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  1. Why does everyone keep saying that? We still had to kick an extra point, and Stealers would have had plenty of time.
  2. Anxiety time! Need a xanax ... Can we have the good Bengals today?
  3. You can't come back when they start winning. Not allowed.
  4. How many people showed up at the "insurrection"? How many guns were involved? I promise you that if that side decided to overturn the election, it would have turned out very different. The insurrection is no different than the buildings burned down in multiple cities the prior summer. A small group of people got a little nuts, but insurrection is laughable at best.
  5. Trump was the best thing that ever happened to Democrats. It's the only argument they have anymore. Well, what about Trump? I'm not even a Trumper, but any time I argue against a Dem politician, someone says, "well, Trump". Fuck Trump. Both parties need to hold their politicians accountable for what they do. But the problem is each side only reads news articles that lean their direction, so they have a skewed image of reality.
  6. Republican party needs to be replaced, and either will be, or have to shift as the boomers die off. Some conservative values need to remain, but the party needs a major overhaul.
  7. I'm talking very unrealistic situation here. I know this won't happen, but if it could, then ... High tech precision weapons. Blow shit up fast, before he can react to nukes. That's why I say all his buddies, too. Kill them all.
  8. I have a plan, but it would involve a little collateral damage. All western nations should release missiles on all locations at one time that Putin and any of his closest buddies will be. Just blow it all up at once, no declaration of war or anything, just fucking do it.
  9. True, but do you think USA would sit by and allow Russia to build defenses in Mexico? When you play politics with other nations, sometimes people die. It's been like that since the beginning of civilization. Is it right? No, I wish there were no wars. But since we have multiple nations with multiple values, sometimes bad things are going to happen. Especially when you keep poking at your so called enemy.
  10. What cult do you think I am part of?
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