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  1. First all I would have used our second round pick on the line. Secondly just because they have guys to line up doesn’t mean their worth a shit. He could sign the same quality shit lbs right now
  2. Why is it a bigger need. Protecting Burrow should be their #1 priority. Sorry This team needs 2-3 starters on the oline. I hope we see a trade for Thurney or Jackson
  3. Looking great so far. I’d love to see a trade for a veteran olineman today thurney or Gabe Jackson. Just read Trent Williams vetoed a trade to the Vikings. I really don’t think he is worth the money or headache
  4. Or Gabe Jackson. Reported he won’t take much to get and contract is reasonable
  5. Jones is the pick. Worst case scenario he starts at guard for one year
  6. Yeah don’t get this pick. Rodgers should have more than 3 years left. Also Suzy Colbert looks rough. Headboard hair
  7. I think he is the real deal for sure. What really makes me happy is we haven’t been in this position in along time and now that we are their is a worthy QB. We don’t have to settle for a turd like Baker Mayfield.
  8. I’ve said it before they currently have two starting caliber olineman and one of them have never taken an NFL snap and people are worried about the 2021 WR core. It’s mind boggling to me
  9. Exactly everyone worried about wr unit in 2021 when the the 2020 unit is good. Who gives a fuck about the 2021 wr core when your stud young qb is hurt because your 2020 oline is shit. protecting Burrow should be the number 1 priority
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