/#%21/joereedy"][b]Joe Reedy[/b] ‏ [s]@[/s][b]joereedy[/b] [/url][list] [*][url="http://twitter.com/#"] [b]Reply[/b] [/url] [*][url="http://twitter.com/#"] [b]Retweet[/b] [/url] [*][url="http://twitter.com/#"] [b]Favorite[/b] [/url] [*]· [url="http://twitter.com/#%21/joereedy/status/182200945197858817"] Open [/url] [/list] And now even more waiting ... [url="http://twitter.com/#"] [/url]<p class="js-stream-item stream-item stream-item expanding-stream-item last-new-tweet open" data-item-id="182200876323184641" data-item-type="tweet" media="true" style="margin-top: 8px; margin-bottom: 8px;"> [url="http://twitter.com/#%21/joereedy"] [img]http://a0.twimg.com/profile_images/1755397400/reedycarcloseuptwo_normal.jpg[/img] [b]Joe Reedy[/b] ‏ [s]@[/s][b]joereedy[/b] [/url][list] [*][url="http://twitter.com/#%21/joereedy/status/182200876323184641"] Close [/url] [/list] RB Michael Bush's visit to [url="http://twitter.com/#%21/search/%23bengals"][s]#[/s][b]bengals[/b][/url] is confirmed
  13. Bush visiting

    I wonder if anyone besides Bush came to visit. Its been an extremely quiet day in the jungle. Even Joe reedy has only posted like once on his twitter all day long.
  14. Bush visiting

    It's been completely silent all morning. The anticipation is killing me to find out if we will sign Bush are or other players that we may not know are visiting or that have already visited. This years free agency has been disappointing.
  15. [quote name='B.A.B.' timestamp='1332193044' post='1109121'] 1. He'll be 34 when the season starts. 2. Fuck. No. He's horrible. [/quote] He'll be 34 but he came in the league when he was 25ish. Not saying its all that much better but he did play in dallas where the stars are brighter and you get bitched at every time you dont make a play (see: Tony Romo).

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