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  1. No LT in the house tonight?
  2. jmckbengal


    Here we go Stealers NOT!!!!!!
  3. Billy price solves our OL issue imho
  4. I've been told Katy favors a young coach, like Mike Shula but Mike wants a more seasoned one. I guess we will see who is making the decisions when the coach is hired
  5. jmckbengal

    Go-Bengals Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 tickets available for the Bills game in section 102 row 1. Face value and I can o/n them or you can pick them up in Lot A on Sunday
  6. jmckbengal

    Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Hint, can't say thank you enough. What a spread and great time at the tailgate. I look forward to repaying your hospitality in the future. Again, Thank you for all you did!!!! By the way, we intended to return after the game, but we all needed a shower after, sorry we missed the Pizza!!!!
  7. jmckbengal

    Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Driving up on Friday, looking for some suggestions for dinner Friday and Saturday. In 09 we ate at Tom Dick and Harry's but saw they closed. Can't wait. Hint we will see you Sunday if not before. Met your nephew at the Texans game, nice young man.
  8. jmckbengal

    Packers Game 9/24

    Looks like weather is going to be great. 80's and sunny!!!! Hope the offense shows up. See you all there
  9. jmckbengal

    Go-Bengals Ticket Exchange

    Hint Check your PM
  10. jmckbengal

    Go-Bengals Ticket Exchange

    Hint I may have 2 tickets 102 row 1. Let you know asap
  11. jmckbengal


    TJ ward cut even though I hate the SOB sign him today!!!!
  12. jmckbengal

    Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    I would love to help out with some $ if needed, let me know
  13. jmckbengal

    Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Thanks HOS, there will be 6 of us. Arriving Friday night, touring Lambeau Saturday and would love to tailgate with you all.

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