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  1. I barely watch the games anymore. It is too painful. The amount of people in the stands is embarrassing. They can't afford to make themselves worse, they need to win a few in a row to get some excitement going.
  2. How old was Mo Egger during the 90's? I'm 36 years old and can barely remember any of the 1990's. And, he's a radio host, not a journalist. Surprised he got the Athletic gig...
  3. Only reason I knew was because I had just checked the schedule to make sure it wasn't a 9:00 game!
  4. Can't see an 0-7 team trading away their best offensive linemen who is expressing a willingness to play. If they trade him we should all be livid.
  5. Nobody thought that was awesome, Bengals fans were ready to riot in the streets after he pulled his shit.
  6. Andrew Whitworth is defying logic with his career post Bengals. I still don't have a problem with my team letting a 34? year old at the time offensive linemen who was expecting to be paid top tackle money walk in free agency. It just didn't make sense. If he became injured like Willie Anderson and we were blowing a large percentage of our salary cap on him, he would be vilified (like Willie was) It's easy to use hindsight and say they fucked up. Clearly we would be in a better spot with him.
  7. Some of were saying this 7 years ago and were practically run off of this board for feeling this way. Let's tank the rest of the season.
  8. Trade him for that offensive tackle from Washington who has been holding out.
  9. From what I can tell, Willie Anderson made upwards of $75mil with the Bengals.
  10. I think the NFL is going to wisen up and stop paying ridiculous contracts to non generational quarterbacks. Let the mediocre one's battle it out in free agency, give the young ones more chances. A team being quarterbacked by Andy Dalton for 15 years is not something many want to tune in for, in my opinion. That's from 2014. One of these teams is going to go this route one day. Obviously, things have changed, but still.
  11. I remember back when our offense could have been considered somewhat prolific (with Bratkowski running the show, everyone here has a short memory), we had a certain blocking tight end who was extremely important to the offense, Reggie Kelley (sp?) Every time he got injured, it seemed like we were fucked. If they think Sample is going to be that important to our offense, if they thought he was the most important piece of their puzzle, then I'm all for them using a second round pick on him.
  12. They drafted this guy to see if he can replace Andy over the next two seasons, to avoid having to pay Andy Dalton way too much money. I like it.
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