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  1. BengalsOwn

    Uniform change

    It's what they did when they hired Marvin Lewis. It won't surprise me if it happens again. And we've gotta stop talking about the "frugality" of the Browns. That is an outdated narrative that is flat out incorrect.
  2. BengalsOwn

    New team

    Patrick Mahomes is the Michael Jordan of the NFL. Switch to the Chiefs with me. They share the same midwestern values. A few hour drive down I-70 I think. Cool jerseys and stadium. Racist name. I think it's a no brainer. This may be our one chance to get in on something big 不
  3. BengalsOwn

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    The Raiders are doing exactly what the Bengals should be doing (and should have a long time ago). To hell with being a potential 8-8 team, with a slight chance of slipping in to the post season, that isn't good enough. Instead of just riding it out for a decade, rip the band aid off and start building again.
  4. BengalsOwn

    Bad Billy :(

    Duke Tobin doesn't exist, remember? The Brown family makes all personnel decisions according to many on here!
  5. BengalsOwn

    Bad Billy :(

    I wonder how healthy he truly is. I know, at the beginning of the year when we were actually looking like a really good team, everything was going great until he got hurt before halftime. They came back out after halftime and haven't been the same since. I can't remember what game it was, but in my mind the second half of that game sent us into a tail spin that never stopped.
  6. They used the franchise tag on Rudi Johnson. And running backs aren't that expensive. He'll be cheaper than Geno Atkins, for instance, and make a bigger impact. The Bengals are good at keeping their own...
  7. BengalsOwn

    AJ Green to IR

    Why? He's under contract to play football for the Bengals. The foot specialist cleared him to return. Who cares if it is a meaningless game? Now he gets to get it fixed, rehab it, and be back next season. That's one reason why they get paid millions of dollars. It's a risky sport, and you can get hurt.
  8. BengalsOwn

    AJ Green to IR

    AJ Green was being treated by a foot specialist in Green Bay, who is widely used by professional athletes to address foot problems. But keep on making up stories 不
  9. The Reds were doing the same shit back when they were competitive a few years ago. Absolutely ridiculous.
  10. I was pretty stoned at the time, but I thought for sure that Joe Mixon was going to rush for 250 yards after the way the game started off. And then it went to shit.
  11. TMZ's job is to dig up dirt on people. That's not what the NFL does. The NFL probably hopes it doesn't find dirt on people.
  12. You mean the slightly more than gentle nudge he gave her with his foot?

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