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  1. I bet it ends up being a part of the next stadium build.
  2. Welcome back oldschooler. Looks like a reunion around here. Pretty crazy, I never would have for a second guessed we would make the super bowl this season 3 months ago.
  3. Damn Jason, very sad to hear that. Whodey motherfuckers!!!!!!
  4. Wow, very sorry to read that. As someone who is currently recovering from Covid, this is pretty tough to read 😬
  5. I used my $200 sony rewards money on Friday to buy a PS3, and also received a $100 Amazon gift card. So basically, I paid $100 in advance for a future Amazon purchase (won't be hard), and received a free PS3 160GB. And, I am giving my parents my old blu-ray player for a Christmas present. I love finding good deals...
  6. If it's not on slickdeals.net, I typically don't buy it. I just signed up for a Sony rewards credit card, and am now trying to figure out what to spend my $200 worth of free rewards money on. PS3, or be responsible and buy gas cards??? I'd be buying a PS3 so my wife and I could play little big planet, and twisted metal (whenever it comes out), and that's about it... I already have a blu-ray player hmmmmm
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