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  1. Headed to NO with a group. I’m up to meeting up with those from the group. Although we won’t play golf with LeTigre. He should be a pro!!!
  2. Who the hell is running the front office? It sure as hell can’t be Mikey
  3. Are we keeping Trae Waynes? I just don't see it but I guess they haven't gotten much for their money yet
  4. Last I checked the tickets for Bengal Jim’s tailgate was sold out. we have dinner in Malibu on Saturday night. Headed to sofi on Sunday around 10. staying at the Hyatt place near LAX. Always willing to buy a beer or two to other Bengal fans
  5. I called the bengals ticket office on Monday and was told I wasn’t selected for the lottery. I bought tickets on eBay for a big chunk. Oh well it’s only money. Staying near the airport Friday thru Monday.
  6. I agree if Joe has time. OL needs a monster game imho
  7. Do we know how many the bengals will offer to season ticket holders? I’m going no matter. I’ll make the wife go back to work.
  8. I’m on the bills , too hard to bear chiefs twice. And, cheaper flights from Florida to buffalo. I’m debating on going so the results of today will make the decision. Lots of Bengals fans in Nashville. Great to see
  9. TailGate Brewery 6-9 Nashville bengals fan club tailgate Friday
  10. We are trying to decide where to go b4 the game . Any of you tailgating or wanna meet up near the stadium? I know there is a meet up Friday night I’ll get details and post later
  11. Got my tickets b4 the game last night. I was pretty confident Big Ben would lose. I got lower bowl end zone at the bengals tunnel for 408 . Headed in Friday, figured Saturday was a party day and night. Hotels were pretty reasonable
  12. Pacman and Burfict not playing, I'm pretty confident
  13. Great time at the game. Raider fans were actually pretty cool.
  14. LT will keep you posted on golfing, however my group doesn’t golf. Hoped to see you out west.
  15. Just wondering if members are going to Vegas for the game? We have a group of six going, leaving Friday coming home on Monday
  16. I agree I think Tate is gone, my gut tells me Peko may be gone as well. He got pushed around Monday night. His pay doesn't equal his play. Love the guy (his family is awesome as well), but I think he needs to go!
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