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  1. I think Cook goes to GB but we can hope
  2. Green Bay tickets are up on Stub Hub
  3. We need to meet up again in GB
  4. Just tell me when the GB is, went there in 2009 it was a blast. Planning on a return trip
  5. I was wondering if someone has a list of March 1 roster bonuses due? Might give us a preview of who gets cut.
  6. Call me crazy, but I think they get their first win tonight. Ravens coming off big win, I think they look past the stains
  7. Good: Andy and AJ Bad: Bodine Ugly: watching Peko get pushed around like a rag doll. Teams can double Geno, cause Peko can be manhandled by lesser talented OL. Same old crap
  8. just found it
  9. Did I miss the practice squad players?
  10. Cecil shorts was cut by Houston, might we take a flyer on him?
  11. Congrats Amish, that is life changing or may I say Life saving!!!!
  12. Could this make room for Leon to return
  13. any word on Boyd? Don't know much about him