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  1. Not sure what’s worse. The pick or the fact your husband has notes and charts out lol
  2. bengals7833

    Trade with Pitt?

    Shawn Alexander hasn’t aged at all. Crazy
  3. Wow defense needs a big play. Lost all momentum
  4. Agree he wouldn’t make a good guard but how about fisher. Do you think he could be moved inside and be decent
  5. bengals7833

    Titans Game

    I’m going with a big group. We will tailgate but not sure where. Also after the game we are attending a huge concert. Should be a blast
  6. If that weakass play is a suspension and mike Mitchell’s play last week isn’t. I’m about done with this shit. That was literally nothing
  7. bengals7833

    Zampese Out

    I read that Marvin considered taking over play calling but then he realized he would have to stay awake for the whole game so he declined
  8. If nothing else whit should have been franchised. This front office and coaching staff is a joke. You have hands down the worst oline in the NFL and your first two draft picks are skilll position players. When your best olineman is boiling who average to slightly above average and then the drop off of the next 4 is enormous. Anyone with any common sense seen this coming. Oh yeah let's not forget the one and only free agent OL signed Andre "no other team in the NFL wants me" smith. It's a joke they might as well go wildcat Thursday night or dalton may die
  9. bengals7833


    If you have DIRECTV the NFL Sunday ticket is free this week
  10. bengals7833

    Burfict Suspended five games

    It's sad what the NFL has become. I will always be a fan but each year I become less interested. No reason for even a fine and no way in hell does he deserve 5 games
  11. End of the half clock management was embarrassing
  12. Riverfront paul brown arrow head tampa tennessee cleveland Mlb riverfront great American kansas city old Baltimore stadium old Detroit stadium cleveland wrigley

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