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  1. Ok I wasn’t aware of that. I’d still want to go that route and just have Wilson sit and learn behind peters and then add another average LB
  2. I would want Cesar Ruiz in the second and Isaiah Wilson in the third. Cut Hart sign jason peters to a one year deal. Let Wilson compete with Jordan for one starting guard position and then kick Wilson to RT the following season. Then LB round 4 and then sign Danny Trevation
  3. Why do So many people believe wr is such a big need early in the draft. We are drafting a franchise qb. It makes a lot more sense to protect him than give him another wr. We already have plenty of weapons for burrow What we don’t have is nfl caliber offensive line. We currently have 2 starting caliber lineman and one has never played an NFL snap. With a franchise QB I’d much rather have a good oline with average wrs than a shit line with great wrs. A WR shouldn’t even be considered until the 5th round
  4. Bengals CB BW Webb has been informed that he is being released, per source.
  5. From Field Yates, ESPN: Pairing D.J. Reader with Geno Atkins gives the Bengals one of the best defensive tackle duos in the league. Look past the numbers with Reader; he's an elite interior player who is near impossible to move around. Stud. PFF: The Bengals sign D.J. Reader, who was @PFF’s #2 free agent IDL and the #33 overall free agent in this class. Reader is still just 25 and has been stout vs the run and developed as a pass rusher (36 pressures in ‘19) He was worth 0.14 WAR last season, which was 8th among DI’s.
  6. If we weren’t drafting Burrow I’d be tempted in drafting him over chase young. he is exactly what our defense needs
  7. Obviously the front office is extremely flawed and Burrow won’t becoming into the best situation if they aren’t active in free agency. This wasn’t the case with. Carson. dude is a complete douche bag. He had I one of the best olines in the NFL and had great skill players. It’s embarrassing with what he had around him that he is pulling this shit. Then to top they made him the highest pain player in the nfl and signed his retard brother.
  8. Yeah I’m beyond excited to have him as our qb. He is the total package
  9. I think a signing like Jack Conklin would make the line respectable. As long as Jonah Williams is as advertised.
  10. I think the two injuries didn’t help anything but my biggest issue with Palmer was mental. He seemed to choke and plays his worst at big moments.
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