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  1. We just did. Throat is officially stepped on.
  2. We're about to be 2 and 0 against decent teams, and SF2 is having a horrible time. WTF?!
  3. Dalton and Marvin are looking to make SF2 their bitch.
  4. Yeah, Dunlap was clotheslined, but all the refs could see was some iffy roughing the passer.
  5. steggyD


  6. steggyD

    Obamacare being repealed?

    Yes, please, cancel the ACA. it's costed me thousands upon thousands of dollars, and debt that I can't get rid of. Please.
  7. steggyD

    Bought a New Desk Top

    Did you do this? Was it successful? I put a windows 8 hard drive in my Windows 10 desktop once, and it booted into the Windows 8 hard drive, and I could never get it to boot back into Windows 10, the original drive. I followed many different fixes online, none were successful. I ended up reformatting.
  8. Found a solution. Free 7 day trial of Sling. Who Dey?!
  9. Thursday Night Football sucks. I paid for Sunday Ticket, streaming service. But the only way to watch this Thursday Night game is on NFL Network, which I have none. I guess I'll be watching on my little ol' phone.
  10. I just paid the NFL money for Sunday Ticket.
  11. Haha. This guy gave up on the whole season in game 2.
  12. You guys are ahead of the Sunday Ticket online feed.

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