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  1. Day 2 draft talk

    These commercials are out of hand
  2. Rest of season hopes

    I completely agree with this. Lose out and would love to draft Gabriel peppers. Start him at safety next to illoka. Then try Williams out at lb like they did with Taylor mays.
  3. No way I play mccarron. his trade value will plummet playing behind that shit line and having no weapons
  4. The good- they lost. This team isn't good and meaningless wins will only hurt their draft position
  5. Programming Alert

    Excellent show. Chad was a special player that won't get remembered how he should. Dude was a great guy with a big heart.
  6. The ugly http://espn1530.iheart.com/onair/lance-mcalister-7818/vines-hold-on-a-second-15117710/ not one holding called against them
  7. Tate Gone - per hobs

    Aj hawk was old and just not that good anymore. He got replaced by dansby another vet. I didn't say the bengals have never cut anyone before. Point was they typically don't cut players like Tate. A team player the coaches loved who was under 30. The fact they did says they like what they've seen from errickson and hopefully he is more than just this years training camp unknown fan favorite
  8. Tate Gone - per hobs

    I agree it is comical how fans fall in love with a certain player every training camp but I completely disagree with your fan love comment in this instance. This is the first time under Marvin that I recall that a veteran player that the coaches thought highly of was cut to make room for a undrafted player. I'm not saying the kid will be good but the coaches must have seen a lot to move on from Tate.
  9. http://sportsmasher.com/2016/08/29/geno-atkins-welcomes-luke-joeckel-to-playing-guard-video/ Jesus geno is a beast. Dude is unreal
  10. They are not rebuilding. They lost their 2nd and 3rd receivers and a good but aging safety. They still are loaded and have all their key players intact. Yes the injuries have been bad and will hurt but to say rebuilding seems like a stretch
  11. I just seen this. Dude is the man. Amazing